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GeneratePress Review

Are you looking for the GeneratePress review (updated for 2022), before purchasing the GeneratePress premium theme

If yes, you don’t have to go anywhere. Here are all the details about the GenratePress theme.

GeneratePress WordPress theme is my favorite WordPress theme.

You’re here if you are thinking about upgrading to a premium WordPress theme.

This GeneratePress review will cover all of the features and pros and cons the theme has to offer. This review will be very helpful. Keep reading until the end, because there is a lot more to come.

Let’s get into the details.

The Benefits of Reading This GeneratePress Review:

  • Learn all about GeneratePress.
  • This is a comprehensive review of the GeneratePress WordPress theme.
  • Learn about the best and most unique features of GeneratePress.

Quick Introduction of the Theme

GeneratePress Review

Created by Tom Usborne, GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme among affiliate marketers and bloggers.GeneratePress is focused on speed, usability. The Premium theme is multifunctional WordPress theme that can be customized for any niche.

This is why so many people love this WordPress theme!

GeneratePress WordPress theme has been downloaded more than 3 million+ times with over 300,000+ active installs and 70,000+ satisfied customers. All reviews can be found on the site.

It is a lightweight, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly WordPress theme that loads quickly with a size of less than 30KB.

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress supports all page builders such as Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. GeneratePress landing pages look professional.

Let’s now talk about why I switched from the GeneratePress premium theme.

Why did I switch to GeneratePress Premium?

Six months ago, I used the keyword Pro theme to my blog. My old theme took too long to load, and I wasn’t able to use the powerful customization options that GeneratePress provides.

Google ‘s mobile-first feature is another reason to switch from the GeneratePress theme.

The customization options are amazing after I purchased the theme.

The Premium theme from GeneratePress allows me to customize every aspect of this theme. It’s faster and more mobile-responsive than any other WordPress theme.

After using Generatepress Premium for more than 6 months, I feel that I am now in a position to write an impartial Generatepress review.

These are the main reasons I switched to GeneratePress Premium:

  • Mobile responsive and light-weight
  • 14 modular designs.
  • SEO friendly and fast loading

GeneratePress for Free vs. Premium

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Is it a Freemium theme It is available in both premium and free versions. Both themes have different features.The theme can be downloaded for free from their website . You can use the theme for life. Although the GeneratePress free theme is great, it does have some limitations.

You will get some extra features if you purchase the premium theme ( premium plugin).

The plugin Premium can be used to activate the Pro version of GeneratePress. These additional features will become available after you have installed the GP Premium plugin and entered the license.

GeneratePress Review

If you don’t need any customizations or have sufficient knowledge to modify CSS code, the free version will suffice.

Unique Features in GeneratePress Theme

The GeneratePress theme offers unique features that you won’t find in any other theme. This GeneratePress review will help you choose the best WordPress theme for you website.

Below are some of the unique features that GeneratePress premium theme has to offer.

Fast Loading

This theme loads faster than any WordPress theme. GeneratePress’ official website clearly shows that the theme’s total size is less than 30KB.

GeneratePress Review

The majority of other WordPress themes that are optimized for WordPress are larger than 250+KB, and some themes that are poorly coded are greater than 1MB.

You can also see my landing speed on when I use GeneratePress premium theme.

GeneratePress Review

It is easy to see the grade of my website.Grade ‘A’.


GeneratePress is well-known for its speed, usability and functionality. These are the core values of GeneratePress.

Powerful Customization

The customization option offered by the GeneratePress premium theme is another advantage.

You can customize the free theme with some basic settings. GeneratePress premium will allow you to customize every aspect of your website.

This is the Layout area. You can set up detailed settings for:

GeneratePress Review
  • Site Identity You have the option to change your site title or tagline.
  • Layout You can choose the layout that you prefer for a particular page.
  • Colors You can change the colors on your website.
  • Menus You can edit the header or footer sections of your website.
  • Background Image Select the background image you want to use for your site’s page.
  • Typography You can control the font on every page of your website, including all buttons.

