DesignEvo Review – Free Logo Maker, Create Custom Logo Designs Online

DesignEvo Review - Free Logo Maker, Create Custom Logo Designs Online

Welcome to our DesignEvo review.

Do you know that logo is among the most important elements of your brand? Logo is an image or graphic which can be figurative or abstract.

Its purpose is recognition and identification. It’s your brand’s identity. The public will recognize who you are and what you’re up to simply by looking at your logo. Why should you make your logo memorable? We love to find new tools to assist people in growing their business or even their own. DesignEvo is one of these tools.

Let’s take a look at this DesignEvo Review and find out how you can create your own logo from scratches!

DesignEvo Review - Free Logo Maker, Create Custom Logo Designs Online
DesignEvo Review – Free Logo Maker, Create Custom Logo Designs Online

What is DesignEvo ?

DesignEvo is an online logo design application that offers a variety of logo design concepts which you can experiment using to personalize your logo.

You don’t even need any previous experience with logo design in order to make use of the free logo maker app.

DesignEvo lets you download premium logos in a variety of formats.

It offers a variety of templates for logos, logo editors logo iconography, background logos logo colors, logo fonts and a variety of tools including shapes, icons and fonts.

Small business owners and startups can utilize this app for logo design to design logos in the span of a couple of minutes.

Pros and Cons of DesignEvo

No matter what products or services you come across, there are always some pros and cons.

Well, I know you hate disadvantages. But to be honest, it’s almost impossible to find a product without disadvantages.

DesignEvo also has its positive and negative points. This section of DesignEvo review will help you.

The pros

  • No mandatory registration.
  • 100% free downloads allowed.
  • Drag & drop interface.
  • 10,000+ templates.
  • Icons/ shapes/ backgrounds can be added.
  • Extreme control over text editing.

The cons

  • Don’t support using our graphics as logo shapes.
  • Don’t support uploading old logos that designed in PS or other logo tools and update logo designs.

Features of DesignEvo

Some significant features of DesignEvo are listed in the next section of DesignEvo review.

10,000+ Pre-designed logo templates

The whole platform is built in “pre designed templates”.

That means that even if you don’t have any design expertise or experience that you can create professional logos in a matter of minutes.

Select any of these templates that meet your requirements best.

E.g. This is what I see on the template-selection webpage.


It is clear that the logos are well-organized into specific categories.

A few of the categories available are:

  • Real Estate
  • Animal and Pet
  • Letter logo
  • School logo
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel & Hotel
  • Non-Profit
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Sports and Fitness, etc.

In a nutshell, regardless of what your industry, business or niche is, you probably will find adequate templates with DesignEvo.

We really like the professionalism, the color scheme and font as well as other elements in these templates.

You will have the blank canvas. Incorporate an image, font, and other elements by hand.

Millions of Icons

This is the first item that is located on the left sidebar.

Evidently, with these, We can easily add icons to our design.

A number of “categories” of icons are presented:


As the screenshot above demonstrates that this is the case, it includes:

  • Line
  • Crown
  • YouTube
  • Whatsapp
  • Wolf
  • Facebook
  • Sun
  • House
  • Mountain
  • Wings
  • Love
  • Money
  • And many others

It is important to note that these are only what I call “categories”. The icons displayed aren’t exactly what I could insert.

However, clicking on any of these categories will show me several icons within the category.

The customization-control on the icons lets us select various colors for different parts in the exact symbol (check for the “U” in my logo and you’ll be able to understand it better. )

DesignEvo officially claims to have “millions” of icons.

However, that assertion has not been confirmed by me.

Even then, we are quite satisfied with the present variety of icons and choices.

Text Elements

Does a logo truly be completely without text?

Most likely not.

“Text” element lets you add text to your design.

However, we were awestruck by the “Art” feature.

Text elements
Text elements

You can see graphic-text, and it’s not only fonts.

This is what the “Art” tab lets us do.

It can be changed as simply as changing the normal text.

Naturally, normal text can be added via “Classic” tab as well.

To make it easier, fonts are classified in different styles:

  • Handwriting
  • Bold
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Funny.

Editing Text and Graphics

We have just seen the different types of fonts we can use.

But, what are the customization-possibilities?

The screenshot below should clarify things:

Editing Text and Graphics
Editing Text and Graphics

Also, we can alter the font size and the font.

Furthermore, the colour and format ( bold/italic) as well as the opacity and alignment are also adjustable.

We’re not just able to create shadows, but also modify the shadow on my own.

We can alter the levels of blur and offset ( distance from the text), opacity and color.

The “outline” option is pretty simple, isn’t it? Yes, we can create an outline of the text, and set the color and the width.

What really impressed me ( and what quite many similar tools don’t have) is its “curve” feature.

It allows text to be curled (as in the image. )

It is only necessary to slide the slider the left and right. This is the way to determine an angle for the curve.


They are similar icons.

However, they aren’t icons exactly and are rather shapes.

There are “categories” you can choose from.

They include:

  • Banner
  • Decoration
  • Line
  • Badge
  • Symbol etc.

The availability in “options” impressed me.

There’s no limit to the shapes of a few dozen, in fact there are hundreds, if not thousands, of shapes that I can pick from.

Multiple Previews

DesignEvo permits previews.

But what’s most remarkable is that it provides real-time previews of the product.

That is the case of the logo’s final image in your display.

You can also preview the way your logo will appear as on:

  • Your blog
  • Business cards
  • A letterhead
  • A book cover
  • T-shirts
  • Or even as a wall-paint/banner
Multiple Previews
Multiple Previews

It’s not a huge “feature”, but something that is certainly desirable.

It wraps up all the “features”.

Compare direct purchase price and DesignEvo group buy price at Share Tool

If you are curious about DesignEvo’s pricing, don’t stop reading DesignEvo review.

Price from the official website

Price from the official website
Price from the official website

There are 3 pricing plans you can choose :

  •  DesignEvo Free

With JPG/PNG logo at a size no larger than 500 px * 500 px.

  • Basic : $24.99 / onetime

In a higher resolution, with PNG-transparent, unlimited re-editing, and lifetime support.

  • Plus : $49.99 / onetime

It contains BASIC plan + SVG/PDF + font file + copyrights of the logo.

You can visit DesignEvo home page to know more about its pricing plans

Price of group buy DesignEvo at Share Tool

DesignEvo group buy
DesignEvo group buy

We don’t offer DesignEvo trial but, with $25 one time, you will get DesignEvo Plus shared account.

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • Most people don’t want expensive tools in their daily life. A group buying toolkit has been created to help groups buy at better price.
  • We pay the developer and then we get the account. Then we share it through our system so that others can also use it.
  • Our price are better but still bring you optimal utility.

Conclusion of DesignEvo Review

DesignEvo is a great free online logo maker software that you can create professional and beautiful logos. It has more than ten thousand templates that you can use to customize any logo you design.

Startups and small business owners can use this design app to design logos quickly.

You don’t need to have prior knowledge of logo design to use this app effectively. You can easily create an account on DesignEvo–you can either sign-up with your Google account or Facebook account.

The app has a user-friendly interface and many tools that will help you create creative logos. In addition, its added, it has a free version that you can use if you can’t afford the basic or plus plan.

Thanks for reading this DesignEvo Review, leave any comments if you have a different idea.

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