10+ Best Paraphrasing Tool in 2022 You should Use

Let’s suppose you are looking for the best paraphrasing tool of 2022. Are you right?

Let me make a prediction: You tried every paraphrasing tool available, only to discover that the paraphrased content doesn’t make sense.

You are a great example of someone I can relate to. I was in the same situation when I started blogging.

Best Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tools are a well-known fact that they make blogging, student, and scholar’s lives easier. easier. You probably already know this, but it is useful for bloggers, students, and scholars to paraphrase their thesis.

These tools can be of great help for the poor. Paraphrasing can be difficult, but you’d probably know.

This is why I’m going to simplify the task by listing the top 11 online paraphrasing tools for 2021. These tools have all been tested personally by me, and I can assure you that they provide the best paraphrasing experience.

Let me help you understand them before you dive in and start exploring them in depth.

What is Paraphrasing?

Wikipedia states that paraphrasing refers to a restatement or reinterpretation of the meaning of a passage or text using other words.

Paraphrasing, as I prefer to call it, is changing the words or framing a sentence in a different way without changing its meaning.

Can you see what I did?

Paraphrasing is something I paraphrased from Wikipedia.

What does Paraphrasing Tools do?

Paraphrasing software, as the name implies, takes sentences, content or even an entire article from you and paraphrases it without changing its meaning.

You might be asking yourself if the paraphrasing tool is the same as the paid version. Why is the premium paraphraser superior to the free one?

The free tools can only paraphrase your content in all honesty.

Have you ever noticed the quality of the output? The output of the free tools is a gibberish mess and doesn’t make any sense. The resulting content is also lacking context.

This is where paid paraphrasing software shines, as they are infused in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing(NLP).

This ensures that you receive paraphrased content of the highest quality.

What is the Difference Between Paraphrasing and Article Spinners?

As we’ve learned, paraphrasing tools allow you to paraphrase and rewrite your content. This involves changing the sentence structure and words. It will only produce one version of the original text.

Article spinning tools employ a similar method to create new content. They do this by changing the words within a sentence. It generates multiple versions of your original content and can provide you with up to 1,000.

Let’s get started by exploring the top paraphrasing software.

1. Spin Rewriter – Best Tool for Paraphrasing

Spin Rewriter was released in 2011. It is considered the best online paraphrasing tool. The software’s 11th edition now has even more features and paraphrasing efficiency. The software’s 12th edition will soon be released with new features and enhancements.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the software uses Emulated Natural Learning technology (ENL) to create human-quality content. This is the only paraphrasing software that uses such advanced technology.

best paraphrasing tool

What makes Spinrewriter 12 the Best Paraphrasing Tool

The software update, i.e. Spin Rewriter was updated from version 11 into version 12. It now offers new and improved features for its users.

This is how Spin Rewriter’s latest version will enhance your paraphrasing skills.

  • Spin Rewriter’s mobile version now has similar features to the desktop version.
  • Spin Rewriter’s ENL technology detects phrase-like patterns in articles to improve phrase-level spin.
  • Now you can enrich your paraphrased articles by using stock photos and videos.
  • Spin Rewriter’s synonyms database has been manually refined over 650+ hours. This is the Lastly
  • Spin Rewriter intelligently detects when you’ve copied-pasted a broken article. It also auto-capitalizes synonyms.
  • Now, the software will allow you to categorize paraphrased articles within the “Archive” section.
  • Paraphrased content can be exported as text, PDF, or Word (.docx) files.
  • It now features a more advanced version of the active to passive voice converter.
  • Spin Rewriter has a new interface that is easier to use. New users will also find a new onboarding process.
  • You will also have access to 16+ brand new tutorial videos.

Why should you choose Spin Rewriter

  • ENL technology allows the software to understand the context and meaning before paraphrasing. Paraphrasing content is as good as writing by a human writer.
  • Spin Rewriter is able to paraphrase as many as 1,000 articles at once, which is a huge advantage over other paraphrasing tools. This feature allows you to create multiple versions of an article.
  • You will be able to paraphrase multiple articles simultaneously using the bulk paraphrasing option. You can get multiple versions of the same article in one process.
  • You can also compare your paraphrased and original articles side by side using the software to assess their uniqueness.
  • Spin Rewriter has a stock photo integration feature. This allows you to automatically add relevant images into your content. Including multimedia in your content will help you create more engaging content.
  • Surprisingly, you can use the tool on any device (desktops, laptops and tablets, phones, etc.). It is an online tool. To paraphrase your articles, you only need to have an internet connection and a browser.
  • Spin Rewriter can be integrated with third-party tools or other SEO softwares. This will help you to improve your paraphrasing.

