Ubersuggest Review – Free Keyword Tool, Generate More Suggestions

Ubersuggest Review - Free Keyword Tool, Generate More Suggestions

Ubersuggest is a great option. This Ubersuggest review will cover everything you need to know from the beginning.

The main features of the SEO Tool will be revealed to you, including keywords, backlinks and traffic features.

We will discuss the features and price for each section, as well as user support, and let you know whether the software is worth it.

After reading this Ubersuggest review, you will be able to better assess whether the SEO software is right and suitable for your business.

What is Ubersuggest ?

Bought back in 2017, Ubersuggest is an SEO tool which is currently owned by Neil Patel. This tool has started becoming popular in the late 2019 period when Neil Patel started offering a large percentage of the features of this tool for free which you can only expect to use in the premium tools like Ahrefs & Semrush.

Later on with constant publicity and frequent changes and development in the tool, it has become one of the most widely used and popular SEO tools you can find and a good alternative for industry leading tools Ahrefs & Semrush at a cheap price.

Using this tool you can do a lot of tasks that can improve your SEO of your website like keyword research, link building and finding new content ideas and also identify and fix SEO errors, etc.

Ubersuggest is known as an SEO software and marketing keyword tool. It has a large database of keywords and content ideas that will help your business rank higher in search engines.

You can track your website and that of your competitor, receive updates about the SEO performance of your site, and how it ranks.But, this is only the beginning. The SEO tool also comes with many valuable features that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Let’s come to the next section of Ubersuggest review

How does Ubersuggest work ?

In the next section of Ubersuggest review, we want to provide about how does this tool work.

Go to Ubersuggest, and enter your query in the query field. Because we are doing keyword research on one of our WordPress niche blogs.

We will simply enter the Keyword “WordPress plugin”, select my target country and target market in the query field.

Click on “Suggest” to see a list of Keyword suggestions.

Click on any Keyword you like to see more. To get more ideas or Keywords that are relevant to your needs, click the plus button. It will add the Keyword to your list.

Take a look at this image to get a better understanding.

Ubersuggest Overview
Ubersuggest Overview

You can now create posts using keywords extracted from this Keyword suggestion tool.

To ensure that these posts rank higher in searches, you can refer to the following guides:

  • How to perform On-page SEO for any Target Keyword
  • SEO Copywriting Tips for First-Timer

Ubersuggest is a great tool for quick keyword-based post idea.

Pros and Cons of Ubersuggest

Every tool has own advantages and disadvantages, Ubersuggest is a tool like this. In the section of Ubersuggest review, we will detail all information about pros and cons of Ubersuggest

The pros

  • Gives 8-9 trials in the free version.
  • Intuitive User-Interface.
  • Provides the exact search volume of the keyword.
  • Segmented search volume on Device, Age, and Demography.
  • Tells clicks and No clicks.
  • Figuring out competition.
  • In exploring high-performance blog ideas.
  • Exploring keywords.

The cons

  • Inaccurate Domain Score and Backlink Checker.
  • Ubersuggest website audit is not worthy of your time.
  • Page views indicator is NOT accurate.
  • SEO difficulty is inaccurate.
  • No data on SERP analysis.

Features of Ubersuggest

This Ubersuggest review will provide you all features of it.


Ubersuggest Dashboard
Ubersuggest Dashboard

The first thing you will do when using Ubersuggest will be to fill out the details on your user dashboard. Depending on your plan you have, you can add different websites, organic keywords and projects to the dashboard.

Enter your website URL, and choose the keywords you wish to track. Connect your Google Search Console account to it. This will allow you to monitor your progress and gain insights.

After you have entered the site details, the dashboard will display metrics such as backlinks, traffic numbers and keywords.

This report includes a score for search engine optimization (SEO), and a breakdown of SEO issues on your site.

All of these are displayed on the main dashboard page once you log in.

Rank tracking

Rank tracking
Rank tracking

The rank tracking section provides more information about the projects that you have added to the dashboard. You can also receive updates on keywords that you track, and data via charts which will show you whether your rank has changed.

It is possible to export your data into CSV files and change and add keywords. You can also track by country and date range.

This section shows you the rank tracking page. It contains details about the keywords and projects that you have entered in the software.

Site Audit

Site Audit
Site Audit

Site Audit is the last section of the dashboard category. It’s a useful feature that checks the health of your website for any warnings, errors, or recommendations.

The software will retrieve the required data by entering your website URL in the search field. The test takes approximately ten minutes. After the test is completed, you will be emailed a report that shows your website’s SEO health.

Ubersuggest’s Site Audit feature is very useful. You can click on an SEO issue and it will show you how to fix it.

You will be given a difficulty score to help you fix the problem. You also get speed scores for mobile and desktop versions of your website.



The keywords category for the tool breaks down into five main sections. Each section performs a different feature for the SEO tool.

Let’s take a look at each one.

Keywords Overview

You can enter keywords into the software’s keyword overview area. It will return a detailed breakdown of the keyword.

This image shows the top of a report that you get when you enter the keyword “surfboards” into the tool. The following information and metrics are available for keyword:

  • Search volume – displays how many searches the keyword has each month
  • SEO Difficulty – how hard it will be to rank for the keyword organically (the lower the number, the easier it will be to target)
  • Paid Difficulty – estimates how many people are competing in paid search for the keyword
  • PPC Cost – how much it costs on average to pay for the CPC (cost per click)

You will receive the estimated number of backlinks that a website has for the keyword “” and the average domain authority score.

