Article Forge Review – Just Another Website Content Writer?

Article Forge Review

Recently, I came across a promising website content writing tool and decided to try it out to write my Article Forge review. You might have heard content is the king phrase. Quality content is crucial if you want Google and other search engines to rank your site.

Sites that are regularly updated with high quality content rank higher. Backlinks start to pouring and all-mighty Google recognizes them as a valuable site.

Bloggers and website owners have always struggled to create high-quality content. It can take a lot of time and research. Bloggers research their topics and create the content themselves. Webmasters who have more money and larger companies hire writers to help them.

You can even outsource it using services such as iWriter to freelancers. Each of these are efficient and standard methods. Content is essential if you want your website to rank higher on SERP. There is a lot of content. Writing content takes time.

People are always looking for ways to keep ahead of their competitors and use future technologies to save time and money when writing content. Article Forge is a tool that helps you do this. They promise shiny new things. We all know that it isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Article Forge can be used to create whole articles for your website. Just enter a keyword and you will have fresh content in no time.

The program uses sophisticated algorithms to generate new articles in minutes. These articles not only make sense , but pass Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors.

Article Forge is more than a spinning tool. It’s your personal writer. It all sounds incredible. Article Forge is it really the next big thing. It can create high-quality content quickly and easily without having to hire writers or write anything.

I tested their trial for five days. You can see my Article Forge review below to see if it is worth your time and money.

UPDATE I originally published this article in 2017. A few years later, however, I decided to review the latest version Article Forge 2.0.

As some settings have changed or are no longer possible, I will remove some content and images.

If strikethrough content is visible, it means that the feature was not available in the newer version. Developers claim they have improved to generate unique, high-quality articles that look human-written.

Even though Article Forge 1.5 was able to generate content, it looked almost like a machine wrote it. They now claim that Article Forge 2.0 content can be completely distinguished from human content.

Article Forge Review – Best Website Content Writers?

According to the sales page, Article Forge uses advanced deep understanding algorithms to automatically research and write articles in any niche the same way a human would.

It basically scrapes content from web pages and spins it, creating paragraphs, etc. Each sentence is written in its own words, producing unique content.

Article Forge can automatically add the relevant titles, videos and images for every article it creates if that option is enabled. It can also automatically add links. It is easy to use the Article Forge article generator tool. It’s web-based so there is no need to install or download anything.

Register now to start your free 5-day trial. Please note that you will need your credit card details. You will need to enter credit card information if you use PayPal.

If you cancel during the trial, there will be no charge. If they suspect your information may be fraudulent, they might ask you for a photo ID.

Don’t forget to mention it when you start your trial. Later, their system will recognize it if you attempt to create a new account.

Article Forge 2.0 has not changed the dashboard for account management. There is still a left menu, that contains New Article, My articles, WordPress, WordPress Post Scheduler, API Information and Affiliates.

What’s new in Article Forge 2.0?

  • Article Forge now supports the creation of content in English and Spanish, French, German or French.
  • To check for grammar and spelling errors in Article Forge content, you can use the Perfect Tense tool

To create a new article click on New Article. You will then be presented with options for content creation.

Article Forge Review

You will need to enter the keyword in order to create an article. You can also enter sub-keywords if you prefer.

The article length can either be set at 50, 200 or 500 words. You can’t limit the length of your article to more than 775 words. This is a fact that hasn’t changed.

You can also add headings and titles, set image and video probabilities, and replace keywords with hyperlinks.

YouTube embed videos will be chosen and images will be hard linked with content at You will need to create a replacement group if you want to replace keywords with hyperlinks.

The tool will randomly link any keyword to anyone in the list if multiple links are provided (one per line). You can link multiple keywords to the link/link list by simply listing keywords in one replacement group.

Article Forge Review

You can use WordAi to do additional rewriting by entering your API key and email address. Check out my for more information on WordAi.

Article Forge does not offer integration with WordAi as it is a tool by the same developers. Spin Rewriter is not available (check Spin Rewriter review)

Once everything is set, click Create a New Article button. Article Forge will now begin to gather content and mix it up to create unique, human-readable content.

This can vary depending on the length of your article. It can take up to five minutes, or more. It is my belief that the longer it takes, the better. This should indicate that the tool is actually working hard to produce quality content, and not just throwing some crap out in a few seconds.

Is Article Forge Scrape and Spin?

What is the secret to this? Article Forge is just scraping and spinning articles. Developers Article Forge doesn’t do any scraping or spinning.

Article Forge 2.0 was launched using a deep-learning model, which is capable of writing unique, high-quality articles that look human-written. There were flaws, however. Article Forge 2.0 can sometimes be out of topic or irrelevant.

With ArticleForge 2.5, they also added a second deep-learning model which is designed to quickly learn new information. This second model is capable of handling obscure topics, new events, longtail keywords, individual product, and many other things.

These two models can now be used together in Article Forge 2.5 to ensure that your articles are unique, up-to-date, and of high quality. Every article is written exactly as a human would. This is the claim of this tool. Let’s test it.

Test Article Forge

EXAMPLE 1 – What kind of review is this? If I didn’t use this website content creator tool. For the first example, I used Winix 5300-2 Airpurifier as a keyword. I then added two sub-keywords.

Because I don’t speak English, I can only test the results for English. To see how it looks, I enabled Titles and Headings options. Also, I set the video and image probability at 60%.

