What is Organic Traffic? 5 ways to increase organic traffic to your website

What is Organic Traffic? 5 ways to increase organic traffic to your website

Surely those of you who are doing SEO or learning about SEO will not be unfamiliar with the term Organic Traffic, right? This is one of the 4 most important traffic types of Google Analytics. Organic Traffic has an important role as the “lifeline” to feed the website. Your website has a lot of Organic Traffic which means your website’s power score is very good.

So what is Organic Traffic? And how can I increase the amount of Organic Traffic for my website? Let’s learn about Organic Traffic with me in the article below.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic is the amount of website traffic that comes from users’ organic searches through search engines, excluding visits from Google’s paid advertising forms. When a user clicks on any free result to visit your website, it is called Organic Traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?
What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic is the most important traffic for any website, it is more important than paid traffic, from Facebook or other social media networks. Because this number represents the needs and desires of potential customers when they search Google.

If your website contains content that matches user queries, then you will have many potential customers because you are providing solutions to users’ needs and wants.

Why invest in Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic is a source of high-quality traffic

Organic Traffic is the direct organic traffic of your target customers. Unlike other types of traffic coming from YouTube, Facebook, or seeing ads, posts navigate to the web. Organic Traffic represents the number of users who need to find information and actively search for your website.

Organic Traffic lets you know customers’ interest in topics around your services or products.

High organic traffic represents:

  • The article provides content that is relevant, useful, and close to the search needs of customers.
  • Increase conversion of the right value provider at the right time as the customer wants.
  • Navigate customers to a deeper knowledge of your products/services, create trust and credibility for customers about your brand, products, and services, and increase your ability to persuade.

Organic search brings sustainable traffic

Traffic from Paid searches will decrease to zero if you stop running ads. But for Organic Traffic, it is different, the top SEO results will bring a sustainable source of traffic even if you do not spend money on maintenance.

Organic search brings sustainable traffic
Organic search brings sustainable traffic

However, you can only achieve that if you follow white hat SEO methods and follow Google’s algorithms well and build useful content that meets user needs.

Search Organic SEO helps optimize long-term costs

As mentioned, you do not have to spend money to maintain this amount of Organic Traffic once your article has reached the top. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a methodical website from the beginning, and build a sustainable website with white hat SEO. You will be able to optimize costs in the long run if done well.

Search Organic SEO helps increase competitive advantage and master the industry

If you follow the method of making content according to Google’s recommendations, the ability to keep the top sustainable will be high, helping you to have a large amount of Organic Traffic to help optimize implementation costs. The integrated SEO method will be suitable for you to cover all industry keywords everywhere, cover and have a far-reaching content strategy.

Search Organic SEO helps increase competitive advantage and master the industry
Search Organic SEO helps increase competitive advantage and master the industry

This method helps your business establish multiple touchpoints throughout the entire search process until the customer’s purchase. Instead of appearing with low frequency, this method helps you to get customers from the implementation of certain keywords, you can take care and convince customers right from when they intend to rekindle their interest. come to your field and they don’t even know who you are yet.

You will know which businesses regularly appear on Google search results through a few tests. These are the leading enterprises in the industry, having the ability to compete in the industry.

For example, the medical industry has Vinmec, the steel industry has Hoa Phat, and the electronics industry has thegioididong.

Organic Traffic SEO can be easily coordinated with marketing channels

Investing in Organic Traffic is an investment for SEO, but if you think of simply doing textual content, content for blogs, that’s a limitation. In addition to textual content, you can completely turn text into a video or infographic.

Organic Traffic SEO can be easily coordinated with marketing channels
Organic Traffic SEO can be easily coordinated with marketing channels

Creative forms of converting content can reach customers in many other channels such as on social networks. So the investment for Organic Traffic is not only limited to website SEO but also can combine paid advertising, Social Marketing, …

Understanding customers through Organic Traffic analysis

If you don’t know what you don’t know, Google has become a popular saying, now most people ask Google what they don’t know. That is the development of Organic Traffic and SEO by holding a huge data set of user questions. This data gives you insight, into customer needs and from there build content for the website.

