Amazon Product Research Tool – AMZScout Review

AMZScout Review

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. There are many products that can be sold on Amazon. This former bookstore has become an industry giant. There are many people who can make additional money by selling products on Amazon. However, uou’re far from the only one making use of Amazon’dz rorularitu. You’re not the only one. You need a great Amazon product research tool to stay ahead of your competition. This is why we are writing this AMZScout review.

Large websites like Amazon are more competitive. It can be difficult to get noticed. You will need to have a track record and patience before you can climb up the Amazon product search results pages.

There are many companies that sell products in every industry and each category. Innovative and creative companies need to develop their products and services. Software and other tools can help them gain an edge over their competitors.

Amazon sellers can use a variety of product research tools to make their lives easier. These tools allow them to better understand the market. These tools also provide insight into how to market their products to generate interest and increase sales.

Amazon sellers can use product research tools to understand the marketplace. They also have access to metrics data that can be used to measure product success . You can track the sales of different products.

Amazon’s market research tool, AMZScout group buy share tool, can help you stand out from the crowd. The information can be used to help you determine the best marketing strategies for your products, and to give customers a reason to buy from you.

What Are Amazon Product Research Tools?

Every year, Amazon Marketplace is flooded with people and businesses. Many more people are watching the Amazon marketplace and have plans to join soon.

Services and products will always be in high demand. Customers love the convenience that comes with being able to place orders and have their products delivered to their home.

Amazon has many sellers, but only a few are able make a living selling on the site. Only a small number of sellers can be profitable and grow their business year over year. It is easy to see why.

It becomes more difficult to convince customers that you are the best seller of your product and not another. Sales decrease or stagnate because many people don’t want to make the extra effort to retain prospects or draw in new business.

AMZScout Review

Information is vital for survival. AMZScout gives you an advantage over other people and companies that sell the same products you do.

The information and insights provided by product research tools can help you improve your rank in Amazon product search results. Even if your products don’t differ significantly from those of your competitors, this can be achieved.

The competition on Amazon has been fierce in recent years. Market research can help you distinguish your products and services from others in an industry. You can stand out from your competitors by having more information than the rest. This will help you find more customers and increase revenue.

AMZScout Review

AMZScout has been a great resource for Amazon sellers. It is a product and market research tool that can help you succeed. This tool can be used to not only learn about product searches but also calculate your projected income. This tool will help you to run a business effectively and attract more customers.

AMZScout gives Amazon sellers historical pricing and product ranking over the past. It can also be used to assess product listing quality to help sellers accurately predict their sales figures from month to month.

AMZScout Review

This tool was designed to assist individuals and companies in maximising their online businesses. AMZScout can also be used to get rating information and data about Fulfillment by Amazon fees.

These are the reasons Amazon sellers use AMZScout:

  • To find new product opportunities and to conduct product research.
  • To conduct Amazon market analysis and competitor research.
  • You can use the data export option to do data mining.

AMZScout offers many useful features. Its most important features are the AMZScout Google Extension, and the AmZScout Web Application. Chrome extension is extended to include web applications.

AMZScout Web app vs. AMZScout Pro Chrome extension

AMZScout is both a standalone web application and a Google Chrome Extension. It can be used for information that can help increase revenue and profits.

The Chrome extension provides basic functionality, and allows you extract real-time information. The AMZScout Web app is a more complicated. It offers functionality and features that are not easily found anywhere else.

Amazon sellers don’t need to open when they use the AMZScout Web App, unlike those who have the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension. The app already has the technology you need to view the information. The Chrome extension does not lack value or importance.

It is very easy to use the Chrome extension. It includes a real time profit calculator that can be used for niche-specific information on Amazon’s product pages, seller pages, and search pages. The Get Niche Idea function can help sellers discover new ways to increase their revenue or reach new markets.

AMZScout Review

Product Score and Potential Score are just a few of the essential features that the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension offers. These tools help you make informed decisions when it comes to diversifying or expanding your Amazon marketplace business. It is versatile and can be used in many different ways. The only problem is that extension works only in Google Chrome.

