10 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives For Easy Image Editing

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Let’s all agree that Adobe Photoshop is the best image editing and graphics design software.

However, not everyone can wield the most powerful word.

Adobe Photoshop is no different. Adobe Photoshop is not for everyone.

They start to search for Adobe Photoshop alternatives for daily image editing.

You are probably one of those people who struggle with questions such as “How do I get rid of a??”

  • Which alternative is Adobe Photoshop the best? Or,
  • What are my options if I don’t have Photoshop?

Fear not, I heard you silently and came up the top 10 Adobe Photoshop alternatives.

Let’s talk about – before we continue.

What is Adobe Photoshop? And, Is Adobe Photoshop Beginner-Friendly?

Adobe Photoshop is a downloadable graphic designing and image editing program.

It was released for the first time in 1990. Since then, it has been compatible with many common operating systems such as Microsoft and macOS.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editor in the world because of its vast experience in graphics design.

Adobe Photoshop’s popularity can be seen in the catchphrase “I will photographshop this image” (rather that edit it).

However, Photoshop is a powerful tool that can be used to create stunning graphics.

It is not an easy task, and I have to admit it.

So, when I was asked if Adobe Photoshop is beginner-friendly, I could say no.

The wise choice is to search for alternatives to Adobe Photoshop (luckily you already have).

Let’s take a look at the top alternatives to Adobe photoshop.

1. Canva

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Without Canva, this list of Adobe Photoshop alternatives wouldn’t be complete.

Canva is a tool that I’m sure you have heard of. If not, you will be surprised to learn that Canva is the most popular tool for photo editing and graphic design.

Canva has been a favorite tool for marketers, students, bloggers, and business owners all over the globe.

You may be asking “Why?” It is easy to use, offers freemium design tools, assets and color palette generator. You can also edit photos.

Pricing Structure for Canva

You can use Canva with three different plans. You can choose from any of these plans and get a lifetime free plan.

  • Pro $9.95/month (billed yearly) for all advanced features, assets & resources and 1 Brand Kit.
  • Enterprise $30.00/user/month (billed yearly for all in Pro plan with multiple Brand Kits, and cloud storage).

Canva Platform Compatibility

Canva follows the online trend for graphic design tools and is available on all devices with an internet connection. Canva offers both an Android and iOS version.

2. PicMonkey

Cometh the hour, comes the man! PicMonkey is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

PicMonkey offers all the resources you need to create stunning graphics for social media and other purposes.

This set of features includes photo editing, graphics designing, including assets such as fonts, textures, and so on. The cloud storage space is also available.

PicMonkey offers all the tutorials and training you need to get started in graphics editing or designing.

PicMonkey Pricing Structure

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

PicMonkey is a platform independent application that offers a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. PicMonkey, an online application, also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.

3. Corel Photo Paint

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Corel Photo Paint is one of the most deserving Adobe Photoshop alternatives out of all the products from Corel.

This application is intended for professional image editing and improvement, as the name suggests.

Corel Photo Paint’s most popular features include AI-powered image editing and effects, fonts, retouching, and fonts.

Corel Photo Paint is the best photoshop alternative.

Corel Photo Paint Pricing Structure

Corel Photo Paint includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, either as an annual subscription or as a one-time fee software. There is a free 15-day trial period before you purchase it.

  • Annual Subscription $198/year for all graphics designing and image-editing tools
  • Unlimited Access – A one-time $699 fee for everything.

Corel Photo Paint Platform Compatibility

This software can be downloaded and works perfectly on devices running Windows operating systems.

4. Fotor

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Fotor is a trusted alternative to Adobe Photoshop for professional graphic designers.

Fotor was launched in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the most popular online photo editing and graphic design software.

You can create professional looking photos with features like photo retouching and effects as well as hundreds of fonts.

You can create different types of graphics, such as a logo, business card, infographics and more. It’s easy.

Fotor Pricing Structure

Fotor Pro comes with either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

  • Monthly $8.99/month for premium features, cloud storage, and other advanced features.
  • Yearly $3.33/month (charged 39.99/year for all the features & more).

Fotor Platform Compatibility

Fotor is a top alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It can be used online on Windows and macOS devices. A mobile app for iOS and Android is also available.

5. Photolemur

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Photolemur is for you if you’re just like me and want to automatically optimize, edit, and enhance photos.

This Adobe Photoshop alternative uses AI technology and gives your photos a professional look.

Drag & Drop your images to the Photolemur app. The software will take care of the rest.

It would be a relief to learn that Photolemur is used by over 190,000 customers instead of Adobe Photoshop. It’s so easy to use.

