Long Tail Pro Review – Best Keyword Research Tool

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a great tool for SEO experts and marketers who are working on keyword research strategies. This Long Tail Pro review will provide insights on the features, pros and cons of Long Tail Pro, as well as answer your question about whether it is a good tool to find long-tail keywords.

Many Long Tail Pro reviewers state that this tool can be best used by niche marketers who are in the business to optimize and build sites according to the use of the most lucrative keywords. It is simple and inexpensive, making it a must-have for bloggers looking for ideas on how to improve their blog or site.

Long Tail Pro Review

SEO experts around the globe agree that keyword research is the key to business growth. This is why keyword research is so important to improve your ranking.

Let’s start by understanding what head-term keywords are and how they differ from long-tail keywords.

Head term Long-tail
It consists of one or two words. It consists of at least four words.
High monthly searches for head terms are common. Long term contracts have lower monthly searches volume.
They can be used in any combination. They are precise.
They are difficult to rank for in search engine results. They are, however, much more easy to rank for.

The table shows that long-tail keywords have an advantage over head terms in organic search. Long-tail keywords are more specific, and therefore easier to rank .

It is difficult to find long-tail keywords by hand, so you will need an SEO tool like Long Tail Pro.

There are many online tools that can help you do keyword research. KWFinder Keyword Revealer Keyword Revealer, Serpstat MOZ, SemRush SEO PowerSuite SpyFu are just a few of the many great alternatives to Long Tail Pro.

This Long Tail Pro review will show you if it is the best and most useful tool for SEO professionals. You will also see the unique advantages that the long tail pro tool offers over keywords from other sources. Let me end by answering the question: “Is it worth the hype?”

Long Tail Pro allows you to search for keywords that are low in competition, and then examine the profitability of each keyword with regard to its rank value. There are many keywords that are less competitive and can be used to help you get high-converting traffic online, regardless of niche.

The Long Tail Pro uses three proven methods for keyword research. These are:

  • Right from scratch, you can find keywords
  • Find keywords among competitors
  • Manual data collection of keywords already in the list

Long Tail Pro Tool works in four sections. These are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SERP Analysis
  3. Tracking rank
  4. Analyse Backlinks

These segments will be covered in detail as I go through them one-by-one.

Long Tail Pro Features

The Long Tail Pro does more than keyword research. This tool is loaded with many features that enhance its usability. These features will make you want it to be your new favorite tool.

  • Long Tail Pro Tool allows you to create a variety of projects. This allows you to create different campaigns for different websites.
  • This tool will generate keywords based upon your seed keyword.
  • This tool allows you to export the keywords to Excel.
  • Keywords can be imported into the Long Tail Pro tool.
  • It allows you to search for long-tail keywords with high CPC which can be very helpful in increasing AdSense revenue.
  • You can search for available domains. If you’re creating a micro-niche website, the Long Tail Pro tool can be used to help you find keyword-rich domain names.
  • This tool allows you to check the rank of keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • It’s a great tool for checking keyword competition.
  • You can save your favorite keywords.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research section is the best part of the Long Tail Pro Tool. This tool will allow you to find long tail keywords that can be used to rank websites easily.

If you want to search for these keywords manually, you will need to spend a lot of effort and time. The Long Tail Pro Tool allows you to quickly and easily search keywords and metrics like difficulty, volume CPC, SERP result, etc.

Long Tail Pro Review

You can filter search using a variety of factors. The Long Tail Pro Tool also offers advanced search features which can be used to present the result based upon your selection of CPC, volume, and so on.


The seeded keyword you input will determine the related keywords. Long Tail Pro provides you with relevant keywords that can be searched using different metrics to help you finalize your targeted keywords. You can filter the keywords using the advanced features.

The Related keywords section allows you to sort the list according to the CPC at both the local and global levels. You can remove irrelevant keywords before you proceed. Click on the “X” symbol. This will help you stay organized and keep your list clean.

You can now click on any keyword you choose that is relevant to your micro niche website. It will then take you to the Competitor Analysis Page.


Spy on your competitorss by looking up their keywords is very easy. This allows you to find keywords that are relevant to your competitor and can help you get business. This is a great feature because it makes keyword research easy and requires little brainstorming.


Manual Keywords allows you to re-check metrics such as volume, keyword difficulty, rank, value and others for the given keywords. This tool allows you to check for 200 keywords at once.

SERP Analysis

Keyword research using SERP analysis is another powerful tool that is very useful in spying the strength of competitor. The Long Tail Pro tool can be used to locate your competitors and their metrics in the SERP.

Long Tail Pro Review

This tool allows you to check the volume relative to the average keyword competitor, type and availability of the SERP, as well as the strongest competitor.

These factors are enough to make this tool a great choice for finding keywords you need to target. This tool can help you save time and effort that would otherwise be required to filter the raw data manually.

Rank Tracker

The Long Tail Pro tool has a section called Rank Tracker. This section is useful in keeping track of the growth of keywords. This section categorizes keywords within a small group of rank groups. This section is very helpful in determining which bucket your main traffic comes from.

Long Tail Pro Review

You can also view the ranking of your chosen search engine and country every day. The dashboard can be used to add as many projects as you like. This report can be used to represent your clients.

Notable Features of Rank Tracker

  • You can add up to 200 keywords per project.
  • To track your website, you can add your domain name or any page.
  • You can analyse the result on any of the top search engines based on the country of your business.
  • This ranking is updated daily.
  • The ranking can be compared on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The Long Tail Pro’s Rank Tracker is a very useful part of the tool.

Backlink Analysis Tool

The Backlink Analysis tool is included with Long Tail Pro and can be used to spy on the backlink strategy for a competitor. This allows you to analyse the backlink profile, and you can then create a page strategy for your website.

Long Tail Pro Review

The Majestic Tool is used as a key metric. It is safe to say that data for this metric can also be gathered through the Majestic Databank, but without certain features. Unfortunately, this feature is not as efficient than the one found with alternative tools like Ahrefs MOZ, SEO PowerSuite etc.

Long Tail Pro Pros & Cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages to Long Tail Pro.


  • It will provide you with bulk keyword suggestions.
  • Excellent keyword competition.
  • You can use the competitor analysis section to see and analyze how likely you are for your rank to be ahead of your competitors on Google.
  • It is easy to use the rank tracker function of this tool.
  • The rank tracker is almost 100% accurate.


  • It’s not comprehensive enough to be used as an SEO tool.
  • It places a limit on keywords searched using seed keywords
  • Long Tail Pro has many amazing features, but it is also full of bugs.
  • The manual keyword cap is very low.

Long Tail Pro Review Conclusion

Long Tail Pro is a must-have tool if you are serious about keyword research.

This tool will help you ensure that your keywords are targeted in the best way to reach your target audience. This tool is going to be very useful for your business. It is a tool that will simplify your keyword search and save you time.

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