You will find the graphical view of desktop and mobile traffic, as well as the number people who clicked on the search results. You can also see the age range of people searching for the main keyword and the range of related keywords.

To get more keyword ideas, you can choose the tabs that provide related words, questions and prepositions.

Keyword ideas

Keyword ideas
Keyword ideas

This section gives you information about the keyword and suggests other keywords that may be related.

You can assign them a score between 0 and 100, with 100 being most difficult. Filter the results to filter for easy, medium and hard.

Clicking on the keyword “search results” will bring up the top ten pages related to the keyword. This page shows you how much traffic your site is receiving, the number and authority of domain links, as well as social shares.

Copy the results to a clipboard, or save them as an Excel file.

Keywords By Traffic

Keywords By Traffic
Keywords By Traffic

You can enter any domain name you like and find the top-ranking keywords the website is ranking for. This feature is useful for finding keywords the website ranks for and can also help you find hidden gems.

When you click the search result button you will see the top ten results. You can also filter the results and export them as a CSV.

Similar Websites

Similar Websites
Similar Websites

You will see a list of websites that are similar to yours if you type a domain name in the search bar. This is a useful feature because you can choose the view all’ option to view each website’s keywords and then select the ‘keywords gaps’ option which will show you keywords your website is ranking for, but not the website’s.

You can also see the number of backlinks each website has and how much traffic they have for your keyword.

Content Ideas

Content Ideas
Content Ideas

The content ideas section is the last section of the keyword area. The SEO tool will show you a list with the most popular content for your keyword. This feature is a must-have in any Ubersuggest review.

This will give you the estimated number of visitors to your page as well as the number backlinks that it receives from other sites.


The traffic area on the tool has two sections — traffic overview and top pages by traffic.

Traffic Overview


Traffic Overview
Traffic Overview

Traffic overview is a full page view of the traffic for a specific website or page. You receive information on one page regarding the organic traffic, backlinks, domain authority, keywords, and the most popular content.

You get graphs and charts, and like most features in Ubersuggest, you can filter the information by country.

Top pages by traffic

Top pages by traffic
Top pages by traffic

The most visited pages in terms of traffic are the top pages. You will only see a list of pages that have the highest traffic for the website you are visiting.

You can view all keywords generated traffic to this page by selecting the “view all” option in the specific results.


The backlink category for Ubersgguest consists of two sections — backlink overview and backlink opportunity.

Backlink overview

Backlink overview
Backlink overview

You will see a page with backlink data when you type a domain name in the search box for this section. This page shows you how many backlinks each web page has.

The domain authority, referring domains and number of backlinks are all displayed. You can also view lost and new backlinks for each result.

You can now view all backlinks by URL, and filter them with follow or no-follow.

Backlink opportunity

Backlink opportunity
Backlink opportunity

Backlink opportunities allow you to add a competitor domain name. It will then find backlinks linking to at least two of your competitors. This is because they may already be linking to similar sites, so you will have a greater chance of getting back to them.

Click on the “top backlink” button to get the URL of the website that displays the backlink.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy Ubersuggest price at Share Tool

Are you curious about the pricing of this tool ? In Ubersuggest Review, you will get detailed of how much it cost.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest Pricing
Ubersuggest Pricing

You can open an account Ubersuggest free, and you will receive three free searches per day. You can However, you will find it frustrating because three searches isn’t a lot, and you’ll run out very quickly.

Ubersuggest is a freemium tool, it has 2 different pricing plans, monthly and lifetime. We think ubersuggest is the only seo tool which offers a lifetime subscription deal.

With each plans, there are 3 options you can choose. The first, Individual is for entrepreneurs & small businesses. It costs $12 per month, you can manage 1-3 websites. The second, Business is suitable for small & medium businesses. It costs $20 per month, you can manage 4-7 websites. The third, Enterprise / Agency is for Large Businesses & agencies. With $40 per month, you can manage 8+ websites.

Price of group buy Ubersuggest

Price of group buy Ubersuggest
Price of group buy Ubersuggest

We don’t offer Ubersuggest trial, buy don’t worry if you don’t have enough money, Ubersuggest group buy will help you!

Our Ubersuggest package has 4 pricing plans, include weekly with only $4, monthly with $8, three months with $20 and annual with $80.

You will get Ubersuggest shared account.

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • Most people don’t want expensive tools in their daily life. A group buying toolkit has been created to help groups buy at better price.
  • We pay the developer and then we get the account. Then we share it through our system so that others can also use it.
  • Our price are better but still bring you optimal utility.

Conclusion of Ubersuggest Review

While researching and testing the SEO software for this Ubersuggest Review, we were pleasantly surprised by how well the tool works. It’s fast when performing one report at a time, and the ability to find keywords, backlinks, and content ideas is excellent.

You have excellent support, great features, and a price that’s cheaper than most competitors. The only downside for us to the Ubersuggest tool is the number of projects you’re allowed on the basic plan, but I suppose that’s a small price to pay for a tool that’s inexpensive and full of features.

Overall, Ubersuggest is an excellent SEO tool.

Thank you for reading this Ubersuggest review. If you have different idea, please give some comments below.

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What is Semrush ?

Semrush is a complete digital marketing research tool that helps you to understand precisely how and where your competitors have found success, so that you can replicate it for your business as well.


Semrush pricing

  • Pro : $119.95 /month
  • Guru : $229.95 /month
  • Business : $449.95 /month

Group buy Semrush Guru

  • Trial : $2
  • Weekly : $10
  • Monthly : $20

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