Understanding customers through Organic Traffic analysis
Understanding customers through Organic Traffic analysis

Through the analysis of Organic Traffic data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc., we know the specific queries of users to each landing page. These queries tell us the hidden needs, hidden topics users search for.

Organic Traffic brings many potential customers

Organic Traffic brings diverse customer groups according to each level of interest in your products/services. From those who do not know your brand and business to those with high buying demand.

Results from Google Search will guide customers from knowing – understanding – believing and finally buying. Organic Traffic alone has created a lot of advantages for increasing conversions, but success or not depends on SEO topics, appropriate content routes, and creating great coverage in that category.

Organic search gives your brand credibility

Customers when searching on Google, they will trust the articles on TOP, because these are the most relevant articles, highly appreciated by users and Google, even if they have not read the article they already have a certain credibility. for your website.

Organic search gives your brand credibility
Organic search gives your brand credibility

Besides, you need to invest in good content, provide true value, and meet customer needs. This will help your brand be remembered by customers.

Search Organic SEO is indispensable in your brand strategy

In the era of technology 4.0, reaching customers through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newspapers, etc. is something that should not be ignored. Even traditional brand ads such as banners, television ads, etc. have advantages and disadvantages for each strategy.

If your business is initially reaching users with advertising strategies, it is necessary to choose the right strategy. For example, initially, users will often tend to search for a brand or website that they know, so if you apply an overall marketing campaign, it will fail, because customers want to search for your brand but can’t see it.

In this phase, you need to focus on building a quality, standard website with accurate content, increasing a great experience for users when accessing the website. That leaves a good impression on the first visit.

Your website is not reputable, and the content is not quality, first, your website ranking will be low, and the reach is low. Then if users have the access they also lose trust and have a bad impression.

Distinguish Organic Traffic and other traffic sources

Traffic is only counted when a user visits the website, but the user will access a variety of channels. Therefore, based on the origin, traffic includes the following basic types:

  • Organic Traffic: This is organic traffic, coming from natural search results on Google and does not have to cost anything to get.
  • Paid Search: Coming from search ads on Google, you have to spend money to bid according to keywords.
  • Referral Traffic: This is traffic coming from other websites and then pointing to your website, you don’t have to spend any money.
  • Social Traffic: Traffic that comes from social network users who then visit your website, depending on the type of access that can be free or paid.
  • Direct traffic: It is the user’s direct search of your website without going through any search engines or coming from another website, but they will directly enter your URL. There is absolutely no cost for users to do it.
  • Display traffic: Coming from Google Display Network ads, you pay a bid fee for each impression.
  • Email traffic: Through email software like Mailchimp or sendy to send mail to subscribers. This software has a connection with Google Analytics, all visits coming from clicking on this email will be recorded as
  • Email traffic. This is a paid form.

Note: Coc Coc is a recognized search engine in Vietnam, but results coming from Coc Coc are counted as Referral traffic. Because Coc Coc is considered by Google as a website, not a search engine.

5 ways to increase natural organic traffic for your website

1. Use Search Engine Optimization for website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a popular way to increase organic traffic and increase your website’s ranking on the search engine bar. Organic traffic helps more people know about your business, and the level of prestige of your business also increases.

2. Google Adwords

Running advertising is no longer a strange marketing method, but it is also used so commonly because the cost to run ads is very expensive. The strength of this method is that you can appear everywhere, but if you are a young business this is not the right method.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords

To apply this method effectively you need to know: What is the budget for this form of Marketing? What is your target audience? How will you show your product or service to attract attention?

Learn and research to make the right decision, and leave out the products and services you think customers want to see in the ad. From there, the likelihood of them buying your products or services will increase.

