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If you’re planning to promote your podcast efficiently you’ll require a great website. A podcast’s website is your website that you use to drive traffic from sources like email, search engines social media sites, as well as other direct sources. It’s not enough to create a website to showcase your podcast. You require a site that is optimized which converts site viewers to subscribers.

You can design your own distinctive, appealing podcast site that is designed for conversions using the tool for building websites called Podcastpage. This tool will assist you to monetize your website and create engaging content as well as manage content, personalize pages, add RSS feeds, boost your presence on the internet, etc.

After you’ve read this Podcastpage review you’ll be able make an informed choice about whether or not you should build your own website with the platform or choose other options such as WordPress.

Podcastpage Review

The creation and management of podcast websites, without the need for coding is easy with Podcastpage. Podcasters have a wide range of platforms however some are simple or complex. Podcastpage is in between the two extremes. To compare, see how Podcastpage is compared to various other services..

Podcastpage Review

It’s simple even for smaller teams or content creators build their own websites in no time by using the features that let you manage, monitor and develop a loyal podcast following.


  • It includes everything needed for the creation of a podcast website.
  • There is no need to alter the code.
  • Controls such as colors, controls, and an audio player are able to be customizable. Your website pages will display a sticky player or you could choose to integrate the audio player.
  • Import any feed from a podcast site with just one click. When new episodes are released they are automatically being synchronized.
  • The show notes you create can include automated time stamps for each episode and buttons to subscribe to podcasts.
  • Various podcast platforms integration.
  • There are many podcasts that you can listen to.
  • Visitors to the site may leave voice messages.
  • Make use of podcasts on your subdomain or domain.
  • Search optimization of engines and optimization of page speed options.
  • An easy-to-use visual editor lets users to customize and alter the web layout. Layouts, settings and colors can be altered as you wish.
  • The website is responsive, and will will look fantastic no matter what device is used to access the website.
  • There’s no limit on the number of custom pages you can create. You can even make blog pages in addition to podcast episodes.
  • Email marketing services integration to assist in the collection of email subscribers.
  • Integration with other analytical tools.
  • Custom redirect or affiliate links can be added to any URL.
  • Create contact forms.
  • Automated tweets are sent out for each new episode, and add social icons, or use the built-in social sharing option within the player’s audio.

Getting Started

When you sign into your first time you’ll be welcomed by a setup wizard that lets you choose the title of your show, then import your podcast (you can choose to not import it) and select an appropriate theme for your website. Once you’ve finished you will be taken to an editor where a short live tour will guide the basics of how things work.

A subdomain with a branded name is created every when you create a new site on Podcastpage. If you pay for a subscription you can choose to include an individual domain.

To add a podcast it is as easy as clicking under Podcasts and then Add New podcast. You will then be able to locate your podcast by using the search feature or copy and paste an RSS feed’s URL.

Once you have done that, Podcastpage will extract all podcast content and display it on its website. The content will be automatically synced however, you are able to perform it manually.

Account dashboard is simple to navigate, and each choice is well displayed in your left-hand sidebar.

Podcastpage Review

“Danger Zone” “Danger Zone” lets you remove a complete website as well as all pages and blog posts, or even reset your customizations. Be aware that the actions you take within this section aren’t able to be reversed.

Podcastpage Review

The websites you’ve made will be lost forever when you delete them.

To manually add podcast episodes To add podcast episodes manually, navigate into”Podcasts” and click on the “Podcasts” section and then click “Add Episode.”

Podcastpage Review

Podcastpage Review

There will be choices like Episode Title Episode Slug, Audio URL Embed audio player, episode content Episode summary, episode transcript Episode Image Episode Video, Episode Guests and more.


There are just four templates to choose from. They’re pretty similar and use the same styles of headers and footers but specifically made for use in podcasts.

Podcastpage Review

There aren’t a lot of template options for customization. The templates are flexible, which means they’ll look stunning on mobile devices. You can also toggle between four templates and the contents will transfer.


If you’ve ever have used WordPress previously, you’ll be able to recognize the interface. Podcastpage utilizes similar customizing tool that is used by WordPress.

In the section titled “Customize”, you will find Podcastpage settings for customization. There are options such as General Settings, Header & Footer as well as Sidebars, Audio Player Home Page Episodes, Home Podcast Header and many more.

Podcastpage Review

In in the General Settings portion, you can alter the site’s padding and fonts, font sizes, fonts as well as colors. There are a variety of fonts available. The navigation bar will allow you to choose the best fonts to meet your requirements. You’ll be able review all changes that are made instantly as you change changes.

Podcastpage Review

You can alter the colors, fonts, logos and alter your layout options, settings for the audio player etc.

The layout of your episodes as well as header information can be changed in the home page. You can make use of”Custom Homepage Content” in the Customizer to modify your homepage. “Custom Homepage Content” option within the Customizer to alter the homepage further , or even include new sections.

It would be nice to include a drag-and-drop system. It could be something similar to the one WordPress page builders such as Elementor offer , but more simplified. Podcastpage does not require a lot of features.

It is not necessary to waste much time the creation of podcast feeds and episode pages. Podcastpage is an option when you are looking to set up an easy podcast website.

Podcastpage Review

The Podcastpage editor you are able to add download buttons and speed settings, as well as subscribe or share buttons to your player.