Photolemur Pricing Structure

Photolemur’s team believes in a simple pricing structure. Photolemur offers a single pricing structure with a one-time payment for unlimited use.

  • Single License $35 for lifetime access with a single device licence
  • Family License $55 for 5 devices and lifetime use

Photolemur Platform Compatibility

Photolemur, a free Adobe Photoshop alternative, works on both Windows and macOS devices.

6. Luminar

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Luminar may be the right choice for you if you’re a passionate photographer looking for alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

It has won tons of photography awards, and is therefore perfect for all your photo editing needs.

It has sky replacement tool, skin and portrait enhancers, sunrays tool, eraser instrument, and many other features that are unique.

It is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop and can also be used as a plugin for Photoshop.

Luminar Pricing Structure

Luminar can be used with a one-time fee, just like other photo editing apps. There are three packages available for Luminar.

  • Inspiration Edition – $89 for Luminar (2-device license) and Inspiration Looks.
  • Plus Edition $99 for all in Inspiration edition or California Sunsets
  • Max Edition $169 for all features & modules with Aurora HDR Photo Editor.

Luminar Platform Compatibility

Luminar can also be downloaded with compatibility between Windows and macOS operating systems.

7. PaintShop Pro

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Paintshop Pro is a unique alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Paintshop Pro’s latest version includes SmartClone, a photography workspace and other accelerated tools that allow you to quickly edit photos.

This software can also create photo animations. This feature is not available in many other software.

It also includes a variety of additional tools, including photo-painting, raw editing, and creative effects.

PaintShop Pro Pricing Structure

The 2020 edition is required to create professional-looking photos. PaintShop Pro 2020 has two versions. Each version is available after a one time payment.

  • Standard $79.99 Advanced photo editing tools without Corel modules and applications
  • Ultimate – $99.99 for all features and modules such as GRFX Studio and Parallels Toolbox, PhotoMirage Express and Corel AfterShot 3.

PaintShop Pro Platform Compatibility

PaintShop Pro (both versions), unlike other good alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, is only compatible with Windows devices.

8. Placeit

It’s sensible to include Envato’s platform group, i.e. Placeit is included in this list as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

Placeit is both a marketplace and a graphic designing app. Placeit allows you to choose from a variety of pre-built templates.

Placeit offers the largest selection of pre-made templates for logos and social media.

You can browse the marketplace to find the graphics you need and then use the drag-and-drop editor to edit them. Easy-peasy!

Placeit Pricing Structure

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Placeit Platform Compatibility

An online application has the best advantage of working on any device. You only need an internet connection and some creativity.

9. Visme

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

We have already discussed the top photo editing software, but it would be unfair to overlook the great alternatives to Adobe Photoshop that offer amazing graphics creation possibilities.

Visme, a graphic design app that offers the most creative graphic designing options, is a good example.

It includes ready-made templates for infographics, presentations, and other valuable assets.

Visme has more than 4.5 million customers. All of them are very satisfied with Visme.

Visme Pricing Structure

This online application offers a free plan as well as monthly and yearly subscription plans. These plans can be used for education, business, or individual use.

  • Individual Anyone can use Visme free of charge, but only with limited features. You can subscribe to either a $14/month, $25/month, or $25/month plan to extend these limitations.
  • Business: If you are a business, the single plan will cost $25/month. For a team, it’ll be $75/month.
  • Education: Students can use Visme for $30 per semester. Similar to the tutor, you will be charged $60 per semester.

Visme Platform Compatibility

Visme is an online app that works on any device with an internet connection.

10. Stencil

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

You must have attention-grabbing graphics if you want to become a social media star.

Stencil, a top alternative to Adobe Photoshop, has been able to keep this in mind.

Stencil is a relatively new company in the online graphics design suite. However, it has attracted over 230,000 customers.

It has been rated 5 star in many review-based directories.

Stencil Pricing Structure

Stencil believes that you can’t get too much for a small price. There’s also a forever-free plan and a few subscription plans.

  • Pro $9/month (when you pay annually) to access the majority of assets and features.
  • Unlimited – $12/month when paid annually for all features, resources, and premium support.

Stencil Platform Compatibility

Stencil works across all platforms and devices connected to the internet, keeping the same standard of usability for online graphic design software.

Wrapping up Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

There you go…

You now have the top 10 Adobe Photoshop alternatives in front of you. It’s time to choose one that best suits your needs.

Many of these photoshop alternatives include a lifetime free plan. You’d have plenty of time to try them out.

Even if you don’t have a plan, premium software includes a 7-30 day free trial. You can then upgrade to the very affordable plans.

If you feel that I have missed any software worthy of mention, please let me know in the comments.

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