How Powerful Amazon Manufacturer Part Numbers Can Help You Optimize Your Listings

How Powerful Amazon Manufacturer Part Numbers Can Help You Optimize Your Listings

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters on Amazon product listings actually mean? In this article, we will delve into the world of Amazon Manufacturer Part Numbers and explain why they are important for both sellers and buyers.


  • Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) on Amazon: Serve as unique identifiers for items, enhancing product visibility and aiding in product verification.
  • Incorporating MPNs in listings improves conversions, reduces returns, and fosters customer loyalty.

What is manufacturer part number in Amazon?

Amazon utilizes manufacturer part numbers (or MPN) as a unique identifier to locate individual items. We also have unique IDs like gtin, upc, and ean. For Amazon, this is an optional field in the inventory listing section that does not apply to all sorts of items.

For example, a t-shirt will be identified by an SKU rather than an MPN. A book will have an ISBN but no MPN. An MPU, on the other hand, will be found in an automobile component. As a result, the manufacturer part number is only significant in certain applications such as automotive and consumer electronics. If you have the GTIN, you may not require an MPN.

Amazon Manufacturer Part Number

Customers, on the other hand, utilize manufacturer part numbers to ensure that the product they are purchasing is the same as the one they are looking for. These manufacturer component numbers are utilized for both internal and external searches.

They help increase product visibility and discoverability. They assist to set their goods apart from comparable things and counterfeits. Sellers will benefit from improved stock level management as well.

The advantages of adding an Amazon Manufacturer Part Number to your listing?

Shopping has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the internet. You may now connect with customers and suppliers all around the globe. If you need a particular component, you may get it directly from the manufacturer. While this may seem appealing, certain manufacturers are typically reticent to sell components directly to consumers:

When the incorrect component is ordered, there is a significant risk of parts being returned. Difficulty identifying the precise or suitable component that the customer need, resulting in a bad user experience.

Buyers are wary about ordering the incorrect component, which reduces potential conversion to sellers. As an Amazon seller, you may take advantage of this to enhance your sales.


If you’re a seller who can give a Manufacturer Part Number and put it in your listing, you’ll have an advantage and a unique and valuable chance. If they search for a certain MPN and locate it, they are likely to purchase the component right away. A greater likelihood of conversion is at risk. In addition, these purchasers are less likely to return undesired purchases and more likely to return in the future.

SEO and discoverability

Buyers utilize search engines to find a certain component. Having an MPN may greatly improve your discoverability in the digital realm. This field is indexed by Google and Amazon’s A9 search engines.

SEO and discoverability
SEO and discoverability

If you have it, there is a good probability that both search engines will pick it up and present it in their results. This enhances your chances of being noticed by many more consumers, ultimately resulting in more purchases.

Fewer returns.

If you are a seller, you should strive for a reduced return rate, or maybe no return at all, in order to improve your ranking and ratings. When you sell the correct and precise item or product to a customer, there is no danger of it being returned. You’ll be astonished at how much time and work you can save by reducing your returns.

Fewer returns.
Fewer returns.

Product Reviews

You will most likely get positive feedback from your customer if you satisfy their expectations, such as offering the precise component they need, its functioning, and so on. As vendors, we must stay on top of the game and suit our consumers’ extremely particular needs. Buyers will undoubtedly be happy when they discover a provider who can deliver. Then they are more inclined to write good product reviews.

Product Reviews
Product Reviews

Build a loyal customer base

If you can achieve the aforementioned benefits, you are more likely to get return clients. They will not seek for someone else online since they already know where to go and buy the products they need. You can earn their trust, and they will keep coming back to you. This is one advantage of include an MPN on your listing.

Build a loyal customer base
Build a loyal customer base

How to find an Amazon Manufacturer Part Number?

How to find manufacturer part number for amazon? Easy. If you’re familiar with online shopping, you’ve undoubtedly encountered MPN when buying things, perusing a manufacturer’s list, or comparing products across many platforms. You may also get the MPN in the following ways:

How to get manufacturer part number for amazon On the product

The product’s Amazon part numbers is listed on both sides or at the bottom of the package. Most of the time, it appears next to the brand name.

Communicate with the product maker.

Amazon Manufacturer Part Number is related with the product’s manufacturer. If you can’t locate the number, contact the manufacturer and receive the information you need.

How to add the manufacturer part number on Amazon?

If your product has an manufacturer part number, it is highly worth include in your listing to gain additional advantages.

First, be sure you’re listing the proper manufacturer part number, since any mistake might risk the MPN’s advantages. Also, bear in mind that the manufacturer part number changes per product version. The sole exception is for garment goods with many sizes and the same manufacturer part number.

Do not simply include the manufacturer part number in the Amazon manufacturer part number area; additionally include it in the title, bullet points, and description.

If the replacement or aftermarket component you’re selling is compatible with several goods, be sure to include all of the compatible items in the listing so that it receives traffic from all relevant consumer search phrases. When submitting a product on Amazon, be sure you always include the unique product IDs.

Final thoughts

Optimizing your product for your target audience is critical for staying relevant and increasing sales. While selling on Amazon, you must discover the essential areas that need your time and attention. Furthermore, you must enhance the goods and resources in order to increase purchaseability. Using the manufacturer part number removes guessing. As a result, it increases the accuracy of product information, such as giving appropriate specs.

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