Top 10+ Best Adspy Tools To Boost Your Ads Performance

Top 10+ Best Adspy Tools To Boost Your Ads Performance

Do you want your ads to reach and engage the most people? Then you need Adspy tools in your toolbox. These top 10+ best Adspy tools will optimize your marketing with real-time analytics, detailed reporting, and AI-driven optimization. Stop guessing! Use automated Adspy tools to find the right creative, targeting, and ad offers to elevate your advertising approach.

What exactly are Adspy tools?

Adspy tools are software tools designed to help dropshippers & marketers monitor, analyze and optimize their advertising campaigns. They provide insights into ad performance, competitor analysis, audience targeting, and more. Adspy Tools help marketers make better decisions, optimize their campaigns, and maximize their return on investment.

What are adspy tools? 
What are adspy tools?

Adspy tools let dropshippers and e-commerce enterprises spy on social media ads. It finds popular goods to improve your business. Adspy tools may also spy on your rivals and provide you their marketing techniques to use. You’ll be ahead.

Why should you use the Adspy tools?

Imagine you performed a marketing effort to raise brand recognition. But it didn’t have the noteworthy effects you were hoping for. Then you wasted money and time that might use to develop other business plans.

What if a platform delivers all the greatest advertisements campaign data? Before starting an ad campaign, learn what works for your competition.

  • The spy tool improves market understanding
  • This tool may uncover rival behavior.
  • Ad spy lets you build marketing content.
  • Competitive research may help you find market gaps
  • Filling gaps and extending your brand’s market may bring you money.
  • You may also identify your audience competitors with the proper tools.
  • Market, trend, and competition analysis may improve strategy. It may help you create a solid future strategy.

Top 10 Best Adspy Tools

Are you curious about the best ads spy tools? Let’s look at the top ad spy tools to improve your business right now.


AdSpy can help you identify and analyze specialized competitors’ ads. Its powerful database has 80M+ advertising in 88 languages. From 13M+ advertisers in 198 countries.

Its search criteria let you target your opponents’ ads with amazing accuracy. Use this tool to spy on Facebook ads and other platform’ ads. and use powerful filters to find ad text, comments, landing page URL, ad kinds, daily likes, and more.


What are the outstanding features of Adspy?

  • Comprehensive social media data: AdSpy offers the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Innovative search functionality: provides a range of search options, including ad text, URL, page name, user reactions in ad comments, etc
  • Global coverage: The database covers 130.7 million+ ads in 88 different languages across 219 countries
  • User-friendly interface: The quick and intelligent interface
  • Monitor competition: AdSpy helps users monitor the competition’s brands and scout for the best markets globally
  • Discover new and compelling advertising campaigns and thriving new products
  • Save on testing campaigns
  • Browse ads based on importance

Big Spy

Big Spy is leading #1 among free adspy tools. BigSpy is an ad spy tool for businesses and marketers. It shows what competitors are doing in advertising. It collects ads from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Big Spy
Big Spy

You can search to see what’s working for others and use it for yourself. BigSpy has lists with good ideas for ads and the most popular Facebook advertisers. Free version only lets you search five times a day. You can pay for more searches.

What are the outstanding features of Big Spy?

  • Covers ads from 9+ social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.,
  • Has a big database of over 1 billion ads: 500K fresh ads and millions of updates are collected everyday
  • Allows powerful search with various filters
  • Provides daily trending ads and niches
  • Lets you track performance and schedule ads


PiPiADs is a Tiktok ad spy tool for spying on competitors’ ads and strategies. It offers a range of information for running TikTok ads. Such as ad impressions, target audience and suitable dates.


PiPiADs helps users determine the type of ads that meet their goals such as sales or brand awareness. Additionally, it can also be used in the dropshipping business with Shopify.

What are the outstanding features of PiPiADs?

