5+ Best SERP Tracking Softwares you should try

5+ Best SERP Tracking Softwares

Are you looking to track your blog or keyword rankings with the best SERP tracking softwares? If so, you’re in the right place.

You may have heard that you needed to enter keywords to see your rank on SERPs.

Yes, it was me. You need a simple, but effective system to do this job for you. Enter – Search Engine Results Page tracking tools.

Many tools claim to be the best, but SEO professionals and bloggers have been able to recognize the pain. It is difficult to decide which one is the best.

You are lucky to find this blog that I will only list the 5+ Best SERP Tracking Softwares.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. The SERP is the abbreviation for Search Engine Results Page.

SERP currently shows 10 results per webpage. If your blog appears on the first page, it means that your blog ranks at the top.

What are the benefits of SERP tracking softwares?

Let’s face facts, if you didn’t feel the need to review your SERP rankings, then you probably wouldn’t be here.

These tools can be helpful in a few ways.

  • It will eliminate the tedious task of manually checking rank.
  • These tools will eliminate the possibility of data misinterpretation.
  • This will allow you to track the performance of your website.
  • It is also possible to monitor changes in website rankings.
  • It would also allow you to track the performance of your rivals.

There are many other things you can do.

Here is a list I’ve compiled of my favorite SERP tracking softwares, which are all known for offering the mentioned benefits and features.

Let’s get down to it

1. SEMrush – The Best SERP Tracking softwares

Because I use it regularly for my blog, I would love to include SEMrush in the top spot. It is, unsurprisingly, one of the most effective SERP tracking softwares.

SEMrush, which offers unique SEO and PPC features, is another popular SEO tool. Many large companies such as Quora and HP have started using it, including eBay, HP, HP, and Quora. It has been used by many companies, including eBay, HP, Quora and others.

best SERP tracking tools

Additional SERP Tracking Features of SEMrush

  • SEMrush lets you check your SERP rankings on both desktop and mobile devices every day.
  • Monitoring the rank of keywords in different cities and countries can give you a deeper insight into your blog’s performance.
  • This allows you to find new competitors in your niche, and it also permits you monitor their SERP rankings.


SEMrush is more than a search engine optimization software. SEMrush is a complete SEO toolkit that can be used to optimize your website’s SEO. You would need to buy it as a bundle to gain access to the rank tracking module.

SERP tracking softwares

2. Mangools SERP Tracking softwares

Mangools is another multi-functional SEO software. It includes 5 different SEO tools. Mangools is able to offer its services to a number of notable clients, including Alexa and Deloitte.

Mangools contains 5 tools, KWFinder SERPChecker SERPWatcher SERPWatcher LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, SERPWatcher and SERPWatcher. SERPWatcher and SERPChecker would be required to monitor rank and SERP analysis.

best SERP tracking tools

Other features of Mangools SERP tracking

  • You need the SERPChecker tool to analyze SERPs in any city or country and boost your local reach. It has 45+ metrics.
  • Mangools’s SERPWatcher provides you with daily alerts regarding your rank position.
  • It’s a great tool for SEO agencies or freelancers, as it allows you share reports with your customers in the form of an image.


best SERP tracking tools

Mangools SEO toolkit is all-in one, so you will need to buy it in one package with a monthly or annual subscription. You will receive SERPWatcher and SERPChecker along with the 3 other tools.

Mangools gives you the freedom to track unlimited domains. The limit is on the number of keywords that can be searched or tracked.

  • Mangools Basic This plan will cost $49/month (or $29.90 per annum) to track the SERP rankings for 200 keywords.
  • Mangools Premium – You would also need to pay $69/month (39.90 per annum) to verify rankings for 700 keywords.
  • Mangools Agency: $129/month ($79.90 per annum) allows you to track SERP rankings for 1,500 keywords.

3. Sitechecker Search Engine Ranking Tester

Sitechecker can be used to monitor keyword rankings automatically. It gives dynamic data about indexing and ranking changes. It offers suggestions on how to improve the position.

