What is Footprint? Factors to create a secure satellite & PBN website

What is Footprint? Factors to create a secure satellite & PBN website

There are many benefits to SEO that can be gained by creating satellite websites just for the purpose of linking to the main website. Having a satellite site that links to your main site will provide you an advantage over the competition. Many of the inquiries I got centered on the reasoning behind the development of this satellite facility.

  • What is Footprint?
  • When making a satellite, should I share a hosting?
  • When making a satellite, should I put the same IP or not?
  • Or is it the same hosting but different IP?
  • Can I use SEO hosting?
  • How to deploy secure satellites for yourself as well as PBN to bring long-term value?

Besides the above questions, there are some views that PBN is the most effective method today and without using PBN, it is impossible to get to the top.

And I would also like to refute the above point and affirm here, PBN is not the best way to use links today and PBN will never be the most effective way.

OK! To solve the problems posed, first I want you to understand what is Footprint?

What is Footprint?

Footprint is an algorithm of Google that was set up with the purpose of detecting tricks from websites to deceive search engines. Your website position can be dropped at any time if you get a penalty from Footprint. So, to avoid getting a Footprint penalty from Google you need to understand what Footprint is?

What is Footprint?
What is Footprint?

Footprint is translated to mean footprint, I will take an example so that it can be easier for you to imagine. When you walk in the snow, you will leave footprints on the roads you have traveled. Based on the footprints people can find out where you are.

For Google, this is a sign to Google that the whole thing is yours and that Google will penalize you.

For example, your entire domain name and satellite are registered under the same name as you or originate from the same place where you purchased the domain. Or is your entire satellite website transmitting backlinks to your site with the same hosting even though the IP is different, surely Google will detect you.

Factors Google discovers you:

  • IP
  • Where you registered
  • Hosting
  • Information you register
  • How you get backlinks
  • Theme you use

For example: You own 10 satellites and all 10 satellites share the same theme (news), when you link 10 satellites to your website, Google will know you are the owner.

How to manage backlinks to not be penalized by Google

For example, you have 5 satellites and 3 money sites (the page you are doing SEO for).

Your satellite 1 has a hosting of Stable Host, IP 1 and shoots backlinks to moneysite 1, moneysite 2, moneysite 3 and these are also the first backlinks.

Satellite 2 uses Stable Host, IP 2 backlinks to moneysite 1, moneysite 2

Immediately Google will wonder why moneysite 1 of thousands of hosting providers out there, both the first two domains that have backlinks to the new website come from the same Stable Host – the same backlink provider. Maybe Google won’t penalize you right now, but you’ve been put as a suspect.

From the 3rd domain you use the third satellite from the same hosting provider as Stable Host, although the IP is different and you link back to your moneysite 2. At this time, all 3 satellites 1,2,3 are back to moneysite 2 at this time Google highly suspects you and will probably check your website.

Moneysite 2 is a brand new website with only 3 backlinks, Google will rely on the hosting provider of these 3 satellites to be the same Stable Host and find out that all 3 sites are your PBN. Google will penalize satellite 1, satellite 2, satellite 3 and now all 3 satellites will die. That also seriously affects moneysite 2.

How to manage backlinks to not be penalized by Google
How to manage backlinks to not be penalized by Google

When satellites 1 and 2 are penalized and are no longer indexed by Google, it will become meaningless in transmitting backlinks to money site 1. Unless all 3 satellites have a lot of traffic, some people read, some people click, the onsite rate is high if just the old domain names or your satellites created just to get backlinks and no traffic, Google will certainly be suspicious. Surely moneysite 1 will die and moneysite 3 will also be affected.

The biggest risk when deploying shared satellite hosting is that you will be penalized by Google for satellite 1, satellite 2, and satellite 3 along with moneysite 1, moneysite 2, moneysite 3. The same goes for satellite 4 and 3. 5th satellite.

Signs for Google to know you have the same domain registrar

Google will know who your domain registrar is through WHOIS. When you register a domain name, you must fill in the information, now WHOIS will have your information.

