Top 5 Best Niche Scraper Alternatives To Find Profitable Niches

Top 5 Best Niche Scraper Alternatives To Find Profitable Niches

Dropshipping is an online retail business model that allows entrepreneurs to operate without the need to keep any products in stock. With this business model, you can source a product from a third-party supplier and then have them ship it directly to your customers. This not only makes operations more efficient but also helps maximize profits. However, choosing the right niche for dropshipping is no easy task as there are thousands of niches out there.

Niche scraping tools are an effective way of finding profitable dropshipping niches or trends before they become oversaturated with competition. In this article, we will be exploring some of the top Niche Scraper alternatives that can help you find profitable dropshipping niches and also save you time and money in the process.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper, founded in 2018, is a cutting-edge dropshipping research tool. Niche Scraper is a real-time product scraper, Shopify shop analyzer.

Niche Scraper
Niche Scraper

It offers curated database of over 1000 successful AliExpress items. Helping you to uncover trending products with little competition and great profit margins. Niche Scraper makes it simple to identify best dropshipping products in a click.

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Pros of Niche Scraper

Online marketers are continuously seeking for methods to stand out. Niche Scraper is one of the greatest tools, so use it. Niche Scraper helps you investigate competitors and uncover new niches. Online marketers must use it:

  • It’s quick and simple. Niche Scraper simplifies research. You may locate and target new niches with a few clicks.
  • Complete. Niche Scraper provides plenty of data that other programs don’t. Its extensive database ensures accurate and current information.
  • Affordable. Niche Scraper Pricing is cheap for all its features. It’s a wonderful deal for internet marketers looking to stand out.
  • Money-back guarantee. Niche Scraper offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. They believe in their stuff! Niche Scraper is essential for professional web marketers. Start now and see your company improve.
  • Product Scraper – Trouble finding the best AliExpress and Shopify products? Product scraper evaluates hundreds of candidates daily.
  • Store Analysis – The store analysis tool shows what’s popular and why. It shows category bestsellers, traffic trends, sales projections, and more. Knowing market trends provides you an advantage.
  • Hand-Picked – Niche Scraper curates great goods daily with suppliers, samples, and more! Great for business owners that wish to start productively.
  • Video Maker – Use Niche Scraper to brainstorm and produce high-converting product videos in minutes. Paste your URL, and Video Maker handles the rest!

Why do you need to look for Niche Scraper alternatives?

  • The free option limits scraping
  • Costlier than other tools
  • Some buyers want additional product details

Top 5 Best Niche Scraper Alternatives

Want to find the most profitable niches for your Ecommerce dropshipping business in minutes? Check out the top 5 best Niche Scraper alternatives that will revolutionize your search!


FindNiche is one of the best dropshipping product research tools for uncovering outstanding AliExpress items and lucrative niche ideas. FindNiche features a curated database of over 20 million best-selling AliExpress goods and a daily selection of 20 winning products to help you locate fast-selling dropshipping items with high profit margins.


FindNiche also includes sales, reviews, predicted profit margins, AliExpress suppliers, Shopify rivals, and effective social media advertising efforts. FindNiche helps you identify high-profit dropshipping products rapidly.

What makes FindNiche a better alternatives to Niche Scraper?

  • Over 20 million of AliExpress’s top-selling dropship items in one convenient database
  • The whole picture of success, from sales figures to customer feedback and star ratings
  • Sort items by name, price, number of sales, average rating, and percentage of increase.
  • Links to competing platforms and effective social media efforts are included.
  • The top 20 dropshipping items of the day, updated daily based on popularity and demand


FindNiche offers many plans with various features and tools. There’s a free, ad-supported version, and affordable premium options starting at $9 per month. The $9/month basic subscription contains the curated database of winning AliExpress items. The $59/month elite package provides Shopify database access. The most popular option, the premium plan, contains all features and tools, including the AliExpress database, Shopify database, and Ad Spy tool, for $99/month.

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Niche scraper vs Ecomhunt? Which better? Ecomhunt is another famous Niche Scraper alternative that curates successful AliExpress dropshipping products. Ecomhunt offers hundreds of top-selling items and extensive performance data. Imcluding sales analytics, profit estimates, social media engagement information, and supplier linkages.


