Top 5 Best AI Copywriting Tools

AI Copywriting Tools

Are you looking for the best AI copywriting tools? If you visit this blog with the aim of discovering the best AI copywriting tools? You have done the right thing.

At the moment, many people are in search of the best AI copywriting tools, which can create compelling copy and encourage your audience to take action. Copywriting is an important part of promoting a product and increasing brand awareness. Sometimes copywriting yourself seems difficult, but even hiring a professional copywriters to do it for you seems difficult too, especially when you are just a beginner.

In this article, Top 5+ Best AI copywriting tools, Share Tool will mention 5 AI-powered copywriting tools that use artificial intelligence and GPT-3 model to create ad copy. Effective reports, blog outlines, product descriptions, and sales pitches.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and skills-set of writing a copy in order to promote your product/ service and encourages consumers to buy your product. Copywriters create appealing copy for sales letters, blog posts, and introductions, as well as billboards, magazine ads, and other media.

How to use AI Copywriting Tools?

A copywriting tool is an application that uses artificial intelligence and other modern technologies to create the best possible copy for your business.

Firstly, you only need to enter a few key words or phrases in order for the software to acknowledge ​​what you’re trying to create,. Once the tool understands the context, it automatically creates multiple copies of the content within seconds.

The software can create compelling, persuasive, and high-quality marketing copy or content. A clone is made that not only sounds new and original, but also looks like a real person.

The benefits of using AI Copywriting Tools?

Applying AI-powered copywriting tools can bring many benefits to your business.

  • Marketing is about finding new ways to illustrate the same ideas over and over. Sometimes, as a marketer, writer, copywriter, and blogger, your brain may get stuck and run out of ideas( Writer’s Block syndrome). A copywriting tool is very useful in these cases. It helps you come up with ideas even when your brain is not working.
  • These technologies can also save you a significant amount of money. Most of the time you pay writers highly to create marketing materials for your company. A copywriting tool can also do the same job for you, but for a much lower price.
  • These tools can also be used for text editing. It can be used by marketers to write sales copy, bloggers to create blog posts, and social media marketers to create posts for their social media channels.
  • These copywriting tools use artificial intelligence and other modern technology to generate large amounts of content in a very short time. Their platforms is well-known for this feature. While it will take a few hours to get a job done if you hire a professional copywriter with substantial amount of money. Therefore, it is not hard to believe that it saves you time and money.

The Platforms that AI Copywriting Tools can support

These automated copywriting tools allow you to create content for multiple purposes. With a single purchase, these tools can do many tasks for you.

  • YouTube: If you have a YouTube channel, you can come up with unique and interesting ideas. You can also write memorable titles and descriptions to grab the attention of your viewers and subscribers.
  • E-commerce business: This is a great tool for e-commerce businesses as it allows you to create compelling product titles and descriptions that will attract customers and increase interactions.
  • Blog: The hardest thing for bloggers is to come up with new ideas every day. These tools can be used as a brainstorming partner to help you identify article topics, appealing intros, blog content, and other useful information.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms can help you connect with your audience and promote your brand. They can help you create engaging captions and posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Website Copywriting Builder: It can help you create attractive descriptions for your website’s landing page, sales page, and meta description.
  • Email These copywriting apps allow you to create marketing emails with higher subject lines and click-through rates.

Top 5+ best AI copywriting tools


Do you have writer’s block? Do not worry. Jasper is always ready to assist you. Jasper is an AI copywriting assistant that can create high conversion rated copy for websites, blogs, posts, emails, and lists. This will increase your conversion rate.

Jasper’s artificial intelligence is trained by professional copywriters as well as conversion experts. It can create engaging content that can convert after being trained by experts.