Register from the godaddy.com provider, whose name server is namecheaphosting, IP

Depending on the different Whois sites, they will provide full, or half, information.

All Whois will display information such as: domain name, where you bought it, where the buyer is located, which organization belongs to, the buyer’s phone number, email. This is the information when you register to buy a domain name and fill in the information, these things have been made public on the internet.

Whois is just a free tool that can see your information in such detail that maybe Google can’t see it. So, when you do satellite, you avoid registering with the same hosting provider, the IP must be different.

When registering must use a different name, different email, different address, different phone number and of course email, that phone number must be confirmed. These are the footprint signs that you can recognize.

Whois privacy is highly confidential
Whois privacy is highly confidential

I have had quite crazy cases where they registered all the information exactly as I said (registered in different places, the information was also different, completely different) but they used Google Adsense and all of that Google Adsense have the same IP so your entire satellite will also be penalized.

However, for Google Search Console, it is recommended by Google, so if you have the same Google Search Console for this entire satellite, that is completely normal.

So the question now is whether all registered information of users on Whois privacy is confidential?

The answer is yes. Once you secure your registration information, your information will no longer appear on Whois.

At this time Whois will not be able to check who you are, who has registered, where is your hosting, etc. Now your information will be absolutely secure. So, many people think that when buying Whois Privacy package, Google will not be able to Crawl because the domain name provider has already protected it.

But actually Google can see because Google can see through confidential information. And Google also advises not to keep information confidential when buying a domain name.

For example, you often work on Google Sheet – an application of Google Drive for data entry and statistics. Although you do not share your Google Sheet file with anyone, it is still readable by Google because it is the property of Google. My advice to you is to secure the information you can work on your computer’s Excel file.

How to deploy 5 common satellites Stable Host

To help you easily understand how to deploy a common satellite with a Stable Host, I will analyze the following example.

How to deploy 5 common satellites Stable Host
How to deploy 5 common satellites Stable Host

For example: You have Link 1 (satellite 1) backlink to your moneysite 1, then next link 2,3… 40 (about 40 different domains, 40 different forums or 10 different forums, 10 different websites, 20 social networks) different information. At this point, you have 41 domains that are backlinking to moneysite 1 and these 40 are completely different in information.

At this point, Link 42 (satellite 2; maybe the same Stable Host and IP as Link 1) and backlink to moneysite 1 so you won’t worry about being noticed by Google. Because, you had 41 domains before, and it was all different information and Google saw you as a normal website and not a black hat SEO site.
Next, I continue to use domain 43 (satellite 3) backlink to moneysite 1 is fine. Domain 44 (satellite 4) also shoots backlink to your moneysite 1, this case I do not recommend because this case is still risky, affecting satellites 2,3,4 will die.

To ensure safety from satellites 44 to 60, you should deploy to other domains. Domain 61 please deploy satellite 4. I recommend you to share 1 hosting, IP for these satellites but absolutely do not register domain names with your information. Google will penalize these 4 domains and lower the value they bring to you.

To summarize this article, I will share with you the notes to limit being penalized by Google when building a satellite website.

  1. Domain registrars vary, but in case the provider is Godaddy, Google won’t penalize you either. Because Godaddy is a huge brand in the world. And they provide hundreds of millions of domain names all over the world. Similar is Enom.
  2. Different hosting providers
  3. Different IPs
  4. Absolutely do not ‘attach’ Google properties to satellites. For example: Google Adsense, Webmaster Tool..
  5. When you install satellite (don’t use same theme)
  6. Various domain registration information (domain owner, address, phone number, email)

Surely no SEOer would want me to suffer a Footprint penalty for my website or social media accounts. But if you use tricks to circumvent the law to increase your rankings, sooner or later you will be discovered by Google Footprint. So, pay attention to the problem I shared above to deploy satellites without being penalized by Google. Wish you can deploy satellite website successfully!

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