Affiliate Theme Review – Best WordPress Affiliate Theme?

Affiliate Theme Review

There are many WordPress themes that can be used for different business purposes. One of these is the WordPress affiliate theme. Many themes have affiliate or multipurpose themes. Can they be considered affiliate themes?

WordPress themes for affiliates are designed specifically to be used on niche or professional-looking websites.

These themes are ideal for niche websites that focus on specific topics. These themes can be used to easily add corresponding products from Amazon and other affiliate networks along with their description, price images, keeping prices current, comparison tables, history of price, etc.

Affiliate themes are already fully integrated with features to help you build your affiliate site and integrate with different affiliate networks. To integrate with affiliate programs, they don’t need additional plugins. This option is already available in the theme dashboard.

What are the advantages of an affiliate theme? My view is that the most important aspect of an affiliate theme is its integration with multiple affiliate networks.

Products that can easily be imported from other sources. Visitors will find value in functions such as price comparisons, updated photos, product features comparison tables and always-updated prices.

The major drawback to affiliate themes is the possibility that many websites could look identical, as there will be more than one person who purchases theme.

It is important to modify it as much as possible, if the theme allows it. If you don’t have any CSS skills, you can use them. You are also bound to the theme when you use affiliate theme.

Developers may stop supporting themes and not provide updates. This can jeopardize all of your hard work and leave you to search for a new theme or plugin.

Best WordPress Affiliate Theme

It is recommended that you use a quality theme for your affiliate site. This theme will provide all the necessary functions and can be used to build your website.

WordPress plugins can also be used to integrate products into affiliate sites. They usually only offer a handful of features so you will need many plugins to access all the features you want.

Too many plugins can slow down your website’s page speed and compromise the security of your site. Slow websites are not user-friendly and will cause most visitors to leave the site.

One of the best ways to make money online is by creating affiliate-oriented websites. Many WordPress themes are specifically designed for affiliates.

This post will be about the theme that I found recently and which I believe has all the features an affiliate marketing WordPress theme should.

Affiliate Theme Review ( is a WordPress theme that targets affiliate marketers. The theme is attractive and has an API interface that allows you to create affiliate programs. The theme can be used to create price comparison sites in WordPress.

Theme is currently equipped with integrated interfaces to the affiliate programs of Amazon and Zanox as well as Adcell, Adcell, Affilinet and Belboon. They claim that more are coming soon.

Integrating with affiliate networks allows you to import hundreds of products in a matter of minutes. All data such as title, description, and reviews are automatically collected and visualized in front-end.

Theme also includes useful widgets such as a widget to list products and an interactive product filtering widget to help the visitor find the products they are looking for.

The widget area is used to give the user additional information about the product and other shops.

You have many options to customize the look of your website with the Affiliate Theme. Fonts, color, header, footer, widgets, etc. You can customize everything. features:

  • Highly optimized for speed
  • It is responsive, which means that it looks great on handheld devices.
  • For comparison functionality, you can import product features
  • Excellent documentation and video guides (though only in German for now).
  • Integration with popular affiliate programmes (hopefully more will soon be available)
  • You can search by brand, price, size, function, and many other criteria.
  • You can display price comparisons wherever you wish it to be.
  • Prices can be updated without the need to monitor anything
  • Alerts by email if products aren’t available in the partner shop

What is the Work of Affiliate Theme?

After activating and installing the theme, you’ll be shown the key areas and briefly explained. This tour will give you a better understanding of how things work.

External plugins (interfaces) are used to integrate affiliate networks. As I said, an affiliate theme should have affiliate networks integrated.

This theme is divided into plugins, so that you can only install the affiliate programs you want to use.

The interface is downloaded as file. These interfaces will be available in your profile, or in your order confirmation. There are four tabs for the theme: General, Design and Products.

Affiliate Theme Review

Affiliate Theme Review

Affiliate Theme Review

You’ll find basic settings such as custom CSS and custom scripts under General Options.