Jasper is the name of Jarvis’s artificial intelligence team (Conversion AI). Jasper helps over 10,000 people, including entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers, write high-converting copy to promote their businesses. Jasper


What makes Jasper one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • Jarvis supports more than 26 languages. Jarvis can convert multilingual articles into more than 26 languages.
  • AIDA is the oldest framework used in this software. It stands for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action. Marketers have been using this model since the late 19th century to persuade customers to purchase their products.
  • It also uses the PAS framework, which stands for Problem – Agitate – Solution. This formula is used to craft compelling messages that target an audience’s problem, then provoke it until it hurts, and then offer a solution. To choose the right message, it’s important to understand the needs of your audience.

Jasper Pricing

Định giá Jasper

It offers a free three-day trial that allows you to generate up to 10,000 words. Once you reach your limit, upgrade to the premium plan.

They also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your software after upgrading to the plan.

Starter – $29/month

Pro – $99/month


Next up is Rytr, which we included in our list of top AI copywriting tools . Rytr can help you expand your content creation scale and achieve your business goals, whether you’re a blogger, copywriter or digital marketer. It’s simple to use, easy to learn, and produces compelling copy.


What makes Rytr one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • You can control the output quality with fine-grained control by supporting more than 15 languages ​​and 20+ voice tones.
  • Rytr can do it all, from creating ad copy to writing a social media post to a blog post.
  • Rytr asks you to choose a use case, choose a tone & language, and add words, phrases, and other options. In just a few clicks, the software converts your documents into high-quality content. Định giá Rytr

Rytr Pricing

Rytr’s forever free plan allows users to generate 5000 characters per month. Rytr is a budget-friendly tool that allows you to create content for your blog.

Monthly – $29

Yearly – $290


CopyAI could be the right choice for you if you are looking for creative brainstorming partners. CopyAI can allow you to expand your thinking and create high-quality marketing copy in seconds. You can create creative content that attracts visitors, from digital ads to blog posts to product descriptions.

CopyAI is very easy to use. Just select the style you want to create and then type a few sentences. Finally, click the generate button to get the result in seconds. can only provide 10 results at a time. You can repeat the process to get more ideas.


What makes CopyAI one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • CopyAI uses the most advanced AI language model in the world to create high-quality copies.
  • To make your job easier, this automatic copywriting tool also includes a Google Chrome extension. Just install it on Chrome and you can start making copies.
  • CopyAI currently supports Portuguese and Spanish as well as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Spanish (UK) and US languages.
  • Its clean, elegant and minimalist user interface is what makes it stand out from all the others.

CopyAI Pricing

Định giá CopyAI

CopyAI offers two pricing plans: monthly or yearly subscription. CopyAI also offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to try the software without any credit card details. It gives you 100 runs per day.

Both plans include unlimited runs, access to all tools, latest features, premium community, 24/7 email support, and access to all tools.

  • The Pro  package is ideal for small businesses. It will cost you $49 per month (or $35 per month if you sign up for a year).
  • The Team Package is a great option for large companies. To get a quote, you will need to contact them.


Copysmith is another interesting piece in the list of AI-powered copywriting tools. You will find loads of features that make it a great choice.


What makes Copysmith one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • Copysmith is currently only available in English, unlike the other tools mentioned in the post.
  • It also includes Google Chrome, allowing you to seamlessly share your ideas between your browsers and at work.
  • It works like other software but also uses the power of artificial technology to generate thousands of product descriptions for your online store at a lower cost.
  • They have also launched third-party integrations like Shopify, Google Ads, and

Copysmith Pricing

Định giá Copysmith

To better understand the capabilities and performance of the software before switching to a paid plan, you can try it for free for 3 days.

Note: Annual subscription will get you 15% off all plans

  • Starter starts at $19/month (or $16/month if you sign up annually)
  • Professional at $59/month (50/month for annual subscription).
  • Enterprise – Contact them for pricing.


This AI copywriting tool can help you convert your ideas into quality content, whether you’re writing blog posts, website sales copy, or product descriptions.

This copywriting generator follows Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA copywriting formulas for writing high-converting marketing copy for your brand.


