KWFinder Review – Best SEO keyword Research Tool

KWFinder Review

Search engine optimization is incomplete without keywords. Targeted keywords are used on every search engine optimized website. These keywords are crucial for Google and other search engines. Keywords allow search engines to determine the content of each page and suggest them based on their suggestions in relevant search results.

They inform search engines about a website’s content and drive organic traffic to it.

Search keywords that are relevant to your niche or industry is a great way to improve your search engine optimization. To be successful at this task you will need to understand the following information:

  • What keywords are being searched already?
  • What are the search volumes for keywords you wish to use?
  • How difficult is it to rank each keyword?

These and related questions will help you choose the best keywords for your website. Your keywords should be related to your website and to the niche you are trying to reach.

This post will share KWFinder Review and guide using KWFinder is the best way to find low-competition keywords with high traffic volumes.

KWFinder Review

KWFinder, a popular keyword searching tool, was created by Mangools. KWFinder is not the only tool in this set. are also available.

  • LinkMiner is used to analyze backlinks
  • SERPChecker (a rank tracking software)
  • Use SERPWatcher to analyze localized SERP results
  • SiteProfiler is used to analyze traffic from competitors

These useful features are combined in a single package which is much more affordable than other search engine optimization tools.

KWFinder Review

Mangools’ tools are simple and stand out from the rest. KWFinder’s intuitive interface makes it easy to find keywords with high difficulty scores. You won’t find these interesting research functions with your competitors.

KWFinder gives you a lot more information about every keyword that is searched. You can decide whether you want to rank for a keyword based on pay per click and cost per click.

This tool allows you to better understand the landscape of each keyword by searching it. You might not be able to determine the difficulty ranking of a keyword, whether your keywords are related to your niche, or how high is their search volume.

KWFinder Review

KWFinder gives you enough information to make an informed decision regarding which keywords are best for your business.

KWFinder can be used to search for a keyword. However, it will also allow you to find keywords that are more searched or more relevant. The tool can be used to determine each keyword’s difficulty ranking. This information can be used for determining how likely your website is to rank in search results for that keyword.

You can find out who your competitors are and which keywords they rank for each keyword you search. To get the best results, you can refine your keyword searches according to language and geographic location.

Who can benefit from KWFinder?

KWFinder will help you make the most of your search engine optimization strategies. It is ideal for people who are already ranking for keywords they wish to use.

KWFinder Review

This tool simplifies keyword research. Simply enter a keyword to get the data you need to make informed decisions. KWFinder gives you real-time information about search engine optimization results.

This information is extremely useful for business owners who wish to make data-lead choices about keywords to use based on their relevancy to niches and whether or not they are achievable.

Also, keyword difficulty (or value) can often be different from other values in other tools. Keyword difficulty, also known by keyword competitiveness, can be a useful metric for keyword research. Every tool calculates it differently. Keyword values can differ from one tool to another.

Why is Keyword Difficulty Important

It is important to search for keywords that aren’t too competitive and show up more often in search engine results. It is important to only use keywords that are relevant for your company, niche and industry, as well as your products and services.

KWFinder will display the monthly keyword searches for each keyword you type. It will tell you whether the keyword is being searched for and, if it is, how often.

This information can be used to determine which keywords to target based on search results and keyword difficulty scores.

KWFinder Review

One of the most sought-after features in keyword search tools is the ability to determine a keyword’s difficulty score with just one click. This score indicates the difficulty or ease of a keyword phrase’s ranking on the first page Google.

This score may vary depending on which keyword search tool you use.

KWFinder’s keyword difficulty data can be calculated in real time . The difficulty of a keyword is saved for future use when someone clicks it from the list of suggested keywords. The keyword difficulty of specific keywords is not usually calculated so data from previous searches won’t be saved.

The keyword difficulty value are stored only for 30 days . The opacity of the keywords’ difficulty values will decrease if they aren’t calculated within this time frame. The difficulty score for a keyword was calculated the last time you moved your mouse over it.

Technical limitations can prevent all data from being displayed simultaneously when real-time data are calculated. KWFinder does not show keyword difficulty for all suggested keywords, as data can be quite costly.

KWFinder would then have to increase prices substantially to show the current keyword difficulty information for all keywords in a suggested listing.

How does KWFinder work?

