Thumbnail Blaster Review – The Ultimate Thumbnail Creation Solution

Thumbnail Blaster - The Ultimate Thumbnail Creation Solution

Have you ever find yourself spending more time than necessary thinking about the right thumbnail design for the video that you are about to upload?

This software is quick and easy to use, regardless of whether it’s for Facebook or Instagram or Youtube.

Keep reading the Thumbnail Blaster review to learn more about this application.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster is a cloud-based program that allows you to easily design thumbnails and cover photos for different platforms. It promises that it is possible to find the right option for you in just three clicks , so there’s one less thing before you hit upload.

It is easy to create beautiful thumbnails with this artificial intelligence software. You don’t have to learn new skills or spend too much time trying different designs. Tools like Photoshop can be forgotten once and for all.

It might seem easy to design a design. You’ll have to either pay for the elements outside your design platform or risk being tagged with copyright infringement. This is not something anyone wants.

thumbnail blaster home page

Who should use Thumbnail Blaster ?

Through the Thumbnail Blaster , will help you not only to understand the features but also how it can be useful for professionals. To make use of the features, you don’t have to be a video marketer.

Let’s take a look at the people this software is used for:

  • YouTube marketers who wish to increase traffic to their content seem to find the program useful.
  • This software can be used by local agencies and businesses.

How does Thumbnail Blaster work ?

It’s possible you are wondering what makes this product different than other products on the market. You won’t have many options.

However, the software’s AI is able to run your entire operation automatically.

What does this mean? You can choose to have the artificial Intelligence tool perform each click.

Let’s have a closer look at my meaning.

Step 1: Choose your template

You have over 30 options for pre-designed images. There are many niche options available so that you don’t have worry about choosing something that’s not in line with your content. There are many options, including real estate, makeup and vlogs. You can also choose to review, weight loss, or have pets.

You can also opt for the AI to do this, as I have mentioned.

Step 2: Customize your template

Once you have chosen the design that suits your brand and content, you can make changes to it. You don’t even need any technical skills or to download anything on your computer. It’s very simple.

It’s easy to access everything from the server or drag and drop builder, so it takes only a few minutes for all of it to be done.

You can also make specific changes such as resizing elements or changing the text. If necessary, you can add new elements.

Step 3: Publish and Relax!

Next, click on the PUBLISH button. This will send the software into an exuberant mode and call out all potential viewers – joke aside, after you click publish, the AI updates your video automatically with the new thumbnail.

Or, you can download the JPG image and upload it to your computer. Your thumbnail will be successful in capturing the attention of your audience.

Pros and Cons of Thumbnail Blaster

You should consider both sides when you are considering participating in a product. Thumbnail Blaster has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a look.

The pros

  • It makes use of AI technology to automate all design tasks, including publishing. It’s very accurate and leaves you with a beautiful thumbnail.
  • No questions asked, you are protected by a money back guarantee. You can be sure that you will be covered if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • It is very user-friendly and flexible.
  • These templates can be used on many video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, YouTube and others.
  • There are many options available for niches.
  • The graphics library is large and constantly updated.
  • It is affordable for the value it offers and you don’t need to pay a monthly charge.
  • It is available online, so you don’t have to install it on every device.
  • You can use it to test the efficiency of your cover photo.
  • Copyright infringement is not something you need to worry about.

The cons

  • Your only limit is to create thumbnails.
  • The template library is somewhat limited. You can buy an OTO for a monthly recurring charge that includes a set number new templates every month.
  • You will need an internet connection to access it as it is an online platform.
  • AI doesn’t teach how to make effective designs, so it might be too dependent on you.

Features of Thumbnail Blaster

Drag and drop interfaces, seamless UIs, multiple design elements, all these are not new. These are the best Thumbnail Blaster have going for them.

You need to be aware what you are getting into. Let’s look at some of its key features and see how we can make use of them.

Split-Test Module

The Pro version allows you to test which thumbnails convert well.

Click through rate is the most important factor in getting more views.

Split testing your thumbnails is a cool feature in Thumbnail Blaster. This allows you to see which thumbnails receive more clicks and which ones are more popular.

You can play your cards right now to get triggered into the algorithm for free YouTube traffic!

You simply need to create two thumbnails. The app will then swap them, tracking traffic. You will see which one converts better.

AI (Artificial intelligence) Image Analysis

Do you know what a smartphone is? There is also a smart computer, that can analyse your images in extraordinary detail.

This Thumbnail Blaster Pro feature connects to your smart computer.

AI analyze images

You can see that we performed an analysis on one of the featured images on our blog. It received a score 80 out of 100.

It acts as a second pair of eyes for your videos and thumbnails, making smart recommendations in real-time.

TB software is different from other tools. It gives you access and control over everything. I mean everything. You only need to fill out some basic information.

The AI will select your template, make any necessary adjustments, and publish your content.

This is a great feature for anyone who struggles with time management or doesn’t trust themselves to make good design decisions.

Drag and Drop Technology

Drag and drop technology

The Thumbnail Blaster Pro appears to have a user-friendly interface. You can drag and drop elements to create your thumbnail with an ergonomic design.

This feature is also available in every other editing software. This is not a new feature.

