VidTags Review – The Best AI Video and Audio Hosting Platform

VidTags Review - The Best AI Video and Audio Hosting Platform

We’re excited to share our VidTags Review with you. In this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about VidTags – a new AI-based platform that helps you to boost your sales, traffic, and engagement.

What is VidTags?

VidTags is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes it incredibly simple to navigate, tag, search, transcribe, and translate the video and audio content you use for marketing purposes.

VidTags Review - Homepage
VidTags Review – Homepage

It is a completely new video platform that leverages the power of AI to boost the level of engagement with your videos, hence resulting in a rise in the number of views as well as revenue. For further information, let’s dive into this VidTags Review article.

Who should use VidTags?

VidTags Review shows that it is specially designed for marketers and content creators to get more video engagement without putting any significant effort. VidTags Review shows that it mostly targets to

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Ecommerce owners
  • Content creators
  • Webinar Hosts
  • Agency owers
  • Online Tutors
  • Podcast Creators
  • Lead Managers
  • Membership Site owners

How does VidTags work?

  • Step 1 – Import videos from Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, or your computer

Copy and paste the URL of any online video (or audio) and VidTags will automatically generate transcripts, then create an Interactive Actionable Table of Contents (iAToC) by understanding the context of the conversations in the video, while adding ‘Deep Tags’ to each segment in the iAToC.

VidTags Review

  • Step 2 – With a few clicks, VidTags will automatically translate your video or audio into several languages.

Now, with this new content, you can translate and render it into 35 different languages. Viewers can search your video timestamp or skim your iToC to find the topics that are most relevant to them which means they stay engaged longer and take action.

VidTags Review

  • Step 3 – Embed on your website or use 1-click video sharing to social platforms and more, for FREE viral traffic

It gets hosted for you to prevent all the distractions and commercialization you get from other video hosting services, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. All your video content is automatically indexed and searchable across the web for FREE traffic without lifting a finger.

VidTags Review

Pros and Cons of VidTags


  • High-Quality Videos
  • The ability of Audio to Text Conversion
  • Require No Technical Skill
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Ability to host your videos
  • Feature to convert in 35 languages
  • Advanced Video Editor
  • Embed videos to your Website
  • Step by Step Guidance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • SEO Optimization
  • Interactive Actionable Table of Content
  • AI-Powered Tagging
  • Content Management
  • Automatic Thumbnail Generator
  • Sharing at Social Platforms
  • Downloadable Content


  • Pricey

Features of VidTags

In this VidTags Review, we will show you some major features of this tool, which make it stand out above all of its competitors

Increased Video Engagement

VidTags is software that runs in the cloud and has the capability to host your films in an effective manner. It brings a small but significant amount of video views and engagement to your videos, both of which drive up sales.

Faster and Easy to Use

VidTags is an online video hosting service that allows you to search for, watch, and share internet videos. It has the easiest-to-use interface possible and renders films at the highest possible speed.

Multiple Languages

VidTags is able to instantly convert your video or audio into a number of other languages with only a few clicks.

Lightning-fast video editor

The text-based approach taken by VidTags enables you to quickly and simply extract the relevant segments from your movie by only altering the text. It gives your users the ability to jump directly to any portion of a lengthy video.

Table of Content (iAToC)

VidTags has a function that will generate an interactive Actionable Table of Content (iTAoC) for each brief section of the longer movie that you upload. Interacting with any of your site’s shorter segments is beneficial to your users.

Ease to Search your Video

The viewers are able to search your video timestamp or read your table of contents to locate the themes that are most relevant to them using VidTags. As a result, they are able to maintain their engagement for longer periods of time and take action.

Indexed and Searchable Content

With VidTags, your video content will be uploaded to the web and you will receive FREE traffic. Therefore, there is no requirement for you to index your material anywhere.

Fast Videos

VidTags gives users access to high-speed video and audio material with no additional fees or subscription requirements.

Real-Time Analytics

By using VidTags, you will be able to obtain analytics about your viewers in real-time. It gives real-time data such as the identity of viewers, the location from where they are viewing, and the length of time they spend doing so.

Video Quality

Your visitors can watch high-quality videos without any buffering and time delays to get an excellent watching experience.

Interactive Dashboard

VidTags allows you to manage your own dashboard without any technical skill. No coding skills are required to interact with VidTags Dashboard.

Ease of Import

You can easily import your videos from your computer, URLs, or any other platform like zoom, youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, and google drive.

Audio to Text

VidTags has an amazing feature of audio-to-text conversion. It works on AI technology to convert audios to searchable content.

Video Sharing

As VidTags Review explains, you can share your VidTags hosted videos with just one click of your mouse. It can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Reddit to get FREE viral traffic.

VidTags price & plan

With VidTags, it’s easier than ever to get big results from your videos and audios… Because this AI-powered platform is so easy to use but also so powerful, they first thought about charging $97 per month to use it… Even though it costs $97 per month, it’s worth it when you think about how much time you’ll save and how much money you’ll make… You won’t pay even close to that price now. If you act now, they will waive the monthly fee and give you access to VidTags at a huge discount.

VidTags price
VidTags price

If you don’t have much money but you want to try VidTags, you can visit group buy VidTags.

Conclusion – VidTags Review

Through this VidTags Review article, you can easily acknowledge that this tool is a fantastic and useful tool for you. VidTags is a contemporary innovation. If you are fed up with slow, low-quality extended videos, the solution is just one click away. Start adding your business videos to VidTags and let us know how quickly it multiplies the engagement of your videos by 10 times. Click here to obtain unlimited access to VidTags’s cutting-edge AI-based video and audio hosting software.

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