Adding Pages

It’s very easy to add and manage pages. Even those who aren’t technologically adept can easily comprehend the process of adding content to website pages with the simple instructions and minimal layout.

To create an additional page, head to pages section. Choose”New Page.” “New Page” option.

Podcastpage Review

After that, you can upload the header image as a background, then add the content of your page, and set the URL for the page, and set the page title.

Podcastpage Review

Podcastpage Review

To edit existing pages, simply select page from the list and then click edit.

Managing Blog

The management of websites is similar to the way you manage your blog. Navigate to the Blog section and click “New Post” whenever you’re ready to make the post. To personalize the post you can include the Post Featured image and Post Content, as well as a Post URL and Post Title and so on. Once you’re done, click Save and Publish, and your post will be live.


The tool for managing podcast projects PodCave and the tool for promotion Headliner can be integrated into Podcastpage. These are only a few examples of the many integrations offered by Podcastpage.

Podcastpage Review

It also works with Disqus If you wish to let users comment on your website content. For integrations with email, it can support MailChimp as well as ConvertKit as well in Google Analytics and HubSpot Analytics for monitoring the performance of your site.

Podcastpage Review

Review imports can be imported and upload podcasts to the Podchaser and include a paid membership on your podcast with Supercast, and so on. In the near future, you can expect a Zapier integration, which opens the door to numerous other integrations.

Some will be disappointed to learn that there are no features for e-commerce and integrations.

Podcast Hosting

Your podcast’s RSS feed could be import in a seamless manner by the podcast hosting service you choose to use. You can make improvements to your podcast’s website using podcastpage’s Audio Player Podcastpage Audio Player, or any other currently available native audio player embedded in the site.

No matter the location where you host your podcast, Podcastpage will fill the specific template with data of your RSS feed in a timely manner. Podcast episodes that are new will sync automatically. If you go to your dashboard and click”Sync RSS Feed. “Sync RSS Feed” button when you want to sync new episodes prior to the regular timeframe.

Podcastpage Review

Podcastpage works to Acast, Anchor, Art 19, Audioboom, Audiostaq, Ausha, bCast, Backtracks, Blogtalkradio, Blubrry, Fireside, Pinecast, SoundCloud, ZenCast, and many more.

Podcastpage Review

The most recent episodes will be first listed the listeners will be able to go to the episode’s website to view any notes you’ve added on the host’s platform.

You can include an audio player natively offered by your podcast hosting provider on the site if you’re happy with it. You may also design your own audio player to provide your listeners with more enjoyable overall experience or wish to emphasize your branding colors.

Podcast Player

You can alter the appearance of the audio player of Podcastpage as you wish. It can be aligned with your branding by changing the appearance and feel.

Podcastpage Review

There are buttons to subscribe lightbox shares, share, rewinds downloads, forwards and more. There are also settings that allow you to change the speed.

Podcastpage Review

Be noted, Podcastpage doesn’t host your podcast audio files. You’ll need an online platform for podcasts to upload your podcast files.

Additional Options

Settings for advanced search engine optimization video, excerpts transcripts, show notes can be added on all your episodes’ pages. If you’d like to let listeners to jump straight to segments, interviews or subjects they are most interested in, you could include datestamps.

You can also design individual redirects to make it simple for your listeners to go to an external website. This is helpful for earning profits through affiliate links, but is can also be useful to point readers to additional reading.

Podcastpage Review

donation button can be added to your Podcastpage website by providing hyperlinks for Buy Me a Coffee, PayPal, Patreon, or other services from third parties.

Podcastpage also works with Supercast. This lets you create periodic payments and to create content exclusively for members of the site. This integration only works if you’re subscribed to Supercast’s Podcast Network subscription. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a fee each month to Supercast each month for each user who subscribes.

Podcastpage Pricing

Podcastpage offers 3 paid subscription plans on Podcastpage that can be paid annually or monthly. There isn’t a free option that is available Podcastpage provides a 14-day trial period for free. You can try out the features prior to signing up to a specific plan.

Most of Podcastpage features are available in the Podcaster plan which starts at just $12 per month. You can make endless podcasts, blogs posts and pages. You can also create a unique domain for your site and affiliate links as well as search optimization tools, customized audio players, and automated site updates.

The Business plan ($18/month) is ideal to those who have multiple professional podcasts. There are options for many podcasts, professional integrations, as well as other useful features.

Enterprise package is available to podcasting networks, podcast producers and larger corporations and agencies. To find out the price, you’ll be required to speak with.

Podcastpage Review Conclusion

Podcast creators who wish to keep an online archive of their podcasts and also have an operational website, you aren’t going to be disappointed by Podcastpage. It comes with some unique and exciting features.

It shouldn’t take too time to establish your website’s base. All you require is an idea and a link with your show. The result will be a simple yet efficient website for your podcast.

Making a complete website for your podcast can be accomplished quickly and easily using Podcastpage. You can tweak your site to improve conversions in terms of growth on the internet, as well as the user experience.

Everyone, regardless of their level can utilize Podcastpage to build their own website for podcasts. It’s simple to alter each of the backend and frontend sections.

With minor problems, Podcastpage is reasonably priced and easy to use and appropriate for the majority of users.

If you’d prefer to opt for an WordPress Podcast theme I would suggest you look into Bolden theme reviews along with The Dixie theme or Satchmo themes.

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