SmartScout Review – The Best Amazon Research Tool

SmartScout Review - The Best Amazon Research Tool

Here is our SmartScout Review for your reading pleasure. SmartScout is a platform that provides you with all of the information and metrics you need to optimize your platform and expand your business.

What is SmartScout?

SmartScout is a great tool that offers a multitude of options to help Amazon sellers optimize their listings. It is more expensive than comparable instruments on the market and might be daunting for novices.

SmartScout Review - Homepage
SmartScout Review – Homepage

Why should you use SmartScout?

The simplicity of navigating one’s way through SmartScout is something that deserves to be lauded. With such a vast quantity of information at my disposal, it would have been simple for me to become disoriented, but SmartScout’s search functionality and menu bar that is simple to navigate through ensured that I never got lost. It is now simple to locate the results you require in a short amount of time thanks to the numerous keyword searches and subcategories via which you may filter your search results.

Aside from some minor criticisms, the website in question is user-friendly, straightforward, and quick to navigate.

Pros and Cons of SmartScout


  • User-friendly and searchable
  • More features than competitors
  • User-friendly on various platforms


  • With some of their layout oddities, a lot of information can be intimidating.
  • Pricier than similar products
  • Few accounting/bookkeeping features

Features of SmartScout?

In this SmartScout Review, we will explore some strengths that separate SmartScout from other tools.

Worldwide Seller Map

The seller map tool is laid out like a massive map, and it allows you to zoom in and out of different regions as needed. Businesses that are looking for a certain vendor in a particular location that can meet their requirements can benefit from using this service. It assisted me in locating vendors who might require my assistance with advertising or who might be able to assist me with your advertising.
SmartScout Review
This tool allows for a great deal of searchability and can be browsed quickly through a wide variety of search phrases and filters. There will not be a lack of matches to the specific things that you are hoping to locate in a vendor in any way, shape, or form. I could see this technology quickly becoming indispensable to the expansion of my company.

Brand Search Tool

This tool provides sellers with a comprehensive view of companies that sell on Amazon, including what products they offer, their size in relation to monthly income, their amazon in-stock rate, average selling prices, and other relevant data. This database also allows for simple searches to be conducted by brand or category.
SmartScout Review
You have the option of entering all of the particulars regarding the kind of brand you are interested in locating, and the tool will generate results that match all of your criteria and provide you with information regarding those brands. When I was looking for the brands that have the highest ratings, are the best sellers, and will compete for most with others, as well as those that will compete most with amazon in terms of stock availability, this was a very helpful resource. It provided me with a preview of which brands to buy from or sell for before I dove headfirst into the industry.

Full Product Database

This instrument is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. On a single screen, you can have an overview of anywhere from 500 to 5000 different products. I will admit that it may be rather stressful at times. Still, it is quite an asset. You may get an instantaneous view of any product. You will be able to view photographs of the product as well as a score that is based on how the product itself was evaluated.
SmartScout Review
Because there is a significant amount of content to process all at once, this useful tool, thankfully, also features an extensive search function. As a seller who is attempting to create my selling platform and determine what products will have a high rate of success, I found this to be incredibly helpful. I was successful in locating the ideal items for the inventory of my Amazon business.

Private Label FBA Calculator

If you are a new seller on Amazon, you may already be painfully aware of how much of your business’s profit might be seized by Amazon if you use Amazon for your fulfillment and if it is not done correctly. This is especially true if you do not follow Amazon’s guidelines. I am sure that I did. Utilizing this tool will assist you in completing the task in the most effective manner. The FBA Calculator on SmartScout will break down the FBA costs for each product, allowing you to understand precisely what it is that you are paying for and ensuring that you aren’t paying for any expenses that aren’t essential.

Priority Onboarding

The onboarding process can be sped up by using a third-party logistics provider, which can also help you get a head start on the competition.

Traffic Graph

This is yet another essential component of SmartScout that, at first glance, may appear to be an excessive amount of work. But more importantly, this tool will show you where to advertise your business and how to market your products in the most effective way. The graph provided me with a glance at the revenue forecasts, product scores, and other information about my products. It also showed me what other items are usually purchased together with products.
SmartScout Review
Because of this, I am now aware of the most effective methods for marketing my wares, as well as the kinds of products that I may wish to add to my inventory in the future in order to complement the products that I now offer.

SmartScout Price & Plan

As previously stated, there are three pricing tiers available for SmartScout subscriptions. The monthly cost ranges from $97 to $197. Enterprise is available for you to discuss pricing with the sales team at SmartScout. If you pay annually, you can save up to 20% on your subscription. Pricing appears to be the most contentious issue among SmartScout’s customer base.

SmartScout Review - SmartScout Price
SmartScout Review – SmartScout Price

If you want to try SmartScout at a more affordable price, you can visit Group Buy SmartScout.

Conclusion – SmartScout Review

To sum up my SmartScout Review, SmartScout provides a vast array of services at a reasonable price for the sort of resources acquired. It is beneficial to a new seller who is attempting to create their platform and expand their brand.

I feel it may come down to your budget and the level of service you are ready to sacrifice. Overall, SmartScout is a valuable product that gives a great deal for the price.

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