It monitors your position in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Bing). The service allows you to set your own tracking settings and receive relevant data.

best SERP tracking tools

Sitechecker offers additional SERP Tracking features

  • You can filter keywords by numbering in search results, by landing page or group pages, by positions, and so on.
  • To locate the most effective keywords, you can use sorting to determine the number and time between position changes.
  • You can handle large amounts of requests by uploading, copying to the clipboard and deleting, or grouping them to landing pages.
  • It is possible to compare the positions of a given date range: simply select it from a suitable calendar.
  • A table with customized columns provides a convenient way to display monitoring results. These columns can be hidden, swapped, changed in relevance, or hidden.
  • Daily email updates with current monitoring results. Weekly newsletter with the most current position data.


best SERP tracking tools

Sitechecker is the leading monitoring service provider in the world. Tariff plans can be divided according to the number of websites, pages, and keywords that are included in each account.

  • Basic at $23 – Designed for beginning SEO professionals and marketers. It allows you to collaborate with up to 3 sites. You can monitor up to 150 pages and 150 keywords.
  • Startup at $39 – This popular option is for professionals who are working on a few websites or those with small budgets. Up to 5 websites can be monitored, with up to 5000 pages per account and 500 keywords.
  • Growing $79 is a suitable tool for promising companies and medium-sized sites. Track up to 10 websites, 50,000 pages and 1,000 keywords.

4. AccuRanker SERP Rank Tracking Tools

AccuRanker’s efficiency could be estimated simply by looking at its name. AccuRanker is a top-rated tool for tracking SERPs in the digital marketplace.

AccuRanker is a tool that checks SERP rank. This is unlike any other tools discussed in this blog.

AccuRanker has proven so successful that companies like Ikea and McDonald’s have begun using it. It is now being used.

best SERP tracking tools

AccuRanker offers additional features to track SERPs

  • AccuRanker keeps you informed about the SERP rankings every hour so that your SEO strategy can be changed.
  • AccuRanker also gives you historical data about your overall SERP rankings. It will help you track your organic performance.
  • It allows you to track the SERP ranking of unlimited domains under one account. You can invite as many client or team members you wish.


best SERP tracking tools

AccuRanker offers the most innovative pricing plans. It includes all the features, such as multi-search engine positing tracking and monitoring up to 10 competitors. Both the monthly and yearly plans are available. These restrictions are determined by the number of keywords used to rank SERPs.

For example, pricing for tracking 1,000 keywords would be –

  • Monthly – $109 per mois with other features
  • Yearly – Each month, you’d be charged $99 per month.

5. Pro Rank Tracker – SERP Rank Tracking Tools

Pro Rank tracker is a popular SERP tracking program. For a few years, Pro Rank Tracker has been quietly offering an excellent SERP rank check facility. It is a trusted customer base of over 60,000+ SEO professionals, agencies, and other businesses.

Because it uses a state of the art algorithm, this application is well-known for its precise SERP analysis and tracking feature. Pro Rank Tracker, despite being infused with advanced technology, is still extremely simple to use.

best SERP tracking tools

Pro Rank Tracker also offers other SERP tracking features

  • Pro Rank Tracker allows you to track SERP rank on international search engines. It can also be used to analyze SERP performance on desktops and mobile devices.
  • The Pro Rank tracker will update you each day with the most recent changes to your SERP rankings. You can also make a demand to have real-time SERP tracking.
  • This tool comes with a Rankings Discovery Tool that will tell you all about keywords your site ranks for.


best SERP tracking tools

Pro Rank Tracker’s pricing plan is the simplest and most affordable. An annual billing option is available, which offers an additional 10% discount.

Other than this, pricing plans vary based on the number and keywords that are used to track and analyze SERPs.

  • Basic $25/month for the tracking of 200 keywords terms from 1 website.
  • Starter $49/month for the tracking of 500 keyword terms from 10 websites.
  • Standard This plan includes SERP tracking for 1,000 keywords from 20 websites. The price is $89/month
  • Advanced — You would also need to pay $129/month for SERP tracking 2,000 keyword terms on 40 websites
  • Business — This plan has variable pricing, as it depends upon the keywords used and site tracking limits. This plan costs $180 per month for SERP tracking of 3,000 keywords from 60 websites. Pricing will rise as you increase the site limits and keywords that you use.

6. Serpstat-Free SERP Tracking softwares

Serpstat is another SEO software that provides complete SEO tools. It also offers keyword research tools, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis and on-page site audits.