There are many additional functions available below the network selection. You can activate/deactivate the counter for social signals, change the text, and adjust the size of the buttons.

You can also adjust the location of buttons in different areas of your website (blogs, pages, products), or hide them completely.

You can choose from Full or Boxed layouts or hide specific areas entirely under Design Options. The Header tab allows you to define the header area for the page. There are three options for headers.

The logo can be displayed above the navigation. As an alternative, the logo may be placed to either the left or right of the navigation. Or the logo could be in the middle.

Each page and post come with their own slider and can be customized individually.

You can also choose to allow similar posts to be displayed at the end. You can select how many similar posts are shown and what layout.

Product Options contains settings for price comparison, cloaker and output of product buttons.

The price comparison can be activated globally. The price comparison will be displayed on the product page as soon as there is more than one price for a product. You can also activate the price comparison for specific products.

The Cloaker allows you to hide the URLs of product targets URLs, so visitors are not immediately aware which page they are landing on. Also, the URLs are shorter.

If you have multiple products that need to be categorised, the use taxonomies is a great option. Once you’ve created a taxonomy you can assign it the product(s).

Affiliate Theme Review

First, create a page to allow product selection. The template filter must be assigned to this page.

Simply drag the filter element to the desired place and choose which elements should be accessible to you. You can choose from price, rating or taxonomies. Or you can select your own fields. The filter widget can be added to any existing sidebar.

Also, you can display similar products for each product. This helps the visitor find comparable products. This improves interaction and the length of time the visitor stays. If activated, the similar products will appear in a tab under the product details.

Affiliate Theme Review

It is possible to connect a product to its accessories. You can connect your bicycle to a helmet, or any other protective gear, for example. Accessories, similar to the products above, are listed in a tab under the product details.

Information such as descriptions, similar products or accessories, are shown in tabs by default. You can disable tabs to have a display without tabs.

When you activate the old price feature the old price will be replaced by the current price. You can show your customer prices from different shops with the price comparison.

This feature is based upon the Shops. There must be a few shops. You have the freedom to add prices from as many shops and as many products as you want. After you have saved the product, it will be automatically sorted by the price. The lowest priced shop will display the item first.

It is possible to compare prices for each product. This is done by using the shops. This page allows you to create the logos for the shops as well as a description. This information can be used to compare prices on the product details page.

Affiliate Theme Prices

There are four pricing options. All plans include one year of support and updates (except Lite). The Lite version can be used on one website for a year, but it does not include support. It costs $52.

This single pricing plan covers one site and includes support and updates for a year. It costs approximately $84. You will need to purchase Multi pricing plan for five or more sites.

Affiliate Theme Review

You can deactivate a license that is currently activated on one website and transfer it to another project. You can also upgrade to a different pricing plan, and only pay the difference.

Final Words of Affiliate Theme Review

How many times have there been instances when a theme you purchased was the best on the market? You should weigh all aspects when choosing the right affiliate theme for WordPress.

Support and documentation are important factors since theme installation is not a one-and-done affair. This is the familiarization period.

The theme includes extensive documentation, a forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from the community, and a few videos. If you speak German, all this is great.

This theme has been on the market for a while for Germans. They have recently expanded and translated their theme into English.

You will need to wait for documentation translation (should be finished soon) and videos in English if you don’t speak German. You will also need to wait until English forum customers start posting.

It takes some time to get the layout right before you understand all the details and the system behind it. Once you have mastered the basics of the setup, there should not be any problems. may not be the best, but it certainly has its benefits with integrated affiliate networks. It allows price comparisons from different shops and shows price history.

Affiliate Theme is worth trying. You can always request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase after 14 days. If Affiliate Theme does not meet your needs, please check out my best product comparison theme or Amazon affiliate store builders WordPress themes. You will find the right theme.

Comment below to let me know your thoughts and suggestions for WordPress affiliate themes.

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