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Astra Theme Review

The following Astra themes review, we will examine all the options and features that this theme is known for. A website is akin to an interview. It takes around seven minutes for employers to glance at your resume to decide if they’re likely to take you on regardless of what information is available.

The first step towards being effective will be appearance and appearance. This is the same for your website. Utilizing the Astra theme is as good as dressing and appearing professional for an interview.

Your viewers are your interviewers and it is your responsibility to ensure that your website gets the attention of your audience.

Despite the many paid and free WordPress themes on the market , and the numerous agencies that offer design and development services, selecting the perfect theme for your brand new or existing website can be an intimidating task.

You’ll have so many options to pick from that the choice you make appears to be wrong, regardless of what you choose.

In general, after you discover the theme you like and you want to test it out, you go to the demo, then ask the designer of the theme a few questions, and then proceed to purchase. This is where things get complex. The majority of the time the demo you observed is a far cry from what actually happens.

You wanted a sleek and simple to use theme, but instead you received a slow , slow-loading theme that is full of options you’ll not ever use. Astra theme could be an option for many different websites, mainly because it provides a variety of different layouts and templates.

The theme can be used to host your blog, eCommerce requirements, or as a company website for a small-sized agency or local business and more. Astra can be fully customized and allows you to alter every single pixel to suit your requirements.

Note: I use Astra theme on this site. I’ve also looked at comparisons between Astra with GeneratePress theme, as well as Astra against OceanWP theme. So make sure to look up these comparisons too.

Astra Theme Review

Astra is an attractive theme available for WordPress that blends speed as well as style and offers a variety of customizable options to suit a user’s site preferences. Astra can be used to create blogs, business websites portfolios, biographies, portfolios, WooCommerce stores, restaurants and many more.

It has pre-designed pages which save you time , allowing you to add it to other areas of your site. Designs for demos can be modified with ease without having to codes. The possibilities for customizing Astra are amazing..

You can design a website according to your preferences, including eliminating the page’s title, sidebars, or altering the width of your site. What is what makes Astra different from other themes is its speed. The speed of Astra is so light that it’s better than other themes available.

Astra has pre-built SEO components. You can control the design of the header archives pages, footer, pages sidebars blog posts, posts, and more. You can choose your color scheme the fonts, colors, content as well as meta. Astra WordPress theme does not use jQuery.

Astra Theme Review

This means there’s no rendering blockage that hinders performance optimization. Instead, Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript. The JavaScript is so lightweight that the number of the resources are under 50 KB when other companies’ average is 300 KB.

Pingdom provided Astra the speed score of 100 percent, while Google DEV gave it a 95 percent, and YSlow gave it 91 % (according to the data Astra team supplied).

Astra incorporates WooCommerce effortlessly that is extremely helpful to anyone looking to set up an online store (see the top WooCommerce extensions). It comes with a myriad of features that transform your vision of your brand into an actual reality.

What Is Astra Pro?

Astra is an WordPress theme that is free via the WordPress repository. Astra Pro is the premium add-onavailable for the Astra theme. The Pro version comes with additional features and customizable options.

Astra offers a third plugin that complements Astra Pro. It’s called Astra Sites. Astra Sites offer a range of pre-designed websites that include functional pages and images ready to use.

Astra is a light and speedy WordPress theme with a range of options for customization in the free theme.

Astra Pro is an add-on for the theme. Astra Pro add-on is installed on its own and expands the themes options with features such as clear headers and layouts for customizing, and lots more.

Astra Theme Review

It comes with advanced features that allow you to create and personalize your website in an individual style without the need to modify or change a single bit of code. Although it provides numerous advanced options, each feature is provided as distinct modules.

You are able to select specific features that you would like to use but other features would be deactivated, making it easier and less time-consuming and saving time in loading. Utilizing less features can also contribute to the efficiency that your site. It is also possible to extend the Astra theme by using plugins for free.