KWFinder analyzes Majestic and Moz Data keywords to determine their difficulty scores. This helps you put the data into perspective. After you sign up for the 10-day free trial account you can access the app directly to search for keywords.

There are two tabs at the top of your search box: Search by Keyword or Search by Domain.

– Search By Keyword Most keyword research tools require that you enter a keyword in order to get hundreds of keyword suggestions. This is a great way to brainstorm potential keywords for your site.

This can help you identify your competitors and help you to determine what keywords might be relevant for your niche.

KWFinder Review

– Search by Domain – This option is competitor-based. This allows you to reverse-engineer the process. Instead of typing a keyword, enter the URL of the competitor’s website. This search will show you which keywords are being used by your competitors to rank.

Multiple Research Options

There are three options for research: These are keywords that are related, autocomplete and questions.

KWFinder Review

  • Autocomplete This option uses Google’s autosuggest to show keywords. These suggestions are what you will see when you type in Google’s search field.
  • Questions This feature allows you to add prefixes and seed keywords. The information-based keywords will be displayed that correspond to the questions you have asked.
  • Related Keywords This is the default search option most people use. It uses Google’s KW planner to find keywords. It uses its internal algorithms to sort search results.

KWFinder Keyword Research

KWFinder will display similar keywords results when you search for keywords. This function is extremely useful. You can receive information about keywords that are similar or even more relevant to the keyword you have in mind, just when you think you have found it.

Some keywords will have higher monthly search volumes, while others may be easier to rank. Keyword spelling and/or phrase variations can sometimes impact their difficulty score or ranking. Pay attention to keywords similar to yours.

Take the time to carefully review the suggested keywords . You might be able to find a better match with another keyword that you didn’t know about.

KWFinder Review

Once you have the keyword suggestions based on your seed keyword, you will see that each keyword has been broken down into these metrics:

  • CPC Average cost per Click in Google Ads for this keyword
  • PPC Shows the level of competition in Google Ads
  • Monthly Search Volume This displays the monthly searches for this keyword on Google.
  • Keyword difficulty score – You will see an aggregate score which shows how easy or difficult it is for the keyword to rank on Google search results based upon KWFinder internal algorithm
  • Trend– This shows how searches for the keyword have changed over the past 12 months

To refine your results, click on the filter button. You can adjust the data you have received. You can do what you want.

KWFinder Review

Clicking on any keyword will bring up more information on the right-hand screen. This is the most important feature of this tool. This tool breaks down data based upon the top ten pages that rank highest for a keyword in search results. You can also see results below the first ten.

KWFinder Review

These are the metrics that were used to evaluate the top pages:

  • DA Domain Authority – Moz information that indicates the domain’s value as a whole according to Moz factors.
  • PA – This data also comes from Moz and shows the page’s value as a whole. This information does not take into account other pages on the site.
  • TF (Trust flow) – This component of Majestic’s link oriented metric shows the page’s quality outbound links. The numeric score will rise if the page links to authoritative pages on a specific subject or niche.
  • CF [Citation Flow] – Majestic metric that is based on URL link quantity and how many sites link back to it.
  • Links This shows how many backlinks a page has.
  • Facebook Shares– This shows how often the page has been shared on Facebook.
  • LPS – Mangools developed this algorithm to calculate a page’s aggregate score on backlink profiles. The score of a page is generally higher than its ranking.
  • EV (Estimated Visitors) – This tells you how many organic visitors a site gets monthly for a keyword.

All of this data can be used to determine a keyword’s difficulty rating. You can also click on the three-button icon to access additional data. It is possible to evaluate the URL based on other keywords it ranks for, as well as its backlinks and other metrics.

KWFinder Review

Clicking any of these options will take you to the Mangools app that is best suited to your request. You can also opt to view all pages on SERPs that contain the keyword you have selected.

KWFinder uses a credit system to limit data requests each user can make. Although this is a unique approach, it makes sense when you consider how excessive requests can cause significant strain on resources and increase costs.

KWFinder Review

Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, there will be limits in keyword searches, keyword suggestions search and competitor keyword search. You also have limitations in backlink rows, track daily keywords, site search, keyword lookups and keyword lookups. After 24 hours, the limits are reset.

These limits have the biggest drawback: you cannot receive as many keyword results (capped keywords). results can be limited to either 200 or 700 keywords depending on the plan. This was a limitation that I found to be restrictive, especially considering similar products such as Keyword Revealer (check Keyword Revealer Review), which doesn’t have any limitations in this aspect and offers far more results for the same keyword searches.

