What is Phantom Keyword? Basic steps to master Phantom Keywords technique

What is Phantom Keyword? Basic steps to master Phantom Keywords technique

What if I share with you the complete “secret” of how to increase Traffic for Website? And increase 60,000 website traffic NATURALLY per year with just 4 simple steps?

What if in the next 48 working hours, your “brainchild” will become an Authority Site? And can go to the top at any time with 60,000 traffic for your website or more?

However, when you dig deeper to find out. I realize I haven’t exploited the full potential of this technique!

Based on the core tenets of the original engineering. Share Tool team has successfully researched & tested the Phantom Keywords upgrade technique. That makes it one of the key elements and breakthrough best practices for many of the important projects we work on.

And in the article below, I will share with you everything I researched and did about Phantom Keywords, including:

  • What is Phantom Keyword?
  • The working principle of Phantom Keywords
  • 4 Simple Steps to implement Phantom Keywords’ upgrade technique
  • How to check the effectiveness

However, I would also like to warn you: THIS ARTICLE WILL BE VERY LONG and come with step-by-step video tutorials… Because I will also cover 100% of the important things you might need. in great detail. And of course, don’t scroll down if you’re a lazy reader! First, let’s go over the successful case studies of this technique.

What is Phantom Keyword? Why is it effective? Why can it bring such a huge amount of Organic Traffic to a business website?

Knowing this important thing, you not only master the whole Technical, but you can also take it to the next level. As well as how to increase the amount of traffic to the website of the client business that I did. The important thing in the Phantom keywords technique will be shared by Share Tool right below!

What is Phantom Keyword?

The phantom keyword is also known as the ghost keyword. This is the keyword that users search on Google and Youtube, … but very little information on the Internet. If you use the Phantom keyword well, your website will go to the Top of Google and bring a significant amount of Traffic.

What is Phantom Keyword?
What is Phantom Keyword?

These keywords will sometimes bring you profits, and much higher revenue than if you just focus on implementing the main service and product keywords.

However, at the moment, just keywords are not enough, you have to SEO by topic (optimize SEO for a group of articles or pages that are linked together and focus on a certain topic, not optimal). SEO by Topic helps Google bots and users better understand the information, helping to increase the expertise of your website.). Thus, we must identify the Phantom Topics from the Phantom keywords that you find.

The working principle of Phantom Keywords

Phantom keywords will be the answer to help you solve 2 problems when researching keywords:

  • “Is there a set of keywords that users still search every day but competitors forget?”
  • “If only there was a set of keywords with high search volume, little competition but not known by competitors, how good it would be.”

Since these are keywords that no one pays much attention to, just write 1 post containing Phantom Keywords. After Indexing (if careful, give it a few Backlinks), your post will be able to immediately go to the TOP.

Why do Phantom Keywords have such a huge potential to increase Website Traffic?

The truth is:

  • 80% of Traffic for your Web site every day belongs to informational keywords to solve problems.
  • The remaining 20% ​​search for commercial keywords


  • 80% of search keywords are long-tail keywords and only 20% of them are short-tail keywords

The world is vast with so many interesting things, and the search needs of users are also diverse. You will never know what users search for on Google! Based on 2 key factors (with Search volume & few SEO people) of Phantom Keywords which can be summarized as follows:

  • Search for “Ghost Keyword” and create Content
  • Optimize articles to increase power
  • Implement Backlink to push the article to the Top

And… boom! Users will click on your post right away! At least 48 hours your article will have Traffic pouring in! However… Increasing Traffic to Website is not enough. Phantom Keywords also helps you to become a genuine Authority Site!

Become a Genuine Authority Site with Phantom Keywords

Organic traffic is a target in this new technique. But what I want to emphasize more is that the Phantom keyword also helps you to become an Authority Site.

What is an authority site?

Therefore, to build Authority Site. You cannot be someone who does not have a good understanding of the very field in which you are in business.