What makes Writesonic one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • Writesonic is currently available in 24 languages ​​worldwide, including English, Spanish and German, French, German, Polish. Portuguese. Dutch. Japanese. Russian. Swedish. Finnish. Estonian. Chinese people.
  • Although it has many features, the user interface is very simple and easy to understand. First, decide what type of content you want to create with Writesonic. Next, enter a brief description of your product (1-2 sentences) and click the “Create” button to create dozens of copies. Now you can edit and share your copy whenever it suits you.
  • It also detects and corrects grammatical errors in your content.

Writesonic Pricing

Định giá Writesonic

You will receive 10 credits for creating ads, product descriptions, and article summaries. There are also flexible pricing options. Once you reach your credit limit, you can sign up for the premium plan.

The best thing about Writesonic’s price? They are currently offering a 60% discount on all premium plans. All you have to do to get the discount is use coupon code SONIC60 on the checkout page.

If you are not satisfied with your software purchase, you can request a refund within seven days.

  • Starter – This plan works well in new markets and costs $11.60/month or $9.99/month if you sign up for an annual plan. Basic and advanced features both have a credit limit of 75 per month.
  • Professional – This Package  offers basic features with unlimited credits, while advanced features are limited to 150 credits. This plan will cost $39.60 per month (or $35.60 per month if you have an annual subscription)
  • Business – Plan will cost $199.60 or $179.60/month if you subscribe annually. It gives you unlimited credits for basic features and a 1200 credit limit for advanced features.


Anyword has been the AI leader in copywriting since 2012. To teach its system what copy works best for different audiences, Anyword spent $250 million on advertising.

Predictive performance score is one of Anyword’s best features. Anyword uses big data to predict conversion probabilities before it posts. This feature reduces the time required for optimization.



What makes Anyword one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • To create great content, you just need to follow three steps. Click, enter the URL, and select the content type. Anyword will return you a variety of interesting lines of copy including catchphrases and modern catchwords.
  • Your A/B test will be undercut by the predicted performance score. Anyword’s Continuous Optimization mode and copy-related work are combined to make it easier for you to do more marketing.
  • Anyword has a unique tool called custom mode. Anyword can copy any text you provide as an example. Anyword can copy the style of any text you’ve written for your website or Snapchat.

Anyword Pricing

Định giá Anyword

Anyword is free to try for a week with the Starter plan. This plan includes all the tools you need to start seeing transitions.

  • Starter: The price for one user and 15,000 words is $19 per month. The starter pack includes the essential features you need to learn the software’s capabilities.
  • Pro : This includes all the features of Starter plus advanced stuff like multiple seats and unlimited word permissions.
  • Business You will need to contact Anyword for pricing information. However, it offers many valuable tools, such as fully managed traffic collection.

Texta AI

Looking to make your daily routine less stressful and more enjoyable? Texta is the right choice for you. Texta’s curated content creation allows you to spend less time working and more time crafting great articles, blog ideas, and marketing strategies.

You’ll be amazed at the AI’s choice of words. Click create and wait a while.

Texta AI

What makes Texta AI one of the best AI copywriting tools

  • It’s easy to create blog posts and lengthy articles in seconds. All you need to do to start writing is a 20-30 word summary.
  • If you are a business owner, payer or entrepreneur, you can use Texta to get started with marketing strategies, like Solution-Trigger, Why/Try/Buy, ACCA, etc
  • More than 50 tools are available to you in 10 languages.

Texta AI Pricing

Định giá Texta AI

Texta currently offers two plans: a free plan that lets you try the tools for seven days without entering your credit card information, and a paid plan for $39 per month if you pay annually and $45 per month if you pay monthly. You get to run unlimited content creation! Plus early access to new features and 24/7 customer support.

Businesses and businesses can also get a Custom API Plan. Here you can talk to the Texta team to discuss your requirements and get a quote based on your specific needs.

Conclusion of the Best AI Copywriting tools

Now you have got a list with the Best AI copywriting tools which will do the smart work for you. These tools will do the rest by following some simple instructions.

The tips here is signing up for free trials and try them out before you buy. What is your opinion? What copywriting software do YOU use to create high-quality content?

We’d love to hear from you about your favorites in the comments section below!


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