5+ Best Article Generator Tool You Must Have

Are you looking for the best article generator tool to use on your blog?

Although blogging can be difficult, I understand. This is especially true if you have multiple blogs that need constant content publishing.

It seems almost impossible to create unique content for your blogs if you don’t have any blog ideas.

Best Article Generator Tool

An SEO article generator can generate content automatically for you. This article might be unique enough for you to post on your blogs.

You will find many poor article writing software if you do a search on the internet. Trust me. I tried a few before writing this article and they weren’t good.

However, I did find a few article generators that were infused with A.I. I have found a few article generators (infused with A.I.) that work great. In this blog, I will go over each one in detail, so you can choose the best.

Here’s a quick summary of the top article generator software, just to give you an idea of what’s ahead.

What is an Article Generator Tool?

Article creator software can be either a program that you download or one that you use online to automatically create articles.

Modern software includes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, GPT-2 machine-learning framework, and others. These technologies make content creation easy and efficient.

You simply need to select the topic and click a button to create unique content.

Let me elaborate further on the question What is the purpose of the automatic article writer?

First, choose the topic for your article. You’d need to choose a topic or niche and then enter key phrases for the article generator to understand your needs.

The generator will then search its database for similar articles and create an article for your needs. The generator then spins the content to give it a human-like quality. In a matter of seconds, you will have perfectly readable content. This content can then be used later on to your blog or other websites.

I also want to let you know about the –

The benefits of article generator software

Before I go into detail about the many benefits of automatic article writers software, I want to remind you that manual content writing should always be prioritized.

It evokes emotions and connects on a deeper level with your readers. AI-generated articles may attempt to imitate human writing but it never comes close to what you wrote.

Here are some benefits of automated article writing software.

It saves time and effort

Online article generators are a great way to save time. The best article generator software will generate articles automatically for you.

You don’t need to spend your time creating the same content for all of your sites.

Eliminates writer’s block

As bloggers and writers, this mental blockage often results in a lack of creativity. This causes us to lose our natural flow of ideas. We are unable to write blog posts, articles, or other content.

There are psychological ways to overcome this block, but it takes time. We can’t afford time to lose in this competitive and cut-throat world.

These content generators are a great help. These tools can automatically generate multiple articles, essays, blog post, etc. In a matter of minutes.

SEO friendly content

Most article generator software is efficient enough to generate SEO-friendly content. It only requires a list of keywords and topics.

The A.I. The software incorporates A.I. technology that allows it to create articles rich in relevant keywords as well as other semantic keywords.

Useful for Web 2.0 Sites and PBNs

Bloggers often struggle to create unique content on the same topic, as I mentioned earlier. SEO article generators allow you to generate unique content that is SEO-friendly.

This unique content can also be published on PBNs or Web 2.0 sites. This content can also be used on PBNs or Web 2.0 sites to create enormous backlinking opportunities for the money site.

This will definitely improve your SERP rankings.

You can save money

You will often experience “writer’s blocks” more than once. This is when you lack the inspiration and enthusiasm to create engaging content. This means that you will need to hire bloggers and writers to create new content.

Using the best article building software can help you avoid the cost of hiring writers. You can then create content yourself.

We’ve covered the benefits and basics of article building software. Now it’s time to dive into them.

Let’s begin with…

1. Article Forge – The Best Article Generator Software

ArticleForge will make it easy to create high-quality content automatically. This SEO article generator was created after five years’ worth of Article Intelligence research. It caters to all your requirements. This experience has earned it the title of best generator software.

Article Forge employs deep learning models to help it write about any topic with human-like proficiency. The best thing about Article Forge is that you only need to type in related keywords and wait for a while before getting a new article copy. Article Forge can solve all your content problems, so instead of hiring freelance content writers.

Best Article Generator Tool

What’s new in Article Forge 3.0?

Article Forge released almost a year ago a new software update, i.e. v3.0. This update makes Article Forge content more relevant, fluent and useful while remaining 100% original.

Now you can simply type in a keyword to get a high-quality article you can confidently post on your website.

Here is a quick overview of the new features in Article Forge’s latest version.

