Top 5 Best Adplexity Alternatives To Skyrocket Your Digital Advertising

Top 5 Best Adplexity Alternatives To Skyrocket Your Digital Advertising

If you’re running a digital advertising campaign, Adplexity can help you monitor your competitors. But what do you do if Adplexity isn’t an option? Let’s take a look at 5 of the best Adplexity alternatives to skyrocket your campaigns.

What is Adplexity?

Adplexity is a native ad technology that helps you track the most lucrative traffic source advertising competitions. Without competitive intelligence, tracking is difficult, but this will assist you.

Adplexity lets you understand your competitors so you can save time and money on your partners. They provide the greatest conversation facts, so visitors make the best decisions. This tool has advantages over other spy and competitors tools, such as:

  • Discovering effective native advertisements campaigns on E-Commerce platforms, mobiles, desktops, etc.
  • It examines campaigns in over 32 nations.
  • You can get JavaScript, CSS, and image-filled landing pages straight from the Adplexity dashboard.
  • Displays Mac, Android, Windows, and other common devices’ targets.
  • It finds affiliate adverts from 100 networks.
  • The program also allows keyboard, publisher, affiliate network, and other searches.

Adplexity Push helps you acquire AdNow, ContentAd, Yahoo Gemini, and others. It draws data from over 32 nations, including important markets like Australia, Canada, and the US. Adplexity is like an ad spy in that once you see the identical advertisements. You’ll know what to do with them.

Pros of Adplexity

  • Keyword, publisher, advertiser, affiliate network
  • Finds affiliate advertisements
  • Finds lucrative campaigns
  • Six business-specific tools
  • Download landing page dependencies
  • Successful campaigns in seconds
  • See campaigns going on in more than 80 countries
  • Includes over 100 affiliate networks and millions of items
  • Advertisements and affiliate connections
  • Finest laptop, mobile, and desktop ad spying tool
  • Searches numerous shops and items
  • Rapid downloads
  • Supports Brave, Safari, and Chrome
  • Digital marketers, advertisers, affiliates, and publishers
  • Monitors rivals’ desktop, mobile, native, ecommerce, and adult traffic ads

Why you should consider Adplexity alternatives?

  • No free demo or trial version is available
  • Companies should provide comprehensive guidance for novices on their goods
  • A lot of work to get used to
  • Not suitable for novices
  • Customer service is inadequate
  • Adplexity pricing is expensive

Top 5 Best Adplexity Alternatives

Do you want to skyrocket the performance of your digital advertising campaigns? Adplexity is one of the best tools out there, but it’s not the only one. Here are five of the best Adplexity alternatives that will help you get best ads for affiliate marketing.


Adplexity vs Anstrex are arch-rivals.  Anstrex is a hard intelligence tool that saves native ad campaigns and gives you push notification adverts. It deserves unique features like capturing screenshots of ad landing pages, allowing multiple searches, and providing filters and operators.

Anstrex provides 4 products: reverse image search, viral image display, and report display.

  • The Native
  • The Push
  • The Dropship
  • The Pops

Main features of Anstrex

Anstrex Native

Spying on rivals and giving you more for your ad, Anstrex Native helps you win. It includes about 10 million adverts from 27 networks in 64 countries. . Anstrex Native’s landing page tools, searching, and filtering capabilities are also included.

Anstrex Push

Anstrex Push investigates what kinds of push advertisements are successful. Keep a watch on the top advertisers who provide their CPC bids and histories, unlocking the secret documents. This product covers more than 92 countries and almost 3 million ads from 38 networks.

Anstrex Dropship

This free product offers dropshipping business opportunities. It includes approximately 6 million goods from 92 countries. This product has advantages. It is a full-featured dropship supplier catalog with searching for multi-million dollar companies, etc.

Anstrex Dropship supports Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Extensions include much more vendors than Aliexpress. They provide a lifetime 25% commission and 50% commission for the first month of new signups. Market dealers, direct sales marketing, grand advisors, and bi-content developers utilize this technique. The product incorporates digital ocean, etc.

Anstrex Pops

Anstrex Pops, a new spy tool, lets advertisers, agencies, and marketers monitor, optimize, and track pop advertising campaigns. The tool displays you your rivals’ advertising so you can learn how to obtain more clicks, sales, and conversions.

Anstrex Pop’s advanced analytics show you which pop advertising campaigns are functioning best, which devices are selling the most, and where your campaigns are. You’ll also see your rivals’ lucrative secret campaigns. This top tool provides pop advertising statistics from 130+ mobile providers. See how the commercials of your rivals do in various markets and among various demographics.