What is the cost of a Spin Rewriter?

The Spin Rewriter team is flexible and generous with pricing plans. All plans provide full access to all features

best paraphrasing tool

The best thing about the software is the 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

  • Trial – Start using Spin Rewriter for $1/day
  • Monthly Unlimited $5/month
  • Yearly Unlimited – $19/year

Get Spin Rewriter Group Buy Now

2. The Best Spinner 4: Best Online Paraphrasing Tool

After seeing its name, don’t let fool you. It is also an effective online paraphrasing tool. The “4” at its end indicates that it’s the fourth version.

This tool’s 4th edition is a sign that its paraphrasing abilities have been improved and refined by the team behind it. It is so good that I decided to include it on one the top spots. Its huge clientele of more than 90,000 users supports my words.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose the Best Spinner 4

  • This tool can translate and paraphrase your content in 14 languages. The Best Spinner 4 can paraphrase your content in the language you choose, so it is ideal for creating content for global audiences with different languages.
  • The built-in cloud Thesaurus allows you to paraphrase content with rich vocabulary and keep its meaning intact. The Best Spinner 4’s Thesaurus can be managed and updated automatically by its users. This allows you to automatically add the latest catch-phrases to your paraphrased content.
  • The Best Spinner 4 allows you to publish paraphrased content directly to your WordPress blogs within the software. This feature automates the creation of content for your website.
  • The Best Spinner 4 paraphrasing software can generate 100 paraphrased versions from your original content. This paraphrasing tool saves time and allows you to use different paraphrased content in different places.
  • It also has text-to-speech technology. It allows you to create audio for any article. This feature allows you to create a podcast of your content for your blog readers.

What Does The Best Spinner 4 Price?

After signing up for one of the three premium plans, you can access The Best Spinner 4. The free trial is not available, but the best paraphrasing software team offers two bonuses to make up for it.

best paraphrasing tool

All plans include full access to the paraphrasing module as well as API access. Audio conversion and translation are the only limitations.

  • Basic – $67/year to receive 30 months of audio conversion and translation credits.
  • Standard – 60 monthly credits would cost $127/year.
  • Pro – $297/year for 300 monthly credits

3. Chimprewriter – Downloadable Paraphrasing Software

Chimp Rewriter is an Australian-based paraphrasing tool that excels at paraphrasing and creating SEO-worthy content. Paraphrasing software that utilizes artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology (NLP) to rephrase content is the best.

Chimp Rewriter uses both high-tech technologies to create and paraphrase content that is better than low-cost writers. It does all automatically, which can help you save time and effort.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose Chimprewriter?

  • This paraphrasing tool is the only one that uses AI and NLP technology to paraphrase your content. These advanced technologies will help you produce better content, so be sure to take advantage of them.
  • This feature allows you to paraphrase content in multiple languages. This feature is extremely useful if you want to share textual content with a global audience.
  • This tool uses the same algorithm as search engines to find duplicate content. This ensures that content generated by Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing software passes the plagiarism and duplicate content tests.
  • You can automatically add images and videos to your article. You can make your article more than just text.
  • You can also integrate the software with third-party apps via its API. This API allows you to extend the functionality and efficiency of the paraphrasing tool.

What is the cost of a Chimp Rewriter?

Chimp Rewriter provides a 14-day free trial, followed by two subscription plans that give you full access to the tool.

best paraphrasing tool

This paraphrasing software is only available for Windows devices. You will need a Windows emulator to run it on Macs.

  • Monthly $15/month for 2 devices licenses, 1,500 API requests per month, and three bonus offers
  • Yearly $99/year for 2 licenses, 1,500 API requests per month, and three bonuses

4. Spinner Chief 6 – Paraphrasing Tool for PC & Web

Spinner Chief 6 is the best paraphrasing tool you can get for your computer. This tool is a great choice among the best paraphrasing tools because of its dual useability.

You’ll also be interested to learn that Spinner Chief 6 uses artificial Intelligence to paraphrase your content. This allows it to produce human-like content that passes the plagiarism test. This software is specialized in creating engaging, unique content that is error-free and not predictable.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose Spinner Chief 6?

  • Spinner Chief 6 also incorporates Statistical Replacement Technology, which creates and paraphrases content like it was written by a person. This feature enhances the uniqueness and readability of the content.
  • Its cloud Thesaurus supports synonyms and word replacements. You can include the most recent phrases in your paraphrased content because the synonyms library is constantly updated.
  • Spinner Chief 6 allows paraphrasing in 20 languages. This feature allows you to create and present content in different languages to your audience.
  • This tool allows you to bulk paraphrase articles with just a click. This feature allows you to create multiple versions for a single content.
  • It comes with a WordPress submit function, which allows you to post paraphrased content directly on your WordPress blog. This software is a great way to automate your blog publishing process.

