Top 5+ Best Shutterstock Alternatives To Find Dynamic Photos & Videos

Top 5+ Best Shutterstock Alternatives To Find Dynamic Photos & Videos

Are you looking for awesome visuals to enhance your website, blogs, and other digital creations? Are you tired of relying on Shutterstock for your creative needs? Look no further! This article introduces the top 5 best  Shutterstock alternatives for finding dynamic photos and videos for any project.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock, founded in 2003, provided unlimited downloads for a yearly charge. 16 years later, Shutterstock has over 3 million royalty-free photos and more paid material. The company follows 7 values. Passion, invention, collaboration, honesty, accountability, selflessness, and courage. It employs over 700 people and lets users sell their photos and stock videos.


Shutterstock sells photos, videos, and music for use on websites, blogs, magazines, YouTube channels, and more. Photographers and artists sell their work on Shutterstock. Other creatives buy and use the content. Shutterstock offers free photos, but higher-quality content costs. Prices range from a one-time payment to full team access.

Pros of Shutterstock

  • The largest collection of stock images (408 million)
  • Is there a free version of shutterstock? Yes, A 30-day free trial with 10 images worth $49
  • Many alternatives for purchase.
  • With the prepaid annual plans, you can get big discounts.
  • Searching and filtering photographs saves time
  • Most websites accept Shutterstock licenses

Why do you need to search for Shutterstock alternatives?

Shutterstock is expensive. Most bloggers and YouTubers find it pricey. Instead of a subscription plan, consider using a royalty-free image since these projects require a lot of labor to make a profit.

Shutterstock contains numerous free images, but they might not be what you want, requiring you to subscribe. An annual subscription saves money and prevents you from unintentionally renewing it each month. At $9.80 each image, the On Demand service is highly expensive. A comparable individual subscription costs $2.90 per image.

Top 5+ Best Shutterstock alternatives

If you’re looking for royalty free images or videos to use in your projects, you likely have heard of Shutterstock. While it is the go-to site for many professionals and creatives, there are plenty of Shutterstock alternatives that offer high quality visuals as well–at reasonable prices. I’ll review some of better alternatives to Shutterstock now.


Storyblocks is a website that offers stock video and footage, music, themes, and special effects that do not need royalties. It’s a great place to start for people who are new to YouTube or video editing. The best part is that you need very little to begin going.


Storyblocks is the greatest approach to start video editing since it has everything. Stock footage, music, and special effects complete the video. Lastly, the Unlimited All Access package includes a free video editor.

Storyblocks includes everything content creators need. The flexible licensing prevents copyright strikes on YouTube.

Main features of Storyblocks

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Royalty-free license for all content
  • 1+ million HD & 4K footage, After Effects and Adobe Premiere templates, motion backgrounds
  • 74,000+ music tracks and sound effects
  • 433,000+ photos, vectors, and illustrations
  • Live customer support

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a service offered by Envato. One of its key goals is to serve as a repository for a growing collection of high-quality digital materials that may be used by designers, developers, and other producers. Envato Elements contains WordPress plugins, themes, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, pictures, audio files, videos, and other content.

Envato Elements
Envato Elements

About 1,200 eBooks and video courses from EnvatoTuts+ are available to Envato Elements subscribers. Customers can access over 1 million digital assets and educational resources from EnvatoTuts+.

Main features of Envato Elements

  • Commercial usage: You may use any downloaded creative material for commercial projects without paying extra licenses. Use of items when the asset is the main value is prohibited.
  • Use case, one license: Each project requires a new license, even if you utilize the same creative content. You cannot use the asset in new projects once your membership expires.
  • Perpetual usage: Even after unsubscribing, you may utilize registered creative materials for licensed projects.
  • Unlimited daily downloads
  • 7-day free trial with all creative materials


Vecteezy is Shutterstock alternatives free. Vecteezy features a large selection of affordable stock photos and art. Shawn Rubel started Vecteezy in 2007 after working as a designer in a world where stock pictures and graphic resources were pricey and made starting from scratch challenging.


Vexteezy, based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, serves consumers and contributors in 180 countries. The brand “aims to equip designers with the materials they need to perform their best work, wherever they are in the creative process”. Our excellent creative community’s fresh imagery and vector graphics and worry-free licensing will enable you create with confidence.”

Main features of Vecteezy

  • Millions of Free Resources
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Exclusive Access to Bundles
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • No Attribution Required
  • Legal Indemnification
  • Vecteezy Editor Access
  • Priority Support
  • Faster Downloads & No Ads


Freepik searches for high-quality pictures, vector graphics, drawings, and PSD files for creative projects. Freepik, based in Spain, releases approximately 80,000 unique free materials each month, produced by its staff or community of graphic designers and vector artists.


Since 2010, it has served 32 million monthly consumers from over 200 markets with more than 13 million icons, vectors, pictures, and templates. Freepik ranks among the top 126 websites worldwide, ahead of Nike and the NBA.

Main features of Freepik

  • Thousands of free images
  • +6,799,000 Premium vectors
  • +16,535,000 premium stock photos
  • +859,000 Premium PSD files
  • Unlimited downloads more info
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No ads

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a print-on-demand and download marketplace for crafters and graphic designers. Karen van Houten-Schickle and Marleen Brugman founded it in 2016. Amsterdam is the company’s headquarters. Creative Fabrica offers 1 million high-quality images, fonts, and crafts.

Creative Fabrica
Creative Fabrica

All site membership plans include unlimited downloads. Creative Fabrica targets crafters, graphic designers, small enterprises, and DIYers. The site offers several patterns and styles for everyone. Artistic Fabrica provides the appropriate typeface for your next project or trendy images for your website.

Main features of Creative Fabrica

  • FontCloud
  • Webfont Generator
  • The Craft Club
  • Creative Fabrica offers almost 100,000 commercial-licensed typefaces
  • Over 5 million graphics
  • Illustrations, coloring books, and educational materials
  • Licenses for Commercial Usage
  • Downloadable fonts, patterns, logo creation kits
  • AI Writer/Image Maker

StockRush 2.0

Stockrush is a cheaper alternatives to Shutterstock. StockRush 2.0 provides millions of stock photos, drawings, videos, audios, gifs, and vectors for free use and resale. Updated version adds more fantastic features.

StockRush 2.0
StockRush 2.0

It provides millions of niche-specific stock media sets. As StockRush 2.0 was built by marketers for marketers, it has several groundbreaking money-making capabilities that no stock media platform has ever provided.

Main features of StockRush

  • Over 5 Million Stock Media Image, Videos, Illustration, Vectors, And More
  • Personal Use License
  • Agency License
  • Choose From 5 Stunning ‘Done For You’ Agency Websites
  • Smart Lead Generation System Included
  • Built-In Payment System
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • A Retargeting Audience Is Built Right Into The Platform
  • Gets You FREE Viral Traffic And Leads
  • 1-Click Background Image Removal Tool
  • Customizable Pop-ups
  • Upgraded API Support

Conclusion: Which is the best Shutterstock alternatives?

Shutterstock is a great resource for finding photos and video materials, but there are many more stock photography sites out there that offer different selections and prices. Depending on the specific needs of your project, there are several Shutterstock alternatives that can help you find dynamic photos and videos. With just a bit of research, you’ll be sure to find a site that is perfect for any project you may have in mind!

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