AmzChart Review – Best Amazon BSR Chart Tool

AmzChart Review - Best Amazon BSR Chart Tool

We have to admit that we didn’t look up AmzChart. We only discovered it after a representative introduced me to the new software. It looked like a good tool that we could use, so we decided to test it out.

AmzChart was created in the lockdown period of 2020 by a web crawler engineer, who became an Amazon seller because of the pandemic. Reddit user Rockics is his nickname. He mentioned that he didn’t find the tools sufficient to make his product research process any easier.

We believe in finding opportunities in all situations, and “Rockics” seems to have done that. AmzChart’s product research tools are subpar to the others. They pick the winning product based upon key indicators like Best Seller Ranking (BSR), among others.

AmzChart was created by combining the vast database that AmzChart has accessed on a daily basis and the clever BSR analysis tool. It has continued to expand its software since then.

This program can be used today to identify potential winning products.

What is AmzChart?

AmzChart is an Amazon product research tool that is purely based on Amazon BSR analytics, is AmzChart. AmzChart has assisted over 2000 Amazon sellers increase their revenue and is currently the best tool in the field.

AmzChart is data analysis and capturing capabilities are its core strength. This platform has many Amazon BSR products, which is why it’s the best. You will always have access to the most recent BSR product details and changes.

Problem is that Amazon BSR fluctuates every day. It becomes difficult to track the historical information about the products. It is also difficult to track the historical ranking of and compare of all BSR products. It is impossible to know what happens to each product. This is not possible for the BSR Research.

AmzChart also updates daily over 3,000,000 BSR and BSR-related products, so you can track the marketing trends and receive updated information about product performance under each category.

AmzChart Review Pros and Cons


  • Register ASINs to be added to the monitoring list. The software will notify you if there are any changes in the linked listings.
  • For monitoring of the consumer tracking area, you can register up to 20 ASINs. Keep track of all the latest information about vendors, sales and pricing. You can also keep track of comments. If you would like to examine the product in detail, tap on the search button next to the item specifications.
  • It is a friendly environment that will appeal to both professionals and beginners.
  • You can access instructions by hovering over “i” icon.
  • Filtering can help reduce the number of results you see and narrow your search for the best product.
  • Monitoring is based on alarms.
  • A detailed research is possible for listings, subcategories and phrases.
  • This works for multiple Amazon marketplaces in different countries. As of this writing, it is available in the following countries: USA, Germany, Japan (France), India, Mexico and Spain (UK and UAE).
  • It is extremely affordable to use.
  • The system’s most valuable feature is its database. It has collected and analyzed millions upon millions of item data points. The best part is that it never ends. It is easy to access the latest BSR information.
  • You can also try it for free!


  • Only the paid version of the Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool is available
  • It is not possible to find comprehensive instructions or videos of teaching. (yet)
  • There are not as many functions as competitors, but they are still new and I’m sure there will be more.
  • It is impossible to verify the accuracy of the search volume and sales estimates. These estimates are not guaranteed to be accurate and may vary with other tools on the market. They should only be used as an estimate.
  • This is all I can think! This tool is a testament to its effectiveness.

AmzChart Review all Features

AmzChart will be expanding its functionality to include a keyword research tool, as well as one that tracks keywords, products, or competitors. They are currently focusing on two areas of research: products and markets.

AmzChart is best feature is its ability to run both tools independently, as though they were two separate tools. Both of these areas are intimately related, but we all know that.

Huge Database

The platform’s key feature is its vast Database. It has accumulated and analyzed more than 1,200,000 BSR product information, and it doesn’t stop.

Huge Database

The latest BSR information is available at any time.

Perfect for Multiple Profiles

This philosophy works well for multiple profiles. AmzChart can sort any profile, no matter if it’s an Amazon seller or eCommerce manager.

Amazon sellers are looking at their competitors to make strategic decisions. We also have eCommerce managers that need to understand the market trends and provide concrete figures.

Works with BSR

Amazon isn’t transparent in this area. The data is not transparent. It is impossible for any seller to keep track of product trends or history.

Works with BSR

They do give a ranking to each product according to its sales. This is a good thing.

Multiple Custom-Based Filters

AmzChart is product research tool is great because you can set your filters according to your preferences. You can sell any product, regardless of your niche.

Multiple Custom-Based Filters

Based on your search criteria, you will get tons of product ideas. AmzChart could show you 400! All filters can be viewed in one click.

BSR Competition & Detailed Products

AmzChart provides detailed information on each product after you have finished browsing the filters and narrowing down your selections.\

BSR Competition & Detailed Products

The long list contains a lot of information. The following information is currently available about products:

  • Name of the product
  • ASIN
  • Amazon Choice or not
  • It doesn’t matter if it is A+ content
  • It is possible to see it on video
  • Name of the category
  • Date of release
  • Current BSR
  • BSR X (based on your selection) BSR ROC (rate of changes).
  • Total reviews
  • Reviews from X days ago (based on your selection)
  • Reviews ROC
  • Rating of the product
  • Price for a Buybox
  • Name of the seller for Buybox
  • Fulfillment by Buybox
  • There are many sellers
  • Link to Amazon Detail Page

Powerful Product Market Researcher

It generates a lot of information, but it also allows us to narrow down our search results.

Powerful Product Market Researcher

Anybody can search using different keywords. As a summary, we’ll know the product categories that match the term. You can also see how many listings are included in each listing, their total reviews, growth in review, and the average price of the Top 20.

Compare AmzChart pricing plan and AmzChart group price

Let me tell you the differences between these two packages so you can make an informed decision

AmzChart pricing plans

AmzChart may not be the best tool for Amazon sellers, but it can help you with your product research and PPC keyword strategy planning. AmzChart may be new but it’s a promising tool I’ll keep my eyes on. It will only get better and this is an “early bird” deal for pioneer users.

AmzChart pricing plan

AmzChart offers three paid plans as well as a forever AmzChart free plan. The Pro plan and the free plan are available for just $1. This plan is low-risk for you, and it’s a great deal!

The PRO version can be tested for $1. You can also get a free 7-day pro plan by introducing three friends to AmzChart. This is great news for all AmzChart customers.

AmzChart group buy price

If you want to get the most out of AmzChart but don’t have a lot of money to buy directly from the product owner, check out our group buy AmzChart.

AmzChart group buy price

We have 3 options for you to choose:

  • Monthly: $8
  • 6 months: $40
  • Yearly: $80

You will get:

  • Support All 9 Marketplace
  • Product Search: Unlimited
  • Product Refresh: 100 Daily
  • Product Export: 100 Daily
  • Keyword Search: 100 Daily
  • Keyword Export: 100 Daily
  • Access to Market Insight
  • Access to Charts
  • Hijacker Alerts: Up to 80
  • Product Tracking: Up to 80

Conclusion AmzChart Review

There are many product research tools on the market. AmzChart, however, is unique because it offers the best to all Amazon Sellers.

You get better returns and a better database. What more can a dropshipper need? To learn more about the platform, you can also get started with the FREE plan. If you are happy with the performance, you’ll be charged $9

This was also in our AmzChat review. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the sections below.

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