MerchNinja Review: The Ultimate Amazon Merch Niche Research Tool

MerchNinja Review: The Ultimate Amazon Merch Niche Research Tool

Are you looking for the ultimate Amazon Merch niche research tool? Look no further than MerchNinja! Our in-depth MerchNinja review covers all the features and benefits of this powerful research tool. Discover how MerchNinja can streamline your research process!

What is MerchNinja?

Merch Ninja is a research tool specifically designed for Amazon Merch, which is a print-on-demand platform that allows content creators to sell custom-branded apparel and other products. The tool is developed by a team based in Germany and supports all three major Amazon Merch markets: the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Merch Ninja aims to help users find evergreen and trending niches by providing a series of easy-to-use tools. It can be particularly useful for users who want to sell designs on amazon or level-up their Amazon Merch accounts to higher tiers and expand their reach beyond


The primary purpose of Merch Ninja is to streamline the research process by suggesting high-demand, low-competition niches to users. This can save time and effort, enabling content creators to focus on designing and marketing their products effectively. The platform is user-friendly and offers support in English, making it accessible to a wide range of users. If you’re looking to enhance your Amazon Merch business and increase your chances of success, investing in a research tool like Merch Ninja can be a valuable asset.

MerchNinja Review: Pros and Cons

MerchNinja is a research tool for Amazon Merch that helps users discover profitable niches in the market. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to use MerchNinja:

Pros of MerchNinja

  • Over 5M designs with daily data!
  • Accurate sales and sophisticated trend metrics (using secret Ninja quantum physics bsr algorhythm calculations—joking, but it’s darn excellent!)
  • Choose from our pre-selected sub-niches.
  • Advanced filtering – Search Merch by Amazon by Top BSR, Top Sales, AVG BSR, Official Brands, Deleted Designs, New Designs, and more.
  • Our bsr update service lets you track particular shirt bsr changes everyday.
  • Analyze your competitors – Merch Ninja gives you loads of data to assess each specialty and make smarter judgments. Brand, title, bulletpoints, best-seller-rank and history, price and price history, reviews, first listed on, utilized keywords.
  • Losing track of significant events and festivities?Our Merch Ninja Event Calendar with 900+ events (increasing daily!) saves you!Designing event tees is straightforward with relevant events and holidays, quick filtering, and fast research.
  • Lazy sometimes? Let Merch Ninja and experts inspire you with 400+ specializations.

Cons of MerchNinja

  • Cost: MerchNinja is a paid tool, which means users need to invest money in the platform, and it might not fit everyone’s budget.
  • Limited to Amazon Merch: The tool focuses exclusively on the Amazon Merch platform, making it less useful for users who sell on multiple print-on-demand platforms.
  • Niche-specific: MerchNinja is specifically tailored for the Amazon Merch market, which may limit its utility for those looking to expand into other eCommerce ventures.
  • Dependence on tool accuracy: Users rely on the accuracy and effectiveness of MerchNinja’s algorithms and data to identify profitable niches, which means that any inaccuracies or outdated information could impact the tool’s effectiveness.

Who is MerchNinja for?

  • MerchNinja is designed for a variety of users who are interested in leveraging the Amazon Merch platform to sell custom-branded products. Some of the key target users include:
  • Content creators and designers: Artists, graphic designers, and other creatives who want to monetize their work by selling custom apparel and products through Amazon Merch can benefit from MerchNinja’s niche research capabilities.
  • Amazon Merch sellers: Existing Amazon Merch sellers who are looking to optimize their product offerings and improve their sales performance can use MerchNinja to identify high-demand, low-competition niches.
  • Online entrepreneurs: Individuals seeking to start or expand their online business through print-on-demand services can utilize MerchNinja to help them find profitable niches in the Amazon Merch marketplace.
  • Digital marketing agencies: Agencies that specialize in helping clients succeed in the Amazon Merch space can use MerchNinja as a tool to streamline their research process and provide valuable insights to clients.
  • E-commerce enthusiasts: Those interested in e-commerce and print-on-demand platforms can use MerchNinja to explore the Amazon Merch market and learn about niche trends and opportunities.