  • Improved LSI Deep Learning Model Unlike other AI writers and older versions of Article Forge, which use one deep learning model, now uses eight different deep learning models. The article’s uniqueness, quality, relevance, fluency and overall uniqueness are due to the different models.
  • Higher quality articles Previously, articles that were longer than 10 pages were more repetitive and off-topic. They also had lower quality. The update completely changes the way longer articles are written. They have better structure, flow and topicality.
  • New interface – The old interface was too outdated for a cutting-edge product. The team also made some key changes to Article Forge’s interface to make it more user-friendly.

Article Forge Is an Ideal Choice

  • Article Forge claims to produce high-quality content and also claims to pass the Copyscape test . Simply put, Article Forge claims that all content generated will be unique and can pass the duplicate testing.
  • ArticleForge API allows you to schedule and publish articles on your WordPress website. You will have a steady stream of new content on your website.
  • The article generator also adds LSI keywords and relevant images to your content. Your content will stand out among the rest by including relevant images and videos.
  • It is the only AI article generator capable of creating content in 7 global languages. It supports English, Dutch and French as well as German, French, German (and sometimes Portuguese), and Spanish.
  • Article Forge allows you to top rankings on international search engines by generating content in multiple languages. You will be able to tap into untapped markets abroad with Article Forge.

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge’s best feature is its inability to impose restrictions on features and usage, regardless of the plan you choose.

Best Article Generator Tool

The software supports a 5 day free trial.

  • Monthly Group Buy Article Forge costs $8/month.
  • Yearly Group Buy Article Forge – If you choose the yearly plan, the price will be $37/year.

Try Group Buy Article Forge

2. Jarvis – Complete AI Content Generator

You would be amazed at the quality of ” Java” copy that is written for websites, blogs, email, listings and emails. This is possible with Jarvis, despite how unbelievable it sounds. This software was officially rebranded by the team behind it to Jarvis (from Conversion.ai), which is perfect since Jarvis is a well-known A.I. In the fictional world.

Many skilled copywriters and conversion specialists have trained the artificial intelligence technology in this software. You’ll be happy to learn that this software excels at 40+ copywriting skills, including blog posts, emails and Google & Facebook ads, LinkedIn bios, Google & Facebook ads, LinkedIn product descriptions, short social media posts, YouTube video scripts, and LinkedIn bios. Jarvis will not only help you write high-quality content but also helps you overcome writer’s block. It is therefore considered the best article generator software.


Jarvis Is an Ideal Choice

  • The most powerful and unique feature of Boss mode is to take control over the software AI and create content twice as fast. It is as easy as typing the command Jarvis, create a blog post. Jarvis will create a blog post unique for you in a matter of seconds.
  • The software is based on the AIDA framework. This framework is used for capturing potential customers’ “Attention”, piquing their “Interest”, then inducing their “Desire”, and finally yielding “Action.”
  • In addition to this, Jarvis also supports PAS or Problem-Agitate-Solution framework. This framework is extremely useful in marketing because it lists problems, creates fear and offers solutions.
  • Jarvis allows you to generate long, complete articles . It also allows you to create blog outline and intro paragraphs. The software also includes a sentence extender module which allows you to convert shorter sentences into more engaging and longer ones.
  • Jarvis can easily translate your content in 25+ languages if you’re trying to create multilingual articles. All articles, ad copy, and email swipes are checked for errors. Jarvis generates grammatical errors.
  • Jarvis provides unlimited access for agency representatives. The software allows you to save your content in different folders for multiple concurrent projects.
  • Jarvis facilitates one click integration with Surfer (SEO Software). Combining both tools will ensure that your blog posts can be optimized for search engine optimization.

Jarvis Pricing

Jarvis offers a free trial, which is different from other article generators. You can create up to 10,000 words of content and get a free trial for 5 days.

After you have used your 10,000 words free, you will need to subscribe to the premium plans. You don’t have to worry about it, as your payment comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Jarvis after 7 days, you can request a refund.

Best Article Generator Tool

It’s unlikely that you would find yourself in this position as the software is available to all subscribers, both monthly and yearly. Jarvis’ new pricing structure is based on your content generation needs. Each plan now comes with multiple sub-tiers.

