Business Blogging: Best Method to Pull Customers To Website During Pandemic Season

Business Blogging: Best Method to Pull Customers To Website During Pandemic Season

Due to advances in IT, commercial and business blogs are replacing personal ones as the preferred method for content distribution. Businesses are increasingly investing in their own business blogs to attract clients, so it’s no longer just individuals who create blogs.

Specifically, the rising need for online work and exposure to the internet is undeniably the appropriate route to invest in a business blog in the current setting that we are increasingly adapting to and living with the epidemic.

In this article, I’ll show you the ropes, from doing your research to coming up with a plan for expanding your business blog’s readership.

And now I’ll show you a complete keyword research tool to use when we launch your company blog.

Business Blog: About Ahrefs

Professional SEOs will likely be familiar with Ahrefs, a popular tool for backlinks and SEO analytics. Ahrefs distinguishes out due to its superior index update speed, vast index, and the largest live link platform. In addition, Ahrefs is equipped to monitor and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Business Blog - About Ahrefs
Business Blog – About Ahrefs

Among the current set of features offered by Ahrefs, users can take advantage of the platform’s Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit-Alerts.

There is currently no way to get an Ahrefs account without paying a monthly or annual cost. Due to the expensive nature of the tool, those on tight budgets may want to look into joining an Ahrefs buying club.

I’ve already given you a quick rundown of Ahrefs; now let’s get into the specifics of creating a high-quality Business Blog that will bring in new visitors and customers.

Types of Blogs that are popular today

When we hear the word “blog,” we immediately picture freewheeling, topic-hopping web pages. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you’re making a Business blog.

Does it mean you need to figure out who it is you’re trying to reach? To what extent do they like their hobbies? … then pick a subject that interests you and a writing style that fits. Having a clear strategy and deciding where to launch the blog are essential to its success. Here I will discuss three of the most widely read categories of blogs nowadays.

Types of Blogs that are popular today
Types of Blogs that are popular today
  • News blog: It is one of the most prevalent types of blogs online. The constant influx of new stories generates a deluge of data, driving up interest in keeping up with the news and the number of people who read it. News sites like The Verge and DailyMail are examples of weblogs.
  • Story blog: It is a form of blogging in which the author posts personal narratives about their experiences. Articles may be about mundane topics, personal experiences, or opinions on a hot topic.
  • Resource blog: These resource blogs have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Reviews, comparisons, and explanations of products and phenomena are popular because they provide readers with new insights into familiar areas of interest.

How does a new post get accessed?

Due to the rapid evolution of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, anyone can now promote their own brand or business with just a single profile on one of these sites.

If you want to boost the number of people who read your articles, sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook, where access promotes visits, is a great way to do it because you can narrow in on your audience based on demographics like age, gender, occupation, interests, etc.

How does a new post get accessed?
How does a new post get accessed?

The use of paid adverts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others is another option if the articles include useful information.

In addition to social media platforms, many companies are also using email marketing to keep in touch with their clientele. Maintaining a steady stream of readers for your blog can be aided by sending out newsletter-style emails to subscribers on a regular basis.

Spread the word across the blogging world. That’s why we’re going to work hard to produce top-notch articles and then distribute them across other high-traffic sites for maximum exposure and exposure to a whole new audience.

If you want more people to visit your website, you need to consistently add new, high-quality material. However, if you don’t update frequently, your readership will decline again.

Business Blog Checklist

  • Traffic potential: this is considered an important indicator, somewhat assessing the quality of your website. So when building a business blog, marketers are always looking for ways to increase this index.
  • Business potential: the article must be relevant to your readers that will help convert them into your customers and thereby promote sales and products.
  • Ranking potential: search for attractive keywords, specific content, visitors when searching will easily see your article.

How to estimate access potential

To estimate how many people will be interested in your subject matter. In order to achieve first-place status in a particular subject area, you must first analyze the pages related to that subject.

Search on Google about the topic you want to write about

You are going to evaluate the performance of the material on your website based on how well it functions on the platform on which it was created using Google’s ranking algorithm. If you want to find knowledge on a topic quickly and easily, the best way to accomplish it is to do it yourself and search it up on Google. As a consequence of this, you will be able to acquire knowledge regarding the trends that are the most widely followed by your target audience. Is there any way to anticipate which postings are going to receive the greatest engagement? If you want to present a complete picture of the topic on your blog, you need to ask questions on a consistent basis and investigate the solutions to those questions.

Business Blog

Business potential

To see if your direction is generating conversions and is delivering the expected value? To know you need to consider the business potential through the following factors:

  • Be relevant to the market sector your product/service deals with
  • Your buyer persona is searching the internet
  • Can help you at least increase “brand awareness” in the target market

Rating potential

As long as you tailor your content to what people are actually looking for and have a reliable backlink source, ranking highly in Google for your company blog page shouldn’t be too difficult. This is an important criterion that Google uses to determine where to place an article in search results.

Mofu & Bofu content research guide

In this post, I’ll explain a strategy for creating content that caters to the buyer’s journey.

The two stages of the customer journey between the top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel are called the Mofu and the Bofu, respectively.

Mofu – the middle of the sales funnel
Mofu – the middle of the sales funnel

When a customer reaches the Mofu stage, which represents the middle of the sales funnel, they should already have a favorable opinion of your organization based on what they have read up to this point because this stage represents the center of the funnel. At this point, investment in customer loyalty and, ideally, new conversions is an expensive proposition. Customers are often more picky than they have ever been at this juncture, giving significant thought as to whether or not they will continue doing business with your organization. And now would be a good time to briefly describe your company.

This is your chance to show potential clients why they should pick you over the competition. You can win over clients and keep them as consumers if you demonstrate competence and persuasion in this area.

Here are some methods to put it into practice during this time:

  • Case study: Explain the benefits and practical applications of your product or service to entice more buyers.
  • Webinar/ Workshop/Event: This is the best way to help you both provide information to potential customers, be a touch point with customers and a place for you to present your business solutions to potential customers power

You may breathe a sigh of relief once you’ve brought your consumers to the Bofu stage, when a convincing call to action is all it takes to get them to make a purchase from you.

Bofu - The end of the sales funnel
Bofu – The end of the sales funnel

Here are a few ways you can implement it during this phase:

  • Demo: Tutorial, product preview
  • Trial version: Help potential customers to experience the product and feel the effectiveness to make it easier to choose
  • Customer stories have used successfully
  • Technical document sheet: Helps potential customers to trust the business more and be ready to choose a business when they fully understand the product and the business


To build a successful Business blog site for business requires you to invest a lot of enthusiasm, time and strategic calculations to be able to bring your Business blog site soon to reach customers. It’s been a long way and I hope the above article has helped you to overcome the difficulties in creating a Business blog for your brand.

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