The highlight features of MerchNinja

In summary, Merch Ninja Research is a Merch by Amazon tools for sellers looking to find profitable niches, stay updated on trends, and gain insights into the competitive landscape. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features to help users make informed decisions and optimize their product listings for success.

Trend Research

Trend Research is an essential aspect of succeeding on the Amazon Merch platform. MerchNinja offers two tools for merch by amazon in the Trends module: Top Sales and Top BSR (Best Seller Rank). These tools help users identify niches and brands that are popular among buyers.

Top Sales: This tool sorts designs by their projected sales volume, helping users discover the most frequently sold products.

Top Sales
Top Sales

Top BSR: This tool sorts designs by their current BSR, revealing which products are performing well relative to others in their category.


Infinite scroll is a notable feature in both tools, allowing users to continuously scroll and generate more results without reaching an end.

Understanding the difference between Top Sales and Top BSR is crucial for anyone selling on Amazon, not just Amazon Merch sellers. BSR (Best Seller Rank) is a data point used by Amazon to rank products based on their sales performance relative to other products in the same category. While Top Sales and Top BSR are closely related, they provide slightly different information.

For example, a Baby Yoda listing might rank #1 on Top Sales but #11 on Top BSR. This discrepancy could be due to the historical BSR data of the product. A listing with a low BSR that has been steadily decreasing over the past 30 days might not have the same sales volume as a product with a consistently low BSR during the same period. Consequently, the product with the lower 30-day BSR average may have generated more sales over that time.

Ninja Live Keyword Search

This feature allows users to quickly search for and find relevant designs and products in real-time. With more than 2 million daily updated designs, it makes researching niches faster and more efficient.

Ninja Live Search
Ninja Live Search

Merch Ninja’s Search feature provides you with an up-to-date list of top results based on the search terms you input. It also includes a highly useful “Top Keywords” function that can help you optimize your listings and discover new niches.

To use these merch by amazon research tools feature, follow these steps:

  • Click “Live Search” in the sidebar.
  • Enter a search term or multiple search terms. For multiple words, wrap them in quotation marks like this: “[SEARCH TERMS]”.
  • Click “X Live Search Off” to turn it ON. This will give you real-time data from Amazon.
  • Make sure the “Hide Deleted” button is selected to filter out deleted shirts and keep your data clean.
  • To access the list of Top Keywords associated with your query, click the “Show” button. This information is extremely valuable for optimizing your listings and discovering profitable niches.
Keyword Search
Keyword Search

Trademark Check

Using TM Check is straightforward and efficient. If you want to evaluate existing niches and create unique designs based on them, you can simply copy and paste an ASIN from the niche and click “Load Listing.” Merch Ninja will then import the listing data.

To check for trademarks, double-click the terms you want to examine (this method is required due to the way trademark databases allow queries). You can also set your international territory, focusing on the Amazon market where you intend to sell, to save time by not checking markets you don’t plan to target.

Trademark Check
Trademark Check

To access TM Check, click on the “TM Check” option in the sidebar under “Trademark.” You can either load the content from an existing listing by entering the ASIN into the “ASIN to Scrape” field and clicking “Load Listing,” or you can type the text you want to check into the “Select Your Keywords To Add” textbox.

TM Check
TM Check

Once you have double-clicked the keywords to check for trademarks, set your “Territory” to the market you plan to sell in and click “Check Trademarks.” Review the Keyword Results section for a check or an X, indicating whether the term is trademarked or not.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar feature in Merch Ninja is an excellent tool for Amazon Merch sellers looking to capitalize on trending topics and time-sensitive niches. By focusing on holidays and events that are popular and widely recognized, sellers can tap into the mass consciousness and target people searching for related t-shirts.