Astra Theme Review

Embed custom fonts into your Astra theme and embed Typekit fonts. create new sidebars and show them in a specific way on certain areas of your website. Edit Astra Meta settings for a variety of posts or pages simultaneously, and reset your Astra theme customizer settings directly inside the customizer interface “hook” your custom Content such as Shortcodes, Shortcodes, or JavaScript codes in different hook locations.

Astra Theme Features

Typography and fonts are two things that people are looking to manage completely. With over 700 Google fonts fully integrated as well as a no-cost Custom Fonts plugin, there is a wide selection of fonts available to select from.

It is simple to control the size of your typography by using the device, enabling fully responsiveness. It also has plenty of other options for transformations like Transform for headings, Text Transform for headings as well as the size of the font that you can set in PX or EM according to your preferences as well as other font options.

Layouts on websites can be made available as the feature in Astra Pro, which gives the user the option to choose between Boxed Maxi Width or Full Width Fluid, and Padded layouts. Spacing can be altered to meet the requirements of the user through paddings and margins around the elements.

Astra Theme Review

If your site will also be focused on content marketing or blogs and the configurations that determine the appearance and feel of your blog posts are likely be crucial. With Astra Pro you have a grid with masonry, list, layouts for blogs and date boxes. extract, endless scrolling and post pagination . included.

Astra Theme Review

By using the Quick View Customers can look at your product without having to open a new web page to avoid cookie and speed decreases but still have the most accurate information about your product’s information.

Widget Optimized tool is compatible with sidebars. It helps you improve your site by using the straightforward “drag and drop” function to create variations for the sidebar filters.

Utilizing Infinite Scroll, users can load their favorite products while scrolling down, and interact with your display interactively.

Astra Theme Review

Create a neat and organized display by selecting an organized grid-based layout and deciding how many columns or rows you’d like to have.

Off-Canvas Sidebar is great for shopping. There, you can install filters to ensure that your customers are able to quickly locate the items they’re searching for and enhance the overall experience.

Astra Theme Review

The sidebar disappears once you’re done with it, which helps enhance what shoppers can view while shopping. Special Sidebars are intended for users who are always aware of the filters they can apply to. This will increase user engagement and increase the number of pages.

Astra Theme Review

Through Gallery options users can view pictures of the products zoomed in, and scroll to alter their view horizontally and vertically while they look at the choices to the left.

By using the Dropdown cart shoppers can quickly view what’s in their cart as well as the items overview without having to go through or taking them out of their cart.

Sales bubble style is exclusively used for style and entertainment. Customers love fashionable bubbles that allow you to personalize your products with a unique way which boosts sales.

Astra Theme Review

Catalogue of Products Catalog helps you sort as a sidebar does, however, it also adds categories that block certain products, so that users don’t have to go through a lengthy list of items in search of something specific.

Different customizing headers and footers alternatives are available. They can be further extended when you purchase the Pro add-on.

Because any site you design must conform to your branding colors The Astra theme is completely flexible and adaptable in terms of choosing colors..

Content, headers pages archives sidebars, blogs as well as footers can be customizable, however, for some specifics and subtle modifications, you’ll need choose the Pro version.

Astra Theme Review

When it comes to other design alternatives in terms of other design options, the Astra theme offers plenty of flexibility. The logo for the brand could be left-aligned or centered or right-aligned. There are a variety of layouts that you can choose as a footer.

Astra Pro also allows customizing the mobile device’s headers layouts, headers, layouts as well as the customized code either above or below the content as well as a variety of other customizing options.

Astra Theme Review

An important feature which most sites will require these days is full WooCommerce-integration.

Grid designs for products, endless scrolling, an off-canvas sidebar that can be activated with the press of one button as well as a quick view feature for product images, a variety of gallery options and the ability to add a shopping cart drop-down and many other cool integrations are included in Astra theme.

Astra Theme Review

Pages builders are the latest trend for a while in the past. Astra is compatible and seamlessly to all WordPress Page Builder Elementor (Elementor free and pro), Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Thrive Architect, Gutenberg, Brizy are all compatible to use with the Astra theme.