How Much Does Spinner Chief 6 Cost?

Spinner Chief 6 provides the greatest flexibility in pricing plans. Both personal and team users can choose from multiple plans.

best paraphrasing tool

Different plans have different access limits and features. You should review the feature distribution and pricing plans in detail.

Personal Users

  • Free Version Sign up today for this forever-free plan to get the best paraphrasing tool.
  • Elite Version $88 One-time Payment for Lifetime Access
  • Ultimate Version

You have 5 payment options.

  • Option 1 – $138 one time payment
  • Option 2 $48 per annum
  • Option 3 – $25 per month.
  • Option 4 $7 for the initial 3 days, then $52 per annum.
  • Option 5 $7 for the first three days, then $156 for each additional day.

5. QuillBot – The Best Free Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool for students and scholars who want to paraphrase essays. It is a popular digital tool because it provides the easiest and best way to paraphrase content.

It uses its own AI to power paraphrasing, just like other paraphrasing tools. This artificial intelligence helps to make your content unique and readable for all. It can also paraphrase your article at the paragraph or sentence level.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose QuillBot

  • There are seven paraphrasing models available for you to choose. Three models of the seven are free. You will need to sign up for the premium plan to access the remaining models.
  • Word Flipper allows you to adjust the word-changing rate in your paraphrased text. It can also help you determine the uniqueness of your content.
  • QuillBot offers a Chrome extension that extends its capabilities. This feature allows you to use QuillBot’s paraphrasing features across multiple platforms.
  • QuillBot can be integrated into your Google Docs or Microsoft Word to allow you to paraphrase directly in your original document.
  • QuillBot is AI-powered and unlike other paraphrasing tools. This Thesaurus is automatically updated with the correct meanings and alternative words.

What is the cost of QuillBot?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that’s completely free. The free version is limited in its functionality. You get two paraphrasing models, and you can only rephrase up to 400 characters. If you sign up for the free account you will get 300 characters, a total of characters 700, and the third paraphrasing modeling.

best paraphrasing tool

To overcome this limitation and unlock more models, you can subscribe any of its premium plans.

  • Trial – This is plan to test our system
  • Monthly – A monthly plan starting at $3/month
  • Annual – You will be charged $15/year.

Buy QuillBot Premium Now

6. WordAi – Article Paraphrasing Tool

Another tool for paraphrasing, is mainly used by students and SEO professionals. Its in-built artificial intelligence is the simple reason for such a high usage rate. AI technology can understand context and paraphrase the text as if it were written by a person. It is unmatched in its readability.

The software’s developers have also recently redesigned its website and interface. The yearly pricing has been reduced to make it easier for you to commit to longer terms. This update also includes new features within the software.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose WordAi

  • To improve readability, it uses AI to interpret the context and meaning of text. Paraphrased content has a high quality as though it were written by native English speakers.
  • WordAi supports four languages i.e. English, Spanish and French are supported by WordAi. These languages can be used to create content and present it for the target audience.
  • The tool can also paraphrase up to 1000 articles in one upload. You can save time and create multiple versions of the exact same content.
  • Paraphrasing is possible if you don’t have the content you need. You can also connect to your Article Forge account and generate the content you require. Simply create a new content using Article Forge. Then, paraphrase it using WordAi.
  • WordAi can integrate with Perfect Tense to detect spelling errors and correct grammar. It helps you create error-free content.

What is the cost of WordAi?

WordAi paraphrasing software is available for a 3-day trial. You can upgrade to any of the subscription plans after that.

best paraphrasing tool

WordAi’s best feature is its ability to offer both the same features and access in both plans. The WordAi team also has made adjustments to the pricing plans.

  • Monthly – Subcription plan for $7/month
  • 6 months – The subscription plan will be reduced to $25
  • Yearly – The annual subscription plan will be reduced to $37/year

7. Content Professor Free Paraphrasing Tool

Content Professor is a paraphrasing tool that can be used to create articles. It is also free to use for as long as you want, making it the ideal paraphrasing tool both for scholars and students.

You’d be pleased to learn that this tool paraphrases well and produces high quality content. It is also web-based so it can be used on any device.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose Content Professor

  • Content Professor can paraphrase content and create it in multiple spintax formats. You can choose the spintax format that you feel most at ease with.
  • Content Professor uses a synonym quality algorithm in order to paraphrase and create human-like content. This makes your paraphrased content easier to understand.
  • Paraphrasing can also be protected by this feature. This feature is useful if you want to optimize paraphrased content for search engine optimization.
  • Content Professor integrates with Copyscape and Plagium to ensure that your article is not plagiarising. Instantly check whether the paraphrased content passed the duplicate test.
  • Content Professor also allows you to download and save up to 100 articles to simplify your paraphrasing.