The free edition lets you explore the enormous database of successful dropshipping items. While the premium version unlocks full product data and priority access to new products.

What makes Ecomhunt a better alternatives to Niche Scraper?

  • An exclusive collection of top-selling dropship products
  • In-depth financial and sales information about products
  • Connecting best dropship suppliers, rivals, and real-time social advertisements
  • Free version, with a $20/month premium plan available


Ecomhunt’s huge dropshipping product database is free to explore. The pro edition costs $20/month and gives complete access to product data, competitor connections, social media advertisements, and engagement analytics.

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AliInsider is the most powerful dropshipping research tool for AliExpress. Install the Chrome browser extension to examine sales statistics and analytics for each AliExpress product.


AliInsider offers sales, income, and shipping statistics. AliInsider is a website scraper. It has a daily-updated database of over 30,000 successful dropshipping items to help you uncover niche bestsellers.

What makes AliInsider a better alternatives to Niche Scraper?

  • Best dropshipping AliExpress research tool
  • Explore the specifics of any product on AliExpress in an instant
  • Links to a number of prominent suppliers and rivals
  • Premium access to a hand-picked database


AliInsider’s Chrome browser addon is free to download. Product data is limited in the free version. The premium edition costs $19.95/month and contains all features and the database of 30,000 top-sellers. Discounts of up to 80% when paying quarterly or annually. AliInsider usually offers premium deals.


AliShark, a robust dropshipping research tool.  AliShark updates its database of winning products dropshipping in real time.


Spy on successful dropshippers or ecommerce sites and identify top-selling items in any category or niche. Newbies may easily uncover untapped niches that are trending on AliShark’s continually updated list of hot topics.

What makes AliShark a better alternatives to Niche Scraper?

  • In-real-time access to a catalog of best-selling dropshipping items
  • Data scraping: Comprehensive product information, including sales and orders
  • Classify and sort things by cost, popularity, and user rating
  • Provides access to the industry’s leading vendors and rivals
  • $1 for 2-day full-featured trial


For $20/month, AliShark provides all items, features, statistics, and connections to competitors and suppliers. In order to test out AliShark, you can get a two-day trial for for $1. This means you may check out the service and all its perks without risking any money. Get AliShark at a discounted rate by participating in our AliShark group buy. Hurry and place your order before it’s too late!

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is a reliable alternative to Niche Scraper that has been used by over 10,000 people all around the world. In summary, Dropship Spy is a top-notch Shopify-specific scraper.

It provides hundreds of profitable products and marketing solutions. Dropship Spy’s key feature is Product Spy. This feature is a web scraper. Lets you explore AliExpress goods by “Hot or Not” and last week’s rating. Dropship Spy helps expand your Facebook audience. This delivers niche-specific ideas.

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

Access over 5000 winning dropshipping items with the free version. You may filter results by category, supplier, profit margin, and social engagement ratings. The pro edition lets you link your Shopify shop and import items in a few clicks and see sales trends, social proof, and reviews.

What makes Dropship Spy a better alternatives to Niche Scraper?

  • Dropshipping product research tool
  • The 5,000 best-seller list is available for free
  • Advanced product analytics with pro version
  • Import Shopify products in a few clicks


Dropship Spy’s over 5000 winning items are free to access. The pro edition costs $10/month and offers enhanced data and direct Shopify imports. Annual payments get 20% or higher discounts.

Dropship Spy often offers discounts, and the cost of the premium version is constantly changing. For current rates, see the website.

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Conclusion: Which is the best Niche Scraper alternative?

In conclusion, it’s never been easier to find profitable dropshipping niches. With so many different niche scraper alternatives available, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify trends in your interests and make an informed decision. Whether you’re starting a new business or just looking for more lucrative demands to dropship, these tools can help you get the most out of your research efforts.

So go ahead and give one of these free alternatives to Niche Scraper a try. They provide accurate and up-to-date data to help you easily find profitable niche markets that best fit your budget and skillset. Who knows, it might just lead you down the path to successful dropping success!

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