You can use the AMZScout Web App in any web browser. It includes all the Chrome extension’s functions and features. Users can also view the quantity changes for every product they follow. It also features a keyword explorer.

AMZScout PRO Extension

Before you can use the AmzScout Pro extension, you will need to install it on your Chrome browser. You can also try the extension for free before you commit to a paid plan.

After the installation is completed, you can use this extension while browsing Amazon. Clicking the AMZScout icon will activate the extension. You will see valuable information pulled directly from Amazon.

AMZScout Review

When you visit Amazon’s website after installing the AMZScout Chrome Extension, you will see the small icon at the bottom left. To view all data, click it.

The extension provides product ideas in a variety of product categories and product scores. The product score is determined based on the product’s potential. The extension cannot be used in Google Chrome. It is not compatible with other browsers.

AMZScout Review

The Chrome extension and the web app both provide similar data. The extension focuses on collecting information about the pages and products you are currently viewing.

It is a valuable resource that provides a wealth of information. There are too many functions to list. Chrome extension works best when you are already on Amazon’s website. To learn more, click on the extension while you are on Amazon’s page.

AMZScout Review

This extension is compatible to any Amazon page and product search in most countries. Clicking on any row or empty space will open information such as Find on Alibaba, Profit Calculator, Product History graph and Get Keywords. Copy ASIN can also be found. The Add to Tracker option will allow you to add the item to your product tracker within the web application.

AMZScout Review

To see the performance and sales history of each product, you can always look at its product history graph. This will show you sales, rank and price for the past year. To see past data on products within a niche, you can also use Niche History.

Each product and result will have its own Product Score. The items are rated on a scale of 1-10. Clicking on the grade will give you more information.

AMZScout Review

The product score of each item can be viewed. You can find more information by clicking on the product score.

The Niche score appears in the upper left-hand corner. This gives you more information about the product niche. This score is based on a variety of factors that will tell you how profitable a niche is. This score can also be ranked between 1 and 10. Click on Niche Score to see more information broken down into three columns: Profit, Demand and Competition.

Another handy feature is the Niche Saturation score. Sometimes sellers may wonder how many people have used the same product. Chrome Extension takes all the guesswork out. It will show you how many people came across the same result. Although it won’t give you the number of people who will sell the same product, it is still helpful information.

AMZScout Review

Another feature is the “Niche Idea button, which will take you to any niche with a high niche score. Extract a CSV for nearly any product. You can also add products and favorites to your favorite list.

AMZScout Review

By clicking on the Trends button, Google Trends will show you the trend over time for a specific product or niche. You will see a list of keywords related to the item by clicking on the “Niche Keywords” button You can create titles and descriptions using the keywords to ensure that your item appears first in search results.

These data are available in Chrome Extension.

  1. Listing Quality Score – This indicator will indicate the quality of a listing. The quality score is determined on a scale of 1 to 100. You can see all the advantages and disadvantages of a product by placing your cursor on its LQS indicator.
  2. Sales estimation– AMZScout uses API statistics from previous months. It doesn’t overestimate sales. This is because it’s quite conservative. This will allow you to make more accurate sales and profit estimates.
  3. Price history This function will tell you everything about price changes for specific products. The data is recorded beginning at the time the item was made available on Amazon. This will give you a better idea of when the seller increased or decreased prices during periods of high and low demand.
  4. Niche – When looking for the right product, it is important to look at seasonal niches and general niches. Google provides all information about niche products.
  5. Return of investment This tool allows you to determine the product’s ROI (return on investment). To calculate its ROI, simply open the Profit Calculator by entering the selling and buying prices of the item.
  6. Ranking This is where you can view the item’s rank in particular product searches.
  7. Total number of reviews – It is helpful to see how many people have reviewed an item as it can give you insight into what they liked and disliked about it. This information will vary depending on what you need and what product is being reviewed.

Note: You are only purchasing the AMZScout Pro extension Chrome. This purchase does not include the web application or its features. You can purchase the web application separately from Amazon Sellers Bundle plan (Chrome extension also included).

