5+ Best URL Shorteners

Best URL Shorteners

What are URL Shorteners?

URL shortener can be used to make your ugly URL shorter. It not only makes URLs beautiful, but it also tracks individual URL performance.

The Benefits of URL Shorteners

  • It can look sloppy or spammy if you post long URLs on social media platforms. You can avoid being regarded as spammy by creating a concise and clean link with URL shorteners.
  • Another advantage to using a URL shortener, is that you can track link performance and find out which parts of the content are performing well.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter have a character limit. You can post 600 characters and 280 characters, respectively. This tool will help you to play within the limit.

Want to reduce long URLs?

Let’s dive deep into the Best URL Shorteners list and discover the one that is right for us.

1. Bitly – The Best URL Shortener

Best URL Shorteners

Bitly, a free and paid URL shortener, has a complete dashboard that allows you to track the performance of links, such as click-through rates, geographic data, people who clicked on the link, channel stats, etc.

This tool can be connected to social media management software like Sprout, HubSpot and Buffer. It will allow you to share shortening links via social media accounts.


  • free – free account allows you to create 1000 hyperlinks in a month. It also includes link filtering, reporting and social posting.
  • Basic This plan costs $35/month (or $29.29/month if you buy annually) to create 1500 brand links. It also includes 1 custom domain and 1 user seat.
  • Customized solution This plan is for you if you need to create branded links from 3000 to 500,000. For pricing information, please contact the sales team.

Best URL Shorteners

2. Tiny.cc is a free URL shortener

Best URL Shorteners

Tiny.cc allows you to create, track, and manage small URLs with just one click. Simply copy and paste the long URL into the box, then click the shorten button.

Registered users and paid users have the ability to edit them later, but non-registered users and free users cannot edit or track them later.

You can upgrade to the paid version if you need more advanced features.

TinyCC.com, the premium version Tiny.cc. It offers 100 more features than the free version.

Note that accounts cannot be linked together. To sign up, you must create a separate account.


Free – Tiny.cc can be used forever for free.

Tiny.com offers 4 premium plans and a 7-day free trial.

  • Basic – This cost $5 per month and includes 1 custom domain and 1,000 clicks/link/day. 500 link creation and 2 users.
  • Business– This offers advanced features to increase business growth. It costs $25/month for 3 custom domains, 5,000 clicks/link/day and 10,000 link creation. There are 10 users.
  • Pro This plan is ideal for developers, marketers, and agencies. You will be charged $49 per month for 10 domains, 15,000 clicks/link/day and 50,000 link creation. There are 50 users.
  • Enterprise is a customized plan with specific limits. For pricing information, please contact them.

3. Link Shrinker – Rebrandly

Best URL Shorteners

Rebrandly is the best way to create small URLs and brand links. Trusted by over 250,000 customers around the globe, this link shortener platform is a trusted choice.

Rebrandly doesn’t require any technical knowledge, as it handles all technical details for you.

Rebrandly makes it easy to select the right domain for your business.


  • Free – This plan is free and allows you to set up 500 brand links, 5 custom domains, and track 5000 clicks.
  • Starter: For $29/month (or $24/month for an annual payment), you’ll get 5 custom domains, 5000 branded hyperlinks and 25000 clicks per month.
  • Pro – This plan charges $69 per month ($58/mo for an annual payment) for 5 domains and 15,000 branded links. You can also track 150,000 clicks per month.
  • Premium The plan costs $499/mo ($416/mo for an annual payment) and includes 20 custom domains, 150,000 branded links creation, and 1,500,000 clicks per month.
  • Enterprise This plan allows you to customize each feature according to your needs.

Best URL Shorteners

4. Pretty Links Link Shortener Plugin

Best URL Shorteners

Pretty Link is the most used WordPress plugin for link shrinking and affiliate management. The plugin is available for free at wordpress.org

The plugin is free for beginners.

The paid version is best for digital marketing professionals and super affiliates, as it includes advanced functionalists that provide a great experience.


  • Beginner This plan costs $59/year and includes essential features like advanced redirect types, auto create pretty links, auto link keywords, and 1-year support.
  • Marketer: The plan costs $99 per year for 3 WordPress websites, essential Pro features and advanced redirect types. It also includes advanced add-ons like auto-create pretty URLs, auto-link keywords and advanced add-ons. Support lasts 1 years.
  • Super Affiliates The plan costs $199/year and includes essential features such as advanced redirect types, auto create pretty links, auto link keywords, advanced addons, priority support, 1 year Support, and priority support.

Best URL Shorteners

5. BL.ink – Top URL Shortner

Best URL Shorteners

It is the best URL shortener available. It transforms uninteresting URLs into meaningful links that are clicked on and engage the audience.

It also provides a detailed report that allows one to track clicks by date and time, geographical, device, language, and referrers.

This Link Shortener can integrate with Web analytics tools like Google and Adobe.


BL.ink offers flexible plans so you can choose according to your business requirements.

  • Get 1000-lifetime links, 1,000 clicks each link, 1 user and one custom domain. Unlimited redirects, smart Links, branded Links, and unlimited redirects are all included in free .
  • Expert: Includes all the free plans plus 10,000 lifetime links, 7,500 clicks each link, 3 users and unlimited custom domains. Private reports & analytics start at $12/mo.
  • SMB: Get all the expert plans plus 50,000 lifetime links, 15000 clicks each link, 15 users and unlimited custom domains.
  • Team: For $299/mo you get all the SMB features, including 250,000 lifetime links, 30,000 clicks per hyperlink, 25 users and 500 dynamic links. Prior support is also available.
  • Business: It costs $599/month for all the team plans plus, 500,000 lifetime links, 60,000 clicks per hyperlink, 50 users and 1000 dynamic links. Priority support is also available. dedicated engineer and many other features.

Best URL Shorteners

6. Ow.ly – Tiny URL Creator

Best URL Shorteners

Hootsuite also offers Ow.ly, a tiny URL generator. Every Hootsuite account comes with Ow.ly.

If you are already using Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts, Ow.ly may be the best choice.

It’s easy to shorten links and distribute them on social media platforms. You can also track traffic using a single Hootsuite dashboard.

Best URL Shorteners

7. Snip.ly Premium Link Shortener

Best URL Shorteners

Snip.ly, the premium link shortener tool, generates unique links that you can share on your site or social media.

Sniply allows you to monitor every link stats you share with your audience. This includes click rates, conversions, and more.

Sniply also allows you to create different snips like Text Snip and Image Snip.


Snip.ly offers premium plans in four different price points. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

  • Basic – This plan is great for personal branding. It costs $29/mo ($25/mo annually) and includes unlimited links, 1 brand profile, and 5000 clicks.
  • Pro is the most sought-after plan for professional marketers. It costs $79/mo ($66/mo annually) and includes unlimited links, 3 team members, 6 brand profiles and 20,000 clicks.
  • Business: You will need to pay $149/mo ($125/mo for an annual payment) for unlimited hyperlinks, 5 team members and 10 brand profiles. This includes 50,000 clicks.
  • Agency This is a great option for multiple clients. You would be charged $299/mo ($250/mo annually) for unlimited links and 10 team members. There would also be 50 brand profiles and 250,000 clicks.

Best URL Shorteners

Wrapped up

These URL shorteners are some of the most affordable and effective. One of these options is available for you business.

The link shorteners mentioned above are a few of the most expensive, and very few offer a free trial so that you can test each tool before you commit your money.

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