The article was approximately 500 words. My article was ready in 2 minutes.

Article Forge Review

The generated content has around 400 words, not the 500 I had in mind. The image was uploaded, but there is no video. I will increase the probability next time.

This content, while not perfect, is much better than the 2017 version. Although it still needs to be corrected, it can be used. Let me let you decide what to do with the article.

Grammarly Premium is my proofreading and plagiarism tool. I tested this article using Grammarly Premium. Grammarly was very easy to use. An integrated Perfect Tense tool will notify you if there are any errors in the content.

Grammarly only showed 2% for plagiarism. This is very impressive. This content can be used on your site with a few minor corrections. Spintax will be sent to you, which allows you to export or post it directly on your WordPress site.

Article Forge Review

Article Forge allows you to post to your own WordPress blogs, if needed. You can add as many as needed.

Simply add your website URL and login information to publish the articles you have created to your websites. The Post Scheduler allows you to schedule posts for publication.

You have the option to manually post after reviewing, generating, and editing an article. Or, you can choose to have it automatically post every day based on a set of seed keywords.

Export options are plain text and HTML formatted. All of your articles can be accessed via My Contents, located on the left menu tab.

Article Forge Review

Article Forge API can be used if you want. As far as I know, there is a limit to API. This is not unusual, and it is frequently restricted to stop abuse.

It wrote for me: “With our current plan, we can create 200000 words between API and Bulk Generator each month. Our web interface allows you to create unlimited words.

The cost for these services is 25C per 1000 words. This has not changed in Article Forge 2.0.

EXAMPLE 2 – Here’s another example of Article Forge text. This time, I wanted to see what Article Forge would generate about itself. Article Forge was the main keyword. Sub-keywords included advantages, disadvantages and settings.

To see how it would look, I enabled Titles and Headings options. Also, I set video and image probabilities to 100%. The article was approximately 750 words. My article was ready in 2 minutes.

Article Forge Review

The generated content has 559 words, not 750 as I had set. Although the image was added, there was no video. Grammarly made more errors this time than the first. Grammarly only showed 3% of plagiarism.

However, the content provided is not usable. I don’t even know what the content generated is about. You will decide the quality of the content and the relevance of the content to the topic (keyword entered).

Quality of Article forge generated Content

Article Forge 2.0 was thoroughly tested by me and I can confirm that it is superior to the 2017 version, but doesn’t always provide high-quality content.

Sometimes, generated articles don’t relate to your keyword and can make no sense. Many articles are good in the beginning, but they end up on a completely different topic or mix of topics.

Sometimes, incorrect information is given. You can see this in product reviews with different specifications.

All depends on your sub-keywords. When I used the right sub-keywords, I was able to obtain quality content in 70% of cases (you can watch a video tutorial on this topic when you log into your Article Forge account).

In most cases, you will still need to make some adjustments and corrections. Article Forge 2.0 is far superior to the previous version. Take the 5-day free trial to see if Article Forge 2.0 is something that you’d use.

You can find examples of Article forge content back in 2017 at these links EXAMPLE, , EXAMPLE HTML2 , .

Article Forge Price

Article Forge currently costs $324 for an annual plan, or $77 per month if you choose to pay monthly. These are the new prices.

The price of Article Forge was $297 for an annual plan and $47 monthly if you choose to pay monthly. It seems that, despite the fact that there was new pricing on the official site, when I created a new account to test it out, I was still shown with old pricing plans.

ArticleForge offers a free five-day trial. However, you will need to provide your credit card information before you can use it. If you do not cancel, you will be charged after the trial ends.

The money-back guarantee is also available within 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied with the website content writer tool, you can request a refund right away.

Article Forge Review

Please note that the money-back guarantee is only for articles created using Article Forge.

Article Forge Group Buy

The original price of Article Forge is too expensive for people who don’t have a lot of money, so Share Tool has opened a group buy this tool to help buyers experience the tool at a better price.

Article Forge Review

We offer the following prices for different plans:

  • Monthly: $8
  • 6 months: $30
  • Annual:  $37

Check Article Forge Now

Article Forge PROS & CONS

These are the pros and cons to Article Forge.

Article Forge Benefits:

  • Videos, images, external links, etc. These can be added to the articles.
  • You can create unlimited articles
  • Integrable with WordAi
  • You can try it out for free
  • You can publish articles on your WordPress site by scheduling them.
  • It is simple to use

Article Forge Advantages:

  • Maximum length is 750 words
  • Sometimes unrelated content is generated for the topic
  • Worthy Website Content Writer?

Content generating tools and spin programs are highly in demand in the age of automation. Users are looking for improved and better versions.

Article Forge is a collection of snippets taken from many articles and combined them into one post. The articles are not cohesive in their intro, body and summary.

Article Forge often creates content that isn’t related keyword put or jumps between topics. This is normal as content is generated using various articles from The Web.

It seems that their algorithm requires more improvements and changes. Article Forge doesn’t seem to have the same human understanding and touch that they advertise.

Article Forge 2.0 generates more content that can be used on websites. Article Forge 2.0 generates better content that can be used on websites. However, anyone who claims Article Forge 2.0 articles don’t need any changes or corrections is either blind or lying.

It allows you to add images and videos, as well as titles. It all depends on the topic whether Article Forge will add appropriate images or videos.

I highly recommend giving it a shot using the 5-day trial . If you have tried Article Forge, or if you know of a better website content creator tool, please let me know below.

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