Top 5+ Keywords Everywhere Alternatives Tools

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

Are you searching for the best Keywords Everywhere alternatives to keyword research?

Keywords Everywhere, a popular Chrome extension, allows you to search for keywords with precise search volume, CPC and keyword competition. It simplifies the entire process.

It was previously a totally free tool. However, they no longer grant full access. You can now only view related keywords. People also ask for long-tail keywords and a trend chart in the free version.

You will need to upgrade to the paid version to get the full power of this tool. However, the paid plans are very affordable.

We have listed 5 Top Keywords Everywhere alternatives tools that you can replace it with.

1. Ahrefs

Last but not the least! Ahrefs, a premium SEO toolkit, is also an excellent alternative to Keywords Everywhere. They have 2000 servers around the globe and the largest keyword database, which includes 10.2 billion keywords.

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

Ahrefs is a great keyword alternative everywhere.

  • Its Keyword Explorer gives you precise keyword data, including search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and much more.
  • Site Explorer for domain analysis or competitor analysis.
  • Site Audit allows you to perform a site audit and assess the health of your website.
  • Track your blog’s ranking for any keyword with Rank Monitor.
  • Content Explorationallows to you to find top-performing content in any niche.
  • To compare domains, you can see which one performs best.
  • Content Gap is a great feature that allows you to find the keyword your competitors rank for, but not you.
  • It will notify you when new or lost backlinks are discovered.
  • Link Intersect tool allows you to find websites that link to your competitor’s website.


  • It provides a neat and clean interface for work.
  • Gets you accurate results.
  • It also offers an SEO toolbar that allows you to display SEO metrics for any website page.
  • Regularly updates the database.
  • WordPress plugin to monitor backlinks and content audits.


  • Ahrefs offers a paid trial for $7 for 7 days, instead of a free trial. It is very expensive, just like SEMrush. The paid plan starts at $99/month

2. Ubersuggest Agency

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

Ubersuggest, a freemium tool, was created by Neil Patel. The free plan does have daily limits. If you reach the daily limit, you will need to wait until the next day before you can use the software again. They also offer affordable premium plans, which are affordable enough for beginners. This makes it an excellent SEO tool and a great Keywords Everywhere option.

They also recently released a Chrome extension, which can be downloaded from Google’s Chrome Store. Ubersuggest Chrome extension, which is free, is one of the best Keyword Everywhere alternatives. It discovers related keywords and CPC monthly searches. People also ask questions, prepositions, comparisons, and other suggestions for primary keywords.

It does keyword research and also displays domain score, domain traffic, backlinks as well as Facebook shares and Pinterest shares.

Ubersuggests Great Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

  • Domain Overview (Enter the URL of your competitor’s site to find their total traffic, organic and paid keywords, and paid ads costs.
  • Your site’s top performing pages are also your competitors’ best pages.
  • Keyword Suggestion (Find phrases that have volume and are difficult to rank for SEO)
  • Content Ideas (Find out which piece of content is performing well on a search engine for a specific keyword).
  • Backlink data (Analyze your backlink profile and those of your competitors)


  • It is free, which is one of its biggest advantages. For beginners without a budget, it might be a great SEO tool.
  • This provides all important keywords metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty and CPC.
  • Displays the trend in keyword searches over the past 12 months.
  • You can track your rank for specific keywords.


Ubersuggest is always improving their results as it doesn’t provide the same exact data (Monthly volume, CPC) as other SEO tools.

3. KW Finder Premium

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

It is a great tool for keyword research. This tool is great for professionals or beginners and it also makes a great Keywords Everywhere alternative.

There are two options for keyword research. The first is to enter the keyword into the search box and select language and country. Click the “Find Keywords Button” button to see the results.

You can also do keyword research by entering the domain of your competitors and clicking on “Find Keywords”. This will display the top keywords and phrases that your competitors are ranking in the SERPs.

KWFinder is a great keyword search tool that can be used everywhere.

  • This tool is the only one that can help you find keywords in any language. You can select your preferred language and country to start searching keywords for your blog.
  • Have a keyword list you would like to analyze? No worries. KWFinder lets you import a list to find keywords metrics like search volumes, trends and PPC. Simply import the list.
  • To optimize your content for feature-snippet optimization, search question-based keywords


  • User interface is simple and intuitive
  • It allows you to search for keywords in any language
  • Provides exact statistics on keyword competition
  • Filter keyword suggestions based on the metrics


It is a keyword research tool, so you might need other tools to perform tasks such as site audit, domain overview, competitor analysis, etc.

4. SEMrush Guru

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

SEMrush, a leading SEO tool, has been in use since 2008. They currently have 5,000,000 users around the world, which means that 5 million SEO specialists can use SEMrush to perform various tasks related to SEO.

It also offers a “Keyword Magic tool” to help you with keyword research. You can use it to find keywords difficult, global volume, cost per click (CPC), similar and long-tail keywords.

It’s a great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool. It not only provides keyword research tools, but also many SEO tools all under one roof. This makes it an excellent and highly recommended Keywords Everywhere alternative.

SEMrush is a great keyword management tool.

  • Keyword Research (Search for keyword ideas in 16 languages using 140 Geo databases
  • Competitive Research
  • Link building tool
  • Position tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Audit of Backlinks
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Advertising Research


  • SEMrush gives you access to 40 SEO Tools all in one place.
  • SEO writing assistant, that automatically checks the SEO friendliness of your content and recommends keywords to match it.
  • The Site Audit feature will help you keep your website healthy. You can find all errors, from broken links to long SEO titles to missing alt text.
  • Competitor analysisis a great feature to spy on your competitors. Know their strategies, top-performing keywords & pages traffic, backlinks and everything else.
  • Advertise Researchhelps you find out about your competitors’ advertising budgets and the keywords they are using to advertise.
  • Offers Free Plan . It has daily limits but it is still worth it.


It is more expensive than Keyword Everywhere, which is the biggest problem. It will allow you to access 40 additional SEO tools from one platform. It is definitely worth the investment.

5. Long Tail Pro

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

Long Tail Pro, another excellent Keywords Everywhere alternative, helps you to find more competitive keyword phrases that increase search engine traffic.

Long Tail Pro is a great keyword search tool that can be used everywhere.

  • Competitor keyword Mode allows you to see the keywords strategy of your competitors. It also provides detailed metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow, Site age, Site Age, Referring Domains, and domain age of your competitors.
  • It comes with an Rank Tracker function that allows you to see the keywords ranking on your site and determine if your strategy is working.
  • LongTailPro assesses the viability of keyword concepts on a scale from 0 to 100. It determined the difficulty of the keyword’s color-codes. The color green is easy; yellow indicates moderate difficulty. Unshaded signifies that you are out of reach.


  • In just a matter of seconds, you can get up to 400 long-tail keywords for your seed keyword.
  • You can sort keywords by CPC bid, search volume and rank value. This makes keyword selection easier.


You can only access it via a desktop-based keyword search tool.

Conclusion Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

You now have the best Keywords Everywhere options that you can use to do keyword research. Keyword research is a key component in increasing search traffic.

No matter what niche you work in, the right keyword research tool will help you increase search engine rankings.

The above-mentioned Keyword Everywhere alternatives can be useful for professional SEOs and new bloggers.

What’s your favorite alternative to Keywords Everywhere. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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