Spamzilla Review – The Best Domain Database on the market

Spamzilla Review - The Best Domain Database On The Market

Welcome to our Spamzilla Review. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to buy a quality expired domain with the help of Spamzilla – one of the best program that locates and qualifies expired and abandoned domains.

What is Spamzilla?

SpamZilla is one of the few domain databases available that includes backlink data, which can be used to identify domains with high SEO value. When it comes to screening out domains that have been misused or abused, this is critical.

Spamzilla Homepage
Spamzilla Homepage

Spamzilla is a cloud tool that searches website auctions and listings of expired domains to categorize mistreated domains. First, we search GoDaddy Auctions, Pending Delete, GoDaddy Closeouts, Fully Expired, SnapNames and NameJet auctions and APIs from Majestic, Ahref and Moz to retrieve each domain’s backlinks, metrics, and text links. The cloud program will next scan Wayback Machine,, and to see if the domain was previously used for PBNs or spam. The software screens URLs and creates a report.

After filters, checking, and analysis, Spamzilla gives a 1 to 100 score. A score of 1 indicates a super-clean site, whereas 100 indicates spam. Under 20 is safe. In some cases, a domain with a score below 20 may constitute spam. There are patchy domains that score above 20 yet are generally clean. Simply put, keep your eyes open when inspecting domains. Filters are internal rules.

What are expired domains and why we should make use of them?

An expired domain is one that has not been renewed by its owner, leaving it accessible for registration again. These domains may have SEO value, which will save you time and money.
There are three ways to benefit from expired domains:

  • Building Authority or Niche Sites: Building a content-rich site on a powerful expired domain may be enough to get you on Google’s first page without doing any work.
  • Building a Private Blog Network: Expired domains can be used to create a large number of high-quality, authoritative websites. They can help you rank your website and increase search traffic to it.
  • 301 Redirects: You can also take the expired domain 301 redirect it to your main site. This will immediately transfer a big portion of the expired domain’s link juice and authority to your site.

Pros and Cons of Spamzilla

There are two sides to every coin. Nothing is perfect and this tool is not an exception.


  • Price wins.
  • It displays DNS history as well as the number of domains that have been dropped.
  • It has a WayBack Exporting tools


  • Domains that have been checked require a second inspection.
  • It’s only a matter of time before they boost their prices.
  • The free edition has very limited functionality.

Features of Spamzilla

  • Backlinks Miner

You definitely want great authority backlinks if you’re going to the process of purchasing an expired domain. Spamzilla will crawl 100+ backlinks per domain and offer you with the necessary analysis to locate high-quality, powerful backlinks, as the name implies. Because each circumstance is different, you must first determine the suitable backlink quality and then devote time to locate the best match.

Backlinks Miner
Backlinks Miner

This tool is priceless, as we all know how important quality backlinks are for SEO. You can rapidly visit the sites that backlinks originate from to determine their relevancy and quality. Some will direct you to pbvious spam sites, which is a good indication to stay away and move on.

  • Expired Domain Spam Detection

Spamzilla’s sophisticated automatic spam checking technology (basically a proprietary algorithm) offers you the confidence to choose an expired domain name that will serve as a vital SEO strategy for increasing your site’s authority. Spamzilla creates an exact image of the quality of an expired domain by examining backlink data, past site-specific data, and countless other data points. You can buy with confidence now that you know the expired domain is spam-free. The Spamzilla Score is calculated here as well. The score is calculated using the following information:

  1. Backlink History — evaluating the link origin’s quality, DR, and other factors
  2. Anchor Text – consider the quality and frequency of use.
  3. Redirects – an excessive number of redirects can be a sign of abuse.
  4. Domain Age is a variable component that is determined by a mixture of other data.
  5. Using to see how many times the domain has been registered, active history
  • Advanced Filters

This is where you may make changes to your search. You can choose from over 70 different data filters from 5 distinct sources. To some, this may seem excessive, but this is where you will ultimately find what you are seeking for, so take your time now! What you put in determines what you receive out.

Advanced Filters
Advanced Filters

It’s fantastic that you can filter data using Ahrefs, Moz, or other similar services, as you may already be familiar with their data metrics.

  • Additional SEO Tools

Before you spend any money on an expired domain or at auction there as a few SEO tools that will help you complete your research.

  1. Domain Availability Checker – now this might seem obvious but no point trying to buy something if it isn’t for sale!
  2. Private Domains – You can even check your own personal list of domains with Spamzill as expired domain tools.
  3. Registrar Comparison – Check domain name pricing between registrars.
  4. Wayback Exporter – This tool allows you to easily and quickly download an entire site in HTML.

Compare Spamzilla price with Share Tool’s Spamzilla price

Spamzilla Price & Plan

Spamzilla Price
Spamzilla Price

Spamzilla price currently has 2 options.

Free Plan

$0/ a month

  • Review Only 25 Domains

Standard Plan

$37/ a month

  • Full Access Millions Of Expired Domains
  • Automated Spam Checking
  • Domain Backlink Data
  • 1850 Credits For Custom Domain Lists
  • 70+ Database Filters
  • Newly Added Domains Emailed Daily

Group buy Spamzilla price from Sharetool

If you want to try Spamzilla Standard Plan but you don’t have much money, don’t worry. We have group buy Spamzilla Standard Plan from $7.

Spamzilla Review
Sharetool Price

To meet the budgets and needs of our customers, we offer the following Spamzilla Standard package.

$7/ a month or $19/ 3 months or $70/ a year

You will receive:

  • Full Access Millions Of Expired Domains
  • Automated Spam Checking
  • Domain Backlink Data
  • 185 Credits For Custom Domain Lists per month ( each user)
  • 70+ Database Filters
  • Newly Added Domains Emailed Daily

Conclusion – Spamzilla Review

Spamzilla does an excellent job of verifying domain names and provides you with a wealth of data from the most popular and effective SEO tools, which would cost significantly more if purchased separately. Furthermore, Spamzilla is always adding new expired names to their database, making your work of finding fantastic ones much easier.

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