Authority is usually large in size with lots of it. Rich content (health, sports, …), pulls in many traffic channels. As well as achieving a significant amount of revenue. Authority Sites differ from Niche Sites in a single point:

  • Niche Site: Targeted to search engines and used to make money on ads.
  • Authority Site: An in-depth website to provide value, and create quality content to reach readers. At the same time, it will earn money from selling or recommending products of high value and reliability.

What are the benefits when you become an Authority Site?

  • Build a reputable, sustainable online brand: Many keywords appear at the Top of Google. Attract a lot of traffic, and pull Traffic for your Website every day,.
  • More valuable than niche sites
  • Improving marketing skills on multimedia: from building an authority site. You will have many advantages when encroaching on digital media channels. Other Social Networks such as Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.
  • Bring passive income: When you have the idea of ​​​​building an Authority site for a long time, the amount of Traffic for your Web site also increases day by day.

What do you have to do to become an Authority Site?

The answer is not something too hard to guess. That is your use of Phantom Keyword in the direction of the implementation of the AIDA model in Marketing.

AIDA model
AIDA model

This is a model, an important formula in all forms of advertising marketing. Besides, doing branding and sales. Remember, in each article when implementing with Phantom Keywords. We need to ensure the following 4 important indispensable factors:

  • Attract attention right from the title, Headings (Attention)
  • Create interest with valuable content (Interest)
  • Going beyond the wishes of the customer (Desire). Creating interest on your Web site is not enough. The important thing you may need to do next is how to turn that enjoyment into desire. Make users read to other content on the website. To increase the interaction time of each visitor to your website as much as possible.
  • Turn customer wishes into action (Action). The action here can initially be in the customer leaving Email information. Follow Fanpage, register to receive Free gift or the best is the purchase on your Web site. And then get good reviews and comments about their products/services.

The key here is to provide valuable information to the user. And gradually become reputable in the eyes of users. Some articles create sensational titles to “sentence View”, “increase View for Website”. As for the content is faint, unattractive, or the title is one thing, creating content another can only let readers Click once and stay away forever.

Losing credibility is losing everything! After I have understood the core of the problem, I will go into detail step by step. Let’s follow along.

4 Steps to implement Phantom Keywords

With the new technique, you will be able to apply directly on the Money site. Or make it your way to nurture the power of your PBN satellite system and SEO Backlink. The longer you raise it, the stronger the PBN will be and optimize the power of Link Juice pointing to Money Site.

First we’ll go into finding Phantom Keywords. If you already know what the term Phantom keyword is. As well as detailing how to implement this technique through the previous videos I shared, you can just skip and go straight to step 2.

Step 1: Find Phantom Keywords

1. Synthesize all keywords related to your product

If you already understand about Phantom keywords, now I will talk about how I am currently searching for these Phantom keywords quickly and effectively.

First, you go to the Ahrefs keyword search engine and then enter the name of your product or service, for example, the word “air conditioner“. Click search and select “Matching Terms” so you can see all the keywords related to air conditioning here.

Synthesize all keywords related to your product
Synthesize all keywords related to your product

2. Filter the list by keyword difficulty (KD), word count of the key (word count) and export files

Return to the Matching Terms section. First you choose the keyword difficulty (KD) equal to 0 (to = 0) , in case your website is a reputable website, it has been implemented SEO for a long time, then you can raise the difficulty to high than.

Filter the list by keyword difficulty (KD), word count of the key (word count) and export files
Filter the list by keyword difficulty (KD), word count of the key (word count) and export files

After choosing the difficulty you press apply. Next I will adjust the word count (the minimum number of words of the keyword), here it is recommended that you choose the number of words from 3 (from = 3) then you choose apply. Finally, you export the file by selecting Export.

3. Delete unnecessary columns, conduct keyword filtering by SERP Features

At this point, you have a file that summarizes all the keywords with a difficulty of 0 and a word count of 3 or more. To make the spreadsheet more visible, you can delete some unnecessary columns leaving only the columns: keyword, difficulty, volume, SERP Features, Parent Topic. In the SERP Features column, choose to arrange in order from A to Z (SERP Feature is how search results are displayed on search engines).

For the forms of Ads I can remove, usually we only take the part with the site links format, the keywords without site links, I will delete the whole thing. These deleted keywords do not help your URL to the top. After filtering is complete, you can delete this column too!