What is the cost of Content Professor?

Content Professor, as I mentioned earlier, offers a forever-free plan that allows paraphrasing articles up to 5,000 words.

best paraphrasing tool

You can remove the word limit by signing up for its premium subscription plan. These plans will also grant you full access to the advanced features.

  • Monthly – The monthly cost for the premium version Content Professor is $19.95/month.
  • Quarterly – However, if your subscription is to the quarterly plan you will be charged $9.99/month.

8. CleverSpinner: The Cheapest Paraphrasing Tool

What if I told you there was a paraphrasing tool that isn’t compromised with paraphrasing quality, despite it being the most expensive paraphrasing tool available? You would be tempted to grab it.

CleverSpinner is one of the most popular online paraphrasing tools. This software is built using its own AI, which was developed and maintained by the creator of the program. He is an expert in natural language processing.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose CleverSpinner

  • CleverSpinner’s AI understands the context before paraphrasing. This is just like other paraphrasing tools. This feature will help you create high quality content.
  • CleverSpinner also has a rich vocabulary and extensive synonyms for paraphrasing. This feature allows you to include relevant words and phrases in your content.
  • This tool automatically balances active and passive voices in paraphrased articles. This feature can be used to enhance the readability and clarity of paraphrased content.

What does CleverSpinner cost?

CleverSpinner, as I mentioned earlier is the most affordable tool. It offers a 3-day trial period to give you the best value, and also help you make better decisions.

best paraphrasing tool

After your trial period ends, you can upgrade to the single plan that gives you full access to the tool.

  • A monthly subscription for $9.90 per month.

9. Spinbot – A free online paraphrasing tool

Spinbot’s paraphrasing features and services are free, unlike other paraphrasing software. Spinbot is a popular choice for scholars, students, and new bloggers that don’t have the budget to pay for paraphrasing software.

Spinbot’s content generation or paraphrasing is satisfactory, as it claims to be able to produce content that looks like it was written by a person.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose Spinbot?

  • You can use it to paraphrase.
  • Spinbot allows paraphrasing up to 10,000 characters per day.
  • Spinbot doesn’t require you to sign up to get the free version.
  • Paraphrasing tools also come with API so you can integrate them with third-party software.

What is the Spinbot cost?

best paraphrasing tool

Spinbot is free to use if you’re satisfied with the 10,000 character limit per day. However, this restriction can be removed and ads and captchas removed so you can subscribe to the premium plans.

  • It starts with a $10 monthly subscription.
  • A semi-annual subscription can be purchased for $50 and lasts six months.
  • A yearly plan, priced at $75 per year, is also available.

Spinbot offers API credits to developers of websites and apps. You can start with $5 to get 1,000 credits, and go up to $2,000 for 500,000 credits.

10. Paraphrase Online – A Free Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase Online is an online tool that’s free and was created by students at university. Paraphrase Online is easy to use and navigate. It is great for both professionals and complete beginners with no technical knowledge. This is the best tool for paraphrasing your text quickly.

Paraphrase Online is based on Artificial Intelligence. It’s getting better each day. It is also completely free to use. It is a popular choice for those who don’t want to spend money on costly software.

best paraphrasing tool

Why should you choose paraphrase online?

  • Paraphase Online claims it is one the easiest web tools. Simply copy and paste the original content into the paraphrasing box. Then click the button to paraphrase it.
  • This software paraphrases content much faster than other free programs.
  • Paraphrasing tools are free and it is common to assume that you will see lots of advertisements pop-ups. This software does not have any advertising pop-ups.
  • It features a built-in word changer that has access to a large database. It preserves the meaning of sentences and prevents plagiarism.

What is the cost of Paraphrase Online?

This tool is free to use, as we have already stated. Paraphrase Online is free to use.

Wrap it up!

After you’ve reviewed all of the top paraphrasing tools available, I hope that you have found one that suits your needs.

If you’re still unsure about the best tool for you, I recommend signing up for a free trial. The majority of the Best Paraphrasing Tools come with a free trial.

Then, I’m sure you’ll be able make an informed decision.

Finally, I want you to know that I will send my personal “10-in-1” bonus package to anyone who purchases any paraphrasing tools by clicking the links above.

Finally, if there are any questions, please visit the frequently asked questions regarding the best paraphrasing tools.

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