5+ Best KWFinder Alternatives for Keyword Research

Best KWFinder Alternatives

Are you looking for the best KWFinder alternatives to KWFinder?

Since you landed on this blog I will assume you are serious about it.

Yes, I agree that KWFinder can be a boon to new bloggers, SEO professionals, and agencies that are able to invest a small amount in a keyword research tool.

Best KWFinder Alternatives

When your needs change, things can start to change. KWFinder doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Naturally, you want to search for the best KWFinder option.

But this is easier said than done ..!! There are so many keyword research tools available that it is hard to find the right one.

To guide you, I’ll be listing five top alternatives to KWFinder.

What is KWFinder?

Best KWFinder Alternatives


Mangools has 5 SEO tools, including KWFinder. This tool is specialized in finding long tail keywords that are easy to rank for.

KWFinder can also help you discover top keywords for your competitors, historical data about keywords, SERP analysis, and many other features.

KWFinder boasts a large database with approximately 100 million competitors keywords.

KWFinder’s uniqueness is the fact that it can not be used alone. Mangools provides 4 SEO tools as a bundle.

The pricing starts at $49/month. For 1,200 keywords search, it can go up to $129/month.

These are just a few reasons why you might not have it figured out yet.

KWFinder Alternatives: What are the Benefits?

  • KWFinder’s pricing plans make it easy for beginners and SEO agencies to use KWFinder.
  • Sometimes, advanced SEO experts find discrepancies in keyword volume, difficulty, or historical data.
  • You cannot save keyword projects as a future reference.
  • The number of keywords searched is much lower than other alternatives to KWFinder.

There are also some other possibilities.

Let’s now get started exploring and finding the best KWFinder alternative…

1. SEMrush


SEMrush’s performance and accuracy are unmatched by any other KWFinder options. Major organizations like Booking.com, Quora, and eBay use it extensively.

SEMrush offers many additional features as it is an all-in one SEO toolkit. These include organic and competitor research as well as rank tracking, rank analysis, backlink analysis and market research.

SEMrush Is A Better Alternative To KWFinder

  • SEMrush offers keyword insights and Ad copy for SEO campaigns.
  • SEMrush offers 20+ million keyword ideas and suggestions. You can also add relevant keywords in your Keyword Manager to make it more useful.
  • You can also use keyword data to search for locations both locally and globally.

Pricing Of SEMrush

SEMRush pricing

The trial period is 7 days and there are three subscription plans available with monthly and annually billing cycles.

  • PRO $119.95/month gives you the ability generate 10,000 rows of keyword data in one month.
  • Guru A subscription of $229.95/month will increase the limit to 3000 rows of keyword data per month.
  • Business This plan allows you to add 50,000 keywords per month for $449.95/month.
  • Group Buy Tool SEMrush Guru: $20/month

2. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro, as the name implies, has a strong reputation for finding long tail keywords that can be used in your SEO campaigns. Long Tail Pro offers keyword research, which is a distinct advantage over other options to KWFinder.

Long Tail Pro has also been mentioned in this list because the developers have provided training. It takes only one hour to find three long tail keywords. This will prove very useful.

Long Tail Pro Is A Better KWFinder Alternative

  • This keyword research tool claims it can provide 400 keyword suggestions by simply entering a seed keyword.
  • LongTailPro is also very efficient at identifying the top keywords among your competitors.
  • The rank tracking module can be set up to monitor the performance of your competitors.

Long Tail Pro pricing

Long Tail Pro pricing

Long Tail Pro is able to maintain a very affordable pricing structure for its keyword research services. The premium version includes 3 pricing plans, a 7-day trial period, and the ability to download the premium version for free.

  • Starter $37/month will allow you to search for 800 keywords in one day.
  • PRO– This plan is $67/month, and allows for 2,500 keyword search per day.
  • Agency Finally, this plan costs $147/month for 6,000 keyword research/day.
  • Long Tail Pro group buy: this plan costs $57/year

3. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest may be the best choice if you are looking for a free alternative for KWFinder. Ubersuggest’s most interesting fact is that it was purchased by Neil Patel (one of the top digital marketers).

