Connect Explore Review – Best Facebook Ads Targeting Tool

Connect Explore Review - Best Facebook Ads Targeting Tool

Social media marketing is the best method to market products or services in the digital age.

Both large and small businesses use Facebook to promote their products and services.

Business owners can use several Facebook marketing strategies to get better responses from their customers.

Facebook has many great ways to reach the target audience, but the advert manager is not equipped with the right tricks to attract them accurately.

Connect Explore can be used to target specific interests on Facebook. This allows you to make advanced marketing plans at a very affordable price.

This Connect Explore Review – Best Facebook Ads Targeting Tool will show you see it.

What is Connect Explore?

Connect Explore Facebook analysis to create profitable, targeted ads. Connect Explore has three main benefits:

You can find hidden audiences. Search for audiences who speak as many as 43 languages including English, French, and Chinese. This could lead to a vast market.

Determine the profitability of your market. Connect Explore allows you to find out which people are most likely accept your offer. This will help you save money and increase your profit as you won’t advertise to people who aren’t interested.

It is possible to ensure that ads are relevant. It is possible to ensure that ads are relevant at the right moment for the right people.

Connect Explore Review: How doest it work?

How doest Connect Explore work?

These four steps will help you to create better marketing campaigns. These steps are:

Discovery: Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition

Filter: Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers

Target: Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI

Analyze & Scale: Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

Who can benefit from Connect Explore?

Who can benefit from Connect Explore?

While looking through the Connect Explore sales page I found Connect Explore group buy. Most of these products were written by specific users. Although it’s possible to use it it doesn’t mean that it’s not for you.

Anyone who has Facebook interest targeting ads can use Connect Explore.

Who can Connect Explore really assist?

Local Businesses

Local business vendors have a great opportunity. With Facebook Ads, you need to be creative and reach the right audience.

Local businesses can target specific areas, but they are often up against global competitors in the same niche. Local businesses and marketers can make a lot by using Connect Explore to target specific areas and offer foreign language support.

CPA Marketers

CPA (cost per acquisition) is a marketing strategy in which advertisers pay publishers to do a specific action or acquire. Connect Explore offers CPA marketers more targeted traffic at a lower cost and increases profits.

Affiliate Marketers

CPA marketers are also required to acquire or sell quickly in order to earn commissions as affiliate marketers. This is particularly true for Affiliate marketers and CPA marketers who use paid methods to increase traffic and sales.

It is important to understand the best practices in paying Ads. Connect Explore will provide you with an in-depth view of which interests you should target. Connect Explore can be used to beat your competitors by adding layers of interests. This helps to narrow down your niche and avoid split testing.

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers need quick sales. Connect Explore makes doing business with clients and for yourself easy.

You can quickly create campaigns that target customers by optimizing their interests. This will save you both time and money.

eCommerce sellers

eCommerce is all about experimentation and split testing. It is hard to experiment with new products if you don’t have the budget.

Connect Explore lets you save time and money, allowing you to explore different niches. This tool will help you discover hot products and interests that appeal to your audience. This tool will make your Ad campaign more lucrative.

Social media marketers

Connect Explore was designed with social media marketers and their minds in mind. Your clients can use this tool to discover hidden and highly-targeted interest in your audience.

Your competitors will have a hard time finding the secret to increasing sales and leads. Social media marketers can integrate the FB Ads manager and create as many projects as they want.

You can include hundreds more interests in each project for more targeted targeting.


Dropshippers can, just as eCommerce marketers, find the top-selling products on Facebook. They can also find their interests and sell more.

Optimizing your Ad sets can help you create a list of people interested in your target audience and save money.

Connect Explore Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Find hidden audiences
  • Available in up to 43 languages
  • It seamlessly integrates with your Facebook Ads account
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Cloud-based
  • Your results can be transferred to your Facebook Ads account in just one click
  • Automated processes, such as suggesting additional interests, can help you save time.
  • Connect Explore uses Facebook Ads API
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Each interest is pre-qualified


  • Connect Suite is available for free for 30 days after you sign up for Connect Explore. It will automatically renew if you forget and charge you a fee.
  • Connect Suite can be canceled at any time if you decide not to use it.

The Best Features of Connect Explore Review

This section lists the Connect Explore features. This section provides more information than the sales page.

Find Hidden Interests

Connect Explore is proud to offer this feature. Connect Explore makes use of the Facebook API to find relevant interests based upon the keyword that you have entered.

These hidden interests are known as hidden interests in the Facebook Ads Manager.

