5+ Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

Are you experiencing problems with Ubersuggest? Are you actively searching for Ubersuggest Alternatives to Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a great tool for freelancers and new bloggers. In my early blogging days, I relied heavily on Ubersuggest. As my needs grew, Ubersuggest became less useful.

Ubersuggest does not have technical and in-depth SEO features. Additionally, brand monitoring and social media tracking are not available. Ubersuggest is being considered by many SEO experts, bloggers and agencies, much like you.

It is difficult to choose the best Ubersuggest alternative when there are so many SEO Toolkits and Modules.

What are the Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

A Quick Overview of Ubersuggest Competitors

Alternatives Free trial/free plan Starter Plan Capterra Ratings by Users
Mangools 10-Day $29.90/mo 4.8/5
SEMrush 14-Day $20/mo 4.6/5
SE Ranking 14-Day $39/mo 4.8/5
Serpstat No Cost Plan $69/mo 4.6/5
Ahrefs 14-Day $20/mo 4.8/5

In this 5+ Best Ubersuggest Alternatives in 2022 article, we’ll be listing the top 5 Ubersuggest alternatives to SEO and PPC campaigns. Without straying from the main point, let’s get into detail and see all the options

List of the Best Ubersuggest Alternatives for 2021 (Free and Paid).

1. Mangools

What if I told you that Ubersuggest is actually an SEO Swiss knife? Mangools, a unified SEO platform, integrates 5 different SEO tools.

Mangools has been chosen by many well-respected companies such as Airbnb, Alexa and Airbnb. It has also been highly recommended by top marketers.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

Mangools are the Best Ubersuggest Alternative

  • Mangools’ keyword analysis tool, KWFinder, has a strong reputation for finding long-tail keywords that have low search volumes and low keyword difficulty.
  • Its SERP analysis module is the second most popular module of Mangools. It can provide SERP insights for 50k locations.
  • The rank tracking module of Ubersuggest is therefore far superior to that of Ubersuggest.
  • Mangools provides a website analysis and a backlink tracker.
  • Mangools, unlike Ubersuggest or other Ubersuggest alternatives is also available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.


Like other options, Mangools has both monthly and annual pricing plans. The best thing about Mangools is the 40% discount it offers on its yearly plans. Each plan offers different limitations, but all of the features are available.

  • Start with a 10 day free trial to find out more about the software.
  • Basic This plan costs $29.90/month when billed annually and is suitable for freelancers or solo bloggers.
  • Premium– If you are a small business owner, this plan is a good fit. It has extended limits and costs $39.90 per month (when billed annually).
  • Agency This plan is true to its name, and offers maximum value for agencies starting at $99.90 per month (when charged annually).

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most powerful and best SEO toolkit that I have ever seen. This sentiment is shared by 5 million other SEO and marketing professionals.

SEMrush has both basic and advanced SEO tools, making it one of the most popular Ubersuggest alternatives. It’s ideal for SEO agencies, blogs with high traffic, and eCommerce platforms.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

SEMrush is the Best Ubersuggest Alternative

  • SEMrush offers a comprehensive keyword research tool, which also gives you information about the difficulty level of your keyword.
  • It allows you to monitor the position of your blogs in SERPs in an easier and more accurate way.
  • Ubersuggest can also be used to track your website’s backlinks.
  • Ubersuggest offers a CPC Map module for PPC campaigns that displays average CPC across different areas, CPC and search volume parameters, etc.
  • SEMrush also includes a site audit tool to help you assess the technical SEO health and potential issues on your site.


Share Tool offers SEMrush with cheap price to test all of its functions.

Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tools

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of my top recommendations for Ubersuggest. This tool has all of the SEO features that I like and is great for entrepreneurs, small-medium business owners, agencies, and enterprises.

This SEO tool was recently launched. It has grown its client base to over 300,000. It is also rated highly on several review sites, which can be used to confirm its claim of being the best SEO tool.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

What makes SE Tanking the Best Ubersuggest Alternative for You?

  • SE Ranking not only offers keyword research, but also offers the unique Keyword Grouper feature. This feature is not available in Ubersuggest. It allows you to group and segment specific keywords.
  • SE Ranking, unlike Ubersuggest allows you to track your rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex.
  • SE Ranking allows you to track changes on your pages and on those of your competitors.
  • This software has the largest keyword database (2 Billion). With so many keywords terms, it is easy to find related keywords.
  • SE Ranking’s mobile apps are one of its greatest assets. It’s available in App Store and Google Play and can be downloaded for free. This makes it superior to Ubersuggest.


You would think that SE Ranking would be costly if you looked at its feature list. SE Ranking is very affordable and can be used by all types of digital marketers, contrary to what you think.

SE Ranking currently offers only monthly billing options. It also offers weekly, daily, and 3 day ranking check frequency cycles. This makes it more flexible. These plans also have dynamic pricing.

To give you a quick overview, I will list the pricing for daily rank checking frequency.