4. Filter duplicate keywords by Sort and Filter

Next we will delete duplicate keywords by selecting the keyword column -> select Data and select remove Duplicate to make sure there are no more duplicate keywords.

Continue to filter the volume in order from high to low by selecting the volume column and using the Sort and Filter feature in Excel order. After the sorting is complete, you will probably discover irrelevant keywords and we will continue to delete them.

Next, we will alphabetically filter the volume column using the Sort and Filter features. After that, we will continue to remove irrelevant keywords. Please look carefully at the keywords you choose to delete to avoid deleting the wrong Phantom keywords!

Continue to check again for irrelevant keywords to be able to delete. So we already have a sheet of phantom keywords. This is also how I do it when implementing SEO projects.

5. Check and group Topic

In this step, you need to group related keywords together in detailed groups. Each group will have its own content and match the user’s search intent.

The breakdown of specific topics is as follows:

  • Attach keyword topic cluster
  • Attach keywords to the appropriate subtopics

Of course, you don’t have to implement all of these articles, but you should choose which one is right for you.

6. Determine allintitle, select topic with appropriate allintitle

After you have grouped the topic, you will create yourself a column called allintitle. Talking a little about Allintitle, when you search on Google with the allintitle syntax, you are looking for all the results with a title containing a certain keyword. I will give you an example to make it easier to understand.

When you type in the syntax “allintitle:keyword“, for example: “allintitle: is samsung s22 ultra good“, it means that you are asking Google to find out how many articles on the Internet currently have the title saying About the keyword electrolux air conditioner is good, now Google will return the entire article containing the title of this keyword.

In the group of keywords that you have grouped by topic above, take the keyword with the highest volume to check allintitle!

The allintitle index when you optimize, for example, my illustration is 147 results, you see this number is quite small and so the chance of going to the top for the keyword is extremely high.

Determine allintitle, select topic with appropriate allintitle
Determine allintitle, select topic with appropriate allintitle

The allintitle index to determine if it is a Phantom or not should be less than 500. However, if your website is already reputable, you can expand it to 1000, 2000 or even 5000 depending on the strength. your website. If you are just starting out, it is best to get allintitle less than 500 or less than 100 to make it easier to succeed at the top.

7. Determine estimated traffic

After you have a list of phantom keywords grouped by topic, next you need to estimate its traffic (estimated traffic). To be able to determine the estimated traffic, you first need to go to the Ahrefs tool. I will take an example to make it easier for you to understand.

Specifically, I chose the keyword phantom: “currently the best energy-saving air conditioner” and put it into Ahrefs tool, in this search result there will be a list of the top 10 like me in the following picture, and you will see a traffic column of this list.

Take the average traffic of the first 5 websites, now you will get the approximate traffic of this keyword. Going back to the previous sheet, let’s create another column of estimated traffic and fill in the calculated numbers.

Finally, you just need to deploy the article by topic.

Additional note for you:

  • You can remove the different keywords. Specifically, unsigned keywords, other different types of keywords such as massage machines are differences of massage machines, meaningless keywords.
  • The figures in the illustrations above I have done before so may not be correct at the present time.

Step 2: Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio

What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

Keyword Golden Ratio, also known as the golden keyword ratio, is understood as the ratio to decide which keywords you choose the best (Volume Search is okay, few competitors).

If you find these keywords and produce content based on them, your article will be at the top of search a few hours or days later. The golden keyword ratio index is highly appreciated for the following 4 reasons:

  • Help increase traffic for new Web sites.
  • Has the effect of narrowing the list of keywords and selecting the words with high search volume.
  • These are manually calculated data so they are not made public on search engines.
  • Avoid the mysterious “Sandbox” algorithm

How to calculate Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is calculated according to the following formula:

KGR = Number of search results on Google containing the keyword divided by the number of monthly searches.

In which, the required number of searches must be less than 250. After calculating the specific number, you will start comparing the above ratio with 3 levels as follows:

  • Good (<0.25)
  • Possibly effective (0.25-1)
  • Ineffective (>1)

Sincere advice for Newbies is to choose keywords with KGR<0.25 from the beginning to easily verify the effectiveness by many people.