AMZScout App

The AMZScout web app doesn’t need to be activated or installed. It is compatible with all web browsers. Go to the AMZScout website, scroll to the top-right section, and click the “sign up” option. Once you’ve completed the registration, you can log in to AMZScout’s web application.

There are three plans for the app: Basic, Start and Business. Each plan offers the same functions. Only difference is the number of products that you can track in each application’s Product Tracker.

You should choose the plan that best suits your needs. Every plan comes with a seven-day trial. You can choose to pay your plan on a monthly basis or annually.

AMZScout currently supports nine countries. The web app is available in Canada, France and Germany as well as India, Mexico, Canada, Spain, the United States, Canada, France, Germany and Italy.

AMZScout has the ability to gather data in nine Amazon locations (countries). You can change the country at any time.

AMZScout Review

The app can be used to view Amazon’s entire product catalog. It’s not necessary to spend time searching for each item individually. Use the AMZScout app:

  • Gather sales estimates.
  • Get estimated revenue totals for different items.
  • To find the most searched keywords for products you are interested in selling, search keyword research.
  • Analyze sales data and trends. It is possible to determine whether certain products are popular all year or only during the summer. This information was extracted from Google’s trends database so it is reliable. It is also possible to see which items are currently in demand.
  • To find out if your product will make you money, use the profit calculator.
  • See information about fulfillment and product sourcing. Find out if FBA fees will affect your profit margins and how you can find new product vendors.
  • Get updated product ranking and product listing ranks. Amazon will display information about your products and the items of competitors.

AMZScout Web App has many amazing features. It can access all of Amazon’s product and search data. It can process information from Amazon’s entire product and search database, which makes it more comprehensive than the AMZSCout Google Chrome extension .

Signing into the app makes navigation easy. The dashboard is custom-designed and includes all the features you need. This dashboard was created to make selling easier. This is a welcome experience, especially for those who are frustrated at having too many options on one screen.

AMZScout Review

The app works only in the cloud. It is not compatible with the Chrome extension, which works only on the Amazon platform. Both the web application and Chrome extension have similar interfaces. But their functions are very different.

There are several functions that the app offers. They are all essential to any Amazon FBA tool. These are the product database, product tracker and Amazon keyword search. In the next sections, I will discuss each function in more detail.

1. Product Database

The Product Database allows sellers to find high-demand items with the potential for higher profits. To access the dashboard, sellers simply need to log in and enter a product ASIN. The product dashboard will then search similar products.

AMZScout Review

Search results will show any similar items, along with the details and images. This information is simple to understand. This data can be used by sellers to determine the selling costs of similar products on Amazon as well as the revenue generated. Filters can be added in order to exclude items that are too costly to sell, have a low profit margin, or too competitive.

It is possible to see multiple categories without having to enter a search keyword. You can add two filters to this option. One will show product trends information, and the other allows you categorize products. Google trends can give you information about the popularity of a product and its likelihood to sell.

Avoid products that are in decline. These products are more difficult to sell and are often considered undesirable. AMZScout is constantly updating its information. and methodical search often find products with high-profit potential.

Although it may seem that the AMZScout extension has the same data as the Product Database, that’s not the case. The web app offers more product category filters that the extension. Amazon ranks products by rank. However, you can use the web app to categorize information in any way you like.

The web app can be used to supplement the extension in different ways. You can get information directly from Amazon. However, the extension also provides additional data to suit different criteria.

You can use the Product Database application to find market niches that meet your needs. Open the Amazon website whenever you are looking for a product to market. The tracker will allow you to add products you are interested in. You can then monitor sales trends and inventory to ensure you purchase the right items at the best times.

2. Product Tracker

Product Tracker allows you to keep track of daily product sales. You can save all products and build your own database. This allows you to review and analyze any product whenever you want. Track any product. You can add products to your track list by pressing the save button.

You can include products that you already track. Each product has three buttons to the left. The first button displays information about product sales, inventory and ranking. It also provides reviews, ratings history, and rating history. This information can be set for seven days, 14 days or two months.