  • SE Ranking Offers a 14-day free trial. This allows you to test the software before you commit to a paid plan.
  • Optimizmum: For $39/month you can check rank for 250 keywords and audit 10 websites.
  • Plus– For $89 per month, you can check rankings for 1000 keywords and audit unlimited websites. You can also get white labeling and social media analytics.
  • Enterprise– Finally, for $189/month, the rank checking limit can be increased to 2,500 keywords. The plan includes API access and all other features.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat is the best option if you want Ubersuggest to become an all-in-one search engine platform. It is already used by nearly 360,000 clients for their SEO & PPC campaign.

Serpstat’s features are easy to use, making them ideal for small SEO teams and freelancers. It is therefore one of the viable Ubersuggest alternatives.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

What makes Serpstat the best Ubersuggest alternative?

  • Ubersuggest’s keyword research and keyword discovery module is far more advanced than Ubersuggest’s. Serpstat also has accurate search volume for long-term keywords.
  • Serpstat allows you to find your competitors, analyze their traffic, and determine their content strategy.
  • Serpstat, unlike other Ubersuggest alternatives offers you the possibility to find competitors in paid search or PPC categories.
  • This extends the location tracking feature to cities, and even languages.
  • Serpstat is best known for its on page SEO audit tool, which would help you resolve your technical SEO issues.


Serpstat’s advanced features allow for a very affordable pricing. You will also get discounts if your billing period is yearly. Remember that Serpstat offers all features of each plan, but with different limits and usage.

  • Serpstat offers a free plan with limited features. You can choose their free plan if you are a beginner.
  • Lite This plan is for one user, freelancer or blogger. It costs $69/month.
  • Standard: For $149 per month, you can furnish the needs for your 3 team members.
  • Advanced This plan allows for you to add 5 members to your team and costs $299/month
  • Enterprise– Finally, Serpstat access can be purchased for 7 members starting at $499/month. You will also receive white-label access, extended API limits, and other benefits.

Are you still sceptical about the price? Let’s not forget, I have a MyWPLife exclusive discount for you.

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  • Additional 10% Discount on 3-Month Subscription
  • Additional 15% Discount on 6-month subscription
  • Additional 25% Discount on 12-Month Subscription

The coupon code expires on June 30th. You must secure your access to the discount site before this date.

5. Long Tail Pro

We have now covered all softwares that offer a complete SEO toolkit. What if you only need the keyword research tool? You should use LongTailPro in this case.

Long Tail Pro, as the name implies, is a keyword research and tracking app. It is a great alternative to Ubersuggest’s keyword module.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

LongTailPro is the Best Ubersuggest Alternative

  • LongTailPro offers training in keyword research to ensure that you are able to correctly research keywords.
  • LongTailPro can analyze keywords at three different difficulty levels. This will help you to create your content marketing strategy.
  • LongTailPro has an integrated competitor research feature, which analyzes 13 metrics to determine if there are any other competitors.
  • This is Ubersuggest’s only alternative that gives you an estimate of keyword profit.
  • This tool, like other options, also features rank tracking.


Long Tail Pro offers only keyword research capabilities, so you can be sure of its effectiveness. The pricing plans are affordable and available at both monthly and yearly billing options.

At Share Tool, you can get Long Tail Pro with $57/year: https://sharetool.net/product/long-tail-pro-2021-otos/

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is not included in any list of keyword research tools, backlink checking tools or SEO toolkits. This popularity and its performance earned it a place in the Ubersuggest alternative blog.

Ahrefs is a leading digital marketing tool. It has been able to attract a large client base, including Facebook, Adobe and Linkedin as well as Uber, Netflix, Uber, and other companies.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives

Ahrefs is the Best Ubersuggest Alternative

  • Ahrefs’ competitive analysis is so sophisticated that it can tell you about the organic traffic of your competitors, ranking keywords and paid traffic.
  • Ahrefs’ keyword explorer feature will not disappoint you, even if you have some complaints about Ubersuggest’s keyword research tool. Ahrefs offers 1000s of keyword suggestions, contrary to Ubersuggest.
  • Ahrefs allows you to set up alerts for your website and for your competitors.
  • This software provides a free backlink checking tool that is widely recognized as being the best among all backlink checking tools.
  • Ahrefs comes with a mobile and desktop rank tracking feature. This allows you to see insightful graphs about your performance.


Four premium plans are available for AHREF’s competitive research tool: https://sharetool.net/product/ahrfs-advanced-2021/

  • $20/month

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Wrapping up

Here you are.. !

These are the top 5 Ubersuggest options for SEO & PPC campaigns you can use.

However, I want to remind you to sign up for the free trial to help you make better decisions.

Once you’ve explored all the options available to Ubersuggest you will be ready to switch.

If you have further questions about these tools, please let me know. I’d be happy to assist you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ubersuggest, one of the most recent SEO tools, is well-known for its keyword research and keyword generation features. The world’s most renowned digital marketer Mr. Neil Patel recently bought it. He transformed it from a Google Suggest keyword scrapper into a solid SEO tool. Ubersuggest provides more than keyword generation tools. It also offers traffic overview, backlink analysis and competitor analysis. Site audits are also available.
Mangools, SE ranking and SE Ranking are great Ubersuggest alternatives because they offer all the SEO tools under one platform for a reasonable price.
It is a good SEO tool, but it has some limitations. Ubersuggest also allows you to upgrade to its premium plans starting at $27 per month.

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