3. Have a community group on social media

In the age of a large number of social network users today, creating a community page for your business will bring a lot of advantages.

Building a community that loves and cares about your services and products, means you are getting a lot of potential customers. From here you will direct people in that community to know your brand, and become loyal and permanent customers.

With such a community, your brand will be known more and increase organic website traffic significantly. This is a very smart marketing method and brings many benefits to businesses.

4. Promote on social networking sites

Social networking sites in general and Facebook in particular are the places to get potential traffic from promoting their products to users. Facebook is currently the most prominent social networking site that applies this method, many businesses have applied it and have the desired number of visitors.

Although this method is costly, it is much more economical and quality than other PPC methods. To successfully apply it, you need to have an understanding of this method, how to optimize it, your goals, and a plan to leverage it to bring profits to your business.

5. Email Marketing

Email is now widely used and almost everyone has at least one email. This is a resource you can tap into, the way to exploit it is to email potential customers and direct them to click the link. You need to invest in professional content, and catchy and interesting sentences so that they feel interested, trust and remember your business.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Create content that meets the needs and desires of users by researching keywords, and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer. Researching and analyzing customer insights will help you have smart solutions.

How to read the Organic Traffic Index

Read the Organic Traffic Index in Google Analytics

Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics.

Step 2: Select the Acquisition tab on the left-hand side, then select All Traffic.

Step 3: Select “Source/media”.

Then click on Google / Organic you will get Organic traffic results including 2 types of charts and data tables.

Review data from Analytics
Accurate results, data is updated continuously by day.
Can track traffic from other sources such as Direct, Social, Referral, etc.
In addition, Google Analytics also has many other analytical support features such as on-page segmentation, time on site, behavior flow, bounce rate, etc. of the website. Through this data, SEO people will have a better way to optimize the website.

Read the Organic Traffic Index in Google Search Console

Step 1: Sign in to Google Search Console.

Step 2: Select “Performance”.

Through this data, you can see whether the website is growing well or not.

Review data from Google Search Console

Organic traffic can be measured for individual keywords.
It is possible to measure the impressions of keywords and the number of impressions on the whole website, helping website administrators to optimize their articles to increase organic traffic, and CTR.
Updating data 1 day slower than Google Analytics.

Read the Organic Traffic index in some other tools


Step 1: Sign in to the Ahrefs tool.

Step 2: On the function bar, select site explorer.

Step 3: Enter the website domain you want to check Organic Traffic.


Step 1: Install the Add on Similarweb.

Step 2: Click the similar web icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Step 3: See organic traffic results through 2 charts.

To read the Organic Traffic metric, you can check your competitor’s website and compare it to yours. Then analyze and evaluate more intuitively. Thereby will help you come up with a more suitable website building strategy.

What causes a decrease in the amount of Organic Traffic?

Here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing a decrease in Organic Traffic traffic:

Google Algorithm Change

Google’s algorithm is the criterion for ranking websites, and when Google constantly changes small parts of the algorithm, surely website rankings change. From there, the amount of organic traffic to the website will change and decrease.

Google Algorithm Change
Google Algorithm Change

Each time the algorithm changes, businesses will face more and more difficulties when they want to increase the website’s ranking on the search results table. Thus, businesses that want to stay in a high position will have to do better and have an updated SEO plan.

Google reduces website traffic

If your website is still in high rankings but the amount of Organic Traffic is still decreasing, the cause may be because the organic search results on the engine page are getting noisy. Noise can reduce click behavior in organic search results.

Overwhelmed by other information

Having high rankings when searched does not mean that users will click on your website. The reason may be that other information or ads from Google have encroached on information from your website.

Increasing trend of Social Search

Currently, in addition to Google’s search bar, the number of users is tending to switch to other tools with more expertise. For example, instead of searching for a song on Google, they search on Youtube, Zing, Nhaccuatui, etc.