It has earned respectable status among professionals, SEO agencies, major clients. This has allowed it to earn high ratings on many review-based sites.

best SERP tracking tools

Serpstat has other features for tracking SERPs

  • After analysing SERPs Serpstat’s algorithm recognises your competitors, and provides the information you need to outperform them.
  • Serpstat lets you group similar keywords to track their SERP rankings.
  • It allows you to add unlimited members of your team or users to collaborate with them, in order to improve their/your organic reach.


best SERP tracking tools

Serpstat has maintained a very reasonable pricing, despite offering the most powerful SERP tracking softwares. This is why it is the preferred tool of freelancers, small business owners, and agencies.

Serpstat offers a 20% discount for both monthly and annual billing cycles. You get almost all of the features, with some limitations.

  • Lite for $55 per month will allow you track 10 websites with 15,000 positions checks every month.
  • Standard – This plan costs $119 per month and includes SERP tracking of 50 websites with 60,000 position check.
  • Advanced $239/month gives you the freedom to track 75 websites with 150,000 positions checks.
  • Enterprise — Last, for 100 websites to be tracked with 300,000 position check, you would need to pay $399/month.

7. SE Ranking – Online Rank Tracker Tools

SE Ranking is an essential tool in the SERP tracking process. This online software is a marvel of its efficiency and greatness.

SE Ranking is an SEO toolkit that includes multiple SEO tools. It offers rank tracking features, SERP tracking softwares, and more. SE Ranking is a brand new tool, but it has been used by over 300,000 customers.

best SERP tracking tools

Other Features of SE Ranking Tracking

  • SE Ranking provides SERP tracking of major search engines. It can also monitor your Google Maps, Google Ads, and other positions.
  • This tool allows you to find the top 100 search results and provides the best SERP tracking. This will help you identify close competitors.
  • SE Ranking’s reputation for providing accurate information for desktop and mobile ranking is unbeatable. You can also track ranks by country, zip code, or postal code.


best SERP tracking tools

SE Ranking offers one the most flexible pricing plans. It lets you choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, nine-monthly, yearly and twelve month billing cycles. Every billing cycle (except the monthly) comes with a significant discount.

SE Ranking lets you choose how often rank checking will be done. You have three choices: weekly, daily and 3-day. There are also sub-tiers within each plan that have different keyword tracking limits.

  • Essential: This plan starts at $31.17/month. It allows you to track rankings for 250 keywords for 10 websites.
  • Pro: This plan starts at $71.17/month to track 1,000 keywords for unlimited websites.
  • Business: Last, the plan is now available at $151.17/month and allows you to track ranks of up to 2,500 keywords from unlimited websites.

8. Morningscore SERP Rank Tracking Tools

Morningscore is a great choice if you are looking for the most affordable SERP tracking softwares. Although Morningscore was recently launched, its free trial has had a lasting impact on users.

Morningscore comes with more tools than just the SERP tracking softwares. These include keyword research, backlinks tracer, traffic analyzer and audits.

best SERP tracking tools

Morningscore has other SERP tracking features

  • The rank tracking tool can be integrated with the keyword research tool. Simply add the keyword and you’ll be presented with the search volume and position in SERPs.
  • Morningscore also offers insight into your ranking history via a graph.
  • This SERP software can predict and analyze how changes in keyword position will affect your traffic.


best SERP tracking tools

Morningscore’s SERP tracking softwares aside, Morningscore is also known for its low pricing plans. There are currently 3 monthly plans and a yearly plan with a 14 day trial.

  • Growth: $65/month for tracking the SERP of 5 websites, and 200 keywords.
  • Professional:This plan is $125/month. It allows you to track the SERPs for 1000 keywords as well as 25 websites.
  • Master: For $237/month the SERP tracking limit can be increased to 2500 keywords or 100 websites.

Conclusion Best SERP tracking softwares

You’re now ready to select one of the top 5+ best SERP tracking softwares for rank checking or SERP analysis.

Share Tool recommend signing up for the free trial if you are still uncertain about the options.

After the trial period ends, you can make a decision.

You can always reach me via the comments if you have questions about the SERP tracking softwares.

We’ll try my best to answer them as soon and efficiently as possible.

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