What is Search Engine? The Importance of Search Engine in SEO 2022

Search Engine

What is Search Engine? How does it work? Perhaps for those of you who are new to SEO, there will be many other questions related to it that need to be answered. In this article, I will take a closer look at this term and help you understand why it is so important in SEO.

What is Search Engine?

A Search Engine is a software that helps to search data according to users’ queries about information related to products, services, news, etc. on the Internet. Some popular tools today can be mentioned as Google, Yahoo, and Bing,… In this article, Share Tool will focus on examining the largest one, which is Google.

What is Search Engine?
What is Search Engine?

How do Search Engines work?

Divisions of a search engine

Crawling Division – Robot (Google Bot)

Firstly, it uses pre-programmed bots to gather information in order to extract data for users (spider, crawler, robot). These bots are in charge of checking the websites’ content. From there, gather data to create a database (database).

Crawling Division – Robot (Google Bot)
Crawling Division – Robot (Google Bot)

Indexing Division – Index

The Indexing process will take place in parallel with data collection including analysis, selection, and then storing of information into the database – this is a super memory with a large capacity. incoming petabytes.

Indexing Division – Index
Indexing Division – Index

Database Division

To be able to extract results for searchers, Google used more than 200 different factors to rank websites. Two of the factors that are highly valued by Google are the quality of content and backlinks on your website.

How does Google’s Spider work?

Step 1: Find a website to collect information

Google’s spiders will visit the website, then get a list of servers and start scraping a random URL. The spiders will index the article content, based on the keywords in the title tags (title), and description (meta description), … then evaluate the relevance of the article to the search query of the user.

Step 2: Indexing

Google’s spiders will conduct analysis and selection. Then Google will store the necessary information quickly and accurately.


What is a search engine algorithm?

“Search engine algorithm” is a term used to evaluate all indexed pages and determine which pages should appear in search results for a given query.

For example, Google’s algorithm uses dozens of factors in several areas such as:

Query meaning: Understand what users mean by using the exact words they used, what the search intent was, etc.
Page Relevance: Search engines need to find out if a page answers a search query.
Content Quality: Algorithms that determine if web pages are a great source of information are based on internal and external factors; quantity and quality of backlinks are important factors here.
Page Usability: Consider the quality of the site from a technical standpoint – responsiveness, page speed, security, and more.

Refer to some Google algorithms:

The Importance of Search Engines in Online Marketing

Living in the digital age, online business is becoming easier thanks to the support of social networking tools and platforms, but the level of competition is also becoming fiercer than ever. There is the only way that makes you stay ahead of your competition, is focusing on SEO to help display your brand better.

There are 2 areas of activity that depend on search engines, named SEM and SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes SEO (and PPC (Pay Per Click) In other words, SEM is the synthesis of many different marketing methods. The main goal of SEM is to bring your website to a high position in Google rankings by paid advertising (PPC) and no fees (SEO). Thereby attracting free visits to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to optimize search engines to help improve website rankings and give users the best experience.

If you invest in SEM, you will have to spend money to bid for keywords to quickly reach your potential customers. As for SEO, it will take you a little more time to optimize the Website, but the effect that SEO brings is very sustainable.

Most search engines today can apply both SEM and SEO methods to help your Website appear in the best positions on the rankings.

Why is Google the best search engine?

Google understands what users want

Most people today use at least one Google service such as: Gmail, Youtube, Google Map, etc. From these applications Google will collect user information such as: name, phone number, location, etc…

After obtaining the data, Google will analyze and judge what users are looking for? Therefore, Google will display the most appropriate results that the user really wants.

Google builds trust through search results

Now, Google has become so popular and seems to be the top search engine used by many people. By constantly updating algorithms with the sole purpose of helping users have a great experience in the information search process. With continuous improvement efforts, Google has created the trust of users when searching for information on this engine.

Google suggests relevant, close-to-user searches

Articles with quality content that have a lot of traffic will be given a high score by Google. Based on the user’s search query, Google will prioritize recommending results that are also searched by many other users.

What are the advantages of Search Engine?

Optimizing the ratio of profit earned to investment costs

If a customer visits your website and makes a form, information such as customer behavior on the website, phone number, email, etc,..   will be recorded.

Based on these data, you can recommend solutions to reach customers more effectively, thereby increasing the conversion rate and profit rate when customers visit your website.

Cost savings

Compared to many other forms of business, online business on the internet helps you save a lot of money. You only need to spend an initial cost to have such a website and you can start your business on the internet.

Cost savings
Cost savings

However, to be able to get to the top of the search engine, it is not simply that you just post an article and it will come up on its own. As shared in you you can use the PPC method in SEM – pay-per-click advertising.

Or you can invest in SEO to help your website be better optimized, you will not have to pay for any visits to your website like the SEM method, but doing SEO is a process. The long process requires perseverance, and persistence to get the desired effect.

In particular, if you have implemented SEO for your website well, then when running Google Ads ads, the Google ad bid will decrease thanks to the good quality of the website.

Improve user experience

Google with the sole criterion is to bring users the most useful and quality information. So in order to evaluate which websites are having quality content, Google has used more than 200 algorithms that are regularly updated to control the quality and classify websites, thereby recommending the best content to users. .

Customer analytics support

There are many different tools to help you analyze your customers, one of the tools created by Google itself and used by many people is: Google Analytics, Google Search Console,… With this tool you can do website analysis, and keyword research and these are all completely free tools.

Bring prestige to the business

It will help your brand easily spread and be known by many people naturally. The more the website has articles appearing in the top 1, the top 2 of Google, the more customers know and trust your business. Through that, customers will become more trusting of the brand, contributing to the development of your brand.


Hopefully the article has partly helped you understand more about Search Engine as well as their importance of it. From there, you can optimize and help your website show up at the top search results.

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