When searching for a product they will go to Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, eBay, etc. instead of using Google. As a result, the user’s demand to use Google decreases, from which the volume of keyword searches decreases and the amount of Organic traffic also decreases.

Traffic changes from desktop to mobile

Traffic changes from desktop to mobile
Traffic changes from desktop to mobile

Mobile devices are being used most widely, it is like an inseparable thing for most people. The search for information on mobile users is increasing, while Google’s ability to search for information on mobile phones is still limited.

Because of some limitations such as an operation to start the browser, choose another browser to view the information, view the results one by one, … Users have to do it many times and sometimes can’t find the right information.

How to increase the Organic Traffic index?

Use long-tail keywords

Users tend to search long-tail keywords to find content that best matches their desires. Therefore, instead of using short, popular, and general keywords, SEOs should focus on using long keywords about the products and services of the business.

Use long-tail keywords
Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords will push the website’s rankings higher because it meets the user’s information search needs, users easily find information, and increase the amount of organic traffic for the website.

Make sure your posts index

For your article to appear on search rankings, Google must first know about your article. So the indexed article is the basic factor for you to get high rankings. First open Google Search Console and index the article URL you want to index, then the data is crawled, indexed, and ranked in the search results table.

If the article is not ranking, find out the reasons why the article is not indexed, maybe you are accidentally blocked by search engines, not indexed, etc.

Optimizing content for search engines

Content optimization is to optimize the title tags, meta description, alt images, appropriate content, image size, and complete information to meet the search needs of the user.

Keywords with a lot of people searching

SEO is a person who regularly studies SEO and updates the current keyword search trends of users about product information, from which to give the right keywords to deploy the content to bring the best effect. . Determining the correct keywords is the first step to increasing the ability to increase organic traffic for the website.

Anyone who is looking to increase website rankings can research keywords that customers are querying a lot to develop and optimize content.

Regularly updated content

Everything changes and innovates over time, the content of your website also needs to be updated in the direction of innovation. Google released several new algorithms to evaluate websites, updated websites that meet Google’s algorithm criteria will have the ability to increase rankings faster.

Regularly updated content
Regularly updated content

However, meeting Google’s criteria is not enough, the quality of the website that meets the user’s search needs, and increases the user experience will improve the index of returning users. Increase organic traffic index, increase order conversion rate.

Quality Backlinks

A backlink is a double-edged sword, it can boost your website rankings and vice versa. Because if you attach untrustworthy, low-quality backlinks, it greatly affects SEO results and website rankings. Attaching reputable backlinks from .gov, and .edu can help your website increase credibility and boost rankings but do not abuse it, it violates the Google Penguin algorithm.

Custom Organic Traffic SEO Strategy

The goals of the Organic Traffic SEO strategy are customized to:

  • Your competitive positioning.
  • Aim at your target audience.
  • Your existing budget.

SEO is more than just publishing textual content on a blog in the hope that it will appear at the top of the search results. Much more diverse SEO strategies include:

  • Video.
  • Infographic.Social Media.
  • Citation management.
  • Long-term ROI through enhanced SEO.
  • Motion picture.

SEO is the right strategy for long-term projects, it is the strategy that gives the fastest sustained power and is a durable means of achieving long-term ROI.

Some questions related to Organic Traffic

Why focus on website traffic?

  • Increased traffic means high search engine conversions.
  • Increase website ranking.
  • Increase ROI for campaigns running Ads.
  • Contributing to building quality and reputable brand.
  • Increase your chances of upselling.
  • What is the difference between Organic Traffic and Paid Search Traffic?

Organic Traffic is not paid, Paid Search Traffic you have to pay for every click on your ad.

It will take you a lot of time to build organic traffic for your website. So, you need to build yourself a reasonable SEO strategy, with a specific growth roadmap. I hope that the knowledge shared above will help you understand what Organic Traffic is and the importance of Organic Traffic, thereby knowing how to build a strategy to increase organic search traffic to your website.

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