Motion Array Review: The Ultimate Resource For Creative Assets

Motion Array Review: The Ultimate Resource For Creative Assets

Are you tired of spending hours searching for high-quality creative assets for your projects? Look no further than Motion Array. In this Motion Array review, we will explore how Motion Array is the ultimate resource for creative assets.

What is Motion Array?

Motion Array is a stock footage and creative resources platform that provides unlimited download subscriptions as well as a variety of supplementary services and tools to video creators of all types. The added value of their video presets and video templates, as well as their creative workflow tools, make it an appealing alternative for video creators who want all of their creative resources in one place at a low cost.

Motion Array

Motion Array includes everything you need to create stunning videos. Take projects from concept to completion with unlimited royalty-free stock assets and an all-in-one marketplace for creators. What is Motion…

More Details

Motion Array was formed in 2013 by Tyler Williams, a motion designer, and Eri Levin, a video creative and animator. They began by creating video templates – principally Adobe After Effects templates – to supplement their income while also assisting other creatives in adding spice to their material on a budget.

Then, Williams and Levi transformed Motion Array into a one-stop shop for video creation and post-production, including stock footage, stock music, and other resources in addition to templates, presets, and extra freelancing workflow tools.

Motion Array was purchased for $65 million by the stock media licensing business Artlist in 2020. The service has now continued to operate on its own website.

Motion Array Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of Motion Array

  • Motion Array has assets for practically any video production.
  • A free plan is available.
  • Even the smallest subscription has no download limit.
  • The cheapest plan is only $20.83 a month, with a $50 discount for first-time users.
  • Once the asset is downloaded, there are no copyright limitations.
  • Personal storage of up to 250GB is included.
  • Customer service that is quick and responsive.
  • For life, the Premium plan includes limitless downloads and royalty-free content.

Cons of Motion Array

  • You can only purchase Adobe app plugins on the platform, not individual templates or presets.
  • Only twice out of 100s of templates did I encounter compatibility difficulties.
  • Each software has a limited number of plugins, although the number is expanding.

Is Motion Array Worth It?

Is motion array good? Depending on how frequently you edit video and the type of movies you generate, Motion Array is well worth it for individuals searching for a low-cost solution that will allow them to create higher-quality videos while spending less time editing! Motion array is great for video editors that work on a weekly or daily basis, especially if you work on multiple projects.

This is due to the fact that Motion array provides a wide range of presets and templates. If you’re creating a promotional video for an app, they’ll have templates for that, and if you’re creating an animated Instagram story for a client, they’ll have something for that as well! Whatever form of film you make, Motion Array’s vast array of resources offers something for everyone!

Who can benefits from Motion Array?

Not every platform caters to everyone when it comes to digital assets. Motion Array, with its extensive collection and user-friendly interface, is especially useful for a specific group of producers. Let’s look at who stands to benefit the most from this platform.


Content reigns supreme for YouTubers. The presentation, though, is equally crucial. YouTubers can improve the quality of their work by using Motion Array’s huge library of video clips, sound effects, and templates. The platform contains elements that blend neatly into numerous content genres, whether it’s a vlog, instructional, or review.

Social Media Advertisers

In the age of digital marketing, capturing the attention of the audience in the initial few seconds is critical. Motion Array’s assets can be used by social media marketers to produce interesting commercials, stories, and posts. The platform’s assets are customized for multiple social media sites, ensuring that advertisers have access to the necessary tools.

Filmmakers and videographers

Creating a visual tale takes a combination of creativity and the correct resources. Videographers and filmmakers can locate high-quality clips to use in their projects. Motion Array provides a wealth of possibilities for transitions, background scores, and specialized graphic effects.


Animation is a time-consuming process, and having the correct templates and effects can save you hours of time. Animators can use Motion Array to create a variety of elements that can be adjusted to meet their projects. The platform includes everything from character animations to backdrop scenes.

Agencies and Freelancers

Delivering high-quality work on time is critical in the competitive world of freelance and agency employment. Motion Array serves as a one-stop shop for freelancers and agencies, offering them all of the digital assets they may want for a project. This not only saves time, but it also ensures consistency in work quality.

