BigSpy Review – Best AdSpy Tool for Spying Competition

BigSpy Review – Best AdSpy Tool For Spying On Your Competition

Are you interested in tracking your ads and getting very detailed statistics?

Do you struggle to find the right campaign marketing?

Do I really want to spend too many hours on my marketing campaign.

Let me tell you BigSpy is a powerful spy software. I will provide a detailed review of the BigSpy software and then discuss its unique code.

You might be familiar with Ad Spy Tool. The tool was free at first, and it received lots of attention. I highly recommend it.

They have updated their services and added new features, and now they charge customers. But, regardless of whether the product is free or paid, I believe it to be an excellent tool.

In this BigSpy Review – Best AdSpy Tool article, i will let you know

What is Big Spy?

BigSpy allows you to market your product and services to all kinds of internet users.

This online advertising platform’s developer considers it to be the #1 Ad Spy Tools. We’ll be reviewing the product to determine if it is up to their billing. BigSpy could be described as a utility program that offers advertising on various social networks.

It is multipurpose software and can handle multiple aspects of digital business such as getting ideas for ads, spying across social media platforms on competitors, and tracking the performance of advertising campaigns.

BigSpy works seamlessly with all social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter AdMob Pinterest Instagram YouTube YouTube.

The mobile app allows users to track their campaigns from anywhere, giving them a “on-the-go” experience.

BigSpy gives users creative insight into advertising, reviews product performance, and views daily ads trends as analyzed by the platform’s big-data analytics and ads intelligence.

What does BigSpy do?

What does BigSpy do?

It’s easy to use the UI interface of this platform. Even if your knowledge is limited about ad tools this platform is very easy to use. Visit the website to access the main function. This is the homepage.

To be taken to the registration site, click the “Search Now” option after you have landed at the homepage. You have two choices: you can sign up using your password and email address, or you can let Google handle the rest.

You will be redirected straight to the important step after completing registration. All features will be accessible via the navigation link. Ad Spy has the highest popularity. There are seven other platforms available, including YouTube and Instagram.

The keyword you are interested in analysing is entered. Next, select the filters that will allow for more advanced research. These filters can be used to obtain similar results: language; country; type of device, etc.

The information you see when you visit the ads will include the number of people who liked, shared and commented on it. Clicking the “Detailed” button will open a popup that displays the specific ad. To get the data you need, you can click on the “Detailed” button.

Click on the “Detailed insight” button to view more information about demographics, geography, age, gender, and location.

Pros and Cons of BigSpy

BigSpy can provide powerful tools for helping advertisers to get creative ideas and create marketing campaigns. BigSpy has its downsides. These issues are detailed below.

BigSpy pros

  • An interface that is intuitive
  • BigSpy’s interface is simple for both novices and professionals. It is simple to learn about the various features and then try them. It also contains a tutorial and demo to help beginners use the tool.
  • Analyze ads in detail
  • BigSpy has a large database, and simplified filtering. It provides detailed analysis. The marketing data of the products you’re monitoring can be viewed. This can prove to be very useful as it will allow you to determine how a product converts.
  • Online support
  • BigSpy offers online assistance. This tool allows you to contact BigSpy via email if you encounter any difficulties.

BigSpy Cons

BigSpy does have its drawbacks, as we’ve already stated. These are just a few:

  • A big gap in prices
  • BigSpy has three types of pricing packages. The basic plan costs $9, while the premium plan costs $99 The elite plan costs 399. Although there is a significant price gap, the premium plan’s cost is reasonable and is even less than other tools. We believe that the pricing is fair, considering they provide more detail in ads analysis then their competitors.
  • Access to the site is restricted
  • BigSpy provides free access, but the number of users is limited. Facebook ads can only be tested using 10 queries. It might be hard to use it properly.

The best features of Big Spy

This must be done before we can move on.

BigSpy can do more than spy on Facebook ads.

It can, however, be used to spy on ads on social media like PowerAdSpy.

These are the social networks and channels BigSpy is able to place ads from:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Yahoo
  • Admob
  • Twitter.

There are many options.


Let’s assume you have never used an advertisement spying tool.

Do you still have BigSpy to create profitable ads?

Well, we’ll see. This is the AD Spy Interface.


You will find the top-bar at the top. Duh!)

It also links to other sections in BigSpy.

It then lists all social channels that it covers in ads.

The search-panel will be the last part of BigSpy. In the sections that follow, we will discuss it in great detail.