This level of detail can seem overwhelming to a novice. Once you are familiar with the layout, you can control how your site looks.

Layout for a Single Page

You can customize every page of your website after you purchase the GeneratePress premium theme.

The majority of themes will use the exact same layouts or settings for all pages and posts.

GeneratePress allows you to choose the layout that you would like for your audience.

Here is a screenshot of GenratePress layout settings.

GeneratePress Review
GeneratePress Review
GeneratePress Review
GeneratePress Review

This meta box can be used to:

  • Sidebars Adjust the number and direction of your sidebars (e.g. changing the sidebar’s position from left to right)
  • Footer Widgets You can choose how many footer widgets to use.
  • Disable Elements You can disable certain elements like your header and navigation menu, post featured images, title, post title or footer.
  • Page Builder Container Select your page builder and content container type.

You can create a benchmark for your page builder plugin by disabling an element. This makes it easy to create custom content.

GeneratePress Website Library

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Premium’s import feature is extremely helpful for beginners. It allows users to import a pre-made layout layout for their website.GeneratePress websites had to be created on a blank campus. This made it difficult for novices to set up the theme.

Now you don’t have to worry about it!

GeneratePress Premium theme: You will receive a lot of pre-designed templates that you can import into your site library .

Your site will look exactly the same as it did in the template after you import it. Your site still uses GeneratePress

GeneratePress Elements

GeneratePress Review

This is one of the most exciting features of GeneratePress premium theme. GeneratePress elements allow you to add codes to your header, footer or other sections of your website.GeneratePress elements can help you create custom deals sections below your blog posts or add author bios. It takes just a few clicks.

GeneratePress elements are a type small-page builder which allows you to create your own footers, sidebars, and headers for your website.

To extend the functionality of your website, you can also install the GeneratorBlocks Module.

You can basically create four types of elements with the element module.

  • Block Element
  • Header Element
  • Hook Element
  • Layout Element

Let’s now learn more about these components.

Block Element – Block Feature allows you to create custom blocks for your website that can be used as site headers, footers or sidebars.

To show the Block Feature, you can select the location of your pages or posts.

Header This feature allows you to create custom headers for pages and posts on your blog.

Hook Elements: The Hook element allows you to add custom hooks at different places on your website.

This element allows you to apply different codes to different areas of your website, such as headers.php and footer.php.

This element allows you to add custom hooks such as author bios at any location on your website. GeneratePress premium’s hook element allows me to create my author bio.

This video demonstrates how to add author bios in GeneratePress premium theme.

People who didn’t have sufficient coding skills used a plugin for the paste of codes into the theme files. However, with the GeneratePress hook element you don’t need any additional plugin.

Layout Ellement:If you use a page builder, the Layout element allows you to change the sidebar layout for specific categories or adjust the content layout across your entire site.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing and Renewal Cost

GeneratePress, as I mentioned above, is the freemium theme.

You can use the core theme free of charge. However, I highly recommend that you purchase the premium theme to enhance the functionality of your site.

The pricing plan comes with two options, but recently the company also added the one-time payment option to their premium theme.

You don’t have to pay any additional charges if you buy their lifetime pack.

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Premium theme is available at a cost of $99 $59 per year You pay for lifetime access to the theme $249 (One-time payment) .

Each year, the yearly plan is renewed at a 40% savings

These are the main features of the GP premium plug-in:

  • All premium modules
  • Full Access to the Site Library
  • Unlimited websites
  • 1 Year of Updates & Support
  • 40% renewal discount
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

You can pay the one-time payment $249 and it will be automatically renewed. In addition, you will get lifetime support and access to GeneratePress.

Pros & cons comparison

This will give you all the information about GeneratePress. Let’s compare the GeneratePress premium and free themes.

Before you decide to buy GeneratePress premium, make sure your vision is clear.



