FindNiche Review – Best Dropshipping Niches Explorer

FindNiche Review - Best Dropshipping Niches Explorer

Today, we’ll discuss FindNiche review If you’re searching for an independent fair, impartial, and honest review of this free Niche Analytics Tool.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur , drop shipper or other marketer involved in the sales of products, conducting research on particular niches is among the challenging tasks you’ll need to finish.

In the final analysis, we analyzed the most significant aspects, such as advantages, benefits and drawbacks. We also carried out a comparative study of FindNiche with its closest eCommerce competitors. Are they worth the cost or is it a waste of money? Find out more about:

What is FindNiche?

Find the most popular AliExpress products and lucrative niches for dropshipping with FindNiche, Dropshipping, an online tool for research on dropshipping that was launched in 2019.

specifically designed for dropshippers who are only getting started, FindNiche has more than 20 million AliExpress products , in addition to an ever-changing listing of 20 items which have been carefully selected with over 14 million products from Shopify.

Finding products that are profitable and have high ROI is simple with FindNiche. It’s a free tool. If you’re planning to build your own eCommerce store or droppingshipping using platforms like AliExpress and Shopify the first obstacle to overcome is identifying a potential opportunity to earn profits from.

The standard method is that one can look through social media to find popular products or ask family members and your friends about what they think will generate income.

How does FindNiche works?

Finding a niche with FindNiche is easy and straightforward. The tool is accessible from the first time you visit the site until the conclusion on your next visit. The site is easy to use and easy to navigate. This is due to the user-friendly interface.

Here’s how you can expect to see on FindNiche homepage looks like.

If you’re a new FindNiche user, you’ll be required to sign up after clicking “FIND NICHE FOR FREE.” You’ll then need to input an email address that is valid, and then create your password.

After that, you’ll be able to look through any specific to it, as well as Shopify stores. If you click on any of these, you’ll get directed to a page that contains all the details you require in order to choose the item you’d like discover more about by altering the different options accessible.

The pros and cons of FindNiche

FindNiche provides a broad range of benefits and features. However, it comes with certain drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration.

From being unable to working using AliExpress to not having the option to directly import items into your online store, FindNiche isn’t the best dropshipping tool open to everyone.

In reality, FindNiche is best suited for people who want to provide dropshipping of AliExpress items from an online retailer like Shopify and WooCommerce.

It is a side-by side comparison of both benefits and drawbacks to aid you in writing your review.


  • Database that has more than 20 million AliExpress products
  • Network with more than 10 million winners. Shopify products
  • A reliable and efficient instrument to identify profitable products
  • A comprehensive performance analysis and volume sales data
  • Perfect to dropship via AliExpress to an online store
  • A modern and user-friendly site with a user-friendly interface
  • A free version , which is restricted in its access, as well as cost-free paid plans


  • It works it with AliExpress marketplace, but only.
  • There isn’t a way to import products to your online store
  • There aren’t any additional warehouses that are connected to local suppliers.
  • There isn’t any way to look at the analysis of any AliExpress product.

FindNiche Review – Best features you should use

FindNiche is a highly useful tool that is useful in reviewing more than 11,000 niches, 700,000 stores, and millions of competitors in just a couple of minutes. When you are a FindNiche website visitor you have access to all kinds of products in a wide range of niches that you can use on your website.

Big Data Analysis

One of the primary advantages and a significant advantage for FindNiche dropshipping is that it allows users to get a better understanding of the exact products they to invest in. This is achieved by removing the most relevant information from the massive information that allows customers to come to the decision for themselves and their family. If you’re an entrepreneur you’ll gain from this software which makes your decision-making easy and secure. With this knowledge, you’ll be able take the next move in your marketing and investment strategies to maximize profits from your business.

Smart Product Selection

Smart Product Selection

This website FindNiche will determine the most well-known products that have the highest profit margin.

You will also get overview of the lesser known items, yet they have an extremely high probability of success that the sellers do not focus on, however they are extremely profitable and lucrative.

Niching Down

Niching Down

The standard method of sorting goods could be quite a challenge.

So, this site from FindNiche lets users browse through hundreds of products with the help of practical search options.

This means that one can select one of the niches and narrow down to a sub-niche and ensure that they don’t lose the top quality of the specific niche.

Comparing FindNiche plan pricing and FindNiche group buy prices

Let me discuss the differences between these two programs to assist you in making an informed decision

FindNiche Pricing & Billing

FindNiche Pricing & Billing

The owner does not offer FindNiche free trial. The affordable price that comes with FindNiche is what makes it one of the cheapest dropshipping services available.

You can join for free and be able to access just some products and performance data , including the most popular products which have been chosen by our experts.

For just nine dollars per month you’ll have the ability to browse for your favorite products in the AliExpress database, which contains more than 20 million AliExpress products.

A variety of advanced features are available with many advanced features available within the Elite plan, for example the ability to access a database of top-rated items that have been carefully selected by Shopify’s specialists and an inventory of Shopify items that have demonstrated to be successful.

A variety of exclusive features are available in the Elite plan, such as the ability to track the export of up to 500 products Exporting as much as 600 products.

Basic Plan starting at $9 per month

  • Zugang access to AliExpress Product database. AliExpress product database
  • You’ll be able to access the store’s database. Shopify store database
  • Keep record on more than twenty dropshipping products that have been awarded prizes.
  • You can export 12 of the top effective dropshipping items

Elite Plan – $59/month

  • Access to the AliExpress Product Database. AliExpress product database
  • You’ll be able access the store database of Shopify. Shopify store database
  • Zugang to Shopify products database
  • Access to the full daily schedule of our products
  • Analysis of the data on performance and sales
  • Follow-up to 500 dropshipping products that have been successful
  • Up to 600 dropshipping products are able to be exported

Premium Plan Cost $99/month

  • Access to the complete AliExpress Products database
  • You’ll be able to access the store’s database. Shopify store database
  • Zugang to Shopify Product database
  • A daily-curated listing of products is accessible.
  • The analysis of data on performance and sales
  • Access to the latest social media tool for advertising Ad Spy
  • The top Dropshipping products are monitored
  • Up to 600 dropshipping items can be used to be exported

More details:

FindNiche group buy Premium plan price

FindNiche group buy Premium plan price

If you’re interested in trying the FindNiche Premium plan but you do not have a lot of money, not be sad.

We offer group buy FindNiche Premium starting at $10. Check out all the options below:

  • Monthly: $10
  • Annual: $80
  • Onetime: $240

Are you eager to test it now Are you interested? check here

The end of FindNiche Review

FindNiche is without doubt one of the most efficient niche analytics tools that are available to Drop-shipping and eCommerce businesses. While its premium version is higher than other market-specific software, the latter provides greater depth of information, which makes it an excellent value for what you get.

This information will aid you in making educated choices regarding which niches or products to invest in , and the best stores to invest your money into.

Businesses that operate in the retail marketplace online which includes AliExpress and Shopify should utilize this group buy FindNiche instrument. The possibilities of maximising return on investment is too appealing to ignore.

After reading this article, head over to the FindNiche site and join the site. You can start with the free plan, and then upgrade when you’re pleased with the tools ‘ features.

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