It seems like any fifth grader could understand it. Would you disagree?

Scroll down to see the advertisements-creatives.

the ads-creatives.

This page will show you search results for your query.

Understanding the Ad-creatives

Let’s have a closer look at these creatives.

Understanding the Ad-creatives

The screenshot is me using the Facebook module.

It’s evident.

  • Since then, the ad has been running for over a decade.
  • Social media engagement (Likes/comments/shares)
  • Heat*
  • CTA button
  • You can also find the URL to the landing page.

*Heat is an indoor measurement BigSpy assigns these ads-creatives.

They are in a sense an “effectiveness meter”.

The heat is higher if the ad performs well.

If you are looking for ads with more heat, you can easily find great ads. You could also try BigSpy’s “Featured Ads” feature. We will discuss this later.

Click on the name of the page to see the ad.

I also looked at the interface of other social networks.

social media channels

The screenshot below shows that heat is only currently available for Facebook ads.

However, all platforms have the same metrics.

Advertisers can also be “interactive”

Click here to go to the landing page URL

You can also click the CTA button and activate what it triggers.

Detailled Ad-Insight

This is what defines an ad spying device.

When you hover over an advert-creative, the “view More” button will be shown.

Clicking on this button will open a popup which shows “some” information (but not all).

Here’s a sample of one of these ads.

Detailed Ad-insight

I was immediately impressed by the “one page” display of data.

You can’t go to other pages or sections.

These data include:

  • Category
  • Ad-text/description.
  • Date range during which the advertisement was seen.
  • Performance (Engagement/heat
  • Country
  • Device (PC / Android / iOS)

A button is available to “download”.

This allows you to download the thumbnail/video directly from the ad.

These metrics are very favorable. Click on the button for “Detailed Intelligence>>”. (Bottom-right).

All data regarding the ad is available to you in full and unrestricted.

This page contains some of the same data found in the popup.

But I will also cover any additional information you have.

Gender and age

You can gain important insight by analyzing your gender and age.

This is my personal opinion the best way to make money if your campaign is completely new. Are you in agreement?

Choose the right demographic for your campaign to make it most profitable.

Test-runs account for a significant portion of the budget.

BigSpy makes visualization of data simple and understandable in a graph.

You can see the advertisement here.

Gender and age

Also, the Gender Distribution.

Interactive graphs can be found here.

To view more detailed and exact information, hover over any image.


BigSpy The next important piece of data is “country lists”.

It lists the top five countries that should be targeted by this particular ad.

You can also make any type of advertisement within the niche/industry using your imagination.

URLs and landing pages

BigSpy captures a lot more than URLs.

It will also capture URLs that direct to the final URL.

Landing pages and URL

This allows us the ability to locate hidden and cloaked URLs.

It is also possible to see the URLs of any outgoing links from the landing page.

This will show you the URLs of affiliates.

Even though I don’t believe in copying entire landing pages, it does help to have inspiration, doesn’t she?

What would you rather like?

There’s no landing page downloader/ripper/editor.

I don’t care about your religious beliefs, but I am sure that you enjoyed the feature.

Track Ads

BigSpy has a unique feature: its “tracking” capability.

You can track an ad on the Ad-insight webpage.

This will allow you to keep track of the performance over time of your ads.

Here’s a sample.

Track Ads

If you don’t feel like doing that, click the “Track” button at the top-bar.

This will take you to a page which shows featured ads and ads that were tracked by other people!

Featured ads receive the most heat and are very popular. They are refreshed by BigSpy A.I.

These are the most effective and profitable ads you can find.

These can all be sorted by “Today”, “Yesterday”, ‘7 Days’, and ‘30 days.

Tracking time

The “People Tracked” option shows ads that other people are following.

You might not find the perfect track ad for your niche or industry, but it could work sometimes!

These can then be added as tracklist items.


My search filters are far more important to me than pricing and other features.

It is an important factor in my search of ads.