AMZScout Review

You can search for products on Alibaba by clicking the second button. This option will open a new tab in your web browser. This tab will open for Google search results related to Alibaba products. After you have found the item you are interested in, click the “Visit” button and you will be taken to the page on Alibaba. This page will contain all information about the item.

You can delete products from your track list. You can remove items from the list at any moment.

3. Amazon Keyword Search and Reverse ASIN Search

Two ways to use the AMZScout Keyword Search feature are possible. The first is to search for keywords that are related to your listing. This tool allows you to find high-volume keywords that relate to products you are already selling on Amazon. These keywords are used by users to search for similar products or items. Adding high-volume keywords in your product listing and description can help increase your rank on Amazon for people searching for the product.

AMZScout Review

Finding high-demand niches is the second option. Start by typing a keyword. If you are selling lawnmowers, for example, you might search “robotic mower” in your search term. A list of keywords related to this topic will be returned. The list will show you the search volume of each keyword returned.

You can then market the item using that keyword based on its high volume. This is how sellers can come up with product ideas based on the demand for specific items. This feature can help you identify products that will bring in more revenue.

When selling products, it is important to be aware of the seasons. It would be a mistake to promote summer-related products during winter. To review the list later, you can export it to Excel.

Keyword Search is identical to the Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool. The features are the same. Reverse ASIN Searchup uses product ASIN numbers to identify keywords of competitors to increase Amazon’s listing.

4. Amazon Keyword Tracker and Amazon Index Checker

Amazon Keyword Tracker, and Amazon Index Checker are separate tools from AMZScout Web app. However, they can be used together in one extension from the Google Chrome Store. This extension can be purchased separately or as part of the Amazon Seller’s Bundle pricing plan for $29/month.

Amazon Keyword Tracker allows to track the history of keywords and see their organic rank. Amazon Index Checker allows you to verify that your product has been successfully indexed and rank in search results.

Keyword Tracker Extension allows you to see how optimization and marketing efforts impact your product listing rankings for specific keywords.

The following are some of the key features for extension:

  • Use the ASIN number to monitor keyword rankings in Amazon search results for products similar to yours.
  • The ranking of multiple keywords by page and their position in the list can be broken down.
  • Use graphs to visualize keyword positions changes over time and use variable frequency intervals.
  • Analyze the various factors that influence the final ranking.

After you have downloaded the extension, you can create products that you want to track keywords . Click “Add Product” to get the ASIN number for the product. Next, choose the Amazon marketplace where the product is listed. Finally, select the tracking frequency. You can choose between a tracking frequency of 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

AMZScout Review

You can then add keywords to track that product. The suggested keywords can be added along with your keywords.

AMZScout offers free tools

These additional tools are available for free from AMZScout:

Amazon FBA Calculator

AMZSCout Fee Calculator is a Google Chrome extension. It can be used to calculate the fees and any other financial data applicable to any product. Amazon’s FBA services usually come with several fees.

All fees, including delivery, handling, packaging, and returns, must be considered. All Amazon sellers must consider this time-consuming task, regardless of how many products they sell.

AMZScout Review

There are many variables that can affect the price of product charges. These charges are dependent on many variables, including product dimensions and sizes, whether you wish to remove an item from the product list if it does not sell well, and how long you plan to keep the product in the warehouse for inventory problems. The FBA calculator handles all the work.

You can browse products by opening the product page. This extension determines the fees and the final price.

Because of so many factors, FBA costs can be quite expensive. Some products with great potential are not financially viable. These products cannot be sold without understanding the cost and the margin.

Amazon to eBay Comparison

This extension for Google Chrome will allow you to compare prices and find links to eBay for the exact item. Dropshipping can be a more lucrative option.


AMZScout Review

Amazon Smart Shopper checks to see if certain items are cheaper on Amazon. If you find lower prices, a small notification will be displayed.

Stock Stats

Spy Amazon Stocks allows you to view competitor’s information within a specific time period, so you can plan your sales ahead. This data can be viewed without leaving the product page.

