Ultimate Post Kit Review – Best Post Addon For Elementor?

Ultimate Post Kit Review

Ultimate Post Kit addon is the ideal choice for those who has blog content and uses Elementor page builders. It includes all the widgets needed to make blog posts that appeal to users.

Ultimate Post Kit allows you to efficiently manage your website’s content with the simple drag-and-drop feature, without need for programming skills. It was designed to drive greater traffic on your site and to improve user experience.

With this Elementor add-on It lets you make stunning designs for news, blogs magazines, etc. It includes widgets that include the grid widget, carousel timeline, slider lists, and many other widgets.

This Ultimate Post Kit review, I’ll show you the various features available and the differences between professional and free versions, and its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look.

Ultimate Post Kit Review

It’s easy to build your own unique website that is high-quality and professional with the help of Ultimate Post Kit. The drag-and-drop interface lets you build any kind of blogs, news, magazines as well as other sites.

Ultimate Post Kit

A single website section may contain several layouts for blogs. They will help you achieve the perfect balance between appearance and function. It will be easy designing the blog you imagined.

Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit

It can turn ordinary websites into stunning designs with the help of its customizable menu. The options are endless. You can easily build a unique blog site by playing around with different forms colours, shapes, and other elements.

What Widgets Are Included?

There are more than 40 different widgets that are included, including the author’s name, news ticker Newsletter, Post Accordion recent comments, social shares and post calendars, sliders grid, and more.


  • The Ramble Grid Widget with only minimal details initially visible. When hovering, you will see all the information related to it.
  • RAMBLE Carousel It’s the Ramble Grid, except in the form of a carousel.
  • Alter Grid It uses the traditional blog style , which displays the details clearly laid out in the grid.
  • Alter Carousel Alter Carousel HTML0 Similar features to Alter grid widget, but in the carousel fashion.
  • Hazel Grid – High-quality graphics are the focus with easy additional styles such as title and category.
  • Hazel Carousel – The settings and overall design are the same as for that of the Hazel Grid. The main distinction is the fact that it uses the carousel design.
  • Alex Grid – Content blocks that have attractive glassmorphism effects can be seen just above images.
  • Alex Carousel Carousel style of the Alex grid.
  • Elite Grid Elite Grid Diverse titles featuring excerpts and high-quality images.
  • Elite Carousel – It is basically what you would call the Elite Grid widget in a carousel design.
  • Alice Grid – Create blog posts that are compact and provide the most information and aren’t a lot of space.
  • Alice Carousel – Make use of it to create blogs that publish related topics in a carousel fashion.
  • Maple Grid– It displays the date, excerpt post type tags, categories, as well as any other pertinent information.
  • Maple Carousel – The carousel-like version that is part of Maple Grid widget. Maple Grid widget.
  • Buzz List – List posts that use an invisible cover image hidden beneath the white background that is displayed when hover.
  • Buzz List Carousel Carousel variant of the Buzz List widget.
  • Harold List Posts are displayed as lists. This makes it easier to present visitors with useful content that is logically.
  • Harold List Carousel This is a carousel-based version that is a carousel version of Harold List.
  • Paradox Slider – Reactive attractive image sliders featuring an arrow-style, full-width feature as well as overlay color features and scrollbar styles, among others.
  • News Ticker Your blog site could have mini post-presentations as you’ve seen on television in news shows.
  • accordion – The well-known accordion effect can be used to draw attention towards your web page.
  • Category – A blog-based widget that lists the number of posts posted for categories.
  • Categorial Carousel Show categories with a carousel-like style.
  • Amox Grid When page backgrounds are hovered over the widget’s default hover design will transform that background into a custom-designed style.
  • Amox Carousel – This is a carousel variant of the Amox Grid widget.
  • Tag Cloud – Displays post tags in an attractive way.
  • Oras Timeline – Anyone who is a fan of flow charts for displaying the events, pages or even posts will benefit from this tool.
  • Featured List – Show a specific blog post as featured and showing the other post.
  • Author Authors of blogs are presented in a way that is appealing.
  • Tiny List With this widget, visitors are able to navigate through blog posts. It acts as a page navigation tool and also a blog assistant.
  • Social Share Social Share – Offers a social sharing features.
  • Newsletter collect email addresses of visitors and build email lists.
  • Fanel List Display post list that contains various information on the content in a stunning manner.
  • Camux Slider – This sleek slider widget is unique.
  • Crystal Slider – Visitors to your site can enjoy the backgrounds of your pages as they read the content of the blog.
  • Scott List – The blog entries are presented in a list format with basic information as well as counter numbers positioned on posts’ images.
  • Noxe Slider A minimalist slider that provides information free of distractions, with high-resolution images.
  • Recent Comment Display the most recent comments made by visitors to the site.
  • Skide Slider – Small content delivery as well as a full-width background are among the key characteristics.
  • Social Count Static Shows the number of likes, followers, and views for your social media accounts.
  • Reading Progress – Widget that displays the percentage of progress you’ve made as you scroll.

