VideoGameSuite Review – The Best Gamification Lead System

VideoGameSuite Review - The Best Gamification Lead System

Here is our VideoGameSuite Review for your reading pleasure. VideoGameSuite is a platform that creates fun lead games that help your brand faster.

What is VideoGameSuite?

VideoGameSuite is a revolutionary “video gamification” cloud-based program that churns up enticing video lead games that blow up your email marketing lists or the email marketing lists of your clients. You will be able to offer a much-requested service to local businesses thanks to the agency rights that come packaged with this cutting-edge marketing suite. Additionally, you will be able to manage a gamification lead agency.

VideoGameSuite Review - Homepage
VideoGameSuite Review – Homepage

Building your list is essential to being successful in operating an internet business full-time; yet, traditional opt-ins, squeeze pages, and pop-ups aren’t as effective as they once were.

How Does VideoGameSuite Works?

  • Step 1: Determine Which Game You Would Like to Use to Construct a List With.

Choose from VidScratch, CraneClaw, Memory, Slot Machine, Cup, and Break Dance, all of which are incredibly addicting video games, in order to get started accumulating leads and creating your email list. To begin the process of personalizing your game, you may either start from a DFY template or from scratch by using the ‘blank canvas editor.’

  • Step 2: Create Your Own Game Options.

Create your own scratch games by adding different fonts, emojis, buttons, graphics, layered backgrounds, page load animations, and more to the game. Additionally, decide which autoresponder the leads will be sent to, what reward they will get, and which video they will interact with in order to get their email address.

  • Step 3: Embed Your for Play Anywhere.

Once your game is pasted into a webpage (desktop or mobile), visitors can play it to see if they won or lost and to learn all the specifics of their prize. Visitors can choose from hand-chosen or randomly picked gifts, and the chance they will win can be customized from 0-100 percent.

  • Step 4: The Visitor Watches Your Video and Wins a Prize.

The visitor will then have the option of watching a movie that encourages them to give their email address in order to obtain their free gift, which might be a coupon, lead magnet, consultation, etc. They will be directed to a thank you page that you can personalize or link to, which includes information about their gift and more about your company.
I strongly advise you to scroll down to the next section of my VideoGameSuite Review and check the demo video to have a better grasp of how VideoGameSuite functions specifically.

Pros and Cons of VideoGameSuite


  • For 3x more leads, ditch low-converting opt-in forms and popups.
  • Any video can boost lead game conversions (includes DFY video hosting).
  • The software creates six compelling video lead games that boost opt-ins and revenues.
  • Create games with DFY, modifiable templates, including local specialist ones.
  • Drag-and-drop to create lead games and video thank you sites.


  • More features require at least 1 upsell.

Features of VideoGameSuite?

Create Different Types of Addictive Lead Games

Choose from six different types of addictive lead games to build your list with and get sales.

Create Different Types of Addictive Lead Games
Create Different Types of Addictive Lead Games

Advanced Drag/Drop Interface

Drag/drop your way to amazing lead games cards and video thank you pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images, and add different layers with a click of a mouse.

Advanced Drag/Drop Interface
Advanced Drag/Drop Interface

Add Any Video + DFY Video Cloud Hosting

Add your own videos or use someone else’s to encourage visitors to hand over their best email address and contact info in exchange for their prize.

Add Any Video + DFY Video Cloud Hosting
Add Any Video + DFY Video Cloud Hosting

We’ll even host your videos for you with cloud hosting abilities.

DFY Templates in the Hottest Niches

Create video lead games in just minutes with several DFY, editable templates. Includes “general” game templates, plus hot local niches like plumber, dentist, salon, and more.

Fully Customizable w/ 100s of Options

Get 100s of fonts, add emojis, buttons, graphics, layered backgrounds, page load animations, and more to make your scratch games come to life. Visitors will want to play multiple times leading to more sales because the game seems realistic!

Fully Customizable w/ 100s of Options
Fully Customizable w/ 100s of Options

Customize Win Probability and Multi-Prize options

Can customize the chance someone will win from 0-100% and provide random prizes to visitors. This encourages repeat playing of the game for more sales.

Customize Win Probability and Multi-Prize options
Customize Win Probability and Multi-Prize options

Mobile-Friendly – Embed Anywhere You Want

VideoGameSuite works with all landing page solutions and works for both desktop and mobile visitors. Just copy your code and paste it anywhere you want to start making sales.

Mobile-Friendly - Embed Anywhere You Want
Mobile-Friendly – Embed Anywhere You Want

Awesome Audio Effects

With just a click of your mouse, add casino sound effects to any of your games to really make them come to life!

Awesome Audio Effects
Awesome Audio Effects

VideoGameSuite Price & Plan

As you can see from the sales page, you don’t get full access to this software, you get limited features. I recommend, if you are planning to use VideoGameSuite long-term, then pick up the OTO 1 as you will go unlimited. You will not have any restrictions in what you can do and create with this software.

VideoGameSuite Review - Price
VideoGameSuite Review – Price

If you want to try VideoGameSuite at a more affordable price, you can visit Group Buy VideoGameSuite.

Conclusion – VideoGameSuite Review

To sum up my VideoGameSuite Review, this tool is different. This indicates that it stands out and elicits responses from individuals. We are predisposed to behave in this manner, and no one else on the internet offers scratch games of the precise variety that we offer.

VideoGameSuite Review
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