Merch Ninja’s Event Calendar is filled with numerous niche ideas tied to various events and holidays. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate through the calendar and find relevant, trending opportunities for design niches.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar

To access the Event Calendar, click on “Events” in the navigation menu. You will see a calendar filled with holidays and events that represent promising design niches. By clicking on a specific day (the box on the calendar), you can view the designs related to that event displayed below the calendar. If you click on the green or red event itself, you will be taken to the “Top Sales” page for that particular niche.

ASIN Tracking

Merch Ninja offers a convenient feature that enables you to track competitor listings or monitor your own listings with ease. All you need to do is copy and paste the ASIN of the listing you want to track.

To add designs to your tracking list, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the link icon in the search results while using other Merch Ninja tools.
  • Click “Tracking” in the sidebar.
  • Click the “+ Add” button.
  • Enter the ASIN in the “ASIN To Scrape” field.
ASIN Tracking
ASIN Tracking

After a few seconds, Merch Ninja will pull data from the listing. Once the listing has been tracked for a period of time, you will be able to access valuable data such as BSR (Best Seller Rank) History and Price History. This information from amazon seller research tools can help you better understand the performance of your listings or gain insights into your competitors’ strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Merch Ninja Research offers a comprehensive competitor analysis feature that allows you to gain valuable insights into the strategies and performance of other sellers in the Amazon Merch marketplace. By providing in-depth information on various aspects of your competitors’ listings, this feature can help you make informed decisions and optimize your own products for better results.

With Merch Ninja Research’s competitor analysis, you can access detailed data on the following aspects of competing listings:

  • Brands: Understand which brands are successful in your target niche and analyze their strategies.
  • Titles: Analyze the titles used by competitors to identify trends and improve your own titles for better visibility.
  • Bullet Points: Study the bullet points used in competing listings to learn how to effectively describe and promote your products.
  • BSR (Best Seller Rank): Monitor the BSR of competitors’ products to gauge their performance relative to others in the same category.
  • Reviews: Keep an eye on customer feedback for competing products to learn from their strengths and weaknesses.
  • First Date Listed: Identify new and established competitors and observe how their strategies evolve over time.
  • Keywords: Examine the keywords used in existing listings to improve your own keyword targeting and optimization.
  • Price and BSR History: Track price and BSR changes over the last 7, 30, or total number of days since the product was listed to understand market trends and pricing strategies.

Support for All Marketplaces

Merch Ninja Research provides comprehensive support for all three major Amazon Merch marketplaces: the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), and Germany (DE). By covering these key markets, the tool allows users to broaden their scope and target multiple audiences, which can lead to increased sales and revenue opportunities.

MerchNinja Pricing

MerchNinja offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to the different needs of users in the Amazon selling tools. Each plan focuses on specific features that can help sellers optimize their product listings and maximize sales.

The BASIC plan, priced at $39.99 per month, provides access to all Amazon merch tools marketplaces, including Germany, UK, and US. It supports all product types, such as shirts, KDP, hoodies, and Popsockets.

For those looking to enhance their keyword research capabilities, the KW-TOOL plan is available at $29.84 per month. This plan covers all MBA marketplaces and provides Amazon Top Seller Keywords, Amazon Search Volume, and Amazon Suggestions.

Finally, the TM-TOOL plan, priced at $23.87 per month, focuses on trademark tools and is available for all MBA marketplaces, including France, Italy, and Spain. This plan offers the fastest trademark check on the market and covers all relevant institutions.

MerchNinja Pricing
MerchNinja Pricing

We highly recommend joining our MerchNinja group buy to unlock this valuable research tool at a fraction of the regular price. Seize this opportunity to enhance your Amazon Merch business and stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: MerchNinja Review

In conclusion, MerchNinja may just be the ultimate tool for Amazon Merch sellers looking to find the best niche opportunities. With its user-friendly interface and powerful data analysis, it takes the guesswork out of niche research and makes it easy to find profitable ideas. So why not try it out for yourself and see how much it can benefit your Amazon Merch business? Who knows, you could be on your way to becoming a MerchNinja in no time!

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