How Motion Array Works

Working with Motion Array is a breeze. All you have to do on their website is sign up for a user account to begin using their services. You can choose between a free (extremely limited) plan and a monthly or annual membership. Details on both of these alternatives may be found further down. You can explore the site and catalog without creating an account, but you must have one to use the service.

You can begin downloading once you’ve signed up. The site of Motion Array features a top menu bar with five huge media categories: Templates, Presets, Audio, Videos, and Photos. Subcategories can be seen by hovering over these categories. Videos, for example, are divided into Footage and Motion Graphics. To begin viewing the correspondent media selection, click on the category or any available subcategories.

How Motion Array Works
How Motion Array Works

In each library, you’ll find an initial Staff Pick selection of files, a search bar on top to find content by keyword, and unfolding menus to sort content based on different criteria – like newest, most popular, or the time when they were uploaded-, as well as various advanced filters on the left side of the screen, to further narrow results. Overall, navigating the collections is simple.

When you’ve discovered what you’re looking for, click on the file to view a description and other useful information about the content, then click the purple download button when you’re ready to get it. The requested file will subsequently be downloaded to your device. It’s as simple as that.

Key features of Motion Array

Motion Array is a popular platform for creatives to access high-quality, customizable motion graphics, video templates, and music tracks. If you’re considering using Motion Array for your projects, it’s important to understand its key features and how they can benefit you.

Stock Footage Library: Up to 5K+ Quality

For most creatives, the stock footage collection is one of the most important services. On Motion Array’s Stock Video segment, which is suitably separated into tabs, they have 100,000+ stock footage clips and roughly 54,000 motion graphics.

Stock videos begin at 2K resolution, but you can get files as high as 5K and beyond. These resolutions are appropriate for professional use and provide exceptional editing versatility.

Stock Footage
Stock Footage

It’s a smaller collection compared to others, but it still has a wide range of topics and video styles that are popular and in demand. In terms of file format, they state that their files will work with software that supports Quicktime and MP4.

Video Templates and Video Presets

This is where Motion Array differentiates itself. Their platform contains libraries with downloadable templates and settings to help you produce captivating videos quickly and efficiently. These collections distinguish them distinct from competitors, thus it’s worth getting to know them thoroughly:

Video Templates

It’s a collection of customisable video production templates – prefabricated movie layout designs that you can change to include your own footage and unique components. This collection has over 60,000 video templates that may be downloaded and customized.

Video Templates
Video Templates

The nicest part is that it’s nicely organized by the editing program they use. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and non-software-attached motion graphic templates are available. This layout makes it extremely simple to explore, search, and locate the ideal template for your project.

Video Presets

There is also a collection of video editing presets – a list of saved effects that video editors can use to recreate a specific look or effect on their own videos – that are thoughtfully divided according to the software they work with: Adobe After Effects presets, Adobe Premiere Pro presets, and DaVinci Resolve Macros.

Video Presets
Video Presets

This includes some of the most popular professional video editing tools, and with 2,500+ preset files to pick from – some of which are bundles-you won’t be short of options when downloading video presets ready to personalize. Most video creators will enjoy this resource since it saves time and work in video post-production.

Stock Media: Audio & Images

Motion Array contains more than simply video material. They also have additional stock file sets that may be used to finish film projects. They are as follows:

Stock Audio

The audio library is divided into stock music and sound effects. They have over 100,000 royalty-free music tracks and over 24,000 SFX files. This is a lot lower collection than on other sites, but they offer content in the most requested genres and subjects, and 100,000+ audio tracks is not a small library. According to their FAQ, files will be compatible with software that supports.WAV audio files.

Stock Audio
Stock Audio

Stock Images

Stock Photos: Motion Array contains over 95,000 shots in a variety of styles and depicting numerous popular topics. Most of them are in JPG format and have a high resolution.

Stock Images
Stock Images

Additional Resources: Workflow Tools, Plugins, Integrations

This startup focuses on providing a center for independent video makers with all they need to manage their production workflow. Thus, their offering goes beyond downloaded stock assets to provide workflow solutions. The following are:

Portfolio Website Builder

They offer an easy website builder for video editor/filmmaker portfolios. With customized web page themes, you can design a website with your logo and colors, a gallery of your greatest work, social networking and email contact, and more in a few easy steps.

