Jungle Scout Review – Best Amazon Tool For Product Research

Jungle Scout Review

Are you looking to sell on Amazon, but not sure if Jungle Scout is right for you?

Independent product research was a key part of Amazon’s success. This could have been time-consuming and frustrating. To sell your product, you had to perform a lot keyword searches and market research. However, this was the best way for you to sell profitable products.

Jungle Scout allows sellers to quickly determine which products are most popular on Amazon and which ones will be the most profitable to sell. Jungle Scout makes it easy to maximize your Amazon e-commerce earnings while also reducing the effort and time required to succeed.

Jungle Scout may be a good option for your Amazon business. Read this Jungle Scout review to find out more.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research software that was developed by a team of experts. It aims to improve and optimize the ability for niche products to be found on Amazon.

These allow FBA owners to manage and search for product ideas as well as assess their potential for success.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find products in a niche market on Amazon to help your Amazon FBA business. Jungle Scout is the best Amazon product search tool.

Jungle Scout is a legit company with hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot. Customers cite the usefulness and superior customer service as the reasons for their high ratings.

Jungle Scout offers a wealth of resources to help you learn more about selling items on Amazon.

Why is Jungle Scout so popular?

Jungle Scout popular

Amazon is one of most difficult markets to enter. You must be vigilant even after you have established yourself. You need to have a unique product with very little competition in order to win on Amazon.

It sounds overwhelming!

Jungle Scout is the all-in one tool that will guide you through Amazon’s jungle.

This tool will help you launch your Amazon business. It can guide you to the best product opportunities and maintain a steady stream of income. Jungle Scout will recommend the best steps to take to build a winning strategy for Amazon based on your Amazon knowledge.

Jungle Scout is a great place to start if you’re a beginner.

  • Sell high-demand items
  • Create a profitable business.

Jungle Scout is a great way to grow your business.

  • More reviews
  • Help you manage your inventory
  • Provide insight into your finances
  • Targeted campaigns are possible

Jungle Scout accomplishes all of these by using a variety of well-designed products that each serve a specific purpose.

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

What is the Jungle Scout’s work process?

Jungle Scout offers a range of product research tools to help you determine whether or not a particular item is profitable. You can use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension or the Jungle Scout web application. A Firefox browser extension is also available. Although these platforms offer different functionality, the tools are all available.

Product Database

Product database

You can filter this database of 70,000,000 Amazon products by category. This allows you to choose a niche that interests you and generate product ideas. To find the most profitable products, you can filter by revenue, estimated sales, and other factors. Jungle Scout offers a tool called the Niche Hunter that will help you identify the best market for your product and the best product to source.

Product Tracker

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker helps you keep track of sales as you develop a product idea. This will allow you to be certain that there is enough demand for the product before you decide to invest.

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker uses real sales data to provide you with accurate numbers for all your products.

Supplier Database

Supplier Database

This database can be used to find verified suppliers for products. You can then save your suppliers’ lists, compare prices, generate purchase orders and save communications so that you can keep everything in one place.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout

You need to understand what customers are searching for if you want them to find your products on Amazon. This keyword research tool can help you determine which Amazon keywords your product ranks for.

You can also view search volume history and track organic keyword rankings. This will allow you to optimize your product listings using keywords from your Amazon research. This listing optimization allows you to make sure that your descriptions contain the keywords people are searching for.

The listing builder will give you a score for Amazon Listings based on keywords that you have included.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics, another powerful research tool that can help you predict future sales using historical sales data, is also a powerful research tool. This tool allows you to take your product ideas and show how they might sell.

Promotions and Email Marketing

Promotions and Email Marketing

We have examined the various aspects of Jungle Scout which make FBA easier. We now move on to customer service and marketing. This is an essential part of Amazon’s seller experience.

Jungle Scout originally released the product as Launch. Since then, Jungle Scout has updated the product to include promotions. Jungle Scout is more than a research tool.

Jungle Scout’s Jump Send is now available exclusively to Amazon shoppers looking for deals. This feature is designed to increase your product’s visibility and get more reviews.

This begins with promotions to get new customers, and ends with emails to clients to improve the customer experience. It can be difficult to convince customers to leave reviews voluntarily so it is best to send them a follow up email.

Sales analytics

Sales analytics

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics software has enough features that it can be your Amazon personal accountant. It will tell you which areas are profitable and which are losing money, and it will also help you track and organize all your sales data. All this information is available in real time so you can make informed decisions immediately.

Inventory manager

Inventory manager

This tool makes it easy to identify when you should purchase additional inventory to be able meet your customers’ needs. This is especially important if your Amazon FBA business uses this tool. You’ll be able to save money on Amazon storage fees by not accumulating more than you need.

Opportunities Score

Opportunities Score

Once the extension is installed, you’ll see a summary of the most important metrics. You can also get the average data for all search listings or the niche if you run the extension from the search listing pages.

You will also get the Opportunity Score, which summarizes demand and competition.

The same data can be obtained for individual listings as well, including monthly and daily sales, revenue, FBA fees and reviews. You can click on the orange information to see more details.

To help you decide which data points to see, you can customize the view. You can also download the data as a CSV file if you need it.

Academy and customer service

Jungle Scout’s resources are excellent for users. You will find extensive tutorials, podcasts, webinars and other resources to help you navigate each feature. Annual reports are also available from the platform that provide valuable insight into Amazon’s market and show how sellers can benefit from its trends.

Jungle Scout has also recently created an Amazon FBA Academy. You can also find a wide range of products to help improve your business. The company’s customer service is also reliable and responsive.

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

Jungle Scout offers a variety of plans, which can be purchased in either monthly or annual subscriptions depending on your needs. These are the benefits of each plan:

Jungle Scout Review

Basic – $29 per month, $349 per year

This package is basic and gives you access to only the Chrome Extension. The opportunity score is an additional part of the extension.

This might be a good option if you are looking for a small glimpse of Jungle Scout’s features. You will however only get a small portion of the full-functionality.

Jungle Scout Suite: $49 per month, $589 per year

This plan grants you access to Jungle Scout’s entire functionality, with the exception of the Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout Professional – $84 billed monthly, $999 billed each year

This package is for you if you’re a full-time Amazon trader. The yearly plan is $120 more than the regular plan. This extension can be useful if you want to integrate with Jungle Scout’s other features.

Each plan comes with a 14-day trial, which allows you to evaluate whether the platform is right for your needs.

Jungle Scout & Extension Group Buy – $10 billed monthly, $80 billed each year

Share Tool give group buy Jungle Scout WebApp + Extension to you will full feature. You can try here

Jungle Scout & Extension Group Buy

Why should you use Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the best Amazon seller tool, as you can see from this review. Jungle Scout’s products will make selling a lot easier. Here are some details about Jungle Scout to help you understand our conclusions.

Jungle Scout shines

  • Interface that is intuitive and efficient
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Exact estimations and projections
  • A wide range of products and resources
  • Support from a reliable customer

What Jungle Scout could do better

Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension is the only area where it could be improved.

Some of the features that would make the software more powerful and independent could be integrated into the software.

The package might not be worth the cost of $200 if you don’t have full access to all the functionality.

Jungle Scout Review – Last Thoughts

Jungle Scout is committed to providing sellers with new and innovative features. Jungle Scout is constantly adding new features, products and resources to keep you informed.

To give an overview of current resources, we have created the structure of this platform.

Jungle Scout is a key player in many Amazon seller successes. It is almost a must-have tool for Amazon sellers to be successful.

Jungle Scout can help you find the right niche, source the product, create product listings, track your progress, and ensure that you get reviews.

It is, in simple terms, a product that is definitely worth looking into.

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