Niche Scraper Review – Best Spy On Winning Products

Niche Scraper Review - Best Spy On Winning Products

We are all aware that in the online business world, products can affect success or failure for your business. The product’s value can decide the ROI ( Return On Investment ) we’re going to get from a specific product.

There has been an exponential increase in the e-commerce industry which indicates an increase in competitiveness. Additionally there are many individuals earning millions through their Dropshipping business.

There are numerous tools and applications that could assist you in finding the best products.

Here, come Niche Scraper – a trusted tool to find winning products. It’s a mighty and sophisticated research bot. The greatest thing about Niche Scraper is the fact that new products are introduced by them daily.

In this Niche Scraper Review, we will give you all details about this tool.

What is Niche Scraper ?

Niche Scraper is a cloud-based tool that aids you to find the best products for your dropshipping site. It’s a tool based on research that allows you to observe other Shopify stores as well as AliExpress to discover the most top-performing products.

It also allows you to search for products on AliExpress and look up the most recent order, total orders, Ali Score, the growth rate and competition for a particular product. This will help you decide whether the product is a winner for your business or not.

In addition, it lets you look over other Shopify dropshipping stores to discover their most popular products, their estimated monthly traffic and revenues as well as recently added items. It is also possible to copy items from another Shopify stores to your store with a just a click.

Pros and Cons of Niche Scraper

Don’t stop reading Niche Scraper review if you don’t want to miss some advantages and disadvantages of using Niche Scraper.

The pros

  • Start finding winning products.
  • Product scraper.
  • Store analysis.
  • Video maker.
  • Full access to the most powerful dropshipping bot.
  • Advance product research tool.
  • New winning products added every day.
  • Get products with Facebook ads, suppliers and more.

The cons

  • A little bit expensive

Features of Niche Scraper

Let’s review all the features of Niche Scraper in this section of Niche Scraper Review.

AliExpress Product Search

Product Scrapper can be described as the main tool in Niche Scraper which helps you discover the next top-performing product on AliExpress. It lets you examine recent orders, the total order as well as Ali Score, the growth percentage and competition for any specific product.

Top performing products

Niche Scraper also allows users the ability to filter and sort results of your search based on a variety of variables like the category, weekly orders or Price. You can also sort the results by AliScore competition, growth rate and recent orders.

AliExpress products

Additionally, the Niche scraper provides additional filter options like Growth Rate, Competition Score, AliScore, and Top Country in which the products is selling well. It can also help you sort products by the parameter Has Video. This displays the products with only supplier videos or Ships From US that shows products with US shipping options.

These are the possible alternatives for filtering products:

  • Category – It will display AliExpress products scraped from the category. This is perfect for running an online dropshipping company or conducting research on niches.
  • Weekly Orders – You can apply this filter when you need products that have a specific amount of transactions.
  • Price – You can choose the minimum and maximum price for the product. Maybe you think it’s better not to purchase items at over $10?
  • Competitor Score – It tells you how saturated or competitive the product is. Lower number means less competition. This filter can be used to find products that are low-competition.
  • Growth Rate – This is the measure of the speed at which a product developed over the last seven days. This filter can be used to locate the latest trending products.
  • AliScore – It is Niche Scraper’s algorithm for calculating the potential value of a product. The higher the score, the better.
  • The Top Countries You can choose one of the countries from the dropdown and the products will be classified according to the ones which are selling to customers in the particular country.

Apart from the powerful filters, Niche Scraper also allows users to sort products according to the following criteria:

  •  AliScore It is Niche Scraper’s algorithm to determine the potential value of a product. A higher score is more valuable.
  • Competition – The quality of a product will be determined by number of different customers on AliExpress. The more buyers who are on AliExpress the greater competition will exist! In turn, the smaller this number is the better!
  • Growth Rate – The percentage of growth in sales over the past seven days. The greater the number is, the better.
  • Recently Orders – This is a measure of how many recent purchases this product has. The more well-known the item is and the more recent purchases it has.

Shopify Product Search

Like AliExpress product research, you can also conduct research on products that selling on other successful Shopify stores. To find the next winning product for your store, visit the Shopify Products tab on the Product Scraper page. The page will show the top-selling products from other popular Shopify Dropshipping shops.

Shopify Product Search

You can view the most recent orders as well as total orders, price, Ali Score, growth rate and competition for each product. It also lists the top countries in which the product is selling at a high volume.

It also lets you sort and filter your results of your search based on a variety of factors like Categories, Business Types and Max Price for the Product Added, etc. Additionally, you can sort the results by Relevance and Popularity of Store.

