SEO Content Machine Review – Article Generator Worth Paying?

SEO Content Machine Review

These article generator tools are extremely popular nowadays so I decided to test them and write a SEO Content Machine review. Another product that promises lazy content generation.

Let’s face it. Article writing can be tedious and time-consumings. You will need to create dozens of unique posts every week, especially if you manage multiple sites.

It can be difficult to create content for a website. It is not possible to create content in a matter of seconds. It is important to do keyword research and create content. You can add images and videos to make your article more useful and informative.

It’s no surprise that people want an easier way. There are two options for extra assistance in most cases. You can either hire a professional writer, or you can buy an article spinner to rewrite your content. This will ensure that you get new and unique content.

The first option is expensive, while the second option does not guarantee grammatically correct and human-readable articles. Usually, text generated requires a lot more corrections.

I decided to test the SEO Content Machine (SCM), ignoring moral and other issues associated with using article generator tools.

You will find below the options and features that SCM offers as well as how high quality content is generated . Article Forge and SEO Content Machine.

SEO Content Machine Review – Article Generator

SEO Content Machine isn’t a new idea. You can find a few similar tools.

Article generators are designed to produce super-spun articles with different sentence and paragraph counts, with synonyms replaced with words.

They can also scrape articles from the Web that have been published based upon keywords from search engines, blogs and article directories. You can also submit your own scraped articles and PLRs.

The tools combine all articles by combining sentences, and then generate paragraphs using synonyms. This process generates spun articles with spin tax.

Article generator tools allow you to insert images and videos. They can also add spun links in different positions of articles.

To fill in the fields for different SEO tools such as SenukeXcr and SenukeXcr or Magic Submitter, Licorne AIO and Ultimate Demon, you can export generated content into a special format.

SEO Content Machine is one such product. It does all of these functions and more. Is quality content something you would want to publish on your website?

What does the SEO Content Machine have that others don’t?

These are just a few of the features available in the SEO Content Machine:

  • Scraper for content
  • Creator of content
  • Inject content into articles
  • Re-mix content
  • Work with private and public proxies
  • Translate articles backwards and forwards
  • Tier 1 content creator
  • You can scrape images and videos for use in articles
  • Incorporate your images and videos to the content
  • Incorporate your titles to the content
  • Multiple content sources
  • Tool built in for finding long tail keywords
  • Make a “About Me” tool
  • Content Wizard (newbies friendly)
  • CopyScape integration
  • Includes a spinner for free
  • All external spinners, such as WordAI, The Best Spinner and others, work with it.
  • WordPress Sites: Post content

I chose to try the product for 5 days. Everyone should try it before buying. SEO Content Machine software must be downloaded and installed before you can use it.

After installation is complete, the dashboard will appear as shown in the image below. Although it may seem confusing at first glance, it is actually very simple.

SEO Content Machine Review

SCM dashboard provides easy access to the most important functions of the program.

  1. Create articles – This is where you can create content. This tool allows you to create your own paragraphs, images, and videos. Content can be sourced from the internet, articles stored on your hard drive or Article Builder. Article re-writers like WordAi and SpinRewriter can be used to spin content. This is used for advanced content generation. Use Content Wizard to create content faster and easier.
  2. Insert content– Add custom paragraphs and links to text articles already on your hard drive and use a word spinner.
  3. Remix content– You can re-combine the content from your hard drive to create new articles. Extract the content from articles and divide it into paragraphs or sentences.
  4. Translate articles– Translate content between languages. You can use Google Translate or Bing to ensure you get the best translation.
  5. Local SEO Writer – This tool allows you to create content that meets local SEO requirements. This works by reading one template article and then reading a CSV file containing information about country, state, and town to generate 100s of articles that contain specific GEO locations.
  6. Article Downloader – Download web content to your hard drive. You can either download content from your personal list or search results from Google. Once you have the content on your hard drive, you can filter and sort it for your content research.
  7. T1 Content Creator – Make unique articles by using small text sentences that you find on Google for your article keyword.
  8. Image Downloader – Scrape a list from Google or Flickr of image URLs (creative commons).
  9. Search for long tail keywords. Using the Google suggestion engine, you can create a list long tail keywords (works surprising well).
  10. Create about ME – A super spun about me paragraph you can use for article resource boxes.
  11. Schedule posts Upload posts automatically in the Blog Manager to WordPress or Blogger blogs.
  12. Content wizard A step-by-step wizard that will help you create articles. This is an easier introduction to the more complicated “Generate Articles” feature.
  13. Application log Displays status messages for all content tasks that are currently running.