Ultimate Post Kit


  • Traditional List Gorgeous list of post, with images of the first post larger and with information.
  • Kalon Grid Grid featuring large post images that have names and other information shown within the photos.
  • Kalon Carousel This is the Kalon Grid widget in an animated carousel model.
  • Pixina Grid – A sleek grid that has an elegant and modern board view.
  • Pixina Carousel Carousel variation of the Pixina Grid widget.
  • Wixer Grid Grid : A fancy grid layout that allows posts are displayed in a way that’s guaranteed to draw attention.
  • Wixer Carousel The sister edition of Wixer Grid widget, in the carousel design.
  • Hansel Slider Slider layout designed for the homepage , with stunning images and delivery of content.
  • Slider Optick Slider with vibrant counters, buttons and categories. Animation with blurred images may be added.
  • Holux Tabs – This widget is a great way to promote posts coming up.
  • Forbes Tabs – A simple layout and bright tabs can highlight the posts.
  • Grove Timeline – A timeline with randomized design to display posts.
  • Snap Timeline This widget is based on time and has a contemporary layout.
  • Soft Timeline A tree-formation timeline layout widget.
  • Post Calendar – Widget which displays post content according to date.
  • Social Link Display hyperlinks that connect to social accounts. This widget is currently supported by more than 30 websites for social networking. Utilize different shapes, custom colors, boxes and vibrant icons to display your social media icons.
  • Welsh List – A timestamp which includes the date on which a specific blog post was first published. This widget lets you highlight upcoming blog posts, and also serves as a calendar on your website.
  • Atlas Slider

Ultimate Post Kit Settings

When you have installed the plugin, you’ll be presented with a variety of tabs. Under the “Core Widgets” tab you can disable or enable specific widgets that you plan to use.

Ultimate Post Kit

Under the “Extensions” tab you can choose to enable animations under “API Settings” you can type in the your Mailchimp API key if intend to collect emails from website visitors.

“Other Settings” tab “Other Settings” tab lets you enable Category Image (if you need to display category images inside your editors) and Video Link Meta (if you want to show videos on your website).

Based on the Post Kit widget you use You will have more or less choices when editing using Elementor.

Ultimate Post Kit

When using Elementor in Elementor for Ultimate Post Kit widgets, under the “Content” tab, you will find Layout and Query widgets, as well as Navigation and more. Layout is where you alter the post height, the maximum width of your content section, modify alignment, etc.

Ultimate Post Kit

Under the Query tab, you can, for example, set the number of posts displayed in the display. The source could be chosen from pages or posts. You can display tags, categories and also decide the order in which the posts.

Some widgets may include the navigation section, where you can activate autoplay, set autoplay’s speed, turn on hover and set the animation speed etc.

The Style tab lets you alter or modify the appearance. The options include color settingsas well as paddings, borders, etc. There are several sections available on this tab.


The plugin is available as two versions: a free and a paid version. The free version is download through WordPress’s repository. WordPress repository and the paid version is available on the official site as a one-time or yearly plan. The features are the same regardless of which plan you purchase. The only difference is the amount of websites which you are able to use (and whitelabel is only available on an Unlimited package).

Annually paid plans start at $15 per year, while lifetime plans include a one-time fee starting at $49.99 per website.

Ultimate Post Kit Review Conclusion

There are a variety of excellent Elementor extensions available, such as Stratum, Master Addons, Plus Addons, Jet Plugins, Element Pack Pro, and many more. These addons come with a variety of widgets that can be used for any types of applications. However, Ultimate Post Kit targets especially blog pages by providing widgets are not available in other addons.

Ultimate Post Kit’s widgets can be highly customizable and simple to utilize. They can be used for a variety of purposes. Grid-type and carousel layouts are easy to create.

The Timeline widgets allow you to display posts based on dates. This is great for attracting attention.

It’s often difficult to add multiple authors on the same blog. Ultimate Post Kit eliminates the hassle and confusion through allowing users to quickly make a simple author page.

There are numerous carousel and grid-style widgets that can present your site’s content in an elegant manner. They are truly stunning.

This plugin was created specifically for the Page Builder therefore, it comes with the same drag-drop feature.

You don’t have to fret about site speed because Ultimate Post Kit won’t slow down your website. It shouldn’t cause noticeable speed or performance issues for your site.

The plugin has an modular design, which means you can only enable widgets you’d like to utilize or turn off widgets you don’t use in the future.

Many companies rely on blogging to draw people to their website which is why Ultimate Post Kit can help you in this. I recommend that you download the free version first and then see what you think of the application. You can always upgrade to the premium version.

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