Starter – This plan is $29/month. It’s ideal for creating short content such as intro paragraphs and blog post outline. This plan includes all 50+ skills in short-form copywriting, unlimited team members and a project folder. However, you won’t have access to the Long-Form Assistance module. Below is the pricing breakdown for the Starter Plan.

  • $29/month to generate 20,000 words/month
  • $49/month to generate 50,000 words/month
  • $89/month to generate 100,000 words/month
  • $119/month to generate 150,000 words/month
  • $169/month to generate 250,000 words/month
  • $299/month to generate 500,000 words/month
  • $399/month to generate 750,000 words/month
  • $499/month to generate 1,000,000+ words/month

Boss Mode – This plan is now $59/month. This plan gives you access to Jarvis Commands or Boss Mode, long-form editor and SEO mode, as well as plagiarism checker. You can also add unlimited members to your team. Below is the Boss Mode pricing breakdown

  • $59/month to generate 50,000 words/month
  • $99/month to generate 100,000 words/month
  • $279/month to generate 300,000 words/month
  • $600/month to generate 700,000 words/month
  • $1,200/month to generate 1,500,000 words/month
  • $1,900/month to generate 2,500,000 words/month
  • $3,600/month to generate 5,000,000+ words/month

3. Writesonic – Advanced AI Article Generator

Since Writesonic was released on Appsumo it has been the most popular AI copywriter. This tool is capable of creating high-converting content for blogs, Facebook and Google ads, landing pages as well as product descriptions, blog intros, product descriptions, blog ideas, intros, YouTube headlines, and blog posts. It only requires a few lines of introduction/descriptions. The software’s artificial intelligence will then generate copy that resonates with your audience.

Writesonic creates original content that is human-like in readability. This is the best thing about Writesonic. You would be the only person who owns and publishes articles and other content once you have generated them. Writesonic, if you ask me, is another great tool that can help you overcome writer’s block. It will also allow you to create tons of content.

Writesonic Is an Ideal Choice

  • Like Jarvis, Writesonic also is infused with proven copywriting formulas . Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA. This will ensure that Writesonic copies are highly engaging and convert well with your audience.
  • Writesonic offers more than just article writing. It also allows you to create blog intros, outline, and summaries . The software also includes a sentence extender and content-rephrasing module.
  • The software inspects the content for grammar errors to ensure that it has human-like quality. Writesonic provides an built-in readability checker to enhance the readability and readability of your article.
  • Writesonic is able to create articles in 24 languages, which is a unique feature among article generators. Writesonic’s multi-language compatibility will allow you to create a multilingual blog.
  • Writesonic can also write copy for multiple purposes, as mentioned earlier. You can use it to create eCommerce product descriptions, landing pages, Google & Facebook ads and SEO meta descriptions. Email swipes are also possible.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic is committed to ensuring that its customers are completely satisfied when it comes to pricing. It offers full access to all its software and features in all plans.

These plans have priority support and monthly usage credits as the only difference. You also get all its features.

Best Article Generator Tool

Writesonic offers a trial for free with 10 credits. These credits can be used to create any kind of content that you require. After you’re satisfied, you can upgrade your subscription to any of the premium plans. You can choose either a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • A Free Trial – To test the functionality and efficiency of the program, you will receive 10 credits.
  • Starter The Starter plan will cost $15/month. It will provide 75 credits per month to create short-form content. This plan also offers 1 long-form writing credit per day for 120 words.
  • Professional – The Professional plan is $45/month. This plan gives you unlimited credits for short-form content features. The daily limit for the long-form article credit is 250 credits.
  • Startup This plan is priced at $95/month. It gives you full access to the software and unlimited short-form credit. Your long-form credits are also increased to 750 daily. You also get all the upcoming features.
  • Agency – The Agency plan costs $195/month. Unlimited credits are available for short-form content features, and 2,000 credits are available for long-form article generator functions.

4. GrowthBar – Best Article Outline Generator

GrowthBar is the most unique content generator software I’ve ever seen. It is efficient enough for creating outline templates for blog posts and articles. Its unique feature is its inclusion of SEO features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis and many more.

To create an article outline, you only need to enter the relevant keyword. The software will then tell you what to write in order to rank higher. GrowthBar not only helps you create SEO-optimized article outline, but it also allows you to monitor your ranking after publishing.