How does the SEO Content Machine work?

task button is for advanced users who want to generate content with more control.

Instead, you can use the Content Wizard button (wizard to beginners), which automatically starts when you start SEO Content Machine article creation. Below are images and steps of Article Creator. This will allow you to see all the options and features you have.

Article settings

The article settings tab is the first tab. This area is important as it allows you to tell the program keywords that will be used to find content and the location of the final article.

Your articles will be more quality if you use content rich keywords. Input keywords where possible that will return lots editorials, articles and reviews.

Each keyword you enter in the keyword box will be searched by the article creator for content. The article creator will search for all 200 keywords if you enter 200 keywords.

Make sure that all keywords are relevant. If not, the final article will include content from multiple keywords all mixed together.

SEO Content Machine Review

There are two options for quality. Readable or Unique.

Unique option content can be scraped and divided into sentences. Copyscape estimates that this creates unique content of up to 90%, but it can also lead to unreadable sentences and broken phrases.

To maintain paragraphs, you can use readable option content. This makes it easier to read. Copyscape says that your article won’t be original (50%).

The less readable your article will be, the more variations you choose. How many times the article can be reused will depend on how many variations you choose.

These are the recommended settings:

  • Article Type: HTML ArticleIf you wish to use articles from that program, you can choose a different format like “GSA SE”
  • Quality: Readable
  • Paragraph count: 5
  • Paragraph variations:You can create a single article that can be reused many times by setting the paragraph variations at 5+
  • Article count: 1+ (As many as you need)

If you want to use scraped content, choose a spinner. There are many spinners available: Soft Spin and SpinnerChief.

You should be aware that spinner services can take longer (30+ minutes) if you scrape more than 10,000 words.

You can use the Soft Spin spinner provided by SCM , even if you don’t have a paid spinner. Some spinners, such as SpinnerChief and X-spinner support spinning content in foreign languages.

Content Sources

There are four sources that you can use to load content into the article creator. These are Scrape Content and Local Files. Article Builder and Big Search.

  • Scrape content – You can scrape Google results or create your own list using BING. If you don’t wish to have any Google-scrapped results, you can set Google [None]
  • Local files – Save articles to your hard drive. It’s a great way to reuse PLR content.
  • Article Builder + BIG Content Search Both of these paid content services are available. If you want to use either one or both, please fill out the options.

Change the Google country to USA. If you require content in another language, such as French or Spanish, you can change the language and country.

SEO Content Machine Review

SCM comes pre-installed and includes a list of articles sources from which to extract content. This list can be customized and added to. Outside of the Bing/BingCache/Google options, you can add your own Custom Search Engines.

Many sites have their own search boxes that you can use to search for content not found in Google or Bing’s search results.

Custom Content

In the Custom Content tab, you can add your titles, categories, and paragraphs to the article generator. You can insert your footers, intros, and heavily spun content in custom paragraphs.

SEO Content Machine Review

Use the “Add Content” button to add a new paragraph. SEO Content Machine will insert any custom-written content “as-is.” It won’t attempt to filter, insert links or convert spintax.


SEO Content Machine allows you to insert links in existing content.

  • In an article, you can add links or tokens.
  • You can modify the link code that is inserted
  • Spintax can be used wherever there is text
  • To reduce the chance of footprints, Spintax can be used as format strings
  • It is possible to insert a hyperlink “contextually”. This means that it will randomly select some words and convert them into a linking link

Enter the URLs and keywords for each link. You can set a percentage that SEO Content Machine may use generic anchor text in place of your keyword.

SEO Content Machine Review

You can modify the generic anchor text , by clicking on the drop-down box next to the percentage slider. The generic anchor text is pre-filled with generic keywords. If you don’t wish to, there is no need to type any.


Insert your images directly into articles. You can only modify the settings and insert your own images into articles.

WordPress allows you to insert images as post thumbnails. You can enable the “Insert post thumbnail” setting. SCM can scrape images from Google, Creative Commons, or Custom.

SEO Content Machine Review

To scrape your own images to improve relevancy, you can set the image source to “Custom.” Right-click anywhere in the custom textbox to open the image scraper tool.

Click on the “Image Source” panel and choose “Custom.” This will activate the custom URL text box, where you can enter your images’ links.

Two other vital tools are also available here. You can also access image Finder and import images from your hard drive .

The image search allows you to quickly find images related to your keyword. Or you can let the article creator find them for you. This is useful if your keyword does not return any images that are usable in Google search. To find images, you can use the generic keyword.