Here’s the BigSpy searching-panel


These filters seem to be available now:

  • Keyword: This keyword is used to search for a product or website.
  • Ad category: Choose between “Game/App/or Ecom”.
  • Pages in this category: Only ads run from pages within the category will be shown.
  • Countries: The filter I am referring to is not the one I am referring to. It’s not hard to do.
  • Language: This one’s very versatile. (Hint!) Target a specific group in countries that speak multiple languages.
  • You have two options: image/video, or carousal creativity.
  • Devices: You can choose to spy on Android (IOS), Desktop (PC), or both.
  • Marketing: This is a more goal-oriented filter. You have the option to choose between App installs and Website conversions.
  • CTA types: Unusual and never before seen. Let’s search for “CTAs”. (g. “Learn more”, “Like page”, “Email now” etc.)
  • E-commerce software is the magical-lamp for dropshippers. Shopify and Prestashop are all available.
  • Like-range : Let’s establish a minimum and maximum number likes the Ad has received thus far.
  • Affiliate Networks: Do your preferences apply? Choose only ads that belong to your favorite Affiliate network.
  • You can also search the longest-running ads using a custom date range. This will bring up the most popular ads.
  • Affiliate ID/Offer ID: There are some networks that do not display the ad information directly. BigSpy works alongside offer IDs as well as Affiliate IDs.

These filters can be quite numerous. This is not surprising.

This could be all that you need.

To be honest, I have seen better filters.

These filters will however suffice to get any ad-campaign off the ground.

You can also save your search.

You don’t have to refill your filters with every search.

You can also use the “Sorting” option. You can choose between “created Time”, share, heat, or like. To get better results.

“Sorting” time

These filters were created by BigSpy Facebook Ads spy module.

Even though filters on social media sites are similar, they may not be available on every social network. (E.g. Youtube does not offer a filter for “page categories”.

The FB ad-spy provides the greatest search-filters. It is being reviewed in BigSpy.

Ideas for Ads

This is why BigSpy is user friendly.

The “Ad Ideas” feature can be used if you don’t know the exact product or industry you are searching for.

Click on “Ad Ideas” at the top-bar.

Here is a list with the most popular and longest-running advertisements.

Ad Ideas

These ads can be filtered using many metrics like page-category or no. These ads can be filter based upon a variety of metrics like page-category or likes.

You can also select an “idea kind” for your advertisement. You have the following options:

  • Question
  • Hashtag
  • Emojis
  • No cost
  • Exclamation etc.

This will give us an indication as to which ads perform best.

While it’s not science perfect, it’s still useful.

Top Charts

Imagine being able to identify the top performing advertisers.

BigSpy will be the “someone” in this case.

The “Top Charts” option is located at the top of the bar.

The page lists the most popular advertisers.

It displays the Ad count, the duration and the overall trend for each advertisement.

You can filter it using filters like “overall charts”, and “new trending”. This allows you to view unsaturated ads, as well as products.

This is an amazing feature I believe is the best in BigSpy.

Compare BigSpy pricing and BigSpy group buy cost

BigSpy Plan & Pricing

BigSpy Plan & Pricing

This is one of the best ad-spy tools in the industry. This plan is permanent and free of charge.

The forever free plan is available without a BigSpy coupon code. It’s just, well, free.

These are the 3 plans of BigSpy.

BigSpy free trial

  • Daily 10 Questions
  • Networks only on Facebook
  • Queries: 10 queries daily
  • Search features are very limited
  • There are not many filtering options.
  • Analyse of limited Ad Idea Ideas
  • Featured Ads

Basic- $9.00/mo

  • 25 Queries Daily
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Queries: 25 queries daily
  • There are many search options available
  • Unlimitless filtering options
  • Analyse of limited Ad Idea Ideas
  • Featured Ads
  • Track Ads: 25 Daily
  • Download: 25 daily

Pro- $99.00/mo

  • Limited Queries Daily
  • All Networks
  • Daily Queries
  • There are many search options available
  • There are many filter options available
  • Analysis of Ad Ideas
  • Featured Ads
  • Track Ads 250 Days
  • Download: 250 Daily
  • Online support
  • Analysis of landing
  • Demographics analysis
  • People were able to track ads

There are no refunds. This is the largest disappointment in our BigSpy review.

It would be fantastic if there was a policy to refund.

For testing purposes, however, the BigSpy trial plans are a great option.

BigSpy group buy cost

BigSpy group buy cost

If you don’t have the means to spend a lot but still want to take advantage of all the features offered by BigSpy please join our BigSpy group buy directly from us.

We offer Pro Plan with 3 options

  • Monthly: $10
  • 6 months: $50
  • Yearly: $80

You can join BigSpy group buy here.

Conclusion – BigSpy Review

To create this BigSpy, it took me six weeks to analyze this tool and give my honest opinion.

BigSpy offers many features and is a great competitor to Adspy.

This tool has been my advertising research tool for over 3 months. It’s great!

This tool is recommended by Neil Patel and other internet marketers.

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