Ubersuggests A Better KWFinder Option

  • Keep an eye on your competition to see which tactics they use to get on top of the SERPs.
  • Daily Rank Tracking tool allows you to track the ranking of your website in the SERP. You can also see any changes in your rank in mobile and desktop devices across more than 20 locations.
  • Site Audit is another feature that will show you SEO-related problems and provide a detailed guide for how to fix them.
  • Search volume, search difficulty (SD), CPC and Paid difficulty are all factors that can be used to help you find profitable keywords. It will also show you the top websites that rank for these keywords as well as their estimated visits, backlinks and social shares.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest offers a freemium service that has daily limits. You can also subscribe to premium plans, which include monthly or lifetime subscriptions.

Monthly Plans

Lifetime plans

  • Individual- $120 One-Time Payment
  • Business$200 One-Time Payment
  • Agency/Enterprise-$400 once-off payment

4. Serpstat


Serpstat, which is KWFinder completely free, is a great alternative for digital marketers, bloggers and agencies. This is why it has been popularized and appreciated by many users.

Serpstat has many other advantages, including the ability to perform competitor research, search analytics and rank tracking. It basically functions as a complete SEO tool.

Serpstat Is A Better KWFinder Option

  • Serpstat lets you collect keyword data to optimize your SEO and PPC ads.
  • It allows you to also analyze the SERPs related to a specific keyword or a group of keywords.
  • Not only can you find keywords with high search volumes and low SEO difficulty for different locations but also data in different languages.

Pricing Of Serpstat

Pricing Of Serpstat

Serpstat is the best alternative to KWFinder. Apart from this, there are four subscription plans.

  • Lite: The plan starts at $55/month, and grants 4,000 keyword inquiries/day.
  • Standard: This plan costs $119/month and allows you to submit 5,000 keywords per day.
  • Advanced You will need to pay $239/month for 8,000 keyword queries/day.
  • Enterprise: This plan will allow you to query 12,000 keyword queries per day for $399 per month.

5. SEMScoop


SEMScoop is a good choice if you are looking for a KWFinder alternative that’s affordable. SEMScoop is not only the cheapest, it can also be considered one of the KWFinder non-expensive alternatives.

It has managed to attract a clientele exceeding 12,000+, despite being less visible to the online world. Because it’s efficient and has over 100 million keywords in its database.

SEMScoop Is A Better Alternative To KWFinder

  • It can be used to collect keyword analytics data from up to 195+ international locations. It can also search for multilingual keywords.
  • The data on search volume obtained from keyword research is fairly accurate. You can also get a keyword difficulty indicator.
  • SEMScoop gives you detailed insights into the SERPs for your desired keyword.

Pricing Of SEMScoop

Pricing Of SEMScoop

This KWFinder alternative can be used free of charge, as I already mentioned. You can however subscribe to the premium plans to increase your usage limit.

  • Basic This plan offers 25 keyword searches per daily at a cost of $9/month.
  • PRO – For $27/month, you can search for 200 keywords per day.
  • Business — Subscribing to $47/month allows you unlimited keyword research.

6. SECockpit


SECockpit is another option to KWfinder. Its new status aside, many bloggers like Brian Dean (backlink.com), claim that it is the best keyword research tool.

This is because it provides extensive training materials and bonuses for new users. Apart from keyword research, it offers market analysis, blog optimization, Google Adwords keywords and a lead magnet.

SECockpit Is A Better Alternative To KWFinder

  • Keyword research data can also be obtained for any language and any country.
  • SECockpit gives you a variety of keyword ideas and suggestions from Google Ads.
  • It also helps you find the most popular keywords among your competitors.

Pricing Of SECockpit

Pricing Of SECockpit

SECockpit pricing is very similar to KWFinder. SECockpit can be used as an alternative to KWFinder.com. There are three subscription plans available.

  • Personal It costs $39 per month and provides 10 keyword searches (800 search results).
  • PRO– You will be charged $59/month to search for 50 keywords (10,000 results/search).
  • Agency Final, it costs $99/month for unlimited keyword search (10,000 results/search).

Conclusion the best KWFinder alternatives for Keyword Research

After exploring all the KWFinder options you can choose the one that meets your needs.

You should have realized, after reviewing their pricing plans and feature distributions that all these paid and free options are well-equipped to handle large keyword search requirements.

You have the opportunity to secure your top choice.

However, you can always ask questions in the comments section. I would be happy to assist you.

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