Book Bolt Review – Does It Make Money

Book Bolt Review - Does It Make Money

We can help you make your New Year’s Resolution to make more money. You can make passive income possible with digital assets. But where do you start?

Several members of our community loved Book Bolt which allows them to create low-content books quickly that can be published on Amazon. We trust your judgement so we decided to test it. Let’s discover Book Bolt Review and what it has to offer.

What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt allows you to create your book in just 10 minutes. This is something that you may not have known. With a little creativity and keyword research, you can quickly create a digital asset that’s ready for sale.

This digital asset is a book of low content. This digital asset is easily made once and can then be sold repeatedly over time.

What is low-content?

A book without “low content” means it doesn’t contain any stories or information. It provides a framework for the user to use in completing their tasks. Logbooks are an example of a low content book.

Book Bolt is capable of creating many low-content books. The most popular type of notebook is the one you will find. A notebook is the most common. It only requires plain pages with clear rules and a cover. These are just some examples of low-content books you can make with Book Bolt.

Log Book

Log Book

Log books sound exactly like they are. The log book is a book the owner keeps track of. To be able to use the information next time, the owner keeps a log book. There are two popular online log books. These log books are ideal for salespeople to log mileage, or for keeping logbooks of hunting and fishing.

You can also find a few gardening logbooks online. Get creative. You can think of something you can track and Book Bolt could make a logbook. It is also possible to create sports log books very easily.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

This was something that I didn’t realize existed until I began using Book Bolt for research. Many people spend time each morning writing their gratitude. A space is provided in the book for readers to record a quote, their gratitude, and any other details that make their day exceptional.

These books are written in my head while I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning.

Sheet Music Books

Sheet Music Books

Sheet music was another section I didn’t know existed. This is why I started doing this. Sheet music books can be a great option for musicians who want to make their own music.

The Book Bolt interior includes a few lines with blank music which the owner can use for their own melodies. You could be the sole seller in this area if you have a little imagination.

To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists

Because it is low in content, this book is extremely popular. To-do lists can be understood easily. This interior allows users to track and list tasks throughout the day.

There are many options, so experiment and find the best one.

Personal Finance Trackers

Personal Finance Trackers

This is another popular category. This field is highly competitive. These Interiors enable people to track their payments and write their bills.

There are a few interiors that can help you balance your checkbook.

Meal Planner / Weight Loss Tracker

Meal Planner / Weight Loss Tracker

The weight-loss section is a popular category for books with low content. Book Bolt offers interiors that enable users to track their diets, exercise and weight loss progress.

These pages also contain body charts so that users can add their measurements if necessary.

Password Organizers

Password Organizers

This book is easy to make and enjoyable. These books often have a few columns in which someone can write their website name or username.

These covers include humor that is self-deprecating.

Puzzle Books

Puzzle Books

This category is worth looking into. Book Bolt allows you to create Sudoku, word searches, and anagrams. You and your family will also enjoy a wide range of mazes and puzzles.

Only Interiors are offered by the Pro Plan. Because there are fewer people creating interiors, there is less competition.


This is not a complete list. Book Bolt has 34 premade interiors you can choose from. You can modify your interiors or create them yourself if you are truly inspired.

Book Bolt Review: The Pros and Con’s

Book Bolt’s pros and cons

  • Locate the top design categories and keywords.
  • Book Bolt has a wide range of templates.
  • You have many options for interior design ideas.
  • Drag and drop is the best method to use the cover designer within your browser.
  • Book Bolt offers special recognition and volume for keywords.
  • With its low-cost interiors, it can be distinguished.
  • It’s easy to create a few books without any content and then put them up on Amazon KDP.

Book Bolt: The Cons

  • When you search for terms, a 60-second countdown begins.
  • To search for and download terms, you will need two Chrome Extensions.
  • Items like “Book Bolt Designer” are no longer available. To select an item from the dropdown menu, click on your account.
  • Data cannot be downloaded for processing or mixed with any other data.
  • The reverse ASIN data may take some time.

Book Bolt Review top features that you should use

Book Bolt solves over half of your problems in no-time. These are just some of the amazing features that Book Bolt offers.

Niche research

You can view the most popular books using the Book Bolt cloud tool. You can search for your niche using keywords. This is the first step in determining what products will be or won’t sell.

Niche research

Go to the upper left corner and select the book category you are interested in. If you’re certain that you will use any relevant information within your niche, you can add keywords.

Keyword research

Book Bolt’s keyword search tool is extremely useful. You will find a little skeleton key in the left menu for each term. It should take you to a keyword search engine when you click on it.

Keyword research

Once you have accessed it, type keywords relevant to your expertise in the search box to view all the options on Amazon. If you select something with more volume, you will get better results.

Cover design

This tool contains everything you need for creating a good cover. Select the book size from the drop-down menu and then indicate the number of pages. Book Bolt will create your book’s cover.

Cover design

Crop margins don’t require calculations and the cover design includes a controlled Margin model that doesn’t need any modifications.

Book Bolt Cover Maker makes it easy to create templates for cover pages. You can upload a picture and convert it into a template in just one click.


It is easy to publish with Book Bolt. After your book is complete, you can submit it to the KDP account.


Book Bolt offers a listing function to help you do this. To fill in your book metadata including keywords and author names, create a profile. You can change the title and subtitle of books in the same genre by doing this.

Compare Book Bolt Pricing vs Book Bolt group buy cost

Book Bolt Pricing Plans

Book Bolt Pricing Plans

Book Bolt offers you two subscription options.

  • Newbie $9.99 Per Month
  • Pro $19.99 Per Month

Both plans can be purchased monthly or annually. All Book Bolt plans include a three-day free trial.

All plans come with 24-hour customer service.

The Pro version has more features and PuzzleWizz (a puzzle-creation tool). This program can be used for creating puzzle books. These are books that have a limited amount of content.

It’s completely free and there’s no risk.

Book Bolt group buy cost

Book Bolt’s complete functionality can be purchased by us as a group buy Book Bolt.

Book Bolt group buy cost

There are three options, with prices ranging from $1 to 25

  • Trial: $1
  • Monthly: $5
  • Annual: $25

These are the features we offer:

  • Find Profitable Niches- BookBolt was created to guide you through the entire process of creating a no content book. Book Bolt will help you find profitable niches in under-served markets.
  • Book Cover Design Made Easier – No more struggling to create the perfect Book covers. The Cover Designer makes it easy to create beautiful book covers.
  • These designs can be created using the BookBolt Designer. They are available for download in minutes, as opposed to hours that can be uploaded immediately.
  • Book Listing Made Simple – Listing books on KDP can be time-consuming. The Book Bolt lister will speed up the process and get your products online quickly so that they can begin making sales.

Conclusion of Book Bolt Review

This article will discuss the free tools you can use for creating blank books or books with low content. If you have the time and patience, self-publishing is possible. This involves researching, designing your interior and covers, and then uploading it on Amazon Self-Publishing Platform.

Book Bolt is an excellent option for those who, like me, want software that saves time.

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