Astra has templates that are pre-designed specifically designed specifically for Elementor as well as Beaver Builder and more templates for Brizy page builders are expected in the near future. Astra theme’s developers Astra theme have developed Ultimate add-ons for Elementor that is a fantastic collection of elements to use with Elementor and Ultimate add-ons to Beaver Builder which consists of additional Beaver Builder widgets.

Website templates that have been pre-designed are something every web designer, agency, and agency would like. Astra has a wide variety of pre-designed templates to suit almost any use and every.

Templates can help you save much time because you don’t need to build your own website from scratch. You can simply import a demo site and then add your information on it.

Every site that you create using Astra are Guttenberg prepared. Astra is compatible together with LearnDash as well as LifterLMS. The LifterLMS as well as the integration with LearnDash gives you a range of designs and features that are focused on providing a more enjoyable learning experience.

These are only a few of possibilities using the Astra theme.

What’s The Difference Between Astra Free And Astra Pro?

The Astra theme is available in two variants. The free version can be downloaded through the directory, but is very restricted in the options it offers. Astra Pro is a premium add-on. Astra Pro addon adds many more options and features so that you can personalize your site without restrictions.

Astra PRO Pricing

Astra Pro costs $59 annually however, you can purchase a lifetime plan for $249. Want even more? There are two pricing plans that you could purchase through Astra that are referred to as”the Mini Agency Bundle” and “the Agency Bundle.” Mini Bundle for Agency Bundle as well as the Agency Bundle.

This Mini Agency Bundle includes all the features included in the Astra Pro plan, 50+ ready-made starter sites , along with the WP Portfolio Plugin (see WP Portfolio review) and a choice of a single page Builder Addon.

You can select among Ultimate Add-ons to Elementor as well as Ultimate Addons available for Beaver Builder. This plan is priced at $169 if you choose to pay each year or purchase a life-time package for $499.

Astra Theme Review

Agency Bundle Agency Bundle includesall previously purchased plans (and the WP Portfolio plugin Ultimate Addons to both Beaver Builder and Elementor) as well as Convert Pro (see Convert Pro review), Schema Pro (see Schema Pro review), and all the future plugins that are made. The cost is $249 per year, or a life-time fee of $699.

Review Astra pro comparison with Astra agency comparisons for more details on the different pricing plans.

Astra Theme Review Final Words

We hope that the information in this Astra theme overview has dispelled your doubts about Astra theme, and you are now fully aware of the features it has to offer. WordPress theme has to offer.

If you’re in search of an easy to use and customisable WordPress themethat is easy to use and customize, then you won’t choose anything better than Astra. SEO-friendly and compatible with all Page Builders The theme is ideal if you don’t want to deal by complex site creation.

Astra theme gives you everything you require, and more. You can customize the layout of the theme, switch between various header options and edit background colors, colors, etc.

The theme can be used as a widget, featuring up to four different areas to put them in, and connected to Toolset to allow for further customization. The strong Add-on pack gives you many options. Compatible with WooCommerce as well as a variety different plugins it will simplify your life.

Astra is extremely fast it loads at a speed of about a half second. It’s made to be simple however, it offers possibilities to personalize the look and feel of the website.

Astra Starter Sites plugin gives you the possibility to utilize several pre-designed templates and customize them to fit your specific business needs. Astra Starter Sites’ integration with the page builder allows you to complete everything with minimal effort and with no HTML experience.

If there’s any downside of the theme it’s that you’ll need to pay more for it if wish to have access to everything it offers. The good news is that Astra Pro comes at an affordable cost and offers a wide range of choices.

If you decide to stay with the free theme and you’ll see that it’s sufficient to meet the needs of your business. If Astra theme isn’t what you’re looking for I strongly suggest GeneratePress either pro or free and the or the free OceanWP theme, or the pay for Deep theme.

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