Shopify Products

The most appealing feature of Shopify search for products is the fact that you can sort it according to Business Type or Verified Dropshipping to find the products exclusively from Shopify stores that offer Dropshipping products that are verified by AliExpress.

Here are some choices for filtering products:

  • Relevance or Store Popularity – The search can be sorted by items by importance or popularity of the store. If you select Store Popularity as a filter the most well-known Shopify store will show first.
  • Category – You can sort the items by category. Only items in that category will show up.
  • Business Type – You can apply the filter below to find for verified dropshipping shops, so that you’ll only see items that are from Shopify dropshipping retailers.
  • Max product price – Only items that are less or the same as the price you have set for your maximum product will be displayed if you choose to use this filter!
  • Product Added – This means that you will only see products that were added recently. If you want to see the latest products, say select “Less Than 1 Week Ago.”

If you like any products, you can even copy all the details to your store by clicking Copy Product, that display when you hover on the product image. A modal window will open to connect your Shopify store so that you can copy the product in your Shopify store.

shopify store name

Hand Picked Products

Hand-picked products are the winning products selected by the Niche Scraper team from top-selling shops on Shopify. Every day new products are added to this section and each product provides a lot of information such as product details, selling price, cost price, profit margin, FB ads, targeting etc.

Hand Picked Products

It also provides various product engagement details such as number of links, comments and engagement score. It also shows a graph of the orders for the last fifteen days. Furthermore, it also displays you the example ad copy and data for the Facebook ad.
Detail of hand picked product

It also provides information for example ad targeting with many details such as Country, Gender, Age Range, Audience Size, Interest which you can utilize to create your Facebook ad targeting to get sales.

Facebook Ads Generator (Ads Copy & Targeting)

This tool usually provides information about the top-selling items on Shopify. In addition, you can get the ads’ insights, which will discover targets, age, group interest, types of ads and demographics as well.

Its Traffic Estimator is an additional characteristic in Niche Scraper and also you will know the exact revenue for each store, along with the FB supplier suggestions and target stores too.

Niche Scraper could also function as an automation tool because the program was specifically created to assist users with their search and surfing that will save your valuable time. There are also search results that you can perform by hand, provided the seller has the details about the vendor.

Facebook Ads Generator

Compare direct purchase price and Niche Scraper group buy price at Share Tool

Are you curious about how this tool cost ? If yes, continue reading Niche Scraper review

Niche Scraper pricing

Price from the official website

They have 2 plans that you can subscribe.

  • Niche Scraper Free

Limited access to all products and tools.

3 day delay on new winning hand picked products.

Limited access to the Facebook video ad generator.

Limited access to exclusive dropshipping guides.

Cannot block others from spying on your store.

  • Monthly PRO : $49.95

Discover trending products on AliExpress.

Unlimited access  to the Facebook video maker tool.

Unlimited access to hand picked products with: Facebook Ad Reports, Targeting Suggestions, AliExpress Reports, Suppliers

Scrape a store’s best selling products.

Reveal estimated revenue of other stores.

Monthly subscription.

Easy cancellation at any time.

Note : Visiting Niche Scraper homepage to know more about its pricing plan

Price of group buy Niche Scraper

Price of group buy Niche Scraper

We don’t provide Niche Scraper trial. If you want to use Niche Scraper but you don’t have enough money, don’t worry! We offer Niche Scraper PRO with only $55 per year.

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • Most people don’t want expensive tools in their daily life. A group buying toolkit has been created to help groups buy at better price.
  • We pay the developer and then we get the account. Then we share it through our system so that others can also use it.
  • Our price are better but still bring you optimal utility.

Conclusion of Niche Scraper Review

There are some great filters available for both AliExpress product research and Shopify product research. Without spending much of time, one can create some of the most amazing Facebook Advertisements, and rather than creating videos and spending time on it, why not just do some market analysis and find the recent trends?

But, in case someone wants to try it out for Product research, then sadly all the options are available apart from this. Also, it is a bit limited and for advanced dropshippers, this might not be the right choice. If we see overall, Niche Scraper is a good tool for product research, marketing & dropshipping but, mostly beginners & Intermediate should go for it.

Thanks for reading this Niche Scraper Review. If you have a different idea, please leave a comment below!

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Price from the official website

  • Free
  • Basic : $23 /month
  • Pro : $39 /month
  • Suite : $49 /month

Price of group buy Ecomhunt Pro

  • Monthly : $5
  • Annual : $35

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