Extended License

You can extend your account to offer services to other users if you are using the Thumbnail Blaster PRO version. This feature is not available with the Thumbnail Blaster Standard version.

Now that you have taken a look at the features, you will see that only a few of them are unique. How much good is this software if all other software has the same attributes?

This Thumbnail Blaster Review is intended to give you an impartial description of the Thumbnail Blaster. It aims to be as complete as possible.

Vimeo Integration

Thumbnail Blaster has become a very popular tool to create thumbnails for Youtube. However, it works amazing well with Vimeo.

You can actually hook it up to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

You can download the thumbnails as standalone files and edit them as you wish.

Graphics library with many options

The template directory contains more than 1000 design elements for you to choose from if you are not satisfied with the premade designs.

It’s constantly updated with new options so that you don’t need to outsource specific graphics. This thumbnail creator software also has everything.

Image filters

Another feature of Thumbnail Blaster Pro is Image Filters. You can change the appearance of an image with options like color correctness, hues and brightness.

You can also blurred or pixelated your image according to your preference.

Doesn’t this feature remind you of every other image editing software? Me too. Image filters are the plainest features that are even available in smartphone apps. In simple terms, this feature isn’t that appealing.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy Thumbnail Blaster price at Share Tool

Price from the official website

The best thing about TB is that it’s a one-time purchase. You don’t really need to pay monthly fees unless you purchase one of their OTOs. It costs a flat fee of $36.86 for lifetime access.

But that’s not all, let’s take a look at its other offers and upgrades.

price from the official website

OTO 1: Thumbnail Blaster PRO

This upgrade costs an additional $47 one-time fee. It gives you access to support for multiple accounts and extended licensing. Plus, you’ll also be able to save your own templates and perform an image analysis.

OTO 2: Agency Upgrade

For an additional fee of $67 one-time, you’ll gain access to agency rights, an agency website, and even an outsource cheatsheet. It’s a great idea if you’re a content agency and works with several people on your team.

OTO 3: Template Club 

This is the only offer that incurs a recurring monthly fee. It costs an additional $27 a month and provides you with 20 new templates each month. If you’re not happy with the current choices you have, then this might be something to give you more options.

You will get :

  • Great unlimited thumbnails
  • 30 thumbnail templates
  • A.I Engine to customize the templates
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Total editing & Customization Freedom
  • Split-Testing module
  • 1000+ Graphics objects library
  • Works with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any video platform out there!
  • Free updates and support

Price of group buy Thumbnail Blaster at Share Tool

Price of group buy Thumbnail Blaster at Share Tool

  • Monthly : $5
  • Annual : $25

You will get : FE + OTO1,2 Thumbnail Blaster shared account

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • Most people don’t want expensive tools in their daily life. A group buying toolkit has been created  to help groups buy at better price.
  • We pay the developer and then we get the account. Then we share it through our system so that others can also use it.
  • Our price are better but still bring you optimal utility.

Conclusion of Thumbnail Blaster Review

Thumbnails are the #1 factor that influences the view rate of videos.

If you don’t bother making one, websites like Youtube will choose a snapshot from a point in your video.

Those content creators who like doing daily vlogs already know what this means—hundreds of thumbnails of your face. That’s the easiest solution but ultimately you lose out on thumbnail traffic.

Just improving the thumbnail can triple the traffic the video gets. The thumbnail alone won’t be enough but it goes a long way towards drawing in the audience, old and new.

Making a brand new thumbnail that’s clean and fresh would take a lot of designing skills. You could either learn graphic design or hire a graphic designer.

In an ideal world, you’d have a whole team helping you churn out great videos. In the real world, more often than not, you’re on your own.

That’s why there’s Thumbnail Blaster, to help you grow your viewership with absolute ease.

Like with anything, We would highly recommend trying out the app, because you’ll get a first hand feel for what it’s like personally.

You spare time and nerves, focusing on making good content instead of fiddling with graphic design tools. We can tell you from personal experience, it’s much easier than doing all the hard work, and wasting hours trying to do all the tedious heavy lifting yourself.

In our opinion, Thumbnail Blaster is an excellent tool that shows a lot of potential. If you plan on becoming a professional video maker for Youtube and other social media, this is definitely a must-have.

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What is Canva ?

This software is pretty much the new kid on the blog. It was launched in 2012 and has since been making rounds around the content community for its user interface and dynamic design applications.

The main difference between Thumbnail Blaster and Canva is that Canva lets you create a variety of graphic design work – not just video thumbnails. You can even create a custom canvas with your own size requirements. Furthermore, the platform gives you the ability to create more than just PNG or JPG images.

You can create a variety of PDFs, GIFs, and even MP4s on the software.


Price from the official website

  • Pro : $119.99/ year for up-to 5 people

Price of group buy Canva Pro

  • Monthly : $5
  • Annual : $9
  • One time : $20

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Motion Array is an all-in-one professional filmmakers platform that includes unlimited asset downloads, exclusive Premiere Pro plugins, real-time video collaboration and approvals, and a video website builder.


Price from the official website

  • Monthly : $29.99 / month
  • Annual : $20.83 / month
  • Team : $18.75 / month

Price of group buy Motion Array

  • Weekly : $4
  • Monthly : $8
  • 3 months : $20
  • Annual : $45

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