The keywords results are not limited. However, any keywords you import into the tool will be subject to the same limitations.

is a multi-tabbed keyword issue. A typical keyword research process involves entering seed keywords, and then using the suggested keywords to find alternative search terms. KWFinder allows users to start new searches based upon any keyword suggestion they choose.

To start these searches, however, you cannot open a new tab or window. Instead, the tool replaces all of your existing suggestions. Inefficient. You can’t toggle between tabs without losing what has been entered. KWFinder forces users to select a single path. It does not support multitasking.

Lists of Keywords to Save

KWFinder users who use the tool often will wish to organize their keyword research for future reference. You may find it annoying to type the same search query every time you use the tool.

KWFinder Review

It is a smart idea to save them in keyword list so you don’t lose or forget them. This can be done by clicking on the checkbox next the keywords you wish to add to a list.

KWFinder Review

After you have made your selections, click the ” Add to List” button at the bottom. Click the star icon beside keywords to add to the list.

History Page

The History page lets you view what keywords you have searched in the past. To review previous keyword searches, select the History option in the menu.

KWFinder Review

Import keywords

You can also import keywords you wish KWFinder will evaluate for you. If you already use Google Keyword Planner, or other similar tools, to brainstorm keywords ideas, you can export the list in TXT or CSV format, and then import it into KWFinder.

KWFinder Review

This will allow you to see more keyword ideas that you can then examine using the KWFinder metrics. You can also copy the keywords and paste them to the text box.

KWFinder Pros & Cons

These benefits and disadvantages to using KWFinder for keyword research:


  • KWFinder is lightweight and quick! It loads keyword suggestions and information extremely quickly! There is no lag. It won’t take you long to get results.
  • It is easy to use – The tool makes it simple to find keywords. No matter your level of technical expertise, it is easy to use. It is easy to navigate and perform keyword searches.
  • Diverse search engine optimization metrics – KWFinder pulls data from Majestic, Moz and other sources, in addition to its Link Profile Strength feature. KWFinder already provides the data, so you don’t need to sign up for them separately.
  • Multiple logins allowed – Your team and you can both use KWFinder together, provided that you have the Agency or Premium plan. This will make the process more efficient and faster.
  • You don’t need to install anything because it’s web-based. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Five tools in one – You get not only KWFinder, but also SERPChecker LinkMiner SiteProfiler and SERPWatcher.
  • Limited trial offer for ten days (unfortunately, it is very restricted).
  • Filter results and save keywords


  • It does not support multi-tabbed keyword search.
  • The SERPChecker preview can’t be customized.
  • The results of keywords searches are very limited. No matter what package you buy, keyword searches are very limited.
  • Pricing plans may not be right for everyone.
  • Two days money-back guarantee

KWFinder Pricing

You can now try the Mangools tools for free for ten days starting July 2019. Sign up for your free trial . You don’t need to give any credit card information. This is a significant improvement on their previous free trial that limited you to a specific number of keyword searches per hour.

Prices plans can be purchased as either annual or monthly plans . There are three service tiers available for this tool: BasicPremium, and Agency. You will still receive everything regardless of which tier you choose. Only difference between the plans is how much you can search for and perform other activities.

An annual plan is the cheapest. It starts at 29.9 EUR a month for the Basic tier . This is the monthly price for service if paid one year in advance. If you choose to pay monthly on a rolling basis, the price for this tier will increase to 49 EUR.

KWFinder Review

Because of the adequate amount of keyword searches and tracked keywords, I believe the Basic level will be sufficient for most people. The only thing I dislike about the Basic package is the limited number of keyword searches allowed. This is in contrast to Premium and Agency plans, where this limit is 700.

It is more difficult to find keywords with low search volumes or lower difficulty scores that are low in competition. However, you can still get enough results by clicking on different keywords and continually resorting to your results. This is where the “Basic” package feels a little limited.

It can seem daunting to pay hundreds of dollars for search engine optimization tools, especially if you are a beginner blogger trying to monetize your website. It is far better than writing content without researching first.

It is helpful to compare the price of the Mangools suite to other “premium” options. Here are some other tools that you might be interested in. All prices are based upon annual subscriptions.