This spy tool is also useful. PowerAdSpy may replace Adplexity. It enables us to see all current and historical advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.

Campaign and commercial tactics may be replicated. Need more customers? Our technology lets you win advertising worldwide in seconds. Search the website, fan page, winners, and more using this tool.


Ad and demographic landing pages are available. It’s also useful for breaking into the e-commerce industry using platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. PowerAdSpy accelerates email list growth.

You can see the exact funnels that can reach the audience. This program runs social media adverts in 20 countries, with 50 million ads posted.

Main features of PowerAdSpy

  • It lets you see your top rivals’ perspectives, ad texts, creatives, and other outreach.
  • Filter advertisements By Ads Positions
  • Database of over millions of ads from 15 countries
  • Visibility of the real-time engagement on each ad
  • Searches can be narrowed down by keyword, domain, or advertiser
  • One-click bookmarking of top advertisements for future campaigns
  • The strong keyword, phrase, and term search algorithm for advertisements
  • Engagement-focused information that help you find niche-winning advertising
  • Downloadable graphics and videos for promotions
  • Social ad geo-targeting
  • Call-to-action ad sorting


AdPlify is the complete toolbox for Facebook marketers to finally make Facebook advertisements lucrative in every market. Adplify Monitor any ad and get alerted when it’s posted. Know how your rival or favorite guru advertises. This gives you an unfair edge over opponents.


AdPlify also includes a business license, so you may start making money within the following day. Go with a prominent bank and provide your consumers a new and efficient answer to their everyday difficulties. If you have a few local consumers, imagine how much you can increase conversion by giving Adplify!

Main features of AdPlify

  • Monitor your competitors/Guru Ads
  • Discover an Unlimited Number of Audiences
  • Create the ideal audience
  • Make Uninteresting Advertising Appealing
  • Create Your Retargeting Automatically
  • Find the Best Page Audiences
  • Evaluate Your ROI Before You Run Advertising
  • Highlight and organize your ad content
  • Save down on your advertising expenses while increasing CTR
  • Increase landing page traffic
  • It creates a sense of urgency, scarcity, and traffic

Spy Hero

Spy Hero is one of the new spy tools that has been getting a lot of attention recently. It helps newbies understand and research winning advertising to earn more. Spy Hero helps snoop on winning commercials. This helps you maximize ad earnings. It also shows current generation trends so you can establish your specialty.

Spy Hero
Spy Hero

If you use Spy Hero, you won’t need to install any other applications or software to do your spying. This program can easily find 20,000 ads. You won’t be annoyed by pointless ads since the program only shows best marketing ads.

Main features of Spy Hero

  • Largest Ad Library: Over one million profitable ads currently in database
  • Top Traffic Sources: Facebook, YouTube, and Native Ads, Spy Hero offers you deep insight into the most powerful traffic sources
  • Easy Trend Analysis: Spot winning trends in the marketplace in seconds
  • Your Competitive Edge: Spot key trends days, weeks, or even months before the competition and scoop up all the easy profits.
  • Spy software helps you make more money from adverts
  • Spy Hero keeps track of your progress
  • Provide additional insight tools to test the ad
  • Search for keywords, trends, niches, and more
  • Profit-boosting bonuses


BigSpy finds the most effective Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo ads. 300,000 Internet marketers utilize this Facebook advertisements spy software with over 650 million ad creatives.


BigSpy is free, quick to register, multi-type screening, and contains more than 400 million ad data records. As time goes on, it strives to improve and show ever-increasing promise.

Main features of BigSpy

  • Online Store Spy
  • Worldwide Ad Network
  • Ad URLs
  • Social Media Integration: 7+ major social media platforms
  • Helps Get Ad Ideas: BigSpy quickly generates relevant, innovative ad ideas
  • Trending Ads: It quickly shows social media and the best ads.
  • Diverse Tracking Options: Collect real-time data with social proof to help people save more time and money
  • Unlimited Search Results
  • Helps know the target market
  • Find a niche

Conclusion: Which is the best Adplexity alternatives?

Whether you are a new or experienced digital advertiser, finding the best Adplexity alternative for your campaigns can be an invaluable asset. With the right platform, you can skyrocket your campaigns in no time and reach new heights.

All of these platforms listed here are sure to help you capture better insights and improve your results. Choose wisely, do some research, and trust your instincts—you’ll be glad you did.

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