Step 3: Optimize Onpage & apply Silo structure

This is the next upgrade step after Phantom to easily bring Phantom Keyword to the top and promote it for the commercial keywords you are looking for SEO.

Onpage optimization of articles

Before that, I had a detailed article on how to optimize Onpage already. You should check out the detailed articles if you haven’t read them yet. If you don’t have much time, then make sure you follow these steps enough:

  • Insert keywords in the article title
  • URL optimization: put your main SEO keyword in the URL.
  • Insert keywords into Heading & Sub-Headings tags
  • Internal Link and Outbound Link: Internal link to articles on the same topic and link to 1, 2 other Website Authority in the same field.

Well, make sure that after writing each article, you must submit URL to Google right away so that the article can be indexed and quickly get ranked in the search engines.

Building Silo, creating a unified theme in the eyes of Google

The concept of silo structure is not new because I also shared it quite thoroughly in the previous article. But when applying in this technique you will have the following notes:

  • First, find at least 4 to 5 Phantom sets corresponding to 5 articles. Make sure these 5 articles are related to the same larger topic.

For example:

As you can see, I have selected 4 more Phantom sets to support the keyword “face massage machine” which are how to massage face with cold stone, how to massage face with honey, benefits of facial massage and facial massage for babies.

After I finished writing and optimizing On-Page, I started to internally link these articles to the main topic of “facial massage machine” and link back and forth between Phantom articles.

Because Phantom articles are easy to top, you will have a series of Phantoms to the top quickly. The Google search engine will see that these Phantoms are all associated with the keyword “facial massage machine”.

And its algorithm understands that the word “face massager” is closely related to the Top words, which will boost it. Similarly, the word “massage machine” is also promoted gradually to the top.

*Note: Go two-way internal linking for the keywords you want to push. The purpose is for Google to understand the relevance, and distribute linkjuice power evenly among the Links.

Step 4: Set up automatic Backlink system IFTTT

If you are a regular reader of the Share Tool blog, IFTTT is nothing new. In this technique, IFTTT plays the role of generating backlinks from social networking sites pointing to Phantom articles.

Statistics of working hours required for this new technique

Work Estimated time (hours) Notes
Research and choose 5 sets of phantom keyword 5
Writing Phantom articles (5h/post) 25
On-page optimization of phantom articles (30 minutes/post) 2.5
Create IFTTT 4
Check and fix errors 2
Total 38.5

How to measure technical efficiency?

With every job you definitely want to know how effective it is for your time and resources. Ever wondered if you’re choosing the right Phantom set in the first place?

The tip for you is, if you choose the right set of good Phantom, then surely after Submitting Google, your keyword will join in the Top 10 to 30 within 24-48 hours. If you’re not in the Top 30, you don’t seem to have the perfect choice.

Next, I use 2 popular tools to check the traffic for the Website and the keyword rankings: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool. And you really need to take the time to learn more how to use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools!

If there is an increase in Website ranking and increase in Natural Traffic for your Website every day, that’s great! You did a great job. However, I also want to remind you that if the results are not what you expect, there are 2 main reasons.

  • Website penalized by Google
  • Content is not good enough

At this point, you really need to research the penalty errors that occur and the quality of your article to meet the standards of readers and Google is aiming for or not?

Have you ever heard that Share Tool got a full Google penalty? Do you want to know how I got rid of this penalty? Find out more about my method right here.


The projects that Share Tool apply this new Phantom Keywords technique to date have not stopped increasing Traffic for Website. And this will also come true for your Website when exactly what I mentioned above is applied.

In addition to the above ways, there are still ways to increase traffic to other websites. For example, exchange views or exchange Traffic for Website (Traffic Exchange). But since the article is quite long, I will write about them in the next posts.

Hopefully after this article, you will have a better understanding of what Phantom Keyword is and Phantom Keyword techniques to increase Website Traffic. And know how to use them in SEO to pull Traffic for your Website the best amount.

Share this article on social media if you like it! Good luck!

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