Viral Launch Review – The Best Amazon Integrated Platform

Viral Launch Review - The Best Amazon Integrated Platform

It gives us great pleasure to provide to you our Viral Launch Review. This post will cover all you need to know about Viral Launch, the Amazon selling platform. From product research to competitive analysis, Viral Launch has a lot of options for you.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is an FBA suite designed to assist businesses in accurately improving their online marketplace presence. This is accomplished by giving consumers with software that allows them to study their competition and observe how different features of product listings are performing in their desired market. Viral Launch includes a number of features that enable customers to use the collected statistics to develop their own businesses, such as keyword and description suggestions for item pages.

Viral Launch Review - Homepage
Viral Launch Review – Homepage

For further information, let’s dive in this Viral Launch Review – Viral Lauch Price article.

How does Viral Launch work?

With Viral Launch, you can do Amazon market research. Gather sales, income, monthly sales, historical patterns, etc. Amazon has lucrative items.

You’ll have to swap after that. Web-based Viral Launch’s main dashboard. Once you join up and log in, you’ll see that this version features all the company’s tools. Don’t misunderstand. Viral Launch’s features are limited. Plan features vary. For everything, Viral Launch’s Kinetic plan costs $166 a month. All these extra features reduce system usability. Viral Launch’s web-based version is intuitive, however beginners may need time.

Pros and Cons of Viral Launch


  • The Keyword tool delivers keyword analysis.
  • Viral Launch is a full-stack solution with many tools.
  • Viral Launch is a simple chrome extension for product research.
  • Viral Launch offers many add-on options for professionally managed campaigns.
  • Viral Launch is an easy-to-use system.
  • Viral Launch offers product-launch tools. You can use them to find good prospects and then act.
  • Viral Launch’s customer service is accessible and attentive. They’re available 24/7.
  • Viral Launch’s AI collects and analyzes data.


  • Beginners’ learning curve is steep.
  • Viral Launch includes several tools for product discovery and launch, but not for selling.
  • Viral launch might overwhelm newcomers with information.

Features of Viral Launch

In this Viral Launch Review – Viral Lauch Price, we will show you some major features of this tool, which make it stand out above all of its competitors

Keyword Research 

Amazon’s search framework is similar to Google’s. Amazon ranks search results based on keywords shoppers submit. Viral Launch Keyword Research can help. It identifies terms you might use to capture your target audience with good search rankings.

The tool uses a database of Amazon’s search data. Viral Launch scans it using an AI system, which analyzes search trends to determine keyword impacts. Viral Launch updates its keyword data multiple times a week by connecting to Amazon’s system. We confirmed that Viral Launch follows search patterns. Now, you get valuable keyword insights. I started by sampling keywords for my product listings. The application generates thousands of keyword recommendations and their search data when I click a button.

Keyword Research 
Keyword Research

Then, I tracked the relevant historical search trends to find keywords that are increasing or losing significance. Viral Launch reveals your competitors’ keywords and their variations. Also, check the Opportunity Score column of your keywords. Here, you can measure market rivalry based on the tool’s values.

Viral Launch’s AI examines search volume and amount of listings for each proposed term to provide you reliable indications. Then, you rate opportunities based on their system scores, which range from 0 to 1,000. The keyword research tool may also research PPC terms. You can use this to examine your competitors’ ad keywords and sponsored ad bid costs. Viral Launch lets you filter keyword lists by parameters. You can also copy or download the terms as a CSV file.

This keyword tool’s connection with other tools is very impressive. Viral Launch has integrated it with other suite solutions for more insights. The rank tracker integrates with the keyword research tool to track competitors’ keyword ranks.

Product Discovery

Your Amazon success depends on what you sell. Even the best marketing methods won’t work for low-demand commodities. Product discovery is the most crucial process overall. Demand alone isn’t enough to find the greatest products. Use a dynamic approach that blends demand, competition, and profit margins.

Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool does just that. There’s more. Viral Launch assesses sales, reviews, categories, brands, sellers, etc. So, judging the business potential of each item should be easy. Viral Launch’s flexibility means endless options. It lets you explore Amazon items and categories.

Product Discovery
Product Discovery

Viral Launch and Amazon integrate all this data. The technology analyzes billions of real Amazon data points to deliver accurate, real-time insights. You can evaluate sales forecasts, product trends, predicted earnings, and upfront money for each product. Supplement these numbers with Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence tool. Multiple concurrent parameters can filter results. Viral Launch lets you select product criteria. Focus on specified categories, brands, product lists, etc.

Viral Launch’s idea validation system can help you prioritize. It uses a complicated proprietary algorithm and benchmarking guidelines. All product discovery features are supplied through a simple interface. Its simple design and layout make it easy to compare product variables. The system can warn you when it detects a product with a sudden market trend. Multiple new merchants launching the same goods may cause this.

Competitor Intelligence 

When spying on rivals, use the competitor intelligence tool. Viral launch monitors competitors’ performance well. You may rely on it to alert you when search rankings fluctuate in your competitors’ favor or against them.

This function lets you spy on your competitors’ strategies. Viral Launch will display their ranking keywords, high volume keywords, underutilized keywords, top-performing keywords, and any keywords your competitors may have left out.

Competitor Intelligence 
Competitor Intelligence

Start by stealing your competitors’ best keywords. Your competitors’ missing keywords could help you find keyword opportunities. Capitalizing on such phrases can help you beat your competitors. Viral Launch’s competition intelligence tool can help you stay one step ahead of your rivals. It monitors their efforts and notifies you of any major changes.

You might set Viral Launch to alert you whenever a competitor’s rating changes. Keep track of their sales, product reviews, prices, ad placements, etc. This provides you time to respond to rivals’ smallest market irregularities.

Market Intelligence 

The market intelligence tool is the best source of market knowledge. Remember all those Amazon data points? Viral Launch’s market intelligence technology gets real-time data from them. It provides a continuous flow of market insights across the Amazon platform. I’m talking about product profit estimates, upfront investment amounts, expected sales, etc. This data includes historical trends, current events, and intricate future predictions.

Viral Launch Price & Plan

I cannot forecast which strategy is best for you because every Amazon seller’s journey is unique and has varying needs. I would recommend checking out the Viral Launch Free version when you are just getting started. They provide a 14-day Viral Launch Trial without any Credit card info.

Viral Launch Review - Viral Launch Price
Viral Launch Review – Viral Launch Price

If you don’t have much money but you want to try Viral Launch, you can visit group buy Viral Launch Pro.

Conclusion – Viral Launch Review

Through this Viral Launch Review article, you can easily acknowledge that this tool is a fantastic and useful tool for you. When you establish an Amazon seller account and sell things, Sellzone is always there to assist you. If you need to evaluate the platform’s features, start with the free Viral Launch Trial. Then, if it performs well and grows, you can evaluate the premium plan for additional optimization possibilities.

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