5+ Best Niche Scraping Tool Solution

Best Niche Scraping Tool Solution

If you’re here, you’re likely an online store owner or planning to launch your first online shop. If you’re one of them are, then you probably have a few ideas for niches and the products you’re looking to offer or you may be completely new to the game and trying to find your area of expertise.

There are a variety of options available that claim to provide the top merchandise that offer the highest profits. This type of software is often described as dropshipping software or niche scraping software. products research software. Don’t get confused by the terms Both terms mean exactly the exact same thing!

However, it is difficult to choose the best specific scraper to suit your company. Anyone who is looking for a trusted and reliable tool for research into dropshipping will need it to:

  • Find products that are winning and aren’t overpriced and haven’t flooded the market
  • Offer information on your competitors potential earnings, audiences targeting and Facebook advertisements
  • It is easy to integrate with your preferred eCommerce platform.
  • Discover popular niches and popular products

In light of that, and keeping all this to mind, let us know that we’ve completed all the work for you! At Share Tool, we’re committed to aiding you in finding the most effective possible products for selling on the internet.

We’ve examined the 5+ Best Niche Scraping Tool available and then we’ll look over the features they provide and how much they cost and the advantages and disadvantages are…so we’ll dive right in!

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend
Sell The Trend group buy

Selling The Trend has been thought by many as the most effective niche-finder, and with an excellent reason. It’s easy to use, thorough in its analysis of products and an excellent tool to find trends in designs and products.

The application has over two million products that are trending and active with new additions of thousands every day. Sell The Trend declares it’s an “powerful 9-in-1 dropshipping tool” that allows you to identify the top products by eliminating the guesswork from the selection of products.

What exactly do these 9-in-1 devices are referring to?

Let’s look at the top five:

  • This Nexus Research Machine: Sell The Trend considers this to be an innovative device for research on products. It will tell you instantly what products are most popular currently.
  • Dropship Product Explorer It helps you narrow your search results by keyword, subject or what’s hot, what’s trending, popular, or by products that were recently released.
  • Shopify Store Explorer You’ll have the ability to access thousands of highly successful dropping-shipping stores in niche markets. You can find out which products are in high demand right now and what’s trending currently.
  • Facebook Ad Explorer Facebook Ad Explorer allows you to find the brands that people are engaged with on Facebook.
  • Retail Trend Explorer Find out the extent to which Aliexpress products are hot, trending or hot by this feature. It’s the best part, you can easily add an Aliexpress product’s link manually, as well. Sell The Trend will start tracking it in real time for you.

For dropshipping Aliexpress products, consider downloading Aliscraper. In this way, you’ll be able to integrate products into your store when you find them.

It’s not just that, there’s also an ‘Amazon trend Explorer’, which is a video ads creator and an Facebook crowd builder. Not to mention, Sellthetrend even offers an Instagram and Twitter engagement Calculator.’

If you’re looking to determine whether an influencer is worth investing money on This tool is to use – need to plug the particular influencer’s name into the calculator and it will determine their earnings potential.


  • $8/month

Sell The Trend Also, it offers a seven-day trial for free, so you can experience the software before committing to it.


  • It reduces the time spent looking for the latest, hot products and other items that have potential. In actual fact, The Nexus Explorer helps you locate relevant products in a matter of seconds.
  • The product’s analysis that is top-quality
  • Fantastic tutorials. These videos provide helpful tips on how you can get the most use of the tool to conduct research.
  • Fantastic product filters that can streamline your search


  • It is sold under the name Sell The Trend is higher priced than its rivals. However, it has a lot of outstanding features.
  • Some may find the price could be excessive particularly for students with budgets that are tight.
  • Some customers complain that their “winning product trends are in need of further development.


FindNiche group buy

FindNiche is a completely free tool to scrape products that is designed especially for AliExpress and Shopify customers. With more than 2 million items to select from as well as 11,000 dropshipping niches 700K shops, Find Niche offers a large selection of products.

FindNiche offers data on the most successful products (ones that are in high demand in the present) in addition to those that aren’t gaining popularity currently. But, these less-popular items offer high profit margins and trendy stores.

Their numerous filters will can help narrow down the search results. In addition, you’ll have access to data about the product like prices as well as trends, orders and similar products. Analytics and performance charts specific to a country are also accessible, which is a must when you’re trying to target a particular region.