You can add images and links to content created using SCM. You can embed YouTube videos . You can also insert your video code by selecting “Custom” from the video settings.

SCM will use your article keywords in order to locate relevant videos on Youtube that you can insert into your article.

SEO Content Machine Review

You can choose which videos you want to insert. You can insert your video embeds, a Youtube channel ID, or your Youtube username.

After you have adjusted all settings, click on the “Article Tab” and click on the ” Save Task.” Make sure to also check the ” Run immediately” box.

SEO Content Machine Testing

Content Wizard is what I will use to generate articles. It is designed for beginners and offers fewer features. Article Generator is recommended for advanced features. I will use the same keywords that I used in ArticleForge review to compare the text I receive.

NOTE : I deliberately used the Content Wizard option because most people want to see the text quickly and don’t want any complicated settings.

EXAMPLE1 – Keyword “WordPress Booking”

Following the Article Forge review’s example, I will use WordPress Booking as my primary keyword textbox.

It will scrape Google USA. You can also choose another country or language. Click NEXT to send SEO Content Machine to find similar keywords that you can add.

SEO Content Machine Review

Pick at least one keyword related to your topic. I will use the recommended settings above for article settings.

SEO Content Machine Review

Click NEXT to choose whether you want to use a spinner. I won’t use any spinner, because I want to see the content I can get with only SEO Content Machine.

SEO Content Machine Review

You can then choose how many videos and images you want to insert, if you wish. You can then add links to your articles.

Click NEXT to generate your article. Or click Finish for more options. It took approximately 1 minute to create content. The application log shows the entire process.

SEO Content Machine Review

As you can see, the text generated does not have a natural flow. It gathered descriptions from multiple booking plugins without order. It was like bad soup. This content is not something I would use on any website. It would be easier to just scrape content and reorder a bit.

EXAMPLE – Keyword “WordPress themes”

I chose one related keyword this time. WordPress themes was chosen as a related keyword. This is even more surprising considering that WordPress themes is my main keyword.

It’s okay, I chose it so I can hopefully get the best results. I chose article quality that was readable again and changed the paragraph count to 10. This allows me to get around 1 000 words per article (each paragraph is about 100 words).

This time text was generated within 2 minutes.

It isn’t bad. Although it mentions WordPress themes, only 6-7 themes are mentioned. Title says there are 50 free responsive themes. Although the image scraped is horrible, content would be fine after a little organizing. Although it wouldn’t pass Copyscape (haven’t tried).

It also appears in nine paragraphs of SCM added content that it is not related to WordPress themes. This page looks more like the MyThemeShop TOS page. It is not content that can be used on the website. You are better off copying and rearranging content from another source.

EXAMPLE 3 Keyword “iPhone Price”

This example is not related to WordPress. I chose a related keyword again. I selected article quality readable again and reduced the paragraph count to 6. This allows me to get two images and one movie.

Although the video was added, it did not show. It was probably because the video was added using an embed code. I have disabled it from my site. This content was created in just 13 seconds.

The generated content looks good, but I would like to change the title. The first two paragraphs are okay. Then it was cold again. From what I can see, the third section is about Tennessee repair shops.

The next 4 and 5 paragraphs are about the iPhone camera. The received text doesn’t adhere to the topic. It’s not the kind of text that I would use on my website. Not even test website.

SEO Content Machine Price

SCM offers a 5-day free trial. There is no obligation to sign up and you don’t have to provide credit card information or other payment information.

Prices plans are very affordable. It is much cheaper than Article Forge. The monthly payment option will cost you $27. An annual plan costs $118. Perpetual pricing is also available.

SEO Content Machine Review


  • Bookmarks, Autofill Magic, Bookmarks FCS Network, GSA-SER
  • HTML Article, Licorne AIO and Magic Submitter
  • No Hands SEO. Ranker X. SENuke. TurboWeb2.0 Submitter. Ultimate Demon.


  • Copy Scape. Chimp ReWriter. Spinner Chief. SpinRewriter. The Best Spinner.
  • WordAI, Bing Translate and Google Translate Article Builder, Big Content Search
  • CopyScape and X-Spinner, Imgur.

SEO Content Machine Support

SEO Content Machine has been regularly updated and corrected. You can see the changelog and know that this project has been heavily invested in.

Blog section is also something I check. You can tell if the product’s blog contains useful tips and advice on how to use the features.

This is SEO Content Machine. The blog contains many guides, and the documentation is extensive. Some guides were created in 2014 or 2015, but they still prove to be useful.