Best Article Generator Tool

GrowthBar Is An Ideal Choice

  • You’d be happy to know that GrowthBar uses OpenAI’s GPT-3AI technology to create text that is human-like. It won’t matter if the text was written by a professional blogger, or an AI machine.
  • GrowthBar requires that you only add relevant keywords in order to create an outline for your blog post. It will work without any effort from you.
  • The software generates an outline for your article by entering a keyword. It also provides additional information such as monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, or a list of keywords that could be used in your article.
  • Other SEO features include keyword research, rank monitor, competitor analysis,, and many more. GrowthBar can also be used as a Chrome extension.

GrowthBar Pricing

GrowthBar offers a 5 day free trial to help you get started. The free trial will allow you to use the software for 5 days, but you must follow certain restrictions.

Best Article Generator Tool

After the trial is over, you can subscribe for its premium plans.

  • Standard – To generate 5 AI-created content outline pages per month, you will be charged $29/month (billed annual).
  • Pro – You will also be charged at the $79/month rate (billed annually for up to 20 content outline via AI in one month).
  • Agency Lastly, in order to create 50 AI-powered content outline templates per month, you will need to pay $129/month (billed annually).

5. Copysmith – Content Generator and AI Copywriter

Copysmith goes beyond other software that can generate articles. It also creates ads, metadata and product descriptions. Copysmith is an automatic copywriter, just like the other top article generator software we mentioned earlier.

You can dive deeper into the details of the software by learning that AI-infused software makes it possible to create content. Copysmith is widely used by eCommerce businesses, marketing teams, and other organizations.

Best Article Generator Tool

Copysmith Is an Ideal Choice

  • Copsysmith works in the same way as other automated article-writing software. It also uses artificial Intelligence to create ad copy, landing pages and descriptions.
  • Another software program that creates unique content is Copysmith. Copysmith boasts of its unique content and claims it will pass the Copyscape test .
  • Copysmith is the only software that has mentioned. This extension allows you to transfer ideas between your browser and workspace. It also connects with Google Docs.
  • Copysmith now allows you to create blog posts in your web application. However, Copysmith now also offers a WooCommerce plugin which can be used to generate product descriptions for an eCommerce store.
  • Copysmith provides all the tools and utilities you need to create high-quality ad copy.
  • Copysmith also uses AIDA as a proven marketing strategy. This model generates content that will attract the attention and interest of the target audience. It creates desire and leads them to take a specific action.
  • You can also use the native content editing module to paraphrase any content you like.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith offers a 3 day free trial. You will have full access to the software during the free trial. The trial period allows you to test the software.

After the trial period is over, Copysmith will require you to upgrade to either a monthly or an annual subscription plan in order to generate more content or copy articles.

Best Article Generator Tool

There are now 3 subscription plans available after the Copysmith pricing update. The first plan, called Starter, does not allow for long-form blog creation. You can create blogs with the other plans.

Below is a summary of the most recent Copysmith pricing.

  • Starter You would receive 50 credits per month, which can only be used to generate short content. This plan does not allow for blog generation.
  • Professional – This plan will also cost $59/month. It will give you 100 credits per month to create blog post. You can also create unlimited short content.
  • Teams This plan comes at a $118/month, and offers 2 seats for your entire team. You’d also receive unlimited credits for short content. But long-form content i.e. Blog posts can be limited to 500 per calendar month.
  • Enterprise – To get unlimited monthly credits to blog generation, request custom pricing.

6. Kafkai – Best AI Content Generator

Kafkai has been one of my favorite article-building softwares. Kafkai’s quality content was amazing, despite its low popularity. GPT-2 machine-learning model is used to achieve this quality. This is the same technology Elon Musk invented back in 2018.

Best Article Generator Tool

Kafkai also offers three modes for creating content. Each of these options is efficient enough to produce unique content that looks human-like. It is therefore safe to say that Kafkai is the most effective AI content generator software for SEO professionals, bloggers, marketers, and other users.