This is why I stress it so much. It is able to identify 100x more specific interests that Facebook Ads Manager. However, this doesn’t mean that targeting is irrelevant.

Connect Explore will give you hundreds of interests that are similar to your 25 Ads Manager interests. These interests can be added to your preferred list.

Automated Suggestions

Connect Explore uses Facebook’s API to discover highly similar interests. Once you’ve entered your initial keyword, Connect Explore will suggest hundreds more potential interests.

This allows the automatic feature to generate more relevant Facebook Ads suggestions. Connect Explore to import these interests into your campaigns by connecting the Ads Account and Facebook API.

Save Interests Into Projects

Connect Explore has a wide range of interests and ideas. Once you have entered the keyword, Connect Explore filters out the most relevant keywords for your Ad.

What’s next?

To make it easier for others to find your keywords, you can save them and add them to your project. Connect Explore lets you create projects that let you add these keywords. The Project feature is a unique feature that’s not available in any other Facebook targeting tool.

Let’s say you need keywords to target the fitness niche. Connect Explore will pull hundreds more interests to locate the first and most closely related.

If you want to save it, you can name it “Fitness”

Search Extensions

However, it’s not the most efficient. Connect Explore uses the keyword to determine which extensions words are most appropriate to your main keyword. This allows you to create the interest.

However, you will still get the same interest targeting suggestions from the hidden interests.

Connect Explore demonstrated its main keyword, “nurses”, in its demo. Based on your keywords, Connect Explore will display extensions like ‘federal’ and ‘association’.

These extensions can be combined to create new inputs to the interest targeting. These words can also appear in the initial search. These keywords are highly relevant to your main keywords.

Foreign Languages Support

Facebook supports other languages than English. Connect Explore uses Facebook’s API to integrate its location feature. This supports many languages in addition to English.

Naturally, you would want to include other interests than English. This will display the languages that your interests are spoken. The results for languages other than English will always be lower than the ones for English languages.

This feature allows for you to target non-English-speaking markets with language interests. Hyper-targeted interests can be added to your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Push Interests To Your Ad Account

Connect Explore not just finds hidden interests but also pushes them to your Ads account. This feature allows you to add hidden interests in your Ad campaigns so that they can be used later.

Connect Explore can make these adjustments on its own, if they have access to your Facebook Ad account. These interests can be used to create new ads and campaigns through Connect Explore.

Facebook Ads Manager integration is what makes it stand apart from the rest. Other interest targeting tools let users copy and paste their interests or export them to CSV.

However. Connect Explore allows you to push your interests directly into the Ads account, creating new ad sets for you.

Interest layering

Connect Explore allows users more targeted targeting. Connect Explore makes it easy to identify the right audience for your interests.

To divide your interests into layers, simply add instant interests layers. Connect Explore then randomly assigns your interests to different levels. Targeting the interests can be done based on audience size.

Compare Connect Explore pricing plan and Connect Explore group buy price

Let me show you the differences between these packages so that you can make an informed choice

Connect Explore pricing plans

Connect Explore pricing plans

Connect Explore does not yet offer a monthly or an annual pricing model. However, it is currently available at a $197 one-time fee.

You don’t have to worry about paying every month or each year if you intend to use it. It is only one payment and can be used for life.

I’m sure that everyone would prefer to pay $9 or $15 per month rather than $197 for a single transaction.

Regular use is a good investment. It doesn’t matter how small or large the amount. There are no limits to the number of interests you can pursue. It’s almost endless.

Connect Explore group buy price

Connect Explore group buy price

We have created this group buy Connect Explore to help you get full access to Connect Explore at a low price.

You have three main options when you work with us:

  • Monthly: $8
  • Yearly: $30
  • Onetime: $90

What you will get is:

  • ConnectExplore – The #1 Platform for Interest Based Targeting – Your Lifetime Access
  • ConnectSuite: The Ultimate Facebook Ads Suite to Increase your ROI – Free 30-day Trial
  • You can cancel your $97/month plan at any time. ConnectExplore is yours for life
  • Premium Support and Training are included.

Conclusion of Connect Explore Review

Connectio has access the Facebook Ads Application Programming Interface (API). This allows Connectio to collect reliable data and statistics on Facebook member’s interests. This data will allow you to run effective marketing campaigns.

Connectio’s cost-effective nature, dynamic features and benefits make Facebook advertising more accessible for affiliate marketers, ecommerce marketers, and local marketing consultants.

This Connect Explore Review shows that it’s the best Facebook interest targeting tool.

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