7 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Best Live Chat Plugins

Cultivating customers is a priority at some point in the company’s natural lifecycle. Your support services are a crucial battleground.

One way to give your customers instant access to your support staff is to use live chat plugins. These plugins allow users to talk to a live person or a smart bot that directs them to the right place.

This 7 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress post will discuss a variety of live chat plugins and give some tips on which one might be best for you. Let’s first discuss why live chat is such a great channel for customer service.

7 Best Live Chat Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Let’s now take a closer look at the plugins. These seven plugins are not in any particular order. However, we encourage you all to check them against your requirements.

1. LiveChat

Best Live Chat Plugins

We have the WordPress Live Chat plugin by LiveChat. Here, we will simply refer to it as “LiveChat”. It has many esteemed customers like Adobe, McDonalds, and PayPal. The live chat plugin is ideal for large organizations.

LiveChat also creates the WooCommerce Live Chat plugin. This means that they can provide a variety of solutions to suit your needs.

LiveChat has many efficiency features under the hood. These include canned responses. It is possible to automatically send customized messages to users and to also send files to them through the chat window.

LiveChat’s greatest flaw is its biggest advantage. You have access to virtually everything you need for customer support via the extensive live chat platform. It could prove too much for smaller sites.

LiveChat is a great tool for businesses that have high support requirements, especially if you are looking to provide support in a more personal way.

Pricing: LiveChat begins at $16 per monthly, per agent. There are many tiers available depending on what you need, but costs could quickly rise to three figures per month.

2. Sendinblue

Best Live Chat Plugins

Although Sendinblue is best known for its email marketing services, the live chat function more than makes up its weight.

The built-in design tools allow you to create custom chat boxes that are tailored to your brand. This organization and care also bleeds over into the agent-user interactions. You can track the page that a user visited to get support, as well as assign conversations to different agents. This allows you to keep your users connected with your team, even as you solve their question.

Sendinblue’s greatest advantage is its wide range of integrations. WordPress users have many options. There are many options available to you: install a plugin, integrate live chat via the Elementor Page Creator plugin, add it through WooCommerce and many other options.

You’ll get the best benefits if you are already part of the Sendinblue community. This is why existing users will be most comfortable using Sendinblue. The functionality is excellent for all users, especially considering the cost compared to other freemium options.

Pricing Sendinblue offers live chat functionality on a free plan that includes email and SMS marketing platforms. Pre-tax pricing starts at $25 for 10,000 emails. Premium tiers start at $25

3. Tidio Live Chat

Best Live Chat Plugins

Tidio, a company that offers a robust and well-supported live chat plugin, is next. It is designed to be used by WordPress site owners and integrates chatbots and email marketing services.

The installation is quick and you can set up multiple chat windows on different pages once you are done. You can customize the plugin to match your brand to Tidio’s chat window. It supports almost 200 languages.

Integrated email marketing allows you to follow up on users after they leave your site, turning your support channels into a sales channel entry point. There are many third-party integrations.

Tidio, if you have a WordPress site, is the best choice for live chat. It is a modern, thoughtful solution with an extensive feature set. It’s also one of the most well-maintained plugins, according to our research.

Pricing: Tido offers a free, stacked tier that could be sufficient for many website owners. There are three other tiers available that can be tailored to your specific needs. Each tier costs around $200-225 annually, which can be expensive if you need an all-in-one solution.

4. Crisp Live Chat

Best Live Chat Plugins

Crisp Live Chat is just one part of a complete marketing and support service. The company also offers email marketing, a Customer Relations Manager (CRM), and many other services. It looks very similar to Sendinblue and Tidio. There are however some important differences.

Crisp, for example, describes its service as a “shared inbox” solution. This means that users are handled from one central place, regardless of their support channel. This will allow teams to share support and help each other. It’s also possible to integrate a knowledgebase so users can solve their own queries.

Crisp Live Chat’s focus is on connecting users with support staffs and trying to humanize the sometimes sterile digital environment. We believe it succeeds largely because of great features like ‘MagicBrowse, which allows a support agent and a user to co-browse a website.

Crisp will suit teams who like to support users or provide complex products that have an organic need for support.

Pricing Basic chat functionality can be accessed on a free level, but the premium tiers have a simple pricing structure of $30-35 per monthly or $130 per per month depending on what you need.

5. HubSpot Live Chat

Best Live Chat Plugins

HubSpot, a marketing giant that is not well-known to the general public, is an obvious choice for those who aren’t familiar with it. They offer a Content Management System, CRM and live chat functionality.

The Service Hub package offers live chat, support ticketing and more, all free of charge, and is included in the dedicated WordPress plugin. To ensure that your support is efficient and effective, you can scale up your service provision and connect all your channels.

HubSpot is not as good as other large-scale offerings. It suffers only when you don’t use all of its features. If you already use HubSpot’s services, it may be a good idea to stay within the ecosystem.

Pricing: A product like this demands a price that is comparable. Starting plans are available for $540 per annum on an annual basis.

6. Olark

Best Live Chat Plugins

Olark is a popular solution. It is one of the most elegantly designed live chat plugins available, with the same functionality.

You can use it to take the data you have gathered from your users and organize it within Olark or another CRM. Even pre-chat forms can be created to help you qualify users and get you started in assigning them the right agent.

We love the way you can use the insights from your interactions to improve your support service. You could use the information you gather to provide better support and sales opportunities in the future.

Olark will be a great tool for sales teams who rely on support to help them improve their sales strategies. Olark’s services will be appreciated by small teams that want to maximize their support or medium-sized businesses who are looking to scale.

Pricing: Olark is a relative bargain compared to other premium tools. Based on a 2-year subscription, plans start at $12 per agent per month. There are also Olark Pro tiers that you should consider.

7. Tawk.to

Best Live Chat Plugins

This is our final entry. They offer live chat functionality completely free of charge, and there’s no obligation to sign up for premium. Tawk.to provides a wealth features and functionality on a free basis.

Tawk.to has one of the best live chat plugins. The WordPress plugin is simple to install and use. You can customize the chat window and make it local.

Tawk.to is the best option if you are looking for a live chat plugin with a lot of features but a small budget. The premium services are also great for those with a limited budget and no support staff.

Pricing: Although Tawk.to can be used for free, there may be two premium options that you might consider. You can remove the “Powered By …”” link from the chat window and pay $15 per month. You can also request that your chats be answered by Tawk.to agents for $1 an hour.

How to choose the best live chat plugin for your WordPress website

Like any other functionality that you add to your website, the best solution will not work for every business. The best live chat plugin for you depends on your needs, budget, and available resources.

If you are looking for a quick way to get your feet in the water, this is the plugin for you. It’s simple and free. If you like the plugin, you might consider a premium upgrade. Our pick is Tawk.to.

Tidio, on the other hand, could be the solution if you are looking to increase your support team. Your team will likely have established a budget and made clear what support is needed. This means that integrating this plugin into your system won’t be too difficult.

Wrapping up

For many reasons, live chat seems to be all-encompassing. Live chat is a great way for customers to get support. It also allows them to solve their own problems.

Tawk.to and Tidio are good options for anyone looking for a solution. The latter is especially useful for WordPress site owners. Sendinblue and HUB Spot offer unique solutions.

Do you think you might be able to add live chat to your website? If so, which features would you like? Please leave your comments below!

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