You can also find links to guides within SCM software. I also found videos. You don’t have to be afraid that you won’t be able follow the steps correctly. For assistance, you can contact support. SCM covers all aspects of this topic.

SEO Content Machine Advantages & Disadvantages

These are the pros and cons to using a SCM article generator.


  • Compatible with all SEO tools
  • Guides and documentation extensive
  • Developers keep adding new features
  • Google Captchas: $10 for 3500
  • There is no limit to the number of keywords you can use (as far as I know).
  • No need to pay any additional payment or credit card for a free trial
  • No installation limits. Simultaneous logins are not allowed.
  • Incorporate your titles to the content
  • Multiple content sources
  • Tool built in for finding long tail keywords
  • Schedule posts
  • Bulk import and bulk add WordPress blogs
  • Uses customizable templates to build link-building programs
  • SEO Content Machine integrates with article re-writers and spinners
  • Rapid content generation (in minutes or less)
  • Interface that is user-friendly
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Translate content from one language into another
  • You can scrape images and videos for use in articles
  • Incorporate your images and videos to the content
  • Includes a free spinner
  • Subscribe to any ATOM/RSS RSS feed and receive the content immediately
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Many features


  • Titles of content are often not good
  • It is difficult to use created content
  • It would be great if the trial period was longer
  • Google and Bing services are used to translate content
  • Video and images scraped from videos are often not the best quality.

Compared to Article Forge

You may have seen my reviews of Article Forge. It’s a web-based tool that is directly competitive to SEO Content Machine.

Article Forge is web-based and SEO Content Machine software, which means that it must be downloaded and installed. Article Forge is easier because you don’t have to install anything. You can log in whenever and wherever you like.

Article Forge, while SCM has been around for some time, is still relatively new. SCM offers more features. SEO Content Machine doesn’t include many options for Article Forge. Article Forge is easy to use and has no learning curve.

SCM can be overwhelming at first. Concerning the quality of generated content, I believe give similar results. You have more control over SCM to improve the quality of received content.

SCM is cheaper than Article Forge. All of this being said, I recommend that you get SEO Content Machine.

In comparison tables, not every feature offered by each tool is listed. A tool or combination of tools may offer more options than what is listed in the table. Kontent Machine is another great content generator tool.

Anyword, an artificial intelligence-based copywriting tool, is also available.

SEO Content Machine Review

Content creator tools can create content for your site. They allow you to download and mash together content to create new articles. You can also insert links/images/videos in existing articles. Translate content in bulk, upload to your blog, and use spinners to spin your content.

SEO Content Machine is one such content creation tool. There are many features and options available. It has so many options and features that you may feel overwhelmed at first.

New features are constantly added. Developers are constantly adding new features to improve the software.

SCM is a multilingual content generator and scraper. It can scrape Google search results from any language and extract the content. There are 48 language options available.

SEO Content Machine includes a free spinner, called “soft spin.” It works well and may be enough for your needs. WordAi can give you slightly better results. You can also create your own thesaurus.

SCM allows you to create articles with custom fields and optionally with meta tags information. This is often a benefit for WordPress users.

This content scraper is the only one that can use Google search to locate and download content. Automated scraping can eventually cause you to trip up Google antibot systems and trigger an event.

SEO Content Machine can solve simple reCaptcha events. It works automatically, you just need to have purchased captcha breaking credits.

You are in complete control of the process of creating content. You have the option to generate content quickly with fewer options, or you can use advanced settings for generating content.

You will be able to have greater control over the content generated. SCM isn’t perfect. Common problems you may encounter when scraping content are getting duplicate content, images, and videos that are not relevant.

SEO Content Machine is plagued by the same issues as and other article-generators. The article generated is not natural and often jumps from one topic to the next.

You will often have to edit text that is not related to the topic. There are many. This can be solved by providing your own list images to the article creator. This will ensure that images are relevant. To improve text quality you can use the article creator Content filter.

You can use the article creator’s junk filter box to ensure that your content does not contain spam words or keywords.

To create highly relevant content, you can use the Tier1 content creator to select sentences.

Although the above steps will help improve content, it takes time. People want content that is based on keywords to be generated quickly. It is easy to set up. This is why content generator tools are so useful. To save time.

SCM is still a work in progress. Software can’t replace humans and produce human-readable content. I prefer spin rewriters over content generator tools.

In any case, I recommend you to use the trial option to test SCM. Let me know if you have tried SEO Content Machine, or any other article generator.

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