Portfolio Website Builder
Portfolio Website Builder

According to the firm, the tool helps you create a portfolio in one minute and publish it by connecting it to your domain. Motion Array’s portfolio platform may host your site.

Video Collaboration

The review & real-time collaboration tool lets you present and finish video projects. This board allows infinite contributors and speeds up project completion.

Video Collaboration
Video Collaboration

Client input may be received via real-time comments, task marking, project version control, password protection, and more to guarantee seamless, safe, and speedier approvals. You can even logo the collaborative board and link it to your website or Motion Array portfolio. The utility is desktop and mobile-friendly.

Adobe Integration & Exclusive Premiere Pro Plugins

They also provide an Adobe interface to add Motion Array’s marketplace to Adobe products. It works in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop but will soon be in Premiere Rush and Audition.

Premiere Pro Plugins
Premiere Pro Plugins

Using Adobe tools to modify projects should streamline your creative workflow. It competes directly with Adobe Stock, Adobe’s stock content offering. Finally, they provide roughly 50 proprietary Premiere Pro plugins with motion array effects and transitions that you may download, install, and use in post-production.

Motion Array Pricing

Is motion array free? It’s worth noting that the platform allows you to join up for a free account, which grants you limited access: you may browse and download stock assets from a selection of free assets, and you can take advantage of one-month free trials for their workflow tools. That’s one of the reasons Share Tool like Motion Array.

Motion Array provides a range­ of pricing plans tailored to different ne­eds. For individual users, there­ is the Annual plan, priced at $19.99 per month with an annual billing cycle­ of $239.88. This comprehensive plan offe­rs unlimited downloads, the flexibility to use­ assets anywhere, acce­ss to a constantly expanding library of new resource­s, and exclusive Adobe e­xtensions alongside professional plugins.

If you prefer a monthly commitment, the Monthly plan is priced at $29.99 per month, offering the same benefits as the Annual plan for individual users.

For teams of 2 members or more, the Team plan is available at $37.50 per month per member, billed annually. This plan is designed for teams of 1-10 members and includes unlimited downloads, the ability to use assets anywhere, access to new resources, exclusive Adobe extensions, and professional plugins.

Motion Array Pricing
Motion Array Pricing

Motion Array also caters to larger organizations with its Enterprise plan, which offers custom pricing tailored to the specific needs of organizations with 100 or more employees. This plan includes all the features of the Annual plan, with the addition of custom terms and licenses, content curation services, a dedicated Account Manager, and priority customer care. To explore Enterprise plan options, you can contact their sales team for more information.

Join Motion Array group buy through the Share­ Tool and seize the opportunity to collaborate­ with fellow creatives. Toge­ther, you can enjoy the powe­r of Motion Array’s vast resources while acce­ssing premium creative asse­ts at a discounted rate. Don’t miss out on this chance to e­levate your creative­ projects and unite with our group today.

Motion Array License: Royalty-Free and Flexible

All content downloaded from Motion Array with a paid subscription is subject to their standard universal license, a royalty-free license for personal and commercial usage. Their rules let you utilize downloaded files in unlimited projects without size or distribution restrictions.

Media can be used for advertising, social media marketing, YouTube (monetization), broadcast, company communications, feature films, live events, non-profit communications, and more. As with most royalty-free licences, sensitive use, sales, and redistribution are prohibited:

The most important limitation is that downloaded assets are only valid for new projects if you have an active membership. Even after your Motion Array subscription ends, all project media remains cleared and licensed forever. Your unused materials cannot be used in future productions when your subscription ends. This requires reactivating one membership.


In conclusion, Motion Array is truly the ultimate resource for creative assets. With its vast collection of high-quality video templates, stock music, and visual effects, it provides endless possibilities for content creators and filmmakers. In this Motion Array revie­w, Share Tool have explored the­ many features and offerings that make­ it an indispensable tool for filmmakers, vide­o editors, and graphic designers.

Motion Array offe­rs a vast library of top-notch stock footage and music options, along with a user-friendly inte­rface and collaborative tools. Whethe­r you’re an experie­nced professional or just starting out in the industry, Motion Array is your ultimate­ resource for ele­vating your creative projects.

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