You can estimate the sales increase or decrease by reviewing fluctuations every day. Comparing statistics from multiple competitors is a better option.

You can check inventory levels, prices, or any other relevant data . It is a good idea for you to check your stock levels every day in order to see the number of units that each competitor sells. AMZScout Stock Stats extension is available for Chrome.

Sales Estimator

To project sales figures for items within various niches, you can use the Amazon Revenue Estimator information. You can start at Amazon’s home page by entering the name of the product you are looking for. To find specific products, you can sort the search results.

You can go through all the product listings until you find the highest seller rank (BSR). Note this number. Enter the BSR number, country, and category for the product in Amazon Sales Estimator. Then, select the “Calculate Sales” option.

A product’s sales history is not enough to judge its quality. It is possible for sales numbers to fluctuate over time, so it is better to examine the sales history of a product. You can gain an edge over your competitors by using the most current apps, sales trackers and checkers.

Amazon Quick View

The Amazon Quick View extension lets you compare products directly on their Amazon pages. All the data you need to make the best selling items is right there for you.


AMZScout Review

Quick View will show the following information: history, price history, best keywords for a product. FBA fees. The date the product became available. Profit margin. ASIN, size, weight.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout can be purchased at the monthly, annual, or lifetime plans. The lifetime plan is only available for AMZScout Chrome extension. There are two pricing options that differ in the features they offer.

The PRO Extension plan lets you use the AMZScout Google Chrome Pro extension. The Amazon Sellers bundle allows you to use all the items, including: AMZScout Sellers’ Course, PRO Extension and Exclusive Amazon Insights. WebApp Product Database, Product Tracker, Keyword Tracker. Quick View. FBA Calculator. Stock stats.

AMZScout Review

Monthly packages for AMZScout Chrome extension and Web App (Amazon Seller Bundle) can be purchased at $44.99/month. This is a great way for you to test the product and decide if it suits your needs. The Chrome extension offers a 14-day free trial and a 7-day free trial.

An annual plan is the best value for money. It will substantially reduce the cost.

AMZScout currently supports nine countries. These include Canada, France and Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, the United States of America, Canada, France, Germany and India.


These are some commonly asked questions about AMZScout.

AMZScout provides market and product data research tools. It can be used to calculate projected income, see historical pricing information, and rank products.

No, AMZScout Pro is a Chrome browser extension.

AMZScout data cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Therefore, while most of the data provided by AMZScout is accurate in most cases there may be instances when results are incorrect.

AMZScout costs money, but you can try it for free without entering your credit card information.

AMZScoutPRO is a Google Chrome extension. After installing the extension, you can start browsing Amazon with it.

AMZScout has been a great resource for Amazon sellers. This tool can be used to not only learn about product searches but also calculate your projected income. This tool will help you to run a business effectively and attract more customers.

AMZScout can be purchased at the monthly, annual, or lifetime plans. Extensions start at $14.9/month, while Web app starts at $24.9/month.

Browse products and open the product page. This extension will determine the fees and total price.

AMZScout Review: Final Words

AMZScout’s product packaging is great. I also like the flexibility and convenience of using both the Chrome extension as well as the web application. Both versions have a free trial which is something most FBA apps do not offer. The ability to try out the functions and features of the application free of charge is a key factor in buying and continuing to use it.

It’s not fair to buy something if you don’t understand it. AMZScout’s team believes that users will love their application and be convinced to purchase it once the trial ends. This level of confidence is very comforting.

AMZScout offers simple interfaces and amazing features. It is frequently used by Amazon sellers. The Extension is an excellent product research tool. However, the Extension can sometimes seem overwhelming to new sellers.

You can customize and filter the information to make sure you only see the relevant information at the moment. Although there is a lot of information available, it can be overwhelming to process. Expert sellers will be able to use the tool more efficiently than novice sellers. Novice sellers might need to take longer to learn how to use it.

The Amazon product research tool is a great way to quickly come up with product ideas. These tools will help you become more productive. You will also be a more successful Amazon seller.

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