  • Real-Time Ad Data: Get real-time info on ad performance, targeting, keywords & more
  • Ad Success: Optimize Tiktok ads to achieve best results & test new strategies
  • Shopify Aid: Use PiPiADs to boost Shopify store and find winning dropshipping products
  • All-inclusive Tool: Complete Tiktok ad tool with everything needed for successful ads
  • Top TikTok Ad Platform: Best platform for creative TikTok advertising
  • High-Traffic Products: Find niche products with high traffic for advertising
  • Ad Insight: See ad impressions, target audience, & suitable dates
  • E-Commerce & Brand Awareness: Supports running ads for both sales and brand exposure
  • Easy to Use: User-friendly interface, even for those with no TikTok ad experience
  • Dropshipping Aid: Ideal for Shopify dropshipping businesses
  • Search and Filter: Filter search results and run effective ads


PowerAdSpy is a social ad spy tool that allows users to spy on competitors’ Facebook, Instagram, Google, Reddit, and Quora ads. It offers features such as advanced ad filters, geo-targeted statistics, CTA button filters. It help users find hidden niches and optimize their advertising strategies.


What are the outstanding features of Poweradspy?

  • PowerAdSpy lets you check ads from any social platforms
  • Affordable pricing: Offers the best prices compared to other ad monitoring tools
  • Reddit and Quora Ad Monitoring: Can also track ads on Reddit and Quora
  • Customizable Ad Filters: Features customizable filters for advanced ad monitoring
  • Offers statistics based on engagement for a better understanding of ad performance
  • GEO Targeted Statistics: Can target stats based on geography
  • Discover Hidden Niches: Helps find hidden niches with fewer competitors
  • Ad Positions Filter: Can filter ads by positions, such as News Feed, Right Side, or Stories
  • Country Filter: Data stored worldwide, so ads can be filtered by country
  • CTA Button Filter: Offers options to filter ads by call-to-action button


MINEA is a comprehensive Ad Tracker. Track ads on all networks, you will never miss a product or ad. Analyze every ad on social media with advanced tools.


MINEA collects product info from Facebook and other social media sites like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. MINEA is one of the largest ad databases for finding the best products.

What are the outstanding features of MINEA?

  • Product Research: Product research is key to success in eCommerce dropshipping. MINEA helps by analyzing social media and finding winning products for your niche. It even lists the top 10 products of the day for convenience
  • Get Notified of New Products: MINEA alerts you when new products are advertised. Check them out in the promotion folder for analysis and potential addition to your catalogue
  • Analyze Competitor Ads: Knowing your competition is essential. MINEA lets you spy on competitor ads to learn from their successes and apply that knowledge to your own ads. You can see interaction metrics like likes and shares, and views
  • Find Influencers: Influencer marketing is a popular strategy. You can search for the right influencer based on criteria like niche, region, age, and gender
  • Find the Best Niche: MINEA analyzing ads across social networks. Choose a niche with good demand and not too much competition


Anstrex is a spy kit for online advertisers to track competitor’s ad campaigns. It provides data on 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers in 92 countries.


Anstrex offers powerful analytics tools and a product. Anstrex is designed for e-commerce and dropship store owners. It help them simplify product import and inventory management.

Anstrex offers a suite of spy tools with diverse ad format coverage:

  • Anstrex Native: covers 10 million ads from 27 networks and 80 countries, from 150k advertisers
  • Anstrex Push: covers 3 million push notification ads from 38 networks and 92 countries, from 32k advertisers
  • Anstrex Pops: covers 1.2 million pop-under ads from 32 networks and 92 countries, monitored by 850 carriers
  • Anstrex Dropshipping: tool to research popular products and how competitors promote them

What are the outstanding features of Anstrex?

  • Wide Range of Ad Formats Anstrex covers various ad formats. Such as native, push, pops and dropshipping. With extensive data from over 50k advertisers across 92 countries
  • Multiple Filters: Filter ads based on advertising networks, affiliate networks, tracking tools
  • Boolean Search: Further deepen your search using keywords
  • Landing Page Ripper and Editor Rip: edit any landing page to match your ad. Then deploy it directly to your server
  • In-depth Campaign Analytics: Get insights into ad performance trends, CPC bids, and advertiser’s rank
  • Ad Spy Tools Free: Anstrex offers a suite of spy tools for free


Dropispy is an affordable ad spy tool, essential to your business. Offers all information and features needed to succeed quickly in any sector.


