Woosuite Sales Agents Review – WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Plugin

Woosuite Sales Agents

Maintaining a track of the activities of sales representatives isn’t easy for business. Tracking customer information and automatically making sales commissions calculations are two of the features of a crucial sales management framework that a reliable WooCommerce B2B sales agents plug-in requires to be equipped with.

The Woosuite Sales Agents is a plugin makes everything easier when it comes to sales representatives. Administrators can determine commission rates and track agents’ information, orders, and so on. via the administrator dashboard.

There are additionally specific dashboards Sales agents who are agents can view the statistics of their commissions, such as how much they have earned and orders placed, as well as information about each customer.

Woosuite Sales Agents Review

Expand your WooCommerce store’s business by utilizing the assistance of sales agents who have a separate agent dashboard for customer and order management and more.


  • The same central place lets you manage and build the sales staff.
  • Your sales representatives will have their own dashboard that they can use to monitor their customers.
  • Each sales rep is able to view the customers they have assigned to them. Sales reps may even add customers to their accounts if the website admin allows it.
  • Agents can also log on and place orders on behalf of clients as long as the admin of the website has enabled that feature.
  • Upload your image to show your company’s image and to manage your sales representatives.
  • The settings page is now complete with fields to the commission.
  • The order’s data is saved when you create a new order.
  • Include fields for commissions in the edit page for the user.
  • Include fields to determine the commission amount for each product
  • In the admin area, you will feature an admin Commission page. You will be able to view all commissions Commissions that are eligible to be paid. Commissions may be set to be not paid or paid.
  • The Commission amount as well as the Sales agent’s name will appear in two new columns on the list of Orders.
  • Show the top accounts widget.
  • Awaiting commission widget to display.
  • If the administrator allows an administrator to enable the “Let users choose” option users are able to select an agent for sales to whom they will be assigned upon registration. There are three options “none”, “random” or “select a specific agent.”
  • Assign Sales Agent option to existing customers in the wp admin.

After activating the plugin, you’ll get a new feature under Woosuite that is called Sales Agent.

Woosuite Sales Agents

There are the following settings:

  • Dashboard logo Upload the logo that you would like to show on the dashboard of the sales agent.
  • Let sales representatives make new customer Sales representatives can create new customers and the agent will then assign that customer to them.
  • extends the new customer form When an additional user is added to an additional billing field, the details will be accessible to the sales agent if the admin of the site has enabled this feature.
  • Allow referral links Let customers associate by allowing referral hyperlinks.
  • Exclusively Direct Orders only orders placed by a specific sales representative can be seen by the agent. Direct orders placed by clients will not be included in the commission calculation, statistics or count.
  • Apply Commission on Choose which orders you want to apply the commission to. When you modify the option to apply commission only following order will get affected. You can modify this option for each purchase by editing the order page. There are options for Fees, Products and shipping costs.
  • Standard Sales Agent – Assign the user directly to a sales agent upon registration.

On your webpages, you’ll also find a new page that’s automatically created and dubbed “Sales agent dashboard.” The plugin will also add an additional user role, named Sales Agent.

Sales Agent Dashboard

Sales representatives are provided with dedicated dashboards. On their dashboards, sales representatives are able to manage their information regarding customers, their orders as well as other data that is statistical

Woosuite Sales Agents

Dashboard allows your sales representatives to purchase on behalf of customers using only one click. They can also include their customers.

Woosuite Sales Agents

You can view all orders that have been received, controlled customers, the total order value, as well as pending commissions. They also have access to the top accounts as well as the latest orders that include all the information like the order number, the customer’s number amount of the order, date, status payment method, who initiated the orders (customer and sales agents) and so on.

In the section of commissions the sales agent can view all orders as well as the associated commissions. The order will be shown with information and the amount of commission that was earned on a specific order, as well as when a specific commission payment was receive

Woosuite Sales Agents

Within in the the Dashboard area Sales agents will locate their affiliate link. They will share the link with their customers, which means that when they sign up, the customer will automatically be assigned to the sales representative, and any orders made by that customer will be credited with a commission to the sales agent.

Sales Agent Orders

As a site administrator in the WooCommerce Orders section you will be able to see the order’s status if it was placed through a sales representative.

Woosuite Sales Agents

It is also possible to check this information under each order’s information. There you can alter the choices for each order, to see the commission to be applied. There are options for Fees, Products and shipping costs.

Woosuite Sales Agents

You can determine the amount of commissions per the sales representative and product. In each WooCommerce product you can navigate into Product Data > Commissions and define the commission amount per Sales Agent. Don’t leave blank to make use of your global settings.

In the WooCommerce Commissions section as the site’s administrator, you’ll be able to view all commissions paid to sales agents.

Woosuite Sales Agents

You can use bulk marking to mark commissions as either paid or unpaid.


There are Three pricing plans to for Woosuite Sales Agents plugin. Basic plan is available for purchase at $79/year and can be used on a single site. Professional plan cost $139 per year. If you choose the Professional plan, you will also receive these additional plugins:

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Restriction Rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro
  • Product Table

If you’re looking to make use of the entire 14 Woosuite plugins you can purchase the All Access plan The price is $349/year for a single website. There are no plans for multi-sites at the moment that could make buying expensive if you intend to apply it to more than one website. There is a 30 day refund guarantee on every plan.

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Plugin Conclusion

Woosuite Sales Agents is a excellent WooCommerce sales agent plugin that comes with basic features. It would be nice to have additional features included, for example, an automated messaging system to communicate and inquiries, agents are able to increase prices and earn an income on the difference, make coupons, delete them, share them and more. If you choose to go with the Professional plan, you’ll receive additional plugins. By using these additional plugins, you will be able to open doors to additional features. Woosuite Sales Agents as a standalone program can be sufficient for the basic needs, but not for more advanced requirements. If you want to get more advanced features, you need to choose a Professional or All Access Plan to get additional Woosuite plugins and integrate their features with the Sales Agents or another WooCommerce B2B sales agent plugin such as SalesKing that is loaded with features. Also, make sure to look at other Woosuite products , such as Product Table, Wholesale Suite, and Dynamic Pricng & Discount Rules plugin.

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