Top 5 Best Store Leads Alternatives For Successful Sales Strategy

Top 5 Best Store Leads Alternatives For Successful Sales Strategy

Are you tired of using Store Leads and not seeing the desired results? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Our blog post offers the top Store Leads alternatives to help you maximize your sales potential.

What is Store Leads?

To facilitate lead creation, market research, and data enrichment, Store Leads has compiled a database of over 4.5 million operational e-commerce shops. The data is kept up-to-date via weekly refreshes.

They monitor over 1,750 e-commerce merchant-relevant applications and technologies and gather hundreds of firm characteristics. These features let you locate potential firms in Store Leads and integrate them into your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, or Outreach). Their data is mostly utilized by marketing firms, technology providers, and investors.

Store Leads
Store Leads

Pros of Store Leads

  • Advanced Search: Learn how to run complex queries to separate the database in any way you want.
  • Store Leads Chrome Extension: Add the Chrome Extension to your browser to see Store Leads data for sites you visit.
  • Lists: Learn how to make a list manually or by saving a search
  • Watches: Find out how to get notified when stores add or remove an app or piece of technology.
  • Notifications: Find out how to be told when Ecommerce store data is updated or when new eCommerce leads apps come out.
  • How to find ecommerce leads

Why you should consider Store Leads alternatives?

  • Limited database coverage: While the database of 4.5 million active e-commerce stores is impressive, it’s important to note that it may not cover every single e-commerce store out there. Some smaller or niche stores may not be included in the database, which could limit your lead generation efforts.
  • No free trial: While Store Leads offers a comprehensive demo and 7-day money-back guarantee, there is no free trial option. This may be a drawback for some users who prefer to test a product before committing to a purchase.
  • Pricing can be expensive for small businesses: While the pricing for Store Leads is fair and competitive, it may be a bit expensive for small businesses or startups with limited budgets. However, the value it provides may outweigh the cost for many businesses.
  • Limited integrations: While Store Leads does offer integrations with popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, it may not integrate with all the tools your business uses. This may require additional manual work to transfer leads to other tools or platforms.
  • Learning curve for advanced search: While the platform is user-friendly, the advanced search feature may take some time to learn for users who are not familiar with database searching. However, the Store Leads team provides resources and support to help users get the most out of the platform.

Top 5 Best Store Leads Alternatives

Store Leads might be the go-to lead generation tool for many store owners, but it is far from being the only player in the market. Find out what’s better and why with this essential guide.


LeadsRecon boosts sales by revealing thousands of local company leads in any sector or location in seconds. Local company owners needing your goods and services are a goldmine.


Businesses thrive on leads. LeadsRecon gives you access to the biggest and fastest-growing source of local company leads who require your expertise, goods, or services.

Main features of LeadsRecon

  • Leadsrecon operates straight on your PC or Mac without installation or upgrades
  • Use the increasing source of over 50 million active companies to get highly relevant leads in any area in seconds
  • You can find thousands of leads anywhere in the world simply by adding the name of a country, city, or even district to your search term
  • Evaluate a lead’s website and acquire crucial information with one click
  • Leadsrecon lets you add personal comments to leads, store them to lists, and generate vast lists of prospective prospects
  • Leadsrecon has a resource center with tips, lessons, and search suggestions to maximize its use
  • Pick a lead, select a stored email leads template, and Leadsrecon prepares a pre-written draft for inspection before sending
  • Export and store prospective prospects’ email addresses from search results or saved lists
  • Leadsrecon works well on mobile devices so you may access previous leads and search for new ones

CloudFunnels 2

CloudFunnels 2, the world’s quickest website builder. It lets you create sophisticated sales funnels for your online business. This comprehensive platform includes membership sites and landing pages!

It creates outstanding websites in any field and converting email marketing campaigns. Build a sales funnel to expand your online company with this all-in-one digital marketing tool!

CloudFunnels 2
CloudFunnels 2

CloudFunnels 2, one of the most powerful business site builders. Lets you put it up in two simple steps on any shared space or hosting and sell 10X easier. Sell hosting and funnels together to get commissions!

CloudFunnels 2 lets you develop your email and SMS list with full automation and host your funnel on your server, Google Cloud, Amazon, or elsewhere. Best? Just pay a one-time cost!