Dropispy has the world’s largest database of classified ads for social media. Dropispy offers daily access to thousands of social network ads through advanced tech. You can discover top dropshipping shops and learn from the best.

What are the outstanding features of Dropispy?

  • Largest Database: Tens of millions of ads, providing over 1000 new ads daily
  • Efficient Search: Sort ads by keyword, ad type, country, creative type, platform, likes, shares, dates, etc.
  • Successful Ads: Real-time data and social proof show trending ads
  • Discover Winning Products: Find new ideas, products, niches, and markets globally
  • Responsive Interface: fast servers and an easy-to-use interface for efficient navigation
  • Frequent Updates: New features are regularly added, keeping the platform innovative and up-to-date


SpyFu is true to its name. It lets you spy on other businesses – all legally, just part of capitalism. Your competition may be using SpyFu to spy on you too.


Why not return the favor? By learning from Spyfu what others in your industry do. improve their search visibility, you can mimic those tactics, boosting your brand exposure.

What are the outstanding features of Spyfu?

  • Unlimited backlink results
  • Data exports
  • In-depth SEO reports
  • Backlink exports and searches
  • AdWords Advisor reports
  • Domain searches
  • Paid keywords
  • Keyword searches, add custom keywords
  • Organic ranking history
  • Custom branded reports
  • Organic keyword analysis
  • AdWords history (9+ years)
  • API access
  • Filter sales leads
  • Export advanced contact information

Connect Explore

Connect Explore, a cloud-based software, saves you time in finding Facebook users to advertise to. It targets your audience with two options:

  • Audience Search: Fast search engine for keywords. With added extensions like associations, academy, university, and more. Create your own extensions too.
  • Page Search: Searches through Facebook pages to find related pages for targeting.
Connect Explore
Connect Explore

What are the outstanding features of Connect Explore?

  • Find Hidden Audiences: Connect Explore helps you find audiences speaking up to 43 languages, including English, French, Chinese, and German, offering a massive market potential
  • Profitability Information: Know which audience is more likely to take your offer and make an informed decision. Increase profits and save money by avoiding ads to uninterested audiences
  • Relevant Ads: Target each ad to the right person at the right time for higher engagement rates
  • Advanced Targeting: Connect with audiences most likely to engage with your content and increase profits
  • Interest Analysis: Get a clear picture of your Facebook Ads statistics based on interests
  • Effective Search Tool: Find suitable audiences with the help of keyword searches, related interests, and suggestions
  • Recommendations: Receive additional related lists as you build your interest list
  • Refined Results: Get the best results from your search with the help of high-powered filters
  • Multiple Languages: Connect Explore supports 43 languages, a massive market potential waiting to be tapped into

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is a tool that helps you master your competitor’s advertising strategy. It help to increase your brand image and value on social media channels like Facebook. Social Ad Scout searches all social media channels for trending ads. Then provides you with thousands of examples.

Social Ad Scout
Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout also records similar ads from different platforms. It gives information on adjustments made for desktop and mobile ads, allowing you to view and copy ideas.

What are the outstanding features of Social Ad Scout?

  • Monitors competitor’s advertising strategy on social media
  • Provides trending social media ads
  • Searches multiple social media channels
  • Identifies and records ads from different platforms
  • Gives information on ad adjustments for desktop and mobile devices
  • Helps to increase brand image and value.
  • Desktop & Mobile Ad coverage
  • Real-time, instant updates
  • Targeting overviews of age, country, gender, device, and ad type


In conclusion, Adspy tools are vital for marketers seeking to maximize their campaigns. Adspy tools help you make better choices and improve ROI. With the right Adspy Tools, you can take your ads performance to the next level.


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