  • Monthly: $10
  • Yearly: $80


  • There’s a starter plan available that you can download at no cost
  • The products are updated regularly
  • The advanced filters of FindNiche can make it easier to search for products
  • The process of extracting data from a product is simple.
  • The analytics of FindNiche’s on trending, winning and secret products can be extremely helpful


  • There’s some confusion regarding the FindNiche pricing plans. On their website, they claim that”Premium plan” is “now free,” but beneath that, they say “invite friends to earn for free” The confusion has confused a number of potential users off.
  • You aren’t able to download AliExpress reviews directly into Your Shopify store.
  • There’s not a tool to spy on Facebook ads from your rivals.

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Specializing Scraping Program for your business?

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy group buy

Dropship Spy is an outstanding niche scraper designed for Shopify customers. The company claims: “Helping dropshippers make money online by providing access to thousands of proven winning products and all the tools you’ll need to sell them.”

Dropship Spy’s most important function is Product Spy. This lets you look up AliExpress products to find out if the product has been rated “Hot or Not” and its ratings over the past week.

Another option is Store Spy. This provides information about the most popular products, and who is buying them and also highlights the conversion rate of your competition’s Facebook ads.

In the end, Dropship Spy also has an application that can help you create a following on Facebook. This tool provides you with targeted ideas based on the market that you’re selling your products in. There are templates for ads and videos, and an inventory of Instagram Influencers that might want to advertise your product.


  • Monthly: $5
  • Yearly: $26

The Pros

  • You can utilize Dropship Spy with any ecommerce platform
  • It’s a budget-friendly alternative that isn’t too expensive.
  • It’s great to get started with the influencer-based marketing campaign via Instagram
  • They offer excellent tutorial videos that will help you get the most of the services Dropship Spy has to offer

The Cons

  • There’s no option that’s free.
  • Dropship Spy adds only five new products every day
  • A few users have complained that Dropship Spy’s software are a bit ‘hit or miss.’
  • This Facebook targeting tool could be a little off, so you’ll need to conduct some research for yourself.


Ecomhunt group buy

Ecomhunt describes itself as “a curation of the best products every day.” Their experts manually add items to their catalogue that originate primarily from AliExpress. But, they don’t accept any item. Instead, they make use of the criteria listed in their list and statistics to determine the most well-known products with the highest margins of profit.

A few of the most impressive features are Adhunter an application to analyze Facebook ads of competitors and product analytics that provide the average prices for products and possible profits. Additionally, you’ll be able to download the videos of your product as well as copy and images you can apply to your own store.

Naturally, we should not ignore Ecomhunt’s targeted features. They provide an excellent understanding of where you can promote your products, based on your target market’s demographics.

The last but not least, Ecomhunt guarantees they only provide products that:

  • New
  • High engagement rates are guaranteed on social media platforms
  • Tested
  • It is selling well in other stores.

What’s not to like about this?


  • Monthly: $5
  • Yearly: $35

The Pros

  • Ecomhunt gives you a great insight into your competition’s Facebook marketing strategies for absolutely no cost!
  • You have access to the most popular products from a variety of different niches with proven track records of success in sales.
  • The product’s analysis is second to none.

The Cons

  • The free membership is only limited. You must pay for the top features.
  • Some users are unhappy that Ecomhunt should be adding new products on a daily basis.
  • It appears that the audience-targeting tools are a bit “hit and miss’


AliShark group buy

AliShark gives you helpful information on AliExpress products.

AliShark will inform you of the most popular AliExpress products across different countries, aswell the people who are buying them. With this information available you’ll be better able to assess whether the product you’re thinking about purchasing is likely to generate profits.

Its main features are:

  • Live data on all new products. You can find out what’s doing the most on AliExpress on the hourly basis!
  • Access to a sophisticated feature that helps you locate new products that haven’t made it to the top of the list (yet!). You can filter your search by the category and country, by specialty review, price, and shipping.

AliShark also offers videos of the product and the following information about the products:

  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • The number of orders
  • The top purchasing countries
  • Sales history

AliShark also highlights other Shopify (and E-commerce stores across different platforms) that offer the item in question.

Alishark Niche Scraper software is to find products that are trending and suitable to market


  • Yearly: $35

The Pros

  • Access to a cost-effective trial of $1
  • AliShark offers a low-cost monthly subscription that is completely free
  • The advanced filter is extremely practical – it’s an absolute time-saver!
  • AliShark’s product details are incredibly deep
  • More than two million items to select from
  • There’s a great (if long) overview of AliShark’s interface for users on their website.