This is not an exact comparison of apples to apples, but it will help you see the bigger picture. It’s a good idea to choose a plan that costs less than half of similar solutions if you have limited funds.

Online products and services are expected to provide excellent customer support. But that doesn’t mean you will always get what you want. KWFinder offers excellent support to its users via its live chat and email, as well as extensive documentation.

What do you get with the Mangools Suite Of Tools?

You get more than KWFinder when your Mangools pricing plan is purchased.

1. Mangools SERPChecker

Mangools SERPChecker makes up part of their suite. It is a perfect complement to KWFinder. You get a wider view of search results than you normally see in KWFinder. You also get more information and functions.

SERPChecker allows you to dig deeper into keyword search results. You will be able to identify more benefits and stay ahead of your competitors.

KWFinder Review

Mangools tools are very well integrated. This is a common feature in most keyword research tools. However, SERPChecker has a few unique features.

Its layout is first and foremost well-organized. It is easy to comprehend the data. The information is color-coded more than you will find in KWFinder. The SERPChecker is a great tool for analyzing SERP competition.

2. Mangools LinkMiner

We don’t know how Google organizes search results. Site owners are unanimous in their belief that search engine results listings can be affected by the number of websites linking to your website. The LinkMiner tool helps you to do this.

KWFinder Review

This tool is a great way of seeing who links to your site and to your articles. This tool can also be used to find out who links to your competitor’s sites. If you have produced similar content or better content, you may be able recreate links.

3. Mangools SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher helps you track keywords. This tool can notify you when certain keyword search ranking have dropped. This allows you to know where to focus your efforts.

KWFinder Review

You can even receive email alerts . You will receive overview information in your inbox. This allows you to be alerted when it is convenient. SERPWatcher is a valuable tool for those who wish to keep their target keywords up-to-date.

4. SiteProfiler Mangools

SiteProfiler provides a quick overview of any website you are interested in learning more about. This could be your site, or one belonging to a competitor.

Enter a URL to the site and you’ll get information about:

  • Demographic information about the site’s visitors
  • Information on backlinks to the site
  • Which content is most popular on the site according to social media sharing and incoming links?
  • Metrics like “Trust Flow”, Alexa rank, and information about the domain authority of the site.
  • Information about the site’s competition

KWFinder Review

KWFinder Review

SiteProfiler also offers a Google Chrome extension. This extension lets you search for information on any site from your browser. This information can be useful for outreach and competitor research.

Here are some examples of search results for “best computer chair” and how they rank when performed using keyword Revealer or KWFinder.

KWFINDER search result for: Best computer chair

KWFinder Review

KEYWORD RECVEALER Search results for: Best computer chair

KWFinder Review

KWFINDER Keyword difficulty analysis for: Best computer chair

KWFinder Review

KEYWORD REVEALER Keyword difficulty analysis for: Best computer chair

KWFinder Review

KWFinder is a valuable tool for keyword research and search engine optimization. It delivers consistent results and is quick to use.KWFinder Review – Is KW Finder right for you?

Each Mangools application complements the other well. KWFinder is the most prominent app, but they are just as impressive on their own. They don’t appear to have been forced together or rushed together.

Each application can also be linked to one another seamlessly. This makes it easier to search keywords, analyze SERPs, check on backlinks and perform other related tasks.

I love that KWFinder is a web-based tool. Some applications are not ideal for desktop usage. Keyword research is one of those applications.

KWFinder is a web-based program that can be used on any computer with an Internet connection. You don’t need to worry about compatibility.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t need to be connected to an Adwords account or any other type of account. Everything works immediately. KWFinder uses Google’s Keyword Planner to get its search volume data, but it also uses its own algorithm for showing the keyword difficulty and search volumes for every keyword you use.

KWFinder is a powerful tool but it’s not for everyone. This tool is great for new bloggers who are just getting started with keyword research and search engine optimization.

It is the easiest keyword research tool I have ever used. The platform makes it easy to find low-competition, profitable keywords within minutes.

Many users find the ability to quickly identify keywords with high difficulty scores is a major selling point. Although it may seem a bit trite, it can save users a lot of time when selecting keywords that are relevant to their niche or business.

KWFinder may not be sufficient if you use search engine optimization tools often or manage a large agency. If KWFinder doesn’t meet your needs, you can always look at other keyword research tools.

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