Kafkai Is an Ideal Choice

  • Kafkai has three types of content writer or article writer. These two modes can create niche-specific articles while the third mode is a non-trained model that allows you to experiment with your content.
  • Kafkai can produce content for up to 29 niches. This includes niches such as affiliate marketing, online marketing software, and technology. KafKai is constantly improving the software and adding new niches.
  • The article generator takes pride in the uniqueness and quality of its articles. It guarantees that each article is unique and no two users will receive the same article copy. You’ll be able to see that the content is not duplicated.
  • Kafkai also provides a WordPress plugin which can be installed on your WordPress website to generate articles and content.
  • The software’s supported languages list has been updated and it can create articles in six languages. English, German and French are supported.

Kafkai Pricing

Kafkai offers top-quality article building features and is very affordable. It offers a 3 day free trial that allows you to create 25 articles for free.

You can then upgrade to any one of the monthly subscription plans.

Best Article Generator Tool

You should be aware that Kafkai now supports subscription pause. This means that you don’t have to cancel your account or withdraw your access. You can instead put your billing on hold if you don’t want to create any new articles.

  • Writer – This plan will cost $29/month. It would allow you to create 10 articles per day and total 100 articles per month.
  • Newsroom – To generate 25 articles per day and 250 total articles per month, you would need to pay $49/month.
  • Printing Press – To generate 100 articles per day and 1000 articles per month, you would need to pay $129/month.
  • Industrial Printer – Finally, you can generate 500 articles per day and 5000 articles per month by paying $199/month

7. Article Builder – The Best Article Builder Software

Article Builder, another software gem from Prosperative. The Best Spinner 4 is one of many tools that can be used for content marketing.

The Article Builder tool is a niche-specific article marketing software that shines because of its content-generating capabilities. This tool, like other article-generation software, allows you to create content that is applicable to multiple niches.

Best Article Generator Tool

Article Builder Is an Ideal Choice

  • The Super Spun article mechanism allows it to create new content. Simply put, you and its users will not get the same content.
  • The Article Builder tool is capable of producing content for up 145+ topics or business niches.
  • This software claims that it can create content that’s 75-90% unique . Your article will pass Copyscape with flying colors.
  • The Article Builder software comes with a large set of API that can be used for any website or app. This software will automate the creation of articles.

Article Builder Pricing

Article Builder offers one subscription plan, which is charged annually. This will help you get started quickly. It will also offer bonuses to make your purchase worthwhile.

Best Article Generator Tool

You will need to pay a monthly fee for Article Builder. However, you can rest assured that your payment will be covered by the 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • To use the best article generator software, you’d need to pay $22/year

Join Group Buy Article Builde

8. AI Writer – Best AI Article Generator

AI Writer is next on our list of top article generator software. It also uses article intelligence for content generation. The content can be used on your websites, PBNs, Web 2.0, and backlinks.

It only requires you to input a topic or headline. Based on that, AI Writer will create a new article. Many new bloggers, SEO professionals and freelance content writers are now using AI Writer’s content generation tools.

Best Article Generator Tool

The Key Features That Make An AI Writer A Perfect Choice

  • You can easily create any kind of content by simply entering keywords or relevant headings in AI Writer.
  • AI Writer comes with an built-in article rewriting module. This module can be used to reword or re-use articles already written.
  • It’s amazing and a relief to learn that AI Writer also provides content ideas and inspirations . These ideas can be used to create articles.
  • This software provides a rich set of API that you can use to integrate AI Writer into your website and begin auto-blogging.

AI Writer Pricing

Best Article Generator Tool

AI Writer is not like other SEO article generators mentioned in this post. It does not offer a free trial, or a free plan. It makes up for this by offering extremely affordable pricing plans.

  • Basic– to generate up to 40 content pieces with $29per month
  • Standard – To generate as many articles as you need, you would have to pay $49/month.
  • Custom – To generate more content, you will need to request custom pricing.

Conclude Best Article Generator Tool

Bloggers and writers are not born. As we progress in our professional lives, we often learn.

Writer’s block is a common problem. You’d have wasted a lot of time if you didn’t get over this issue.

To create unique articles, you will need to use any of the top article generator software.

All of the article creator software listed above offer all you need to automate your content creation process.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for their free plans and test them all before deciding which one you like the most.

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