Main features of CloudFunnels 2

  • 30+ ready-made funnel and opt-in templates
  • Make a lot of landing pages and funnels on one domain or subdomain
  • Split testing and A/B testing
  • Zapier and integrated
  • Sales analytics.
  • Switch funnel builders with one click
  • Connect Facebook, Google, and other pixels effortlessly
  • Email marketing using a built-in autoresponder
  • SEO-friendly. On-page optimization, caching, and AMP for top ranks
  • 20 autoresponders
  • Free/paid membership scheme
  • One-click setup. Hosting and coding are not needed
  • 17 payment gateways
  • Support for GDPR


Marketibot, a new all-in-one software solution, establishes your own Shopify-like e-commerce site and delivers automatic traffic to it (or any offer you like) by responding to your audience on social media 24/7.


Marketibot lets anybody start and run an automated online company from one dashboard. This robust platform manages traffic, social media interaction, lead creation, and sales.

Cancelling unused applications saves hundreds of dollars every year. You won’t need many tools to achieve what this does, saving you hours. You’ll save time with one password.

Main features of MarketiBot

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Includes tutorials and templates
  • Auto-reply to Instagram comments using affiliate links
  • Full-Facebook Poster Text, images, links, and carousels may be posted to Facebook pages and groups
  • Bulk Messaging Send a mass message to Messenger subscribers.
  • Install a 24/7 messenger bot
  • Auto-reply Enables comment auto-reply and private-reply
  • Several messages Page subscribers may receive bulk messages
  • Auto-respond to comments feature
  • Sends commenters auto-replies
  • Your post comments may get private auto-replies
  • Saying Auto-likes new posts on your page
  • Text, picture, video, or link. Posts anything to Facebook pages
  • Manage page text. See unread messages, reply, and chat
  • Bot Reply improves website response speed by responding to keywords in inbox messages


My Web Audit‘s online audit tool builds confidence, closes business, and boosts income. Their audit templates include 2x website, on page SEO, E-commerce website, google my business, return on investment, page speed insights and analysis, competitive analysis, and landing page audits.

My Web Audit’s user experience and conversion optimization tools show the effects of faults. To improve and secure your site, examine performance, SEO, and internet presence. “


My Web Audit contains a website lead generating tool and professional reports that wow customers. Customize and install in minutes to get lead alerts. The high-value, embedded audit tool converts leads and streamlines sales. To succeed, customize email messages and CTAs with logos and countdown clocks.

Main features of MyWebAudit

  • Beautiful audits that are easy to understand and impress clients and prospects
  • Website, on-page SEO, e-commerce, Google My Business, ROI, page speed insights, competitive analysis, and landing page audit templates
  • User experience and conversion improvement solutions with practical and useful insights
  • Efficiency and security features to improve your site and maximize customer value
  • SEO and visibility solutions to boost your online presence and viewership
  • Easily gather leads on your website with personalized CTAs, branding, countdown timers, and more
  • Lead notifications so you can follow up fast and convert leads into customers
  • Customize email messages, CTAs, logos, and countdown clocks to succeed

ClientsNest Software

ClientsNest is innovative software that sells digital services automatically using a clever psychological trick and easy funnel design. It employs a price estimator that matches customer demands and closes the sale immediately. This program lets you sell any digital service online, perhaps closing the transaction on the first try.

ClientsNest Software
ClientsNest Software

You’ll get client requests. This helps them and your success. ClientsNest helps online marketers, digital marketers, digital agencies sell all digital marketing services.

By using clever and high-converting funnel forms to quadruple client closure rates. ClientsNest’s funnel and conversion-focused forms will bring in more clients than before.

Main features of ClientsNest Software

  • Create 10 closing funnel forms for clients
  • Infinite funnel steps and a drag-and-drop steps manager for fast, powerful funnels
  • Unlimited funnel form embeds
  • Google Analytics comprehensive 1-click connection tracks traffic and leads funnel forms
  • Our powerful wysiwyg email editor lets you trademark purchase confirmation and processing emails
  • Use your own custom thank you page with conditional redirect on close
  • Captcha-supported spam-proof
  • Create infinite form fields &  steps
  • Simple drag-and-drop visual funnel builder
  • Copy-pasting a piece of code integrates any website
  • Popups may fire clientsnest funnel forms
  • Customize form funnels using over 1052 Google Fonts
  • Form funnels’ user interface design works with well over 7800+ font awesome icons

Conclusion: Which is the best Store Leads alternatives?

In conclusion, Store Leads is an excellent lead generation tool with numerous benefits, but it’s not the only option out there. Consider trying one of the alternatives we’ve listed or even testing out multiple tools to find the one that works best for you. With the right lead generation tool in your toolkit, you’ll be well on your way to a successful sales strategy and business growth.

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