  • Fast loading & Mobile-friendly.
  • You can use it for life.
  • Excellent for SEO.
  • 14+ Add-on Modules
  • You can use the site for as many times as you like for a lifetime.


  • To fully utilize it, you will need to be proficient in coding.
  • There is no premium support.
  • There is no import/export option.
  • Unable to remove Powered By GeneratePress.

GenratePress Premium Plugin


  • Supported child theme
  • 100% accessibility-ready.
  • GeneratePress Premium Modules
  • Mobile-friendly 100% and quick loading
  • Very lightweight and good for SEO.
  • More than 100 customizing options.
  • GP Premium plugin is smaller than 30kb
  • There are 33+ demo sites available.
  • Access to the entire site-library.
  • Expert support available 24/7
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • This theme is perfectly acceptable.

GeneratePress Reviews from Users

The highest-rated WordPress theme by users is GeneratePress. It is 5 stars and has been rated by 1151 users until now. Below are some of the best GeneratePress ratings:

Some popular websites using this theme (GeneratePress Example)

Bloggers and affiliate marketers love the GeneratePress theme. Many bloggers and affiliate marketers use the GeneratePress premium to their blog or website.

Here are some GeneratePress themes examples of popular bloggers using premium themes on their blogs:

Guide Blogging

GeneratePress Review
Guide Blogging is one the most popular blogs online. This blog is a must-read for bloggers.

Guide blogging was founded by Umer Qreshi. It helps you succeed in your blog journey. There are many tutorials available on SEO strategies, blogging tips, reviews, and other topics.

Master Blogging

GeneratePress ReviewSave

Bloggers and affiliate marketers love master blogging. This blog’s main purpose is to provide helpful tutorials for newbie bloggers.Ankit Singla founded Master Blogging. He is a popular blogger in India.


GeneratePress Review

Woorkup is a popular marketing blog that offers more than just a simple website. 40,000+ visitors per month . It is managed by Brett and Brian Jackson, two brothers.

It is simple and attractive, with a focus on high traffic.

Who Wins the Battle?

How to activate the GeneratePress Premium theme

First, Click on this link for the official GeneratePress website.

Step 2 Scroll down to see the two plans for GeneratePress. Select your plan . I recommend that you get the lifetime plan of the theme. This will give you lifetime access to the premium theme.

Step 3 – Now you are on the checkout page. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

GeneratePress Review
Step 4Congratulations!After making a successful payment, you have been upgraded to GeneratePress Premium.

Step 5 You will soon receive an email from GeneratePress with your account login credentials, and your secret API Key.

Step 6 – Install your GeneratorPress premium plugin from your WordPress plugins section and activate it.

GeneratePress Review

Step 7After activating the premium plugin, you can enter your credentials. secret API keyIn the Settings area.

Conclusion of GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress WordPress theme is a powerful theme that can be used to build websites in any niche.

GeneratePress is the perfect WordPress theme to create your own blog , eCommerce site or any other WordPress website.

You can buy Generatepress Premium theme if you are interested.

I can guarantee that buying GeneratorPress Premium will help you save time and make your blog look exactly how you want it to be.

This GeneratePress review will hopefully help you solve all your queries about GeneratePress. You can ask any questions in the comments section.

Who Wins?

FAQs at GeneratePress Review

What’s GeneratePress premium add-on?

GeneratePress’ premium version, the GP premium plugin, is available. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Add New Plugins Area.

How many websites is GP Premium allowed to be used?

The GP premium plugin can be used on as many websites you’d like, regardless of whether they are for clients or you.

My website will be affected if I do not renew my license key.

Your website will not break or change. GeneratePress Premium is yours for life and you can use it as many times as you wish.

What happens to after 1 year of support and updates?

You will still be able to receive updates and priority support via forums if you renew your license key. If you do not renew your license key, you will not be able to receive updates or support.

What is the refund policy?

GeneratePress provides a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the theme.

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