The Cons

  • AliShark’s customer service is limited. You can only get in touch via email.
  • There’s not a feature to track for your rival’s ads on Facebook.
  • When compared to its competitors, AliShark doesn’t provide too many self-help tools

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper
Niche Scraper group buy

Of all the items that are listed, Niche Scraper is probably the most talked about online and is the most talked about by former Facebook as well as Instagram employees. Niche Scraper claims that it can “reveal winning products.” They also claim that it’s “The #1 Product Research Software Trusted by Top Dropshippers.”

Niche Features of Scraper are divided by four types:

  • Product discovery
  • Market research
  • Tools for marketing
  • Resources

The majority of them are what’s listed on the label. Product discovery lets you find curated and hand-picked products from AliExpress. You can sort products by specific niche, the way they’re sold and who else selling it, and the potential for profit. You can also use an auto-generated product scraper that works in real-time, allowing you to discover the top-selling items on AliExpress.

Market research allows you to find out what’s popular and which stores are the top-performing Shopify stores.

However, the Niche Scraper’s biggest notable characteristic is the marketing toolkit, which many of its competitors don’t offer. It allows you to create an Facebook video advertisement using images and music for royalty-free use to improve your product.


  • $55 per year

The Pros

  • It’s simple to utilize
  • Self-help resources are fantastic
  • The integration is a one-click process for Shopify users
  • The videomaker is a fantastic device, particularly when you’re just beginning to learn about marketing with video!

The Cons

  • The free version offers the option to scrape a certain amount of scrapes
  • It’s among the most expensive options on the list.
  • Some of the users claim they’d like more details regarding their winnings


Pexda group buy

Pexda declares that it offers “everything you need to take your business to the next level.” It describes itself as a platform that lets users to discover products that are procured through “data-driven product research that creates first-mover advantages.”

Pexda’s most notable features are:

  • Information on the cost of product
  • Estimates of exactly how often the item has been ordered prior to
  • Shipping costs
  • Feedback from reviewers, ratings and a score out of 100 on the overall satisfaction of users

One of the most notable features offered by Pexda is its profit calculator which calculates how much (potential) profits you can earn per product. This is broken down into the following details:

  • Price for sale
  • The cost of the actual product
  • Costs of shipping
  • Profit Margin
  • A typical CPA (cost for each action)
  • Net ROI

It is also possible to see which competitors had the same item and the time of their sales. However, unfortunately it’s not accessible for all products.

Pexda Niche scraper is a software program for finding products that are trending to market


  • $35 per year

The Pros

  • Access to product descriptions that are prewritten
  • New products are added each day
  • It’s simple to identify which items are trending in real time.
  • Support available 24/7 Support 24/7, Access to 24/7 support, Facebook advertising report, and helpful features (regardless of your plan’s pricing)

The Cons

  • There’s a delay of 3 days for accessing new products using the Standard Plan
  • Pexda does not offer videos or webinars to help users.
  • A few users say they’d love to have more new products added every day.

Sales Source

Sales Source
Sales Source group buy

SalesSource is a bit different from the other niche tools available that we have listed. It is a good example, as it goes beyond the sourcing of product information along with prices. It also provides stores and marketing services.

In reality, it offers more than 100 features and 100,000,000 items to choose from!

However, as with all other tools for finding niches we’ve reviewed to date, SalesSource also sources products and provides information about their popularity, pricing ratings, as well as their profitability. This information is all available in a glance on SalesSource’s simple-to-read dashboard.

It is also possible to see which dropshipping companies the top dropshippers are for every product you’re looking to sell as well as grab the most popular products before they’re sold out.


  • $120 per year

The Pros

  • You can try it for free.
  • Affordable prices when you pay per year
  • Live chat available 24/7 helpline
  • SalesSource is a full sales tool
  • You can add or remove features as and when you require them.
  • There’s a great blog

The Cons

  • You’ll be required to purchase add-ons in order to avail the full benefits of SalesSource
  • The configuration and setup process is complex
  • It could take a few minutes to become familiar with its capabilities

Conclusion about Best Niche Scraping Tool

You are armed with a thorough review of the top niche scraping software available on the market.

There are plenty of alternatives for store owners to explore and play around with, and ultimately , it’s up to you to choose what’s the best for your business. You can test the free trials and combine the platform to create an all-encompassing eCommerce store that is which is ready to convert visitors into long-term customers.

When you have found your specialization and are now willing to take your store to the next stage, Share Tool is here to help you expand your business and provide you with an assortment of US and EU dropshipping providers and a no-cost trial. Tell us if you are in agreement